Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1159: Gathering of the Strong

Chapter 1159: Gathering of the Strong


Chapter 1159: Gathering of the Strong

In front of the mountain hall of Four Titans Palace.

Lin Dong stood on a tall platform and looked at the strong individuals gathered in front of him. A satisfied expression flashed over his face. Having undergone a growth phase for a period of time, the scale of Four Titans Palace was clearly several times greater than before.

Moreover, the peak experts within the current palace had stepped into the Samsara stage. If his initial Symbol Grandmaster level was added in, there would be a total of six people with such strength. With such a lineup, let alone the Beast War Region, there were very few factions even in the nearby regions that could match them.

Although they were gradually growing stronger, Four Titans Palace had simply continued to entrench themselves in the Beast War Region, and did not recklessly try to conquer new territories around them. Though invasion could allow the reputation of Four Titans Palace to spread rapidly, the price was to be secretly targeted by many factions due to them overly exposing their blade. Currently, all of Lin Dong’s efforts had been placed on the Devouring Divine Palace and it was obviously impossible for them to split their attention on other issues.

“Brother Ghost Condor will continue to stand guard in Four Titans Palace during our trip to the northern region. The rest of you will accompany me.” Lin Dong turned his head to look at Little Flame, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest as he declared.

Despite the importance of the Devouring Divine Palace, Lin Dong was also a little worried about Four Titans Palace. Strong individuals must remain behind to guard it. Otherwise, if the territory that they had painstakingly established was conquered, the effort and time they would need to spend when they return would increase. This was not something that Lin Dong did not wish to see.

It was also necessary to consider who should be left behind to guard this place. Both the Zhou brothers could be struck off. They had only recently joined Four Titans Palace and little was known about them. Hence, it was best for them to remain beside Lin Dong, who could suppress them, at such a time. If they were left behind in Four Titans Palace, there was no guarantee that they would not do something inappropriate.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio could be trusted. However, the usually cautious Ghost Condor Demon Commander was still the best choice when it came to guarding their home.

“Ha ha, brother Lin Dong, you can be rest assured and leave Four Titans Palace to me.”

The Ghost Condor Demon Commander nodded. Although he was unable to personally witness the source of the huge commotion in the entire Demon Region in the northern region, he did not have any objection to Lin Dong’s orders.

“The remaining experts will all stay and guard Four Titans Palace. Maintain the highest vigilance while we are away. Do not make any mistakes.”

Lin Dong was not planning on bringing along a large number of troops with him on this trip to the northern region. A fight of this level was no longer something that one could make up with numbers. Only those top experts with true ability would be able to deter others.


The many strong individuals from Four Titans Palace below cried out in unison.

Lin Dong deeply inhaled a breath of air. He subsequently waved his hand and said in a deep voice, “Let’s go!”

His body took the lead to turn into a flash of bright light that swept forth when his words sounded. Little Marten, Little Flame, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the others closely followed behind.

“We pray for leader to return in triumph!”

All the members of Four Titans Palace below cupped their hands together and cried out together. Seven rays of light shot across the sky as they cried out. Soon after, the lights disappeared into the northern sky.

Many rays of light also rose from various parts of the Demon Region when Lin Dong’s group left. Their destination was north of the Demon Region…

Following the movements of these various factions, the entire Demon Region had completely fallen into a state of excitement.


The Demon Region was extremely vast. Hence, even though Lin Dong’s group relied on their powerful strength to travel day and night, it was seven days later before they approached the extreme north of the Demon Region.

During this journey, Lin Dong finally witnessed just how frightening a temptation the appearance of the Devouring Divine Palace was this time around. Every day, he saw many large groups of people and most of them possessed rather substantial strength. He was still barely able to identify some of these groups, but most of them were unfamiliar to him. Despite this unfamility, the strength of these groups still surprised Lin Dong. It seemed that there were many powerful hidden experts in this Demon Region.

A majority of these people might be aware that there was a Reincarnation stage top expert who had died within the shattered space, but they did not know that the identity of this person was one of the eight ancient masters, the Devouring Master. Nevertheless, this did not dampen their desire. The inheritance of a mere Reincarnation stage top expert was sufficient to make them go crazy.

This discovery caused Lin Dong to smile bitterly. Fortunately, the news related to the Devouring Master had yet to spread. Otherwise, it was likely that some factions would even give up guarding their headquarters and lead all troops over.

The situation had already become somewhat chaotic. Looks like the fight for the inheritance would have to be taken a step at a time.

Lin Dong’s group finally reached the extreme north on the ninth day. However, the scene in front of them caused the expressions of the seven to be a little blank when they arrived.

The extreme north of the Demon Region had originally been an extremely deserted place. Hardly anyone lived here due to the harsh environment. Normally, one would have difficulty finding half a shadow. Yet…

Lin Dong’s group stood atop a mountain. The area in front of them was a barren plains. However, the barren plains was filled with a churning black mass of people that endlessly stretched on. Rushing wind sound appeared in the sky from time to time as many travel worn figures continuously hurried over.

An earthshaking hubbub gathered together, and even the cold wind that enveloped this area had been slightly scattered. A racket of such scale was a rare sight.

“This… is a little too ridiculous, right?”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander parted his lips and involuntarily laughed bitterly. In what way was this place a deserted wilderness? At a glance, it was even more lively than a city. Moreover, with his eyesight, he could see that everyone who had come here possessed great strength. Any one of them would be able to obtain quite a good position within any faction. Yet, they were found in such great numbers here.

“Originally, things would not have been like this. However, everyone was too anxious and rushed over to this place with great haste. How can this not attract the curiosity of others?” Lin Dong shook his head and said.

“The wind in this extreme north region is extremely strong. This period of time is when it is at its strongest. An ordinary expert would not dare to randomly roam about.” Little Marten looked towards the ends of the barren plains where a dark whitish color was revealed in the sky. The wind there was extremely sharp. If this wind was to form a storm, even a Samsara stage expert would become extremely miserable. The natural disaster of this dangerous place was extremely frightening.

“Aye. We will perhaps have to wait a little longer in this place.”

Lin Dong nodded. He had only just spoken when his expression altered as his eyes looked towards the southern sky where a nine colored light ray suddenly swept over the sky from the south. A ten thousand feet large giant nine colored bird flapped its huge wings within the light as it tore apart space and arrived. Lin Dong could detect a relatively frightening aura from the back of the huge bird.

“It’s the Nine Phoenix tribe.” Little Marten glanced at the giant nine colored bird and said in a faint voice.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed upon hearing this. He did not have a good impression of the Nine Phoenix tribe due to Mang Mountain’s attack on Four Titans Palace.

By the side, the expressions of the Zhou brothers darkened as they frowned.

The giant nine colored bird quickly appeared above the barren plains. Finally, the nine colored light faded in front of many respectful and fearful eyes. It eventually turned into eight figures that stood in the air.

Lin Dong was the first to look over when the eight figures appeared. The leader of the eight was a man in beautiful robes. The man appeared handsome and had fair skin, while his hair was completely white. However, from the frightening ripple that emanated from within his body, he was clearly an ancient monster who appeared young on the surface.

“So powerful.”

Lin Dong looked at the white haired man as his eyes hardened. The ripples from the latter’s body caused him to be a little fearful. It was likely not weaker than that of first elder Zhu Li from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe.

“That is the first elder of the Nine Phoenix tribe, Mu Di.” By the side, Zhou Yi suddenly said. However, his voice contained an intense hatred.

Lin Dong glanced at the Zhou brothers and was struck with a sudden flash of understanding. It seemed that this was the person who had forced them out of the Western Sand Region and made them flee like homeless strays.

Lin Dong’s eyes drifted over Mu Di before pausing. This was because he had seen a familiar face. It was Mysterious King Luo Tong of Mang Mountain. He was also a member of the Nine Phoenix tribe, and it seemed that he had come along this time.

“It seems that enemies frequently cross paths.” Lin Dong looked at Luo Tong and faintly smiled.

While Lin Dong was staring at Luo Tong, the latter also appeared to have detected something. His gaze shifted and found Lin Dong. After which, Luo Tong’s expression stiffened and a frosty look flashed across his face. Subsequently, He stepped forward and softly said something to first elder Mu Di from the Nine Phoenix tribe.

First elder Mu Di from the Nine Phoenix tribe shifted his gaze while Luo Tong spoke. Finally, it stopped at the mountain where Lin Dong’s group was located.

“Ha ha, you are the new Punishment Elder of the Dragon tribe?”

Mu Di’s eyes were filled with ridicule as he stared at Lin Dong while his indifferent voice thundered across the sky, attracting the attention of countless experts.

Lin Dong knew that he could not hide after seeing the situation. Hence, he smiled and replied, “I am indeed the one. Does first elder Mu Di have any pointers for me?”

“The Dragon tribe has always done things according to the rules. However, to have handed over the position of Punishment Elder to a mere human, it seems that Yuan Qian has become rather muddle-headed this time around. What a joke.” Mu Di said in a faint voice.

“Perhaps first elder Mu Di does not have the right to comment on the matters of the Dragon tribe, no?” Lin Dong grinned. However, his tone did not appear to cower because of the other party’s strength.

The originally noisy atmosphere froze slightly after these words sounded. Many strong individuals were stunned. After all, there were very few people who dared to be so arrogant after being aware of Mu Di’s identity.

Some of those who were aware of the conflict between Four Titans Palace and Mang Mountain secretly laughed. Behind Mang Mountain was the Nine Phoenix tribe. Clearly, this first elder Mu Di was still brooding over the matter of Mang Mountain being forced back by Four Titans Palace. Now, he was planning to retaliate.

The Nine Phoenix tribe might be strong, but the human leader of Four Titans Palace did not appear ordinary either…

“How presumptuous. Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to first elder in such a manner!” Luo Tong cried out in a stern and furious voice.

The faces of the few people beside them also turned chilly as he cried out in anger as a monstrous ripple was emitted. All of them possessed the frightening strength of the Samsara stage. It seemed that the Nine Phoenix tribe had sent out a really strong force.

A cold look flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. However, before he could speak, a loud laughter, which was accompanied by waves of dragon roars, echoed from far away.

“Ha ha, is the Punishment Elder of my Dragon tribe someone whom trash like Luo Tong can shout at? Do you really think that your Nine Phoenix tribe can step over the heads of my Dragon tribe?”

Countless eyes shifted as the dragon roar sounded. After which, they saw a light figure flashing in the distance. Soon after, a couple of figures appeared. The person leading them wore green clothes, and his wild aura permeated the sky.