Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1168: Mysterious Black Figure

Chapter 1168: Mysterious Black Figure


Chapter 1168: Mysterious Black Figure

Numerous figures stood in the vicinity of the lonely mountain top. Their attention was directed towards the large black palace, which stood at the peak of the mountain. Meanwhile, excitement was accumulating deep within their eyes.

“Hehe, Lin Dong, after we enter, I will enter the palace and attempt to obtain the inheritance of the Devouring Master. You can only consider yourself unlucky if I manage to obtain it first.” Standing beside him, Liu Qing laughed heartily.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded upon hearing this. Those who had came to this place were all qualified to compete for the inheritance of the Devouring Master. However, one will have to rely on one’s own abilities and luck to succeed.

“However, I don’t think that it is going to be an easy task to enter that palace.”

Lin Dong stared at the large black palace and softly said. Although the palace in front of them was eerily silent, Lin Dong was able to detect a faint danger thanks to his instincts.

How could it possibly be an easy task to barge into the place where the Devouring Master died?

While Lin Dong was muttering to himself, some of the powerful individuals standing in the sky were already becoming restless. Amongst those who can reach here, the weakest ones were perfect Profound Death stage experts. Meanwhile, there were also countless Samsara stage experts and they were all renowned individuals in the Demon Region. However, they were only considered as ordinary individuals here.


The disturbance continued for a couple of minutes, before someone saw a red light flash across his eyes. A sharp cry sounded before over a dozen figures rushed forward simultaneously. Moreover, judging by their vast and mighty Yuan Power fluctuations, the two people in front were actually Samsara stage experts.

To begin with, the atmosphere in this place was extremely tense. Therefore, the moment this group of people made a move, the atmosphere collapsed instantly. Promptly, many powerful individuals were unable to restrain themselves as they charged forward as well. Rushing wind sounds appeared in the sky as many light rays rushed towards the large black palace. This scene was quite frightening.

“Why aren’t we making a move?” After Little Marten saw this scene, he turned to look at Lin Dong. When he saw that the latter was staying still, he asked involuntarily.

Lin Dong shook his head. Meanwhile, his black eyes were staring intently at the black palace. The sensation of danger was becoming increasingly obvious…


Within a short moment, dozens of top experts had already reached the mountain peak. However, just as they were within a thousand feet radius of that palace, a sharp sound suddenly resounded in the sky.


Immediately, everyone saw a black blade glow whistling out from within that huge black palace. Instantly, the blade hacked solemnly against the dozens of figures right at the front.


Low and deep noise sounded. After which, everyone was startled when they realized that the mighty Yuan Power defence on those dozens of top experts had collapsed instantly. Other than three Samsara stage experts, who flew backwards by thousands of feet with pale and miserable faces, the remaining individuals spat out a mouthful of blood before they fell miserably to the ground, like birds who had lost their wings. After which, they left many long scars on the desolate plains.

Everyone froze instantly. Those powerful practitioners, who were charging forward with great enthusiasm, suddenly stopped. Promptly, dense shock gushed onto their faces. What on earth was that? It was actually able to seriously injure dozens of top experts instantly? In fact, even three Samsara stage experts were injured and had to retreat.

Many pairs of eyes were startled as they looked at that black palace. Suddenly, soft footstep sounds appeared.

Sha sha.

As the sound of footsteps grew closer, everyone finally saw a skinny black figure slowly walking out from the palace. He was holding a black long blade in his hand. Meanwhile, no frightening energy ripples were present around him. However, he gave off a dangerous aura, which would cause one to tremble.

“Is he … the Devouring Master?”

There were currently thousands of figures present in the vicinity of this mountain top. When they saw that black figure, who had walked out from the palace, their expressions changed as they exclaimed.

A short distance away, the experts from the Nine Phoenix tribe and the Kunpeng tribe, who had yet to make a move, also had a drastic change in their expressions. The Devouring Master? Wasn’t he dead?


First elder Zhu Li’s and Liu Qing’s expressions became grave. Meanwhile, dense shock filled their eyes.

“He is not the Devouring Master…”

Lin Dong was staring intently at that skinny black figure. A moment later, he shook his head. He did not detect any signs of life from the latter. Clearly, this black figure was not the Devouring Master.

“Something is indeed amiss...” First elder Zhu Li also frowned. That body was as quiet as a rock and there was no life force on that body. Therefore, he was not a living person and was merely a corpse, which was being controlled by someone else.

The black shadow held a black blade and stood quietly in front of the palace. He showed no signs that he was going to lift his head or speak up. Instead, all he did was stand there like a stone statue.

“Let’s attack together and kill him!”

This silence continued for a moment, before someone was finally unable to retrain himself as he let out a deep cry.

Many powerful individuals were standing in the sky. In fact, there were thousands of them. Moreover, the most frightening aspect was that all of them were extraordinary individuals. In fact, even the weakest amongst them was at the Profound Death stage. Therefore, with such a huge number of experts gathered together, even someone as powerful as first elder Zhu Li will have no choice but to seek refuge.

“That’s right. Let’s attack him together!”

Many cries of approval sounded. Soon after, hundreds of figures stepped forward before vast and mighty Yuan Power surged. Following which, hundreds of resplendent Yuan Power pillars whistled forward. They were accompanied by a frightening momentum as they charged furiously towards the black figure with lightning like speed.

However, up against that frightening attack, that black figure did not move at all. In fact, he did not even adopt any defensive measures. All he did was simply stand quietly at the same spot and he allowed those ferocious attacks to land on his body.

In front of the palace, wild and violent attack waves swept forth. Promptly, joy appeared in everyone’s eyes. However, joy had merely appeared before it immediately froze. That was because they realized that after the assault waves scattered, a black figure was still standing quietly at the same spot. Moreover, he took no damage at all!


Every powerful expert present inhaled a breath of cold air. Meanwhile, their eyes were filled with dense shock. Hundreds of top experts had attacked simultaneously, yet they were unable to hurt that black figure at all? Just what divine creature was he?

“It is indeed not going to be easy to enter the Devouring Divine Palace.” Liu Qing’s expression was grave as he slowly said.

First elder Zhu Li frowned. At a short distance away, Kun Yuan from the Kunpeng tribe and Mu Di from the Nine Phoenix tribe also had tensed expressions. Clearly, they were also troubled by this thorny issue.

“First elder… what should we do?” Luo Tong from the Nine Phoenix tribe looked at Mu Di before he involuntarily asked.

Mu Di mused for a moment. After which, he glanced at a figure at his back. The figure glanced at the black figure in front of the large palace, before he frowned slightly and nodded his head.

Mu Di finally stepped forward after seeing this. Meanwhile, the powerful individuals in the surrounding sky were all shocked when they saw this scene. Was the first elder of the Nine Phoenix tribe about to make a move?

“Mu Di is about to make a move. What should we do?” Little Marten softly asked. If Mu Di was able to successfully charge through, he would end up with a lead over them.

First elder Zhu Li and Liu Qing exchanged glances. After which, they turned to look at Lin Dong. At this moment, the latter’s eyes were staring intently at that black figure. A moment later, a glint flashed across his eyes, while the corner of his mouth was also lifted into a slight arc.

“There is no need to worry. Mu Di most likely won’t gain anything out of him.”

First elder Zhu Li and the rest were startled when they heard Lin Dong’s words. They were well aware of Mu Di’s strength. In fact, unless he encountered a top-tier expert who had stepped into the Reincarnation stage, he would have a high chance of victory.

Lin Dong smiled. However, he did not elaborate. Instead, all he did was to stare intently at that black figure. His conjecture had to be first verified by first elder Mu Di.

Standing in the sky, Mu Di slowly stepped forward. As he stepped forward, dazzling energy waves spread from behind him like glowing halos. In fact, their dazzling colour caused the sky to become much more colourful.

Dazzling light rapidly gathered in front of Mu Di. Within a short instant, they transformed into a palm sized nine coloured light ring. There were brilliant and dazzling colours on that light ring. Meanwhile, it was quietly radiating strange ripples, which caused the hearts of many powerful practitioners to shudder.

The ring had the scent of Reincarnation. Clearly, Mu Di had completely unleashed the Reincarnation Power that he had came into contact with. As such, this attack was extremely powerful.

“This old fellow might be repulsive but he is indeed formidable.”

When Lin Dong saw the nine coloured light ring in Mu Di’s hand, he involuntarily nodded. Even though he had reached the initial Symbol Grandmaster level, he still had to use various techniques in order to unleash an attack, that was equivalent to Mu Di’s current attack.

“Nine Phoenix Heavenly Ring.”

Mu Di’s face was devoid of emotions. Meanwhile, there was a cold glint gathering within his eyes. In the next moment, his body suddenly transformed into a bright ray of light and shot forward. Following which, a low cry, which was filled with murderous desire, sounded.


Instantly, his body appeared in front of that palace. After which, he slashed the nine coloured ring in his hand furiously towards the black figure below. At that instance, even the space itself cracked apart.

Nonetheless, that black figure still refused to move. However, the instant the nine coloured ring was about to hit him, he suddenly took a step backwards. Then, he tightened the grip over his long blade before he slashed it forward.

The world seemed to have dimmed after the blade slashed forward and everyone could only see two figures crossing each other. In fact, the wild and violent energy had stilled at this moment.


The black figure came to a halt. Then, he withdrew his blade and stood still. His blade had just entered its scabbard when Mu Di, who was standing behind him, suddenly trembled. Following which, the nine coloured ring in his hand shattered, before a bloody wound appeared on his chest. Immediately, fresh blood spluttered wildly from it.

Dense shock gushed into Mu Di’s eyes. Slamming his palm on the ground, his body took off immediately. After which, he fled the mountain peak in a miserable fashion. His demeanor was no longer as laid back as it was before.

Everyone felt their scalps turn numb when they saw this scene. First elder Mu Di was actually directly hurt by a single slash…

He was a top-tier expert who had touched Reincarnation!

“What a terrifying blade.”

Liu Qing and the rest felt their faces twitching gently. Meanwhile, shock also rose in their eyes.

The ability to hurt Mu Di with a single slash … Even they could not do so. In fact, in order to do so… one must be a genuine Reincarnation stage expert.

Could it be that the mysterious black figure in front of them was actually a Reincarnation stage expert?!


While they were in shock, standing beside them, Lin Dong gently exhaled before he slowly said, “Truly unexpected… There is actually such a powerful Sky Devouring Corpse here…”