Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1158: Commotion in the Demon Region

Chapter 1158: Commotion in the Demon Region


Chapter 1158: Commotion in the Demon Region

The northernmost part of the Demon Region. There was an ancient desolate plains. Icy cold blade-like winds crazily swept over this place, slicing the ground and leaving it riddled with scars.

This was an extremely remote area of the Demon Region. Due to the overly harsh conditions, hardly anyone chose to settle down in this area. Hence, since the ancient times, this place was only visited by a few humans. As such, this place also became the gathering ground for various highly intelligent wild Demonic Beasts, who had yet to attain self-consciousness.

Although they were fellow Demonic Beasts, those in this area leaned closer towards the word ‘beast’. They were not very intelligent. Moreover, as few outsiders had stepped foot into this area, it allowed these Demonic Beasts to keep their powerful bloodlines, which were passed down since the ancient times. Furthermore, even though these bloodlines may be molted, they still possessed frightening strength. In conjunction with their bloodthirsty nature, it caused this remote area to become increasingly deserted.

However, as of now, there was a shocking and unusual development occurring in the sky above this area. One could see the empty space contorting, before a black crack, that was tens of thousands of feet in size, appeared.


Indescribable energy ripples swept out from within the crack in all directions. Following which, those ripples spread at a rapid frightening pace, before they finally transformed into numerous light pillars that shot towards the clouds in the sky.

Shockingly, one could clearly see those light pillars even from five kilometres away. Moreover, the energy ripples permeating within left countless individuals awestruck.

As those light pillars shot towards the clouds, the energy ripples within the Demon Region instantly became a little chaotic. Following which, it quickly drew the attention of various powerful individuals.


The Dragon Region. Since they were one of the four overlord tribes and they were located in the north of the Demon Region, the Dragon tribe quickly detected the unusual activity that had occured.

Many rushing wind sound suddenly appeared in the sky above the Dragon tribe. Soon after, numerous people suddenly appeared in the sky. The first person who showed up was the tribe leader of the Dragon tribe, Yuan Qian. Currently, he was looking towards the north with a grave expression. Meanwhile, there was rich shock flowing deep within his eyes.

“Tribe leader, this fluctuation…” An elder of the Dragon tribe asked in shock with a solemn expression.

“I wonder which top-tier expert was born?”

Yuan Qian shook his head and said. “It doesn’t appear like someone was born into this world. From those ripples, I am able to detect signs that the space there has become chaotic. Therefore, it seems as though the space there was shattered.”

“Shattering of space?” Another Dragon tribe elder was a little bewildered.

Yuan Qian narrowed his eyes. A moment later, a glint flashed across his eyes. “During the ancient times, when powerful top-tier experts were about to die, the most capable ones will create a realm and die within. I tried to probe those energy ripples within previously. However, my senses were devoured upon making contact with them…”

“Haha, ever since the ancient times, the only one who possess such frightening strength even after death is likely the Devouring Master.”

“Devouring Master?” The surrounding Dragon tribe elders released an exclamation after hearing those words. Meanwhile, they were all visibly taken back. Clearly, this top-tier individual from the ancient times was not a foreign name to them.

“That place is going to become very lively. Taking into account the reputation of the Devouring Master, it is likely that countless top-tier experts would swarm over. At that time, an intense fight would definitely occur.” An elder of the Dragon tribe said. Even someone with his mental fortitude was attracted to the inheritance of the Devouring Master. Hence, even less needed to be said about others.

“The Devouring Master is a powerful legendary figure, who is even able to defeat our Dragon tribe’s Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor ancestor. I can feel a resistance coming from the realm where he died. However, it is not specifically targeting me. Instead, I believe that it is targeting every top-tier expert who has reached the Reincarnation stage.” Yuan Qian spoke with a faint smile.

“What do you mean?” An elder asked in a stunned fashion.

“It seems like the Devouring Master does not wish for his inheritance to be obtained by someone who has stepped into the Reincarnation stage. This is because those who had advanced into the Reincarnation stage typically possess their own training methods and it is nigh impossible for them to change. Henceforth, it would do more harm than good if they obtained his inheritance.” Yuan Qian laughed and explained.

“Not everyone is suitable to obtain his inheritance. The Devouring Master most likely wants to leave his inheritance to the most suitable person.”

The elders nodded. “With such a large commotion, what should our Dragon tribe do?”

“We must definitely get involved. However, the Devil Suppressing Prison is under our Dragon tribe and I cannot leave. Therefore, let that fellow Liu Qing lead a group to investigate this matter. Coincidentally, he has just left his seclusion. Although he has yet to step into the Reincarnation stage, he has vaguely touched Reincarnation. Hence, if he manages to obtain the inheritance of the Devouring Master, it might be possible for him to make a breakthrough.” Yuan Qian smiled and said.

“Liu Qing? That training manic has actually came out of his seclusion?” The elders were startled when they heard those words.

“Aye, to Yan Shan’s group, he is an idol that is merely ranked beneath Qing Zhi. Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot. Our new Punishment Elder possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. It is likely that he will be the first to detect this incident. Given his character, he will definitely not miss out on this.” Yuan Qian laughed.

“Elder Lin Dong huh? Haha, this is going to be interesting. Liu Qing had also received some pointers from Lord Qing Zhi back then. I wonder how lively it will be if those two fellows, who both practiced the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, were to meet?” The surrounding elders laughed immediately. It seems like they were very interested to witness such an encounter.

Yuan Qian nodded. After which, he cast his attention towards the distant north. When he detected the chaotic ripples in the sky, he sighed softly. It seems like there was going to be quite a huge commotion this time around. One can only wonder who will be fortunate enough to successfully obtain the Devouring Master’s inheritance.

While Yuan Qian’s group was chatting in the sky, a slim and graceful individual wearing black armour, was seated on a black throne deep within the Devil Suppressing Prison under the Dragon tribe. Suddenly, she opened her tightly shut eyes.

She lifted her head. Her sight seemed to penetrate through the land as she stared at a certain empty spot in the sky. Meanwhile, there was a look of melancholy in her eyes. Clearly, she had also detected a familiar fluctuation.

“Your dreams, we will help you to finish what you started. This world will definitely not fall into the hands of the Yimo…” Finally, she slowly shut her eyes. After which, a serene voice resounded across this quiet Devil Suppressing Prison.

It was obvious that the Dragon tribe was not the only faction that detected the ripples emitted from the northernmost part of the Demon Region. Soon after the Dragon tribe detected those ripples, many top experts from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, Nine Phoenix tribe and Kunpeng tribe also detected them. Subsequently, those tribes erupted into an uproar.

Since Yuan Qian was able to deduce the origin of the expert who died in that shattered space, there were naturally some experienced individuals in the other three overlord tribes who could do so. Hence, they quickly deduced that it was related to the Devouring Master.

After they realized what was going on, a commotion was undoubtedly stirred. Although there were top-tier experts in these three overlord tribes who have stepped into the Reincarnation stage, a top-tier expert from the ancient times was clearly someone that an ordinary Reincarnation stage expert could not match up to. Therefore, the items that he left behind would even entice a Reincarnation stage expert.

Hence, the three overlord tribes quickly made various preparations. Clearly, they did not want to miss out on such a huge opportunity.

This shock also gradually spread. After the four overlord tribes, the eight great king tribes also realized it as well. However, their foundations were indeed a little weaker than the four overlord tribes. Hence, they only managed to deduce that there was an ancient top-tier expert who died in that shattered space. However, they did not know his exact identity. Nonetheless, they were still compelled to act. After all, any items left behind by an ultimate Reincarnation stage expert possessed a temptation that no one could resist.

Hence, they naturally wanted to have a share of this scrumptious meal.

Of course, the Demon Region was extremely vast and there were countless powerful individuals within. Other than the four overlord tribes and the eight great king tribes, there were also many powerful factions, who were not as well-known. Though these factions typically hid their strength, their hidden strength cannot be underestimated.

Typically, it was difficult to find out about their exact strength. However, when a situation like this occurs, those factions, which typically hid their strength, would still make a move owing to the overwhelming temptation.

In summary, the entire Demon Region was about to erupt into an uproar.

While the entire Demon Region gradually erupted into an uproar, over at a certain mountain range deep within the Demon Region. This mountain range was dark black in colour. Meanwhile, the black clouds permeating above were filled with dark and sinister ripples.

Deep within that mountain range, black fog suddenly gathered on a mountaintop, before a black shadow appeared in a strange fashion. He was completely covered by black fog. Meanwhile, his emotionless eyes were looking towards the north.

“Haha, is that where the Devouring Master died? That hateful fellow truly refuses to allow one to be at peace even after his death…” The black figure looked towards the north, before his hoarse voice slowly sounded.

“Ghost Abyss King, it seems like various factions have dispatched many powerful individuals to the northernmost area. What should we do?” Behind this black figure, the black fog squirmed before a human figure appeared and laughed in a strange fashion.

“There is no way that we will miss out on such a grand event… In the past, we were only able to kill the Devouring Master after much difficulties. If someone was allowed to receive his inheritance, there will be another Devouring Master in this world. That will be bad news for us.” The figure in front of that black shadow said in an indifferent manner.

“Do you mean?”

“Let’s head to the northernmost area. Whoever obtains the Devouring Master’s inheritance…” His voice paused after he mentioned this point. Soon after, dark and sinister killing intent surged forth like floodwaters.

“We’ll kill him immediately!”