Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1164: Darkness Saint Tiger

Chapter 1164: Darkness Saint Tiger


Chapter 1164: Darkness Saint Tiger

The black crack looked just like a monster which stretched on endlessly, as it squirmed in the sky. Behind the crack, was total darkness. In fact, even with Lin Dong’s Mental Energy, he could not detect what was going on behind.

After they arrived, Lin Dong and the rest wore a solemn and stunned expression as they stared at that black crack. Clearly, the shattered space was behind that crack and that was also the realm where the Devouring Master died.

“Such terrifying energy ripples. He is indeed the Devouring Master.” First elder Zhu Li looked at the huge crack before he involuntarily exclaimed. He was also a top-tier expert who had touched Reincarnation. However, he still felt fearful when he detected those vast and endless energy ripples. The Devouring Master was indeed profound and unfathomable.

Lin Dong nodded with a grave expression. Promptly, a thought flashed past his mind before he took a glance behind him. With a faint smile, he said, “It seems like there are many capable individuals here. They have all came so quickly.”

After Lin Dong’s voice sounded, many rays of light struggled before they charged out from within the Celestial Tempests far behind them. Within a couple of flashes, they had already arrived at a short distance away from them.

The first to appear were the experts from the Nine Phoenix tribe. Next, were the experts from the Kunpeng tribe. Following which, experts from the various eight king tribes showed up as well…

It was evident that these people were all extremely powerful. Moreover, they also possessed their own unique techniques. As a result, they were not too far behind. Within less than ten minutes, this originally quiet, deepest part of the desolate plains, was gradually filled with people.

After these experts all hurried over, all of them cast their excited eyes towards the huge crack in the sky. It seems like they were all well aware that the source of the recent commotion in the Demon Region came from there.

However, those who arrived here were all extraordinary individuals. Therefore, even though the shattered space was right in front of them, they were still extremely cautious. In fact, all of them kept their greed in check and did not take any risk.

“Everyone is so cautious.”

Lin Dong smiled when he saw this peculiar silent atmosphere. Meanwhile, his dark black eyes were staring intently at the black crack, before he involuntarily clenched both his hands. That was because he realized that the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within his body, had began to vibrate stealthily. Furthermore, through this vibration, Lin Dong was able to feel a mysterious connection with something within the shattered space.

That connection should have originated from the Devouring Master.

“Let’s go in first.”

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air before he took a step forward. Beside him, Little Marten and Little Flame were slightly startled upon seeing this. After all, they understood Lin Dong very well and knew that the latter was extremely cautious. Typically, he would never choose to take the lead at moments like this. However…


As if he knew that this was going to happen, Lin Dong gently smiled and comforted the both of them. Without further ado, his body moved before he took the lead and charged into the black crack in front of many pairs of eyes. Then, his body vanished.

“Let’s go.”

When the Little Marten duo saw this, they stopped hesitating. With a wave of their hands, their men also rushed forward. Then, they followed closely behind Lin Dong as they charged into that crack.

With Lin Dong’s group leading the way, the various powerful individuals behind could no longer restrain themselves. After a brief moment of hesitation, the men from the Nine Phoenix tribe and the Kunpeng tribe immediately rushed into that crack.


Wild spatial ripples swarmed Lin Dong the instant he charged into that spatial crack. However, he did not put up a resistance against them. Instead, he allowed the spatial ripples to diffuse around him. Soon after, he felt his vision turn blurry. The next time he opened his eyes, the scene in front of him had changed drastically.

After stabilizing his body, Lin Dong immediately surveyed his surroundings. Promptly, his body froze. In front of him, was an endless desolate land. However, that land was filled with gullies that were hundreds of thousands of feet in size. These gullies did not appear to be naturally formed. Instead, it seems like they were formed due to extremely terrifying fights.

This land looked like an ancient battlefield that was riddled with scars. In fact, even after tens of thousands of years, the fearsome ancient aura permeating this place remained as intense as before.

Looked into the horizon, Lin Dong saw some dense white bones that were hundreds of thousands of feet in size. Those bones were broken and one could no longer identify their shape. However, there was still a fluorescence glow being emitted from those bones even after such a long period of time, while desolate-like ripples spread from them. Therefore, one can easily imagine just how frightening the owners of these bones must have been, tens of thousands of years ago.

“Huh? Where are Little Marten and the rest?”

Located in this foreign environment, after Lin Dong recovered his senses, he was startled when he realized that first elder Zhu Li and the rest were not by his side. Immediately, he frowned. Soon after, he came to a sudden comprehension. It turns out that the spatial crack was unstable because of the wild and violent energy seeping out from this place. As a result, those who entered the crack were dispersed randomly.

“Big brother!”

A whistle sounded from nearby while Lin Dong frowned. After which, he saw three figures rapidly rushing over. Upon closer inspection, he realized that they were Little Flame, Little Marten and the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. From the looks of it, the three of them were sent to the same area and they were able to quickly locate each other.

“Just the three of you?”

Lin Dong looked at the three of them and asked.

“Aye. The rest of them should have been separated. But it doesn’t matter. We are all headed towards the deepest part and we should be able to meet them soon.” Little Marten nodded. After which, his eyes swept across this place before he said, “This place seems to be an ancient battlefield left behind from the ancient times.”

When Little Marten saw this miserable ancient battlefield, he sighed involuntarily. The calamity which occured in the ancient times affected every living creature in the world and no one was spared.

Lin Dong nodded. When he saw the huge bones scattered all across the ground, his heart sunk. Those darned Yimo were truly powerful. In fact, even with the Symbol Ancestor in command, they only managed to scrap a narrow victory. Moreover, they also left behind many hidden dangers. One example was the mysterious “Devil Prison”, who had secretly extended their influence to various places...

“Many top experts from the ancient era should have died here. Looking at these bones, I believe that they should belong to tribes that only existed during the ancient era…” Little Marten said.

Lin Dong nodded again. The Demonic Beast World was far more prosperous during the ancient era and there were more overlord tribes than the current four. However, those other overlord tribes were exterminated during that calamity.

“Let’s go, we’ll head directly to the Devouring Divine Palace.”

Lin Dong mused for a moment before he cast his attention towards the deepest part of the ancient battlefield. This ancient battlefield was far too vast and it was filled with a fearsome aura, that could interfere with one’s Mental Energy probing. Fortunately, Lin Dong possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Therefore, he was still able to determine the right direction thanks to the faint connection that he felt.

“Alright.” The Little Marten trio did not object. Their best course of action now was to locate the Devouring Divine Palace. Otherwise, things would be a little troublesome if someone else managed to get there before they did so.

After making up their minds, the four of them did not hesitate any further. Immediately, their bodies moved before they shot forward, transforming into four rays of light that tore through this quiet land. Soon after, they disappeared into the horizon.

This ancient battlefield was exceptionally vast. After travelling for nearly twenty minutes at their full speed, Lin Dong’s group were still unable to spot the end of this ancient battlefield. Meanwhile, the number of huge bones on the ground increased and this scene caused their expressions to become even more solemn. Although this was only a corner of the great world war, it was still possible to deduce how terrible and frightening the great world war must have been through this scene.

Along the way, Lin Dong’s group encountered many powerful individuals as well. However, all of them were guarded and showed no intentions of interacting. Nonetheless, Lin Dong was also pleased by this fact. In fact, he even quietly rejoiced when he saw that some of them were headed in his opposite direction. After all, even though Lin Dong did not think that they could pose much of a threat to him, it was always good to have one less competitor.

Four rays of light flashed across the sky, while Lin Dong’s sharp eyes scanned the ground beneath. He was just about to up his speed, when he suddenly realized that Little Flame, who was travelling beside him, had slowed down.

“What is it?”

Lin Dong was startled. He turned his head to look at Little Flame, only to discover that the latter was a little absent-minded. Meanwhile, the latter’s tiger eyes were staring intently at the scar-filled ancient battleground below.

“Big brother… it seems like there is something at that spot beckoning me.” Little Flame hesitated before replying.

Lin Dong was startled when he heard this. He exchanged glances with Little Marten before the both of them stilled. After musing for a moment, the four of them slowly landed onto the ground. The spot where they landed, was the intersection of many hundred thousand feet large cracks. Meanwhile, darkness filled that deep gully.

“The beckoning is coming from this place?” Lin Dong pointed at the seemingly bottomless gully and asked.


Little Flame mused for a moment before he nodded solemnly. Then, he rubbed his head and laughed bitterly, “The blood in my entire body became much hotter after I reached this place…”

“Why is this happening?” Lin Dong was slightly startled.

“Previously, I mentioned that there are many tribes in this ancient battlefield, which only existed during the ancient era. Since Little Flame possess the Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe’s bloodline, if he sensed something below, it is likely because there is a dead Tiger tribe ancestor below. However, I do not know which tribe that ancestor belongs to.” Little Marten voiced his thoughts.

“Won’t we find out once we take a look?”

Lin Dong smiled. His mind moved before a silver-white Mental Energy ball of light rose from his palm. After which, he tossed it directly into the deep gully.


The Mental Energy light ball exploded before bright light scattered apart like the sun, expelling the darkness within the deep gully.

After the darkness within the deep gully was expelled, the eyes of Lin Dong’s group suddenly shrunk. That was because they could see a huge creature at the bottom of that deep gully. Meanwhile, an indescribable brutality was spreading from it.

That huge creature was nearly ten thousand feet in size. Meanwhile, its body was purely black and white in colour. At a glance, it appeared like Yin Yang was in suspension. Meanwhile, there was also one white and one black wing on its back. It laid on the ground and it had no signs of life. However, the overwhelming and peerless ferocity spreading from it, was sufficient to cause Lin Dong’s expression to become solemn.

“What Tiger tribe is it from? It looks so bizzare.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander involuntarily asked. Amongst the current Tiger tribes, the three great tribes were the Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe, Dark Abyss Tiger tribe and Ground Shaking Lightning Tiger tribe. However, it was obvious that members of these three tribes, were not as awe-inspiring as the large black and white tiger in front of them.

Lin Dong slowly shook his head. Then, he turned to look at Little Marten. The latter released a deep sigh. His expression was grave as he spoke each word deliberately, “One of the ancient overlord tribes, the Darkness Saint Tiger.”