Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1162: Entering the Desolate Plains

Chapter 1162: Entering the Desolate Plains


Chapter 1162: Entering the Desolate Plains

The strong gales in the northernmost part of the Demon Region were extremely cold and sharp. During certain periods of time, the gales would form tempests. Moreover, the might of these tempests would even cause the expression of a Samsara stage expert to change. Therefore, although there was an increasing number of powerful individuals heading towards this desolate plains, there were few people who dared to barge in. That was especially after they heard the sharp and miserable screeches from some reckless individuals, who attempted to enter because they were unable to suppress the greed in their hearts. Hence, many of them decided to suppress their greed and turn cautious, as they obediently waited for the gales to weaken.

Lin Dong’s large group did not recklessly barge in as well. Moreover, as the group from the Dragon tribe and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe were all following him, it caused his group to seem the grandest. However, Lin Dong did not dare to become complacent because of this. This was because now that he had advanced to initial Symbol Grandmaster, his powerful Mental Energy allowed him to vaguely detect certain frightening existences within this sea of auras.

Trying to stand out now was clearly a foolish move.

All the powerful individuals on the desolate plains were suppressing their greed as they waited quietly…

This wait finally came to an end at around noon on the next day. This was because everyone could feel that the sharp gales, which permeated the desolate plains, were finally showing signs of weakening.

Buzz buzz.

Various buzzing sound surged over from all directions like floodwaters. This desolate plains, which initially looked fairly orderly, once again broke out in chaos. Meanwhile, the eyes of countless powerful experts were filled with excitement.

As the gales weakened, their greed, which was firmly suppressed by them previously, had once again sprouted forth like weeds.

“It’s about to become chaotic.” When he saw this scene, Lin Dong lowered his eyes and said in a faint voice.

“These people are still underestimating the Celestial Gales in the northernmost region. I wonder just how many people will end up dying here.” First elder Zhu Li shook his head and said.

“In the past, I came to this place and encountered the Celestial Tempest. At that time, even though I was already at the Samsara stage, I was still severely injured. After I managed to escape, I had to spend a couple of years recuperating in order to expel the wind that had invaded my body.”

When Lin Dong heard this, even though he was already well-prepared, the solemn expression in his eyes became graver. After all, he was not familiar with this place. Moreover, although he knew that the winds in this place were very powerful, he did not expect them to be this terrifying.

Moreover, there were many Demonic Beasts who originated from the ancient times in this deserted northernmost region. Though these Demonic Beasts were not very intelligent, they had unique constitutions and were extremely difficult to deal with.

“It’s about time to enter the desolate plains. Let’s prepare ourselves. We should take advantage of the crowd as it will help to disperse the might of the Celestial Gales. They can also help us to deal with the Demonic Beasts within.” Liu Qing looked into the distance and laughed.

Although he was someone who loved to fight, he did not like to waste his energy unnecessarily. Moreover, he clearly knew how powerful the Celestial Gales were. Hence, he knew that it would be extremely troublesome if he was caught by them.

Lin Dong’s eyes also looked afar. At that spot, he saw that countless Yuan Power had erupted. After which, many light figures shot forth in a locust like manner, before they charged into the desolate plains, which was filled with strong gales.

Currently, there were still some miserable cries being vaguely emitted. However, they were extremely faint and nigh inaudible due to the many roars behind.

“The Nine Phoenix tribe is about to make a move.”

Standing beside him, Little Marten suddenly said. Following which, Lin Dong glanced with the corner of his eyes and saw that a light cluster had suddenly appeared on the hands of first elder Mu Di from the Nine Phoenix tribe. After that light cluster disappeared, it actually transformed into a black coloured fan. That fan was covered with ancient symbols. Moreover, each time he flapped that fan, a mysterious force would be emitted and it would cause the surrounding space to be slightly distorted.

“Heaven Feathers Devil Suppressing Fan?”

Lin Dong was slightly startled when he saw this. That item was ranked fourteenth on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking and it had killed many Yimo during the ancient era. Unexpectedly, such a divine object had actually landed in the hands of the Nine Phoenix tribe.

“The Nine Phoenix tribe loves to collect ancient divine objects. Hence, they have many treasures in their tribe.” First elder Zhu Li involuntarily exclaimed after he saw the black fan in Mu Di’s hands.

“Heh, the truly powerful objects on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking are those ranked in the top ten. Only those items are personally created by the Symbol Ancestor. The others might be powerful, but they are still lacking compared to those top ten items.” Lin Dong curled his lips and said.

“Aye. The top ten items on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking are indeed the ultimate ancient divine objects. However, based on what I am aware of, the Symbol Ancestor only created nine of them.” First elder Zhu Li mused before speaking.


Lin Dong blinked. Then, he quickly asked in a curious voice, “The top ranked ultimate ancient divine object is not created by the Symbol Ancestor? In that case, what exactly is it?”

“This… I do not know.” First elder Zhu Li laughed bitterly. This was something that he learnt from the ancient texts in his tribe. The top ranked ultimate ancient divine object was extremely mysterious and unfathomable. Notwithstanding him, it is likely that most of the powerful experts in the ancient times did not know much about it as well.

The curiosity in Lin Dong’s heart grew. However, this was not the time to be discussing about this. Mu Di glanced at him and chuckled after he took out his “Heaven Feathers Devil Suppressing Fan”. Then, the latter jerked his wrist before the black fan emitted a black light barrier. Black swirls were present on that barrier and the fluctuations of those swirls were fairly similar to that of the Celestial Gales in the desolate plains.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Di released a low cry. The black light barrier took his men before they directly entered the desolate plains, which was filled with powerful gales.

“Haha, Zhu Li, we will also be making a move first.”

The first elder from the Kunpeng tribe, Kun Yuan, also laughed out loud from a short distance away. Then, he cupped his hands towards first elder Zhu Li. Soon after, the space in front of him became distorted before the five of them took a step forward and disappeared mysteriously.

“The Kunpeng tribe is born with the ability to tear space apart. How fortunate.” First elder Zhu Li smiled and shook his head. Then, he said, “Let’s get going as well.”

After he spoke, he was prepared to rush forth directly. However, he was quickly stopped by Lin Dong. The latter smiled before he clenched his hand. Then, a miniature ancient palace appeared in a flash.

“First elder, there is no need to rush. The Nine Phoenix tribe has their own treasure and so do I. We can hide inside my Mysterious Divine Palace. Regardless of how fearsome the Celestial Gales are, they cannot hurt us. Moreover, this will allow us to avoid exhausting our Yuan Power.” Lin Dong smilingly said.

“The Mysterious Divine Palace ranked tenth on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking?” First elder Zhu Li had exceptional eyesight and he was able to recognise it at first glance. Immediately, a tinge of shock flashed across his elderly face.


Lin Dong laughed. He waved his hand before the Mysterious Divine Palace expanded with the wind and grew to a couple of hundred feet in size. Lin Dong was the first to rush in. After which, Little Marten, Little Flame and the rest followed.

“Haha, this is much more convenient. We’ll naturally have to use it.”

Liu Qing also laughed out loud. Together with Duan Tao and the rest, they entered as well. First elder Zhu Li also smiled before he followed behind.

After all of them entered, bright lights erupted from above the Mysterious Divine Palace. After which, a rumbling sound appeared before it charged into the desolate plains in front of countless pairs of envious eyes.

After Lin Dong’s group left, the remaining experts also began to unleash various techniques. Dazzling light covered the entire place, giving it a colourful appearance. Meanwhile, the originally quiet desolate plains also became extremely lively.

While various experts were charging into the desolate plains, the space on a mountaintop outside of the desolate plains suddenly became distorted. Soon after, traces of dark and dense black Qi came seeping forth before they directly transformed into a black blurry figure.

When that black figure saw the spectacular scene on the distant desolate plains, a cruel smile appeared on the corner of his lips, which was covered below the black fog .

“Ghost Abyss King.”

An indifferent voice was emitted from within the black fog. Immediately, the space behind him quickly became distorted. Soon after, another black figure appeared. This black figure bowed gently after he showed up and his demeanor was exceptionally courteous.

“The information has spread rather quickly this time around. With such a large event taking place in the Demon Region, how can our Devil Prison not be involved?” The black fog human figure said with a faint smile.

“Tenth Seat King, what should we do? It seems like Reincarnation stage experts are unable to enter the Devouring Master’s realm.” The black figure called Ghost Abyss King softly asked.

“Haha, my hands might be tied if the Devouring Master is alive. Unfortunately, he is already dead. Therefore, what can he possibly do?”

The black fog figure smiled faintly. His emotionless eyes stared at the distant lively scene before he laughed softly, “Currently, there are many top experts from the Demon Region gathered over there. I wonder how much weaker the Demon Region will be if we kill all of them?”

“Hehe, Tenth Seat King’s techniques are superb. These people are all the elites and pillars of the various factions in the Demon Region. If all of them vanished, it will likely hurt those factions tremendously.” The Ghost Abyss King laughed in a cruel manner.

“Moreover, if we enter that shattered space, even those Reincarnation stage experts in the Demon Region will not be able to detect anything. This is a really good opportunity for us to act.”

The black fog figure nodded. Then, he asked, “We should have sufficient men for this trip?”

The Ghost Abyss King laughed quietly. He waved his sleeve before the surrounding space rippled. Then, another three black figures appeared. Moreover, the ripples around those three were not the least bit weaker than his.

“Heaven Illusion King, Earth Illusion King, Darkness Abyss King, greets the Tenth Seat King.” Those three figures bowed towards the black fog figure the moment they appeared.

The three of them were all Yimo kings. In other words, there were a total of four genuine Reincarnation stage experts!

“Aye, I think that this should be enough.”

The black fog figure finally smiled faintly upon seeing this. Then, he waved his sleeve before they disappeared in a peculiar fashion.

“Haha, my Devil Prison has laid low for so many years. It’s time to do something grand…”

An endlessly cold muttering voice gradually spread across the place after they disappeared.