Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1157: Stunned

Chapter 1157: Stunned


Chapter 1157: Stunned

“You lost.”

When Lin Dong’s voice spread across the sky, the originally quiet arena gradually turned into an uproar. Many people quietly parted their lips as they tried their best to calm the shock in their hearts.

No one expected the result to appear so quickly.

Initially, they thought that this fight would drag on for awhile before the victor was decided. However, reality taught them the meaning of the word “decisive”.

“We… lost.”

The stunned expressions on the faces of the Zhou Yi duo lasted for quite awhile before they gradually recovered their senses. Exchanging glances with each other, they realized that both their faces were a little pale. However, they eventually nodded before they painfully admitted their defeats.

“Such overbearing Mental Energy.”

When the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s group saw the final result, a grave expression surfaced in their eyes. Previously, Lin Dong had used his full strength when he attacked. However, the might of that sword attack caused them, who were merely bystanders, to feel their bodies turn cold. Moreover, they knew that if that attack was directed towards them, it was likely that they would be severely injured even if they could block it.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio lifted their heads and looked at the skinny figure in the sky. There was a complicated emotion in their eyes. The first time they met Lin Dong, the latter had to use various techniques before he could barely deal with them. Yet, in less than a year’s time, this young man, who was once an insignificant youth in their eyes, had slowly closed the gap before he finally surpassed them.

The rate at which he was improving was truly frightening.

The three of them sighed secretly in their hearts, before the final bit of dissatisfaction buried deep within their hearts finally vanished. With Lin Dong’s current strength, they no longer had a reason not to submit to him.

Furthermore, with his current strength, they finally accepted Lin Dong as the true leader of the Four Titans Palace. Moreover, this had nothing to do with the fact that he was the Dragon tribe’s Punishment Elder.

Standing in the sky, the silver giant behind Lin Dong slowly disappeared. After which, warm sunlight once again scattered across the dim ground, enveloping the messy arena.


A cluster of silver-white vapour was emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth. When he felt the surging Mental Energy in his Niwan Palace, a satisfied expression emerged on his face. After advancing to the Symbol Grandmaster level, the strength of his Mental Energy had undergone a drastic transformation. Moreover, he was merely at the initial Symbol Grandmaster level. Additionally, unless it was a Samsara stage expert who has touched Reincarnation, like first elder Zhu Li of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, he did not fear any other Samsara stage expert.

The bitter decade-long training in Purgatory was ultimately not in vain.

“Thank you for allowing me to win.”

Lin Dong suppressed the thoughts in his heart before he landed on the ground. When he looked at the somewhat depressed Zhou Yi and Zhou Li, a warm smile appeared on his face. This was startling different from the icy cold expression from before.

Previously, the Zhou Yi duo was far too arrogant. Hence, in order to get them to submit, Lin Dong had no choice but to display an even harsher stance. Otherwise, the Zhou Yi duo might secretly despise him if he chose to be soft with them right from the start.

When they heard his words, the Zhou Yi duo immediately replied courteously. Their haughtiness from before had completely vanished. After all, they took pride in their own strength and from the way they saw it, even though the Four Titans Palace was quite formidable, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest were only considered as their equals. Therefore, they refused to submit to them. However, they didn’t expect that the Four Titans Palace actually had such a fearsome person, Lin Dong.

“Since the both of you are interested in joining my Four Titans Palace, the both of you shall become elders. Your subordinates will also become part of Four Titans Palace. However, you must obey our rules once you join and we will show no mercy to anyone who disobeys them!” Lin Dong said.


The Zhou Yi brothers nodded. They also understood that they did not possess the ability to discipline their subordinates. Otherwise, their subordinates would not be this scattered mob. Moreover, the Four Titans Palace would naturally not allow their subordinates to stir trouble.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s group secretly sighed in relief when they saw that the Zhou Yi duo had finally submitted. Secretly, they were rather impressed with Lin Dong’s actions. After all, if they were in his shoes, it was likely that they would have found it difficult to get those two arrogant individuals to submit.

“Increase the training intensity over the following days. A major event will occur soon in the Demon Region and our Four Titans Palace must not miss out on it.” Lin Dong turned his head and looked at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s group before he said.

The Devouring Divine Palace would appear in less than a month’s time and it would definitely cause a huge commotion in the Demon Region. Hence, they had to make some preparations. Furthermore, although most individuals did not know what was inside the Devouring Divine Palace, it was impossible to keep the information under wraps for long. Hence, once the information was revealed, there was no telling just how many powerful individuals would swarm over. At that time, it was likely not going to be an easy task to successfully obtain the inheritance of the Devouring Master.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s group felt a little doubtful when they heard Lin Dong’s words. However, they merely nodded after they saw that Lin Dong did not intend to elaborate.

“Heaven Dragon, you will be responsible for handling elder Zhou Yi and Zhou Li. Get them familiarized with the Four Titans Palace and arrange their duties.”

“Understood.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander nodded and replied.

Lin Dong did not linger on after issuing his instructions. He turned around and walked towards the main hall. Immediately, Little Marten and Little Flame followed closely behind, leaving behind many awestruck members of the Four Titans Palace.

“Brother Lin Dong is truly becoming increasingly unfathomable.” The Golden Ape Demon Commander sighed as he looked at Lin Dong’s figure.

“How unexpected. It has only been three months since we last saw him. Yet, he has already advanced to the Symbol Grandmaster level.” The Ghost Condor Demon Commander also laughed bitterly. His voice was filled with amazement.

“Alright, let’s cut it out. Behind Lin Dong are the Dragon tribe and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. This is not something that an ordinary person can achieve. The reason why the Nine Phoenix tribe did not attack our Four Titans Palace after we offended Mang Mountain, is all because of Lin Dong’s background. Therefore, the Four Titans Palace can do without us, but it cannot do without brother Lin Dong…”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander glanced at the other two, before he said in a faint voice, “Given brother Lin Dong’s talent, who can say for certain that he will not advance into the Reincarnation stage in the future? At that time, who in the Demon Region will not know the name, Four Titans Palace? Moreover, we will also be able to rely on this to grow our reputation in the entire Demon Region. Our reputation then, will definitely exceed that of being an overlord of a small territory like before.”

“Therefore, I think it’s best to quickly extinguish any rebellious thoughts in your minds. The both of you should be well aware of brother Lin Dong’s modus operandi.”

The Golden Ape Demon Commander and the Ghost Condor Demon Commander were both startled. After which, they nodded quietly.


“Big brother, has your Mental Energy advanced to the Symbol Grandmaster level?” In the main hall, Little Flame asked joyously.

“That’s right.” Lin Dong smiled and nodded. He looked at Little Flame’s metal tower like body. When the three of them stood together, he and Little Marten combined were not even half of Little Flame’s size.

“Did the Four Titans Palace run into any problems over this period of time?” Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. Little Flame was managing the Four Titans Palace by himself after he left. However, since the latter had yet to reach the Samsara stage, Lin Dong did not know if the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio would willingly obey him.

“Nope. Big brother, you can be rest assured. The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio might be powerful, but they are also wise individuals. Therefore, they didn’t do any shady things behind my back.” Little Flame nodded and replied.


Lin Dong felt assured after hearing this. The Four Titans Palace was something they were going to use when they charged back to the Eastern Xuan Region. Therefore, if the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio tried to cause trouble, he could only strike them down.

“Additionally, someone from the Devil Tiger tribe came looking for me not long ago.” Little Flame rubbed his head and said.


Lin Dong was slightly startled. The Devil Tiger tribe was one of the eight king tribes and they were quite powerful. Could it be that the reason why they came looking for Little Flame was because the latter possessed the bloodline of the Devil Tiger tribe?

“The one who came to look for me was an elder of the Devil Tiger tribe. He said that I am extremely talented and can contest for the position of tribe leader of the Devil Tiger tribe.” Little Flame replied.

“Asking you to contest for the position of tribe leader?” Lin Dong was bewildered. Although Little Flame possessed the bloodline of the Devil Tiger tribe, he had nothing to do with the tribe. Yet, they actually asked a foreign person like him to contest for the position of tribe leader?

“The Tiger tribes do not pay much attention to relationships. As long as one has a similar bloodline, one is qualified to contest for the position of tribe leader. Of course, the precondition is that one must possess formidable might. That is because the fight within the Tiger tribes will typically end with one victor. Moreover, the rest of them will typically be killed by their competitors.”

Standing beside them, Little Marten glanced lazily at Little Flame and said, “It seems like that Devil Tiger tribe elder most likely came with bad intentions. Although Little Flame is quite powerful, he will most likely end up dead if he tried to contest for the position of tribe leader now.”

Lin Dong frowned. He did not expect the competition for the position of tribe leader in the Devil Tiger tribe to be this bloody.

“Let’s set aside this matter for now. You can get involved in that mess once you are confident in yourself. There is no need to rush.” Lin Dong shook his head and cautioned.


Little Flame did not object to Lin Dong’s suggestion. After all, as long as Lin Dong did not give his approval, he would not agree to it.

“That’s right, big brother. You mentioned that something big is going to happen in a month’s time. What exactly is it?” When Little Flame recalled what Lin Dong mentioned previously, he involuntarily asked out of curiosity.

Seated on a chair, Lin Dong gently exhaled before he muttered, “The Devouring Divine Palace.”

Little Flame’s body stiffened, before his expression became completely solemn.

After returning to the Four Titans Palace, besides that one day where he had to fight in order to intimidate the Zhou Yi duo, the rest of Lin Dong’s days were rather quiet and peaceful. Moreover, the Zhou Yi duo did not create any more problems after that day and this allowed the Four Titans Palace to descend into a peaceful state.

However, due to Lin Dong’s request, the atmosphere within the entire Four Titans Palace became exceptionally tense. Meanwhile, its defences were also tightened.

Time passed one day after another amidst this tensed training environment.

Over a dozen days later.

Lin Dong was sitting in a hall located on a mountaintop. As he overlooked the many powerful individuals from Four Titans Palace who were training in the square below, he felt a tinge of satisfaction. However, just as he was about to leave, his expression suddenly changed before he lifted his head. Then, his dark black eyes contained a wild joy as he looked towards the distant northern sky.

A crack surfaced between his brows, before the mysterious eye of the Ancestral Symbol stealthily appeared. Following which, Lin Dong’s vision seemingly penetrated through space before it arrived at the distant northern region. A huge crack had appeared in that area. Meanwhile, a wild and violent energy, that seemed capable of dominating the world, spread from within that crack.

The Yuan Power in the entire land seemed to have became chaotic at this moment.

“It is finally about to appear…”

The eye of the Ancestral Symbol, that was wedged between Lin Dong’s brows, slowly disappeared. Soon after, he gradually clenched his hand. However, the waves stirred in his heart refused to die down. That was because the day that he had been waiting for has finally arrived.