Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1165: The Three Great Tiger Tribes

Chapter 1165: The Three Great Tiger Tribes


Chapter 1165: The Three Great Tiger Tribes

“Darkness Saint Tiger?” Lin Dong and the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander were stunned when they heard this name. After all, this Tiger tribe no longer existed in the present Demonic Beast World.

“The Darkness Saint Tiger could be said to be the common ancestor of the current Tiger tribes. However, due to the world war of that ancient era, the Darkness Saint Tiger became extinct, and their bloodline was not continued. This lead to the present day Tiger tribes’ gradual decline and they ended up losing their previous overlord status.” Little Marten explained.

“I once read about it in an ancient text. The Darkness Saint Tiger tribe was extremely powerful. Back then, one of their ancestors had been all-powerful, and countless strong Yimo died at his hands. Even during that ancient era, he could be considered a top class expert.”

Lin Dong was involuntarily speechless when he heard this. It seemed that this so called Darkness Saint Tiger tribe was indeed extremely incredible during that ancient era. Unfortunately, one could no longer find a member of this tribe with the same bloodline in this present world.

“This skeleton in front of us is perhaps the last Darkness Saint Tiger.” Little Marten softly sighed. This tribe, which was once renown throughout the world, had now completely vanished into thin air. A fact that inevitably made one feel sorrow.

“Big brother, shall we head down and take a look?” Little Flame’s tiger eyes stared at the huge creature at the bottom of the deep gully. His face was flushed at this moment. Clearly, his heart was filled with intense emotions.

The Darkness Saint Tiger tribe was just like an ancestor to those who possess the bloodline of the Tiger tribes like him. It was only naturally for him to feel exceptionally emotional upon seeing it.

Lin Dong did not have any objections to this. He nodded and the four of them shot forward. Their bodies flashed a couple of times and appeared at the bottom of the deep gully.

Only after appearing in close proximity to the Darkness Saint Tiger, did Lin Dong fully sense the unrivalled ferocity from it. Although this Darkness Saint Tiger was no longer alive, the faint pressure present still caused the blood within Lin Dong’s body to churn.

Little Flame stared intently at the huge Darkness Saint Tiger’s body. After a brief hesitation, he slowly stepped forward and clenched his hand. His fingers pierced into his palm and blood flowed out.

He slowly extended his bloody palm and finally gently placed it on the large head of the Darkness Saint Tiger as he knelt on one knee. This appeared to be an extremely ancient formality.

The Lin Dong trio stood behind Little Flame. Their eyes vigilantly scanned their surroundings, prepared to deal with any sudden changes in the situation.

Fresh blood spread from Little Flame’s palm. After which, they became many lines of blood and seeped into the body of the large darkness tiger. Following the infusion of the blood, rays of light began to appear on the body of the Darkness Saint Tiger.

The light slowly rose as the huge Darkness Saint Tiger’s body gradually faded.

Lin Dong’s gaze was glued to the rising light. His eyes focused and saw that the rising light was converging in the air. In the end, it turned into a miniature black and white light tiger.

The tiger eyes of the black white light tiger shook. Finally, they slowly opened. Those tiger eyes were filled with an ancientness and an aura of great changes. When they saw Little Flame, ripples emerged within them.

“My descendant…”

A raspy ancient voice was emitted from the black white light tiger’s mouth, echoing within the deep gully.


Little Flame knelt with one knee on the ground. His tiger eyes gazed at the black white light tiger. The blood flowing in his body caused sincerity and intense emotions to be revealed on his face to reveal.

The black white light tiger smiled as if he had been relieved of a huge burden. Soon after, he opened his mouth to speak. However, those words were clearly only transmitted into Little Flame’s ears. The Lin Dong trio were unable to hear anything.

Little Flame remained kneeling on one knee as he quietly listened to the ancient voice that was being transmitted into his ears. It was a long time later before he finally nodded.

“Ha ha, my tens of thousands of years of waiting has finally been rewarded. I will finally be able to rest in peace.” The black white light tiger said in an extremely old voice, a voice that was also was brimming with tiredness.

“It is fate for us to have met. Hopefully, my tribe’s bloodline will not end here.”

The black white light tiger’s voice sounded. After which, his body gradually faded as the light scattered. Only a black and white bead was left floating in the air. An indescribable ripple emanated from within the black white bead, while blood seemed to flow on the bead’s surface.

Little Flame blankly looked at the black white bead, which was condensed from the final bloodline of the Darkness Saint Tiger. Soon after, he got up with a solemn expression and extended his hand. The black white bead drifted down towards his hand.

Lin Dong slightly smiled upon seeing this. It seemed that Little Flame was blessed by fate. He was after all from the Tiger tribe, and if he could obtain the last bloodline of this Darkness Saint Tiger, it would be extremely beneficial to his future training.

The four people at the bottom of the gully were rejoicing because of the reward they had obtained. However, just as the black white bead was about to land in Little Flame’s hand, an unusual change occurred. Rushing wind sounds were heard and a figure appeared in a ghost like fashion. The figure immediately grabbed at the black white bead.


Lin Dong and Little Marten practically responded at the same time as intense chilliness surged from within their eyes. However, Lin Dong was still the fastest. Silver-white light tore through the air and appeared in front of the black white bead in a flash. It spread apart, forming a thin light arc.


The figure let out a cold snort upon seeing that he had been obstructed and threw a punch. Vast and mighty force surged and powerfully slammed onto the seemingly thin light barrier with the power of a mountain.

However, this punch merely caused the light arc to sink as if it was made from cotton. After sinking to the limit, the light arc emitted a ‘bang’ as it reflected the force.


The figure was caught off-guard, and was immediately sent flying backwards by the resultant force. His feet stepped on the ground repeatedly in order to stabilize himself. With the help of Lin Dong’s lightning fast response, Little Flame managed to grab the black white bead, and immediately swallowed the bead in a single gulp. Only then did he looked at the person who had interfered with a furious expression.

“Who are you? Don’t you know what is called first come first served?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander coldly shouted.

“Heh, first come first served in such a situation, do you really think that I am a fool?” The figure laughed in a strange manner. After which, he revealed himself. This person wore a gray robe. His body was huge and he had a rough looking face. Mighty Yuan Power surrounded his body. This Yuan Power surged and churned, transforming into a ferocious black tiger behind him.

“You are… from the Dark Abyss Tiger tribe?” Little Flame’s expression sunk as he stared at this person.

“Ha ha, what good eyesight.”

That figure laughed loudly and said, “I am Luo Lie. First commander of the Dark Abyss Tiger tribe.”

“Ha ha, I am Luo Teng, the second commander of the Dark Abyss Tiger tribe.” Another laughter sounded after the first person spoke as a phantom like figure came sweeping down a mountain wall nearby, and appeared at Luo Lie’s side.

“So it is the members of the Dark Abyss Tiger tribe. Heh. You actually dare to snatch something that my Celestial Demon Marten tribe has taken a fancy to. Truly bold.” Little Marten looked at the two of them. His eyes were ice-cold as he icily chuckled.

“Ha ha, it is indeed problematic to offend the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. However, it is worthwhile to offend them for the final bloodline of the Darkness Saint Tiger.” The expression in Luo Lie’s eyes was altered as he laughed.

“Friend from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. You should be aware of just how important the bloodline of the Darkness Saint Tiger is to our Tiger tribes. If you give it to us, our Dark Abyss Tiger tribe will follow every command from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe in future. What do you say?” Luo Teng said.

“My Celestial Demon Marten tribe is not interested in your Dark Abyss Tiger tribe. Since my third brother wants this thing, all of you better not have any thoughts about taking it. If you leave now, Grandpa Marten can treat it as though nothing has happened.” Little Marten said in a faint voice.


Luo Lie shook his head upon hearing this. “It seems that we will not be able to resolve this matter peacefully today.”

Although offending the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was extremely troublesome, Luo Lie was also clearly aware of the importance of the final bloodline of the Darkness Saint Tiger. If they obtained it, it might even be possible to regain the fame that the Darkness Saint Tiger had during that ancient era. At that time, they would definitely be able to unite the Tiger tribes and once again rise to the level of an overlord tribe.

“Peacefully? With just the two of you?” Little Marten’s eyes were intimidating as he laughed coldly. “Just the two of you aren’t qualified to snatch something from Grandpa Marten’s hands. It makes more sense if your tribe leader is the one to do so!”

Lin Dong looked at the two with cold eyes. The Luo Lie duo had clearly stepped into the Samsara stage. However, these two did not pose much of a threat towards their group. After all, they had a total of four members.

“Indeed, just the two of us will not be able to stop all of you.”

Luo Lie grinned. His expression was strange as he said, “However, our Darkness Abyss Tiger tribe is not the only ones who are eyeing this Darkness Saint Tiger’s last bloodline.”

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened upon hearing this. He suddenly lifted his head as many rushing wind sounds abruptly appeared above the deep gully. After which, he saw another four rays of light shoot over, before finally appearing in the air above.

The light faded and transformed into four figures. All of them had powerful ocean like auras. They were well built and possessed boundless Yuan Power. Evidently, all of them were extremely strong individuals who had stepped into the Samsara stage.

“Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe, Ground Shaking Lightning Tiger tribe…”

Little Flame looked at the four powerful individuals who had appeared and frowned.

“Looks like the three great Tiger tribes of the Demonic Beast World have all gathered here.” Lin Dong slowly tightened his fist as he said in a faint voice.

Little Marten’s expression was icy. These people really knew how to choose the best time to act. It just so happened that they had been separated from the main group. From the looks of it, these people were clearly planning to take this opportunity to rob them.

“Ha ha, this should be Commander Yan of the Four Titans Palace right? You possess the bloodline of the Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe in your body and can be said to be a member of our tribe. If you hand over the final bloodline of the Darkness Saint Tiger, you will be the hero of our Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe!” Two thin old men in black robes revealed a bright glint in their eyes as they stared at Little Flame and smilingly said.

Little Flame curled his lips and laughed. These people from the Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe were definitely scum.

“It seems that all of you really intend to become enemies with my Four Titans Palace, the Dragon tribe and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe… good, very good.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were ice-cold. He stared at the experts from the three great Tiger tribes and slowly nodded. His low voice contained a suppressed fury and murderous intent as it echoed within the deep gully. These words caused the expressions of the members from the three great Tiger tribes to slightly alter. However, after thinking about the importance of the Darkness Saint Tiger bloodline, all of them gritted their teeth as ominous light flowed within their eyes.


Lin Dong deeply inhaled as a similarly ruthless expression also appeared in his eyes. He exchanged a glance with Little Marten and they both nodded, while an evil aura rose on their faces.

In that case, they could only… kill them.