Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1161: Kun Ling

Chapter 1161: Kun Ling


Chapter 1161: Kun Ling


Dazzling purplish gold light suddenly erupted from within Lin Dong’s body like a thousand multicolored rays from the rising sun, while three hundred purplish gold dragon tattoos roared at the heavens. The dragon pressure contained within the dragon roar was pure and ancient.

Liu Qing’s aura was even stronger as he stood on opposite Lin Dong. Green light pervaded the area while eight hundred green dragon light tattoos swirled around his body. As the dragon tattoos moved and a terrifying strength directly beat on space itself until it showed signs of distortion.

Everyone around the Lin Dong duo had already backed away. Both of them clearly practiced the same profound martial art. From the looks of it, they seemed to be competing with each other in terms of this martial art. However, there was indeed quite a big gap in the Yuan Power cultivation of the two. It was obvious that Liu Qing held the absolute upper hand.

Although the green dragon light tattoos raged, the three hundred purplish gold dragon tattoos firmly entrenched themselves around Lin Dong. They might lose in terms of numbers, but everyone could feel that a single purplish gold dragon tattoo was stronger than a single green dragon light tattoo.

A bright light was revealed in Liu Qing’s eyes as he looked at the rock like Lin Dong under the pressure of his aura and grinned. After which, his body sunk slightly as he threw a punch forward.

This punch did not have any finesse. However, the eight hundred green dragon light tattoos around him roared at the sky when the punch was thrown. After which, they turned into an incomparably wild and violent green light beam that rushed towards Lin Dong.


The green light beam was akin to a giant dragon as it shot forth. A huge gully was formed as the mountain below collapsed, causing the entire mountain to be split into two at this moment. This punch from Liu Qing was clearly rather overbearing.

Lin Dong watched as the wild and violent green light beam rapidly magnified in his eyes. A solemness flashed across his eyes, but he did not show any signs of dodging. This Liu Qing was clearly attempting to probe his understanding of the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill. He would be mocked by Liu Qing if he chose to shrink back.


These thoughts flashed within Lin Dong’s mind as he lunged forward while purplish gold light swept out. Three hundred purplish gold dragon tattoos rushed forward and his punch directly clashed with the arriving green light beam.

Green and purplish gold light arcs spread from the point of contact. The already swaying mountain below was completely shattered by the aftershocks. Boulders flew as the mountain collapsed.


Lin Dong’s figure catapulted backwards due to the resultant force. However, his toes stepped on the air as vast and mighty silver-white Mental Energy spread and stabilized his body. It also completely blocked the force that was charging towards him.

“Formidable indeed.”

Lin Dong was secretly taken aback. Liu Qing was indeed much stronger than the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, Liu Tao and other ordinary Samsara stage individuals. If it was not because Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had advanced into the initial Symbol Grandmaster level, it was likely that he would be no match for Liu Qing.

After stabilizing his body, Lin Dong lifted his head and looked at Liu Qing, who had not budged at all. He could not help but cup his hands together as he laughed, “Big brother Liu Qing’s Green Heaven Materialization Dragon Skill is indeed powerful.”

“A feat worthy of the Primal Dragon Bone. Three hundred dragon tattoos can actually contend against my eight hundred dragon tattoos. If you were at the same cultivation level as myself, it will be extremely difficult for me to beat you.”

Liu Qing stared at Lin Dong. The pride on his face had diminished slightly. Soon after, he continued, “Lord Qing Zhi really has good eyes.”

“Big brother Liu Qing is far too humble. If it is not because I possess the Primal Dragon Bone, it would be difficult to unleash the power of the Green Heaven Materialization Dragon Skill to such an extent.” Lin Dong laughed.

“Being able to obtain the Primal Dragon Bone is an ability itself. Back then, even I had failed after a terrible fight with that person. All I could do was choose the inferior Ancient Dragon Bone…” Liu Qing chuckled and said.

Lin Dong involuntarily smiled. The person Liu Qing spoke of should be the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor.

“Ha ha, please do not be angry young brother Lin Dong. This is Liu Qing’s character. He will fight anyone before talking regardless of whether he knows them. All the elders in the tribe, including the tribe leader, have been challenged by him.” Duan Tao smilingly stepped forward and said.

Lin Dong was amazed. He inwardly commented that this was indeed a battle maniac.

“You are here for the Devouring Master’s inheritance, right?” Lin Dong quickly smiled and asked.

“Heh heh, I have heard tribe leader mention that you are the current owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. However, I am also interested in this Devouring Master’s inheritance. When the time comes, whoever obtains it will depend on one’s ability.” Liu Qing walked over while smiling as he looked at Lin Dong. He did not beat around the bush with words, nor did he hide his desire towards the Devouring Master’s inheritance.

“In that case, we will compete fairly.” Lin Dong grinned said. There were far too many competitors now. One more Liu Qing really did not matter. This open declaration by the latter was far more reassuring than some who would stab him in the back.

“Ha ha, good.”

Liu Qing heartily laughed. Soon after, he said, “But you can be reassured that if I truly do not have any chance to obtain it, I will still lend you a hand. After all, you are our Dragon tribe’s Punishment Elder. You are one of us.”

Lin Dong smiled. His impression of Liu Qing became a lot better at this moment.

“Three of the four overlord tribes have already arrived. However, the Kunpeng tribe has yet to appear.” Beside Lin Dong, Little Marten’s eyes swept across the place as he remarked.

“Ha ha, they will definitely come. No one in this world can match the speed of the Kunpeng tribe. They will be able to arrive anytime they wish to.” First elder Zhu Li laughed.

The expression of first elder Zhu Li changed when his words sounded as he grinned and said, “Speak of the devil. These people really like to come and go like ghosts.”

“Ha ha, first elder Zhu Li thinks far too highly of our Kunpeng tribe. In terms of speed, your Celestial Demon Marten tribe is also extremely outstanding.”

Laughter was suddenly transmitted from the sky. Lin Dong lifted his head. Soon after, his pupils shrunk as he watched a certain spot in the sky rapidly distort. Space squeezed together as a couple of figures strangely surfaced from the squirming distorted space.

Only five people had emerged from the distorted space. The leader was a silver haired elder. He had a small build, but the frightening ripple that emanated from within his body was not weaker than Zhu Li or Mu Di.

“It is actually first elder Kun Yuan.” First elder Zhu Li looked at the group and chuckled. From the looks of it, he was clearly acquainted with them.

“Are these members of the Kunpeng tribe?”

Lin Dong also observed the five with some curiosity. The group consisted of four elders and a woman. Therefore, his eyes quickly stopped on the only woman. She was wearing red clothes, had a beautiful face and was of a tall slender build. At a glance, she was clearly a great beauty. However, her lovely face was cold as ice. Bright silver hair fell from her head, increasing the frostiness of her already cold and pretty face.

Moreover, Lin Dong was most stunned to discover that the Yuan Power within the body of this woman was rather weak. Based on his guess, she had at the very most reached the initial Profound Death stage.

She actually dared to come to this place with only such strength? She must be really bold.

“Eh? That’s not right?”

Lin Dong frowned slightly. Soon after, a thought passed through his mind. This woman’s Yuan Power might be weak, but there seemed to be another extremely overwhelming power…

Moreover, this power was very familiar.

While Lin Dong was observing this red clothed silver hair lady, the latter also seemed to have noticed him, and her eyes shifted towards him. She did not say anything unnecessary. Instead, a silver-white light flashed in her eyes and a unique ripple directly shot towards Lin Dong.

“Mental Energy?!”

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened when this ripple appeared. With a flick of his finger, equally sharp silver-white Mental Energy whizzed out and directly shattered the ripple from the lady.

No loud sound appeared when the two powerful Mental Energies clashed. Only the bodies of the two of them trembled slightly.

“This lady… is actually also a powerful expert whose Mental Energy has reached the initial Symbol Grandmaster level?”

Surprise surfaced within Lin Dong’s eyes. He did not expect that this icy beauty would be the first initial Symbol Grandmaster he encountered.

Of course, he was not the only one whose eyes revealed some shock. Astonishment also flitted across the icy face of the red clothed silver hair lady. Soon after, her eyes looked deeply at Lin Dong. Evidently, she had also sensed that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was not inferior to her own.

“Ha ha, looks like this little friend walks the same path as that lass, Kun Ling.”

The clash of Mental Energy might be faint, but it should also be known just what kind of people were present. Naturally, the secret exchange between the two did not escape their perception. Immediately, first elder Kun Yuan laughed and looked at Lin Dong in a meaningful manner.

“Girl, you have finally met a rival. You boast that you are the person with the greatest talent within your Kunpeng tribe in the last thousand years, but this young friend here is not weaker than yourself.”

Lin Dong scalp turned numb at these words. This old fellow really had ill intentions. If put in such a way, it would only invite hatred towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong glanced at the red clothed lady when he thought of this. As expected, a burning aura had rose within the latter’s ice-cold eyes.

“Friend, we can spar with Mental Energy if you have the time.” The lady called Kun Ling might appear ice-cold, but it seemed that she greatly minded that Lin Dong was able to match her in terms of Mental Energy at such a young age. Hence, she quickly opened her mouth and spoke. Her voice might be gentle and pleasant to the ears, but it caused Lin Dong to bitterly laugh in his heart.

“We will talk about it when there is time.”

Lin Dong helplessly shook his head as he half-heartedly responded. He was currently busy with obtaining the inheritance of the Devouring Master. How could he have time to play with her?

By the side, first elder Zhu Li grinned when he saw this. After which, he changed the topic. His eyes looked towards the Celestial Gale infested depths of the barren plains and said, “The wind will weaken tomorrow. At that time, we should start heading into the depths of the barren plains and find that shattered space. What do you say?”


The surrounding crowd thought for a moment before nodding at his words.

Lin Dong stood by the side and gazed upon the powerful individuals that had gathered here as his lips subconsciously pursed. It was likely that almost half of the experts from the Demon Region had congregated here. The four overlord tribes, eight king tribes and other renown great factions within the Demon Region had dispatched their top experts to this place. Looks like there will be an extremely intense competition for the Devouring Master’s inheritance…

Lin Dong’s hands tightly clenched at this point. He suddenly frowned a moment later as his eyes turned towards a certain empty space. He seemed to have felt that they were being observed a split second earlier.

This feeling had disappeared in an instant, and even Lin Dong could not tell if he was mistaken. Thus, he could only shake his head. He did not know why, but there was a slight unease deep within his heart.