Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1166: One VS Two

Chapter 1166: One VS Two


Chapter 1166: One VS Two

An icy cold murderous desire was emitted from the members of Lin Dong’s group. As of now, there was no need for words. The three great Tiger tribes had their eyes set on the last bloodline of the Darkness Saint Tiger. However, it was impossible for Lin Dong to simply surrender it over to them. In that case, they can only use their fists to determine the victor.


The experts from the three great Tiger tribes clenched their teeth after they saw Lin Dong’s lineup. Promptly, fury rose in their eyes. Although they knew that the Four Titans Palace was formidable, their three great Tiger tribes were no pushovers as well. In fact, they were once extremely renowned factions.

“Heaven Dragon, launch the signal.” Lin Dong said in a faint voice.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander nodded upon hearing this. He clenched his hand before a blood jade appeared. After which, he directly shattered the jade. Immediately, an invisible ripple spread at a frightening speed after the jade was shattered.

“Gentlemen, it is still possible for all of you to leave right now. However, once my men from the Four Titans Palace arrive, I’m afraid that all of you may be unable to leave by then.” Lin Dong stared at the six Samsara stage experts before he slowly said.

“Humph, do you really think that there are only so few of us? We were also separated. Therefore, what can your Four Titans Palace do if we gathered together?”

“How about if we include the forces from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe and the Dragon tribe as well?” Little Marten ridiculed.

The expressions of Luo Lie’s group involuntarily changed when they heard this. In fact, there was intense fear deep within their eyes. Their eyes flickered for a moment, before a brutal glow surfaced on their faces, “What can you guys do if we snatch it before your reinforcements arrive?”

“Little Marten, the both of us will take on two person each. Little Flame, Heaven Dragon, the both of you only need to handle one each.” Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold as he slowly said. Clearly, even though Little Flame possessed the Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe’s bloodline, those two top experts from the Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe did not intend to show them any mercy.


Little Marten nodded. Although they were up against six Samsara stage experts, it was not difficult for him to fight against two of them alone, given the formidable strength of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Moreover, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had advanced to the initial Symbol Grandmaster level. Hence, it was also possible for him to fight against two Samsara stage experts by himself.

As for Little Flame and the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, though they were a little weaker, it was not difficult for them to handle one person each.

“Taking on two of us by yourself?”

The expressions of the powerful individuals from the three great Tiger tribes became a little gloomy. Since they were Samsara stage experts, they were naturally prideful individuals. Therefore, they immediately felt that Lin Dong was looking down on them.

“I’m afraid that you have overestimated yourself.” Luo Lie coldly said.

“Whether I did or not… won’t you find out after we fight?”

A smile appeared on Lin Dong’s face. After which, his eyes suddenly turned cold. Taking a step forward, his body appeared in front of the Luo Lie duo in a phantom like fashion. Following which, a thought flashed past his mind before silver-white Mental Energy surged forward like floodwaters. Then, they directly transformed into thousands of Mental Energy spears, before they ruthlessly rained down on the two of them.

“Do you really think I’m afraid of you?!”

The Luo Lie duo chuckled. Immediately, dense black light swept out from within their bodies. Meanwhile, their bodies also swelled. Then, the both of them threw a punch forward, before their punches actually transformed into two roaring black tigers. These black tigers rushed forward and collided head on with the Mental Energy spears permeating the sky.

While Lin Dong made his move, Little Marten also charged towards the two Samsara stage experts from the Ground Shaking Lightning Tiger tribe. Up against his monstrous and brutal aura, the both of them did not dare to be lax. After all, the ferocity of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was well-known.

“Humph, little fellow, since you possess the bloodline of my Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe, as an elder of the Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe, I order you to surrender that item!” A skinny elder from the Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe stared at Little Flame with piercing eyes before he cried out.

Little Flame glanced mockingly at that elder of the Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe. He did not utter any unnecessary words as his metal tower like body shot forward. After which, together with his shadow, he enveloped that elder of the Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander gave a chuckle before he began to tussle with the remaining Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe elder.

Ten figures began fighting at the bottom of this deep gully almost simultaneously. Other than Little Flame, the rest of them were considered as genuine Samsara stage experts. Therefore, this battle was naturally an earthshaking one. Meanwhile, the deep gully was also trembling because of the remanent waves from the fights. As large cracks spread, it caused many huge rocks to tumble.

Swoosh swoosh!

Eventually, this deep gully was unable to endure the impact from their intense fights. Large rocks tumbled crazily before the gully split apart. Immediately, ten figures rushed into the sky.

Initially, this place was silent. However, the fights between the ten of them were clearly earthshaking ones. As wild and violent energy ripples spread, it was quickly discovered by other powerful experts, who had also entered this realm. Immediately, they tore through the sky and hurried over. After which, there was a stunned expression in their eyes when they saw the intense fights occuring in the sky.

Everyone who could reach this place were extraordinary individuals. Moreover, all of them had exceptional eyesight. Therefore, with a single glance, they were able to identify the parties who were fighting. Soon after, some conversations broke out.

“Aren’t they from the three great Tiger tribes? Why are they fighting with the Four Titans Palace?”

“Heh, that Lin Dong is indeed powerful. He is actually able to fight against two commanders of the Dark Abyss Tiger tribe by himself.”

“Judging by those ripples, it should be Mental Energy, am I right? Lin Dong’s Mental Energy is actually this powerful. It is likely that he has advanced to the initial Symbol Grandmaster level…”

“Initial Symbol Grandmaster level might be a little stronger than Samsara stage, but I’m afraid that it isn’t going to be so easy to fight against the two of them by himself…”


In the surrounding sky, many rays of light continuously rushed over. After which, many figures appeared. Then, they were slightly startled when they saw this huge fight. Clearly, they did not understand why the Four Titans Palace was fighting with the three great Tiger tribes.

“Haha, this is interesting.”

At a corner of the sky, two figures appeared. It was an old man and a lady. The old man had a small build, while the lady was tall and graceful. The latter’s bright silver hair scattered down like a silver lake and drew much attention from the crowd. The two of them were Kun Yuan and Kun Ling from the Kunpeng tribe.

The silver haired lady surveyed her surroundings, before her attention paused on the battleground where Lin Dong was located. She was well-versed in Mental Energy to begin with. Hence, she could naturally tell that Lin Dong was using his Mental Energy to fight against the two powerful Samsara stage experts from the Dark Abyss Tiger tribe.

“He has solid control over his Mental Energy. However, it isn’t going to be so easy for him to defeat the both of them.” The silver haired lady’s voice was cold as she said in a faint voice.

“It is rumoured that even before he advanced to the Symbol Grandmaster level, Lin Dong was able to rely on his advance Profound Death stage strength to fight against a Samsara stage expert. Now that his Mental Energy has improved, it will be akin to gifting wings to a tiger. Therefore, I’m afraid that it will be extremely difficult for those two to defeat him.” Kun Yuan merely smiled, before he shook his head and said.


Three human figures clashed violently in the distant sky after his voice sounded. Following which, wild and violent Yuan Power spread before the three of them staggered backwards by dozens of steps.

Lin Dong stabilized his body. When he saw their ferocious expressions, he frowned slightly. Currently, his target was the Devouring Divine Palace. Therefore, it was clearly not a wise decision to waste too much time here.

Hence, it was best to end the fight as soon as possible.

A glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He clenched his hand before a miniature palace appeared. Then, he flicked his fingers gently before the palace shot forward. It expanded with the wind before tens of thousands of light rays shot out from within the palace. The light rays entwined around each other and formed a giant light formation. After which, that light formation enveloped Luo Teng.

Bang bang bang!

Luo Teng was startled when he saw that he was being enveloped by that light formation. Immediately, he hurriedly unleashed his attacks. However, that formation, which had trapped him, did not budge.

The Mysterious Divine Palace possess a sealing ability. In fact, during the ancient era, it suppressed and sealed many Yimo kings. Therefore, although Lin Dong was unable to unleash its full strength, it was not a difficult task for him to use it to trap a Samsara stage expert.

“Let’s see what you can do by yourself? ”

Lin Dong’s expression was icy cold as he stared at Luo Lie, who was outside of the formation. He suddenly clenched his hand before the sky turned dim. Following which, storm clouds rapidly gathered in the sky while countless electric snakes danced wildly amongst them.

After his Mental Energy advanced to the Symbol Grandmaster level, Lin Dong was able to control various types of energy in the world. Simply by lifting his hand, wind, cloud and lightning would churn rapidly.

Lin Dong’s hands seals were changing with lightning like speed. Finally, he formed a relatively peculiar seal technique. Promptly, the storm clouds churned, before countless electric snakes rushed out from within, startling the crowd in the process. Finally, those snakes transformed into a ten thousand feet large ancient symbol, which hovered below the storm clouds.

An extremely frightening fluctuation spread the moment the ancient symbol, which was forged from lightning, appeared.

“This fluctuation…”

When Kun Ling saw that enormous symbol, she was startled. As someone who had also stepped into the Symbol Grandmaster level, she was naturally able to detect that this lightning symbol was not merely created from lightning force. Instead, there was an extremely frightening object hidden within.


Evidently, Luo Lie had also detected danger. His expression changed drastically as he roared furiously towards the sky. Immediately, monstrous black light undulated and spread across his entire body, before they transformed into a ten thousand feet large black tiger. That huge tiger had menacing eyes which were filled with ferocity. Meanwhile, a dark aura covered the entire place.

“Ancient Lightning Symbol!”

Lightning suddenly flashed across Lin Dong’s dark black eyes. He waved his hand before the lightning symbol streaked across the sky like a bolt of lightning. Everyone could only see a lightning flash, before the large black tiger suddenly released a miserable cry.

Sizzle sizzle.

Resplendent lightning glow erupted from within the large black tiger body. After which, that frightening force ruthlessly smashed it onto the ground. Then, the land crumbled, revealing a huge deep pit. Meanwhile, a miserable figure was lying within the deep pit and his originally powerful aura had became much weaker.

Victory was determined by a single strike.

The crowd was startled when they saw that Luo Lie was defeated instantly. Many pairs of eyes began to turn towards the young man in the sky. The contempt in their eyes was finally replaced by a solemn expression.


Luo Teng, who was trapped within the formation, had an extremely ugly expression after he saw that Lin Dong was able to finish off Luo Lie so quickly.

“It’s your turn.”

Lin Dong’s face was devoid of emotions. He curled his palm before lightning flashed. Meanwhile, there seemed to be an ancient symbol floating on his palm.

However, just as Lin Dong was about to attack, many rushing wind sounds suddenly sounded in the sky. Soon after, several figures barged into the battleground. Then, they stared menacingly at Lin Dong, who was about to make a move.

“The rest of the men from the three great Tiger tribes have arrived.” Kun Yuan laughed upon seeing this. He said, “However… there are even more people from the Four Titans Palace…”

“Haha, what is going on? Are the three great Tiger tribes planning on attacking the Four Titans Palace? In that case, my Dragon tribe and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe will have to intervene.”

A loud laughter sounded from afar after Kun Yuan’s voice sounded. Soon after, dozens of figures, which were accompanied by monstrous auras came rushing over. Their auras caused the expressions of the experts from the three great Tiger tribes to turn exceptionally ugly.