Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1167: Palace on the Lone Mountain

Chapter 1167: Palace on the Lone Mountain


Chapter 1167: Palace on the Lone Mountain

Waves of rushing wind noises could be heard in the sky as figures flashed and arrived at the battleground one by one. After the light faded, the people from both sides were revealed.

There were a total of six people from the three great Tiger tribes who had arrived, and all of them possessed the strength of the Samsara stage. It was obvious that the three great Tiger tribes had heavily invested this time. They had dispatched many top experts from their tribes because of the commotion of the shattered space.

As one of the eight great king tribes, although their foundations might be inferior to that of the four overlord tribes, it should not be underestimated.

Despite the powerful lineup of the three great Tiger tribes, their current expressions did not look good at all. This was because there were a dozen figures standing in the sky opposite them. Those fierce eyes were akin to wolves and tigers. First elder Zhu Li, Liu Qing, the Golden Ape Demon Commander and the others, who had been separated from Lin Dong’s group earlier, had all arrived.

This lineup, which was a gathering of experts from Four Titans Palace, Dragon tribe and Celestial Demon Marten tribe, was clearly much grander when compared to the three great Tiger tribes.

The originally intense fighting in the sky gradually came to a halt as the forces from both sides arrived. The faces of the experts from the three great Tiger tribes trembled as they looked at the coldly smiling Liu Qing and the rest.

First elder Zhu Li and Liu Qing were both top experts who had touched the power of reincarnation, and their strength was far from what ordinary Samsara stage expert could compare to. If they were to fight, it was likely that just the two of them alone would be able to block the lineup from the three great Tiger tribes.

“Heh heh, I said that you three great Tiger tribes are really becoming increasingly bold. You are obviously aware that Lin Dong is our Dragon tribe’s Punishment Elder, yet you actually dare to attack him. This is clearly looking down on our Dragon tribe right?” Liu Qing smiled in a strange manner.

“Ah Diao is my Celestial Demon Marten tribe’s junior tribe leader. Attacking him is equivalent to challenging our Celestial Demon Marten tribe.” First Elder Zhu Li also said in an indifferent voice.

The bodies of the experts from the three great Tiger tribes stiffened slightly upon hearing this. Although the three great Tiger tribes were rather influential in the Demonic Beast World, it was obvious that they did not dare offend the Dragon tribe and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, two of the overlord tribes. If word of this reached their tribes, they would definitely be severely punished.

“Ha ha, please do not be angry. This is merely a misunderstanding.”

The two elders of the Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe laughed dryly. Although it was possible for them to accept offending these two overlord tribes if they could obtain the last bloodline of the Darkness Saint Tiger, it was obvious that they had already lost the best opportunity to snatch it. In that case, it would be far too foolish to offend the Dragon tribe and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe again.

“This Commander Yan of Four Titans Palace possess the bloodline of our Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe. As such, he can be considered a part of the family. How could we possibly have any ill intentions towards him?”

Little Flame inwardly sneered upon hearing this as ferociousness flashed across his tiger eyes. The Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe had made him exceptionally displeased today. He would have to properly settle the scores when he had the opportunity to in future.

“Leader Lin Dong, we were the ones who being impulsive earlier, and this old man will apologise to you here. May I know if you can first release Luo Teng?” The elder from the Dark Abyss Tiger tribe glanced at Luo Teng, who was still trapped by Lin Dong, before cupping his hands together as he asked.

“I can release him. However, I hope that everyone will be careful with regards to what they say and do. Otherwise, do not blame me for killing.” Lin Dong glanced at the elder. He mused for a moment before speaking in a faint voice.

Luo Teng and the rest gnashed their teeth upon hearing this. However, they could only nod their heads. Lin Dong’s words were extremely clear. He wanted them to shut their mouths and not say anything about the last bloodline of the Darkness Saint Tiger tribe.

Only after seeing this did Lin Dong wave his hand. The Mysterious Divine Palace quickly turned into a ray of light and returned to him. The formation, which trapped Luo Teng, also disappeared.

Although he was a little furious in his heart due to the actions of the three great Tiger tribes, now was not the time to fight with them. After all, his ultimate goal was the Devouring Divine Palace.

There were clearly many strong individuals after the inheritance of the Devouring Master. It was unwise to exhaust their strength here.

Luo Teng’s expression was a little volatile after he was released However, he also understood the situation and no longer had his previous ferocity. This was especially the case under the fierce eyes of Liu Qing. All he could do was angrily land on the ground and help Luo Lie, who had become extremely weak after that single attack from Lin Dong, to his feet.

Luo Lie’s expression was also steely green. He had been turned into such a miserable state by Lin Dong in front of so many eyes despite having the numerical advantage over the latter. It was likely that many would mock him if word of this spread.

“Let’s go.”

Although he felt bitter in his heart, Luo Lie was also able to adapt to the situation. All he could do was wave his hand and swiftly lead the experts from the Dark Abyss Tiger tribe away. The other two great Tiger tribes could only smile awkwardly after seeing the Dark Abyss Tiger tribe leave. They too cupped their hands together towards Lin Dong before leaving in a dejected manner.

The anticlimactic ending of the considerably intense fight caused the surrounding onlookers to shake their heads in a regretful manner. They wondered just what was wrong with these three great Tiger tribes. The latter obviously knew that Four Titans Palace had the Dragon tribe and Celestial Demon Marten tribe backing them. Yet, they still challenged Four Titans Palace, an act that was practically seeking their own humiliation.

The various experts in the sky did not linger any longer after seeing that the show had come to an end and quickly scattered.

“It’s not been long since we separated and you have already offended the three great Tiger tribes…” After seeing that everyone had left, first elder Zhu Li turned and helplessly shook his head at Lin Dong and Little Marten. Clearly, he was somewhat speechless at the knack these few young fellows had with regards to getting into trouble.

“These people actually dare to snatch something that belongs to us. Grandpa Marten is already kind to not have killed them.” Little Marten curled his lips as an ominous glint flashed within his eyes.

“Snatch something of yours?” First elder Zhu Li was a little stunned.

Lin Dong shrugged his shoulder. He did not hide anything and recounted the matter of the Darkness Saint Tiger.

“It is actually the Darkness Saint Tiger…” First elder Zhu Li and Liu Qing were clearly a little amazed after hearing what Lin Dong had said and took another glance at Little Flame by the side. They finally understood why the three great Tiger tribes dared to take such a risk.

“What a fateful encounter. The Darkness Saint Tiger tribe has basically completely disappeared from this world. The Darkness Saint Tiger bloodline that you obtained earlier might be the last one there is.” First elder Zhu Li sighed. His expression was one of pity and regret. After all, the Darkness Saint Tiger tribe was not weaker than their Dragon tribe during those ancient times. However, it had almost went extinct after the great calamity back then.

“Hopefully, the last bloodline of the Darkness Saint Tiger will allow the former overlord tribe to rise again.”

Little Flame nodded as he closed his fist over his chest. He could sense that the black white bead, which he had swallowed, was slowly dissolving. An ancient and powerful bloodline was spreading a little at a time.

This bloodline was even greater than his Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe bloodline.

“Let’s go. We should head for the Devouring Divine Palace.”

Lin Dong smiled and patted Little Flame’s shoulder. They had wasted quite a lot of time in this place. Fortunately, with the faint connection from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he could sense the rough position of the Devouring Divine Palace.

Everyone smiled and nodded after hearing this. Their expressions were filled with anticipation. It was likely that all of them felt a great curiosity towards the legendary Devouring Master.

“Let’s get moving.”

Lin Dong smiled as he took the lead and rushed forth. His body turned into a ray of light that headed straight towards the depths of the shattered space while Little Marten and the others followed closely behind. This sight was exceptionally spectacular.


Lin Dong’s group did not take any breaks during the subsequent journey. His eyes were focused intently on the depths of the shattered space. Great excitement seemed to flicker deep within those pitch-black eyes.

Along the way, they encountered many strong individuals who had also entered the shattered space. Most of them were quite well known in the Demon Region. However, they appeared to be quite wary when they saw Lin Dong’s group. After all, this lineup was very intimidating.

Lin Dong did not concern himself with this and merely raised his speed to the limit. They continued in this manner for around an hour, before his body suddenly stilled. He could feel the Devouring Ancestral Symbol inside his body tremble violently at this moment.

This feeling was becoming increasingly clear.

“We are about to arrive.”

Lin Dong’s figure gradually slowed as he softly said.

Excitement rose within everyone’s eyes when they heard this.

The group travelled for another dozen minutes before they gradually came to a stop. At the end of their sights stood a lone black mountain on a barren plains. The lone mountain was precipitous and there were no paths leading up to its peak.

Shifting their eyes upwards, everyone saw a huge black palace silently towering on the lonely peak. It was as though it had stood there since the beginning of time.

Complicated feelings rose in the eyes of Lin Dong and the rest as they gazed upon the huge lonely black palace. It was there that a peak ultimate expert from that ancient era had died.

He was someone who had once crossed the crack between the planes and charged into the Yimo tribe. Even those cruel Yimo felt fear towards this ultimate expert.

He was one of the most dazzling figures of that era.

“I have finally found you…”

Lin Dong deeply inhaled a breath of air. His body trembled slightly at this moment. It was possible for him to feel the sorrowful howls from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in his body at this moment.

The Devouring Master. This name had been firmly imprinted into his heart ever since he had obtained the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Now, he was going to be able to truly meet him in another form.

Excitement churned within Lin Dong’s heart. However, he slowly suppressed it a moment later. This was because he could detect hurried wind sounds behind him.

Those top experts from various parts of the Demon Region had begun to arrive one after another.


Many rays of light swiftly arrived, seemingly without end as they appeared in the sky above. They looked upon the large black palace on the lone mountain, and no one spoke for a time. Their eyes were filled with reverence.

The eight ancient masters were the direct disciples of the Symbol Ancestor during that ancient era. They had protected the countless lives of this world.

Lin Dong shut his eyes as he immerse himself in this atmosphere. He was aware that this silence would not last for long…

Time ticked by. This silence continued for half an hour, before the eyes of the many experts in the sky began to regain their clarity. Subsequently, an intense flame like heat began to surge within them.


Lin Dong seemed to have also detected this change and his shut eyes slowly opened. His long hands gently closed into fists as he looked at the black palace in a determined manner.

I will succeed your inheritance.

I will guard this world in order to protect those whom I need to protect.