Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1163: Arrive

Chapter 1163: Arrive


Chapter 1163: Arrive

The desolate plains was dimly lit. Sharp Celestial Gales were just like blades as they ravaged the ground in all directions. Every gale in this place appeared to be like a sharp divine object. In fact, it was so sharp that it could cut through one’s Yuan Power defence. Hence, if one was struck by it, even a perfect Profound Death stage expert would wound up with serious injuries.

Presently, countless light figures were fearlessly charging into the desolate plains, which was permeated by strong gales. After which, they unleashed their own techniques in an attempt to reach the deepest part of the desolate plains.

However, some sharp and miserable screeches were occasionally emitted after the Yuan Power defence protecting some of the experts, were directly sliced apart by the powerful gales. Soon after, their sturdy physical bodies were shattered instantly.

After each physical body was shattered, a light ray would attempt to escape in a miserable fashion. However, just as the light ray was about to escape, it would be caught by the gales. Following which, a miserable cry of despair would sound, indicating that a powerful individual had truly lost his life at this spot.

Therefore, given how dangerous this place is, it’s no wonder that no one typically dared to come.

Although the gales were powerful, there was no shortage of capable individuals here. Many of them moved quickly as they cautiously dodged those extremely sharp gales. Only when they had no other choice, would they use their skills to fight the gales head on. Even though they still suffered, they were in a much better state compared to those unlucky fellows.

Amidst the glowing figures, a ray of light was charging forward with a powerful momentum. If one was to carefully look at that ray of light, one would realize it was actually a miniature palace. Light gathered around that palace and that light seemed quite powerful. When those sharp gales tried to slice it, they were only able to create ripples on its surface. Its powerful defence caused many individuals, who were bitterly duking it out, to feel envious.

That palace was naturally the Mysterious Divine Palace belonging to Lin Dong. At this moment, his group was riding within it. Their journey was evidently several times more comfortable compared to the ones taken by those individuals outside.

“The Mysterious Divine Palace is indeed powerful. It is rumoured that it sealed many Yimo kings in the past. Unexpectedly, it has landed in your hands.” First elder Zhu Li smilingly looked at this ancient palace. He could detect some ancient symbols on the surrounding walls. Meanwhile, those symbols contained a powerful force.

This palace once killed Yimo kings, who were equivalent to Reincarnation stage experts…

“I got lucky. My strength is lacking and I cannot completely unleash the strength of the Mysterious Divine Palace. Killing a Yimo king is not something that I can do as of now.” Lin Dong smiled. Even someone as powerful as Qing Zhi had to use the King Destroying Heavenly Plate in order to successfully kill a Yimo king. Furthermore, there was still a huge gap between him and Qing Zhi.

“There is no rush. Once you obtain the Devouring Master’s inheritance, you should be able to breach that gap. At that time, even if you encounter a Yimo king, you should be able to put up a good fight.” First elder Zhu Li laughed.

“It is not going to be so easy to obtain the inheritance of the Devouring Master.” Lin Dong laughed bitterly. He waved his sleeve before the space in front of him rippled and displayed what was going on in the outside world.

“The desolate plains is exceptionally vast and it is constantly covered by Celestial Gales. It is difficult to determine one’s location in this place. Fortunately, we can detect the shattered space and we will likely reach our destination soon.”

“You are still underestimating this northernmost region.” First elder Zhu Li shook his head. Staring at the outside world through the spatial ripples, he said, “The closer one gets to the deepest part of the desolate plains, the stronger the gales become. Hence, it would be very troublesome if we encounter a Celestial Tempest. Additionally, we have to be wary of the Demonic Beasts here. They are not to be trifled with.”

Lin Dong nodded. He had always been an extremely cautious person. Therefore, there was no way he would let his guard down in a place like this. His mind quickly sunk into the Mysterious Divine Palace before he took control of it. Then, he swiftly dodged the many incoming gales as he directly headed towards the deepest part of the desolate plains.

Along the way, Lin Dong met many powerful practitioners. These practitioners were all using various techniques in order to dodge the sharp gales. This caused Lin Dong to quietly sigh in amazement. The Demon Region was truly filled with many hidden and powerful talents.

Although Lin Dong intentionally spoke in a humble manner when he spoke to first elder Zhu Li previously, his Mental Energy had already reached the Symbol Grandmaster level. Therefore, it was extremely easy for him to control the Mysterious Divine Palace. As such, the increasingly powerful gales along the way did not pose any obstruction to him. This continued until four hours later…

“Trouble up ahead.”

Within the Mysterious Divine Palace, Lin Dong suddenly opened his gently shut eyes, before a grave expression flashed across his face. The image reflected by the spatial ripples in front of him showed that there was a dark green swirling tempest, which connected the sky and ground, a short distance away from them. Meanwhile, it was rotating at a frightening speed and the sharpness of the gales within, caused Lin Dong to feel a chill on his skin.

“Celestial Tempest. How troublesome.” First elder Zhu Li looked at this scene before he helplessly shook his head. They eventually ran into one.

“Everyone, I am going to use all my strength to control the Mysterious Divine Palace. All of you should be careful.”

Lin Dong warned them with a grave expression. Then, he sat down before he extended his mind. Immediately, he took control of the Mysterious Divine Palace. When he did so, the many ancient symbols within the palace also began to flicker, before powerful ripples were emitted from them.

Swoosh swoosh!

The dark green tempest in the outside world, was just like an endlessly long python, as it raged continuously. Currently, many powerful individuals were already caught in it. Even though they were quite powerful, once they were caught in that tempest, it didn’t matter how formidable their Yuan Power was. After numerous powerful gales charged towards them, their Demonic Spirits were shattered instantly even before they could attempt to escape.

Ahh! Ahh!

Sharp and miserable cries continued to sound in waves. Meanwhile, similar scenarios were also occurring in the distant. Clearly, a majority of the experts here had also encountered a similar obstacle.

The Celestial Tempest came extremely quickly. Soon after, the area of effect finally reached the Mysterious Divine Palace. Immediately, the light barrier over its surface began to ripple continuously while its body began to sway.


A cold snort was emitted from within the palace. Soon after, one could see ten thousand rays of light erupting from within the Mysterious Divine Palace. Upon closer inspection, one would realize that they were actually divine objects. These divine objects circled the Mysterious Divine Palace. As golden light glimmered, they looked just like an iron clad wall.

“Let’s go!”

Another cold cry was emitted. Following which, one could see the Mysterious Divine Palace charging forward under the protection of many divine objects. After which, it directly charged into the tempest.

Bang bang bang!

Exceptionally sharp gales smashed against the metallic wall from all directions. After which, one could see the bright glow on the many divine objects turning dim at a frightening speed. This caused Lin Dong to be greatly startled. The Celestial Tempest was indeed frightening. It’s no wonder no one dared to come to this place.

Occasionally, some divine objects on the divine object wall would break. This caused Lin Dong’s heart to ache. Although there were countless divine objects in the Mysterious Divine Palace, they could still be used to equip his subordinates. Therefore, it was truly a waste for them to be destroyed in this fashion.

Although Lin Dong felt a heartache, he was unable to do anything about it at this moment. The Mysterious Divine Palace was able to progress at a steady pace thanks to the protection from the divine objects. Once they left the tempest, they should be able to quickly reach the deepest part of the desolate plains.

“Lin Dong, be careful.”

However, while Lin Dong was prepared to continue on at this speed, first elder Zhu Li’s and Liu Qing’s voice sounded simultaneously. The land beneath them suddenly split apart after their voices sounded. After which, it was possible to see over a dozen ten thousand feet large dark green horns shooting out from beneath the ground, before they flew towards the Mysterious Divine Palace.

This sudden development caught Lin Dong by surprise. His eyes drifted downwards before he saw a hundred thousand feet large beast climbing out from beneath the ground. Meanwhile, it had countless large horns, while strong gales filled those horns.

“It is the Ten Thousand Horn Beast.”

When first elder Zhu Li saw that huge beast, he frowned before he said.

“Ten Thousand Horn Beast?” Little Flame frowned and asked.

“A mutated Demonic Beast. They are not very intelligent but they have an extremely long lifespan. Judging by its size, it should have lived for at least a thousand years.”

“First elder, big brother Liu Qing, I will have to leave that creature to the both of you. I need to steer the Mysterious Divine Palace and charge out of the tempest. Otherwise, if we allow ourselves to be delayed by that beast, we will eventually be exhausted to death by the tempest.” Lin Dong said in a deep voice.

“Leave it to us.”

Zhu Li and Liu Qing smiled. There were numerous powerful individuals here. In fact, ten of them were at the Samsara stage. Therefore, although it was difficult to deal with the Ten Thousand Horn Beast, it was not sufficient to stop them.

Lin Dong nodded. A thought passed through his mind before the speed of his Mysterious Divine Palace once again increased. At this moment, he no longer cared about the damage suffered by the divine objects, as he completely unleashed its defence and allowed the gales to shatter the various divine objects.


The Ten Thousand Horn Beast below roared towards the sky. Meanwhile, its numerous horns were covered with blood. Clearly, it had already killed many powerful individuals. Its huge eyes stared at the Mysterious Divine Palace, which was located in the tempest, before ten thousand horns accompanied by sharp gales whistled forward and ruthlessly swept towards the Mysterious Divine Palace.

“Humph, bastard, you should stop your nonsense!”

However, a cold snort was suddenly emitted just as ten thousand horns surrounded the Mysterious Divine Palace. Following which, vast and mighty Yuan Power pillars whizzed out. These Yuan Power pillars contained the scent of Reincarnation.

Sizzle sizzle!

These two Yuan Power pillars, which contained the scent of Reincarnation, whistled forth. Immediately, the thousand feet large horns that came into contact with them were directly ripped apart, before blood spurted forth. It was just like a bloody rain.


The Ten Thousand Horn Beast released a miserable screech after it was struck by those powerful attacks. Meanwhile, its attacks became increasingly wild and fearsome. However, those two Yuan Power pillars guarded the Mysterious Divine Palace and made it an impregnable fortress. Therefore, regardless of how fearsome the attacks from the Ten Thousand Horn Beast were, they were still unable to breach the Mysterious Divine Palace.

“Does this damned beast know how to stop?”

Within the Mysterious Divine Palace, Zhu Li and Liu Qing frowned. As they were located in the tempest, half of the Yuan Power that they unleashed were used to tear through the tempest. Therefore, only the remaining half were used to deal with the Ten Thousand Horn Beast. As such, they had to expend twice the effort in order to achieve the same result. As such, this was taking quite a toll on their Yuan Power.

“Young brother Lin Dong, how long more before we leave the tempest?” Duan Tao hurriedly asked upon seeing this.

“Ten minutes.” Lin Dong replied without turning his head.

The Zhu Li duo nodded. Both of them shut their eyes and maneuvered their Yuan Power to block the crazy attacks raining down from the Ten Thousand Horn Beast.

The remaining individuals within the Mysterious Divine Palace sat quietly. However, all of them were frowning. They were well aware of just how powerful the Celestial Tempest was. If they lost the protection of the Mysterious Divine Palace, they would definitely be separated even if they could escape. At that time, their speed would also be greatly reduced.

The Mysterious Divine Palace was silent. After approximately ten minutes, Lin Dong suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes. A smile, which indicated that he was relieved of a huge burden, appeared on his face.

Everyone rejoiced upon seeing this. Then, they cast their attention towards the spatial ripples and saw that they had already left the raging tempest far behind them. They had finally charged out of the area covered by the tempests.

“How troublesome…” Little Marten sighed in relief and smilingly said, after he saw the relaxed atmosphere.

Lin Dong nodded. He waved his sleeve before his Mysterious Divine Palace vanished. After which, everyone once again appeared in the outside world. Their eyes surveyed their surroundings instinctively after they appeared. Soon after, their bodies stilled. Meanwhile, their eyes were filled with excitement as they looked in front of them.

In the sky in front of them, there was a tens of thousands of feet large black crack slowly opening. It looked just like the mouth of a devil. Meanwhile, an indescribable frightening energy was being emitted from within.

“We have finally arrived…”

Lin Dong looked at the black spatial crack before he released a deep breath. Meanwhile, a dense searing heat began to surge out from within his black eyes. I have finally found you...