Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1160: Liu Qing

Chapter 1160: Liu Qing


Chapter 1160: Liu Qing

A dragon roar resounded across the sky. After which, while being stared at by countless onlookers, a light was glimmering in the distance before eight figures appeared in the sky. Leading this group, was a man dressed in green clothes. His looks were fairly ordinary, but the arrogance that covered his face left a deep impression on anyone who saw him.

Currently, this green clothed man’s hands were crossed over his chest. He wore a look of contempt as he stared at the distant Luo Tong. His demeanor demonstrated that he hardly paid any respect to the Nine Phoenix tribe.

“Liu Qing?!”

When Luo Tong saw that green clothed man, his expression changed immediately. In fact, a tinge of fear actually flashed across his eyes.

“They are from the Dragon tribe.”

Lin Dong was startled as well. Following which, he saw a familiar figure behind that green clothed man. It was actually Duan Tao. It seems like the Dragon tribe did not wish to miss out on this grand event as well.

“Who is this person? I have never seen him before”

Lin Dong glanced at that haughty looking green clothed man before he softly asked. He did not see that person when he was at the Dragon tribe. However, the aura radiating from the latter caused him to be stunned. In fact, he had already surpassed an ordinary Samsara stage expert and vaguely touched Reincarnation. Nonetheless, he was still a little lacking compared to first elder Zhu Li from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, and first elder Mu Di from the Nine Phoenix tribe.

After Lin Dong’s Mental Energy cultivation advanced to the Symbol Grandmaster level, he was officially considered as part of the global elite. However, those within the Samsara stage were also ranked accordingly. Moreover, the ranking system was fairly unique and it was not determined by the strength of one’s Yuan Power. Instead, it was determined by who had a deeper understanding of Reincarnation.

Once one was able to comprehend Reincarnation, one would be considered as an expert who has touched Reincarnation. Only after reaching this stage, would one be qualified to attempt to break into that peak level, Reincarnation stage.

Those individuals like the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio were mostly ordinary Samsara stage practitioners. However, those individuals like first elder Zhu Li and Mu Di had already touched Reincarnation. Therefore, though these two groups were technically on the same cultivation level, there was a huge difference in their strength.

Currently, that green clothed man had clearly reached the stage, whereby he had made contact with Reincarnation. However, his understanding of Reincarnation was a little weaker compared to old demons like Zhu Li and Mu Di. Nonetheless, an ordinary Samsara stage expert was definitely no match for him.

“That is Liu Qing from the Dragon tribe… An extremely powerful person. It is rumoured that he is crazy about training and he is also the youngest person in the Dragon tribe’s Elders Council. Additionally, he personally received pointers from Qing Zhi before. Therefore… he also practises the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill.” It seems like Little Marten was quite familiar with that person as he replied Lin Dong.

“Oh? He has also learnt the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill?” Lin Dong was slightly startled. Promptly, his interest was piqued. Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill was considered as a top-tier martial arts of the Dragon tribe. However, other than Qing Zhi, he had yet to meet anyone else who practised it.

“Hey, regardless, Lin Dong is the Punishment Elder of our Dragon tribe. Are you trying to humiliate our Dragon tribe by speaking of him in this manner?” Liu Qing was hovering in the sky with his hands crossed over his chest, before he chuckled.

Luo Tong had a somewhat ugly expression. However, he did not dare to retort owing to Liu Qing’s fearsome reputation.

“Oh? It is actually that little brat Liu Qing from the Dragon tribe. This old man has always been a straight shooter. In fact, even if your tribe leader is here, I will still say what I want to.” Mu Di frowned and said after he saw Liu Qing butting in.

“Blah, old fellow, you should stop trying to use your age to put me down. I would very much prefer to talk directly using our fists rather than seniority.” The corner of Liu Qing’s mouth was curled and his tone was extremely impolite. Although he was indeed ranked a little lower than Mu Di in terms of seniority, he was extremely powerful. If they were to exchange blows, it was likely that he had no need to fear this first elder of the Nine Phoenix tribe.

“Humph, ignorant and arrogant fool.”

Mu Di’s expression darkened before the space around him gradually became contorted. After which, a faint and mysterious ripple spread. That ripple might be extremely faint, but countless individuals felt an extremely powerful pressure radiating from it. That pressure had the taste of Reincarnation.

“Little fellow, though you touched Reincarnation within merely a hundred years, I’m afraid it’s still too early for you to act arrogantly in front of me!”

“Haha, old fellow, if you feel upset, you can take a swing at me with your fists. Then, you’ll find out if I am qualified to act this haughtily!” Liu Qing was not the least bit fearful when he saw an enraged Mu Di. Instead, it seems like he was eager to fight as his laughter resounded across the place.

Standing on a mountaintop, Lin Dong chuckled when he heard this. Liu Qing might be an extremely arrogant person, but Lin Dong had a favorable impression of him.

Mu Di’s expression also gradually became gloomy. Just as he was about to lose control and attack Liu Qing to teach him a lesson, an elderly laughter suddenly resounded across the sky.

“Haha, it seems like this place is really lively.”

The space became distorted when the laughter sounded. Soon after, purple-black light flashed before a couple of figures appeared. Vast and mighty ripples spread when they did so, causing many to throw their stunned gazes over.

“My guys are finally here.” Little Marten looked at the sky and said lazily.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong smiled before he turned to look. At that spot, he saw a group with terrifying auras suddenly appearing in the sky. They were being led by first elder Zhu Li from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe.

“So it’s first elder Zhu Li.”

Mu Di frowned slightly when he saw the leader of the group, first elder Zhu Li. After which, he frowned before he spoke with a faint smile. He was not as rude to Zhu Li as he was to Liu Qing. After all, the status and strength of the former were on the same level as him.

“So it’s first elder Mu Di. It has been many years since we last met.” First elder Zhu Li laughed. “Everyone is here because of the shattered space. What is the point of fighting now?”

“It’s not that this old man wants to fight with Liu Qing. However, the Four Titans Palace has offended my Nine Phoenix tribe and I am merely trying to win some respect back. Otherwise, others might look down on my Nine Phoenix tribe.” Mu Di said.


First elder Zhu Li smilingly looked towards Lin Dong’s group, who were located on the mountaintop. He subsequently shook his head and said, “First elder Mu Di, young brother Lin Dong is a benefactor of our Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Therefore, even if the Dragon tribe doesn’t speak up, my Celestial Demon Marten tribe will definitely not standby idly.”


An uproar erupted when he uttered those words. Many powerful individuals were stunned as they stared at Lin Dong’s group. After all, they did not expect that the latter actually had such powerful backers. Not only was Lin Dong the Dragon tribe’s Punishment Elder, but he even had such a close relationship with the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. It’s no wonder he was not afraid of offending the Nine Phoenix tribe. His background was truly startling.


Mu Di was also taken back by Zhu Li’s words. After which, his originally gloomy face darkened further, while an additional tinge of surprise was present in his eyes. After all, he never expected that both the Dragon tribe and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe would choose to offend the Nine Phoenix tribe over a human lad.

Mu Di’s eyes were gloomy. After which, he turned his head before he stealthily looked at an inconspicuous figure standing behind him. This figure was small in size and his body was wrapped by loose robes. He acted as though he did not see Mu Di’s eyes as he shook his head in an unnoticeable manner.

Mu Di withdrew his eyes. He waved his sleeves and snorted coldly, “On account of the Dragon tribe and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, I will let you off today. However, if you offend my Nine Phoenix tribe again, it is likely that the matter would not be resolved so easily!”

Lin Dong smiled and said, “What is first elder Mu Di saying. I am someone who does not offend anyone who does not offend me. As long as the Nine Phoenix tribe does not come and mess with me, I will not bother you guys. Of course, if anyone dares to mess with me, they shall also learn that I, Lin Dong, am not someone you want to mess with.”

Lin Dong’s tone had an additional trace of ferocity when he spoke. The Nine Phoenix tribe was indeed powerful, but they would be mistaken if they thought that he was a pushover.

“Humph, someone who does not know how to appreciate kindness.”

Mu Di snorted coldly, while his eyes were filled with anger. However, he could not unleash his fury at this moment. All he could do, was to ruthlessly glare at Lin Dong before completely ignoring him.

Standing in the sky, first elder Zhu Li grinned when he saw this scene. After which, he landed on the ground together with a couple of elders from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Then, he smiled as he looked at Lin Dong and said, “Little fellow, you truly cause problems everywhere you go.”

“First elder, this has nothing to do with me. I didn’t even utter a single word before the other party came knocking on my door.” Lin Dong spread his hands in an innocent manner. The Nine Phoenix tribe was the party who came looking for trouble today.

“Moreover, first elder, the reason why all of you hurried over… Is it because you guys are interested in the Devouring Divine Palace?” Lin Dong glanced at first elder Zhu Li and asked. However, he intentionally said the second sentence with a softer voice.

“I am aware that you own the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.” First elder Zhu Li looked at Lin Dong with a deeper meaning in his eyes, before he said, “You are the one with the highest potential to obtain the inheritance of the Devouring Master. The main reason why tribe leader sent me here is to assist you. Although you have advanced to the initial Symbol Grandmaster level, there are many powerful hidden individuals in the Demon Region. Hence, it’ll likely be no easy task for you to obtain the inheritance with your current strength.”

“In that case, please help me to convey my thanks to the tribe leader.”

Lin Dong laughed and he felt some gratitude in his heart. The Devouring Master’s inheritance was extremely tempting. Yet, the Celestial Demon Marten tribe actually chose to assist him. This was indeed a huge favour.

“Haha, brother Lin Dong, how have you been.”

Another familiar laughter was transmitted over while Lin Dong was chatting with first elder Zhu Li. Lin Dong turned his head before he saw the group of Dragon tribe experts walking towards him. The person laughing heartily was Duan Tao.

Lin Dong cupped his hands towards Duan Tao and smiled. Then, he rotated his eyes and paused on Liu Qing, who was currently staring at him.

“Heh, are you that Lin Dong who caught the eye of Lord Qing Zhi?” The pride on Liu Qing’s face did not diminish as he smilingly looked at Lin Dong. Instead, his eyes were filled with some heat.

“Yes, I am.”

Although Liu Qing’s face was plastered with arrogance, he did not hold any ill-intent towards Lin Dong. Hence, Lin Dong smiled and replied.

Liu Qing laughed out loud. A moment later, he took a step forward. Immediately, green light surged around him before an earth-shaking dragon roar sounded. After which, thousands of green dragon light tattoos rose. The aura caused many huge cracks to appear on the mountain.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, Little Flame and the rest were all startled upon seeing this. They were just about to stand in front of Lin Dong, when the latter waved his hand to stop them.

“Since big brother Liu Qing wants to test my Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, I will likely cause senior Qing Zhi to throw his face if I refuse. Alright, today, I shall be seeking pointers from big brother Liu Qing!”

Lin Dong smiled. Promptly, he clenched both his hands before purple-gold dragon light tattoos surged out from within his body. An ancient and pure dragon pressure, which resembled that of a huge dragon, slowly awakened.