Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1156: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Chapter 1156: Killing Two Birds With One Stone


Chapter 1156: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

An uproar erupted in the fighting arena because of Lin Dong’s words. In fact, even the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest were stunned as they stared at Lin Dong. After all, they clearly knew how powerful the Zhou Yi duo was. At the very most, they could only match up to them in a one on one fight. Therefore, although Lin Dong’s fighting strength was comparable to a Samsara stage expert, wasn’t it a little of a stretch for him to fight against the two of them by himself?

Regardless, the current Lin Dong was merely at the advance Profound Death stage.

Little Flame was also taken back by Lin Dong’s words. However, he merely glanced at Lin Dong and did not speak up. Although he felt some queries in his heart, his trust in Lin Dong remained unwavering.

“Brother Lin Dong, do you mean… you wish to fight against the both of us by yourself?” Currently, Zhou Yi had a strange expression. He naturally knew that Lin Dong had an extraordinary fighting strength. In fact, he was able to match up to a Samsara stage expert even though he was merely at the peak advance Profound Death stage. In fact, Zhou Yi was not even confident that he could defeat Lin Dong in a one on one fight. However, to fight the both of them by himself, isn’t Lin Dong getting a little too arrogant?

Lin Dong nodded. There were hardly any emotions in his voice, “Why? Are you not going to make use of this opportunity?”

Lin Dong clearly knew that the Zhou Yi duo were arrogant and prideful individuals. Even though owing to circumstances, they had little choice but to join the Four Titans Palace, it was inevitable for them to have secret designs. Hence, the only way to truly subjugate them was to beat them until they no longer had the guts to rebel!

Moreover, this was also a form of deterrence. In fact, this deterrence would not be limited to Zhou Yi’s group. At the same time, the growing number of experts in Four Titans Palace would also be affected.

“Haha, since brother Lin Dong wants to fulfill our wishes, we have no reason to reject!” Zhou Yi laughed heartily, while his eyes were filled with rich joy. In his opinion, Lin Dong was gifting a leadership position to the both of them.

When Lin Dong heard his reply, he merely smiled. However, he gave no other explanation.

“Zhou Li, go and spar with brother Lin Dong first.”

However, Zhou Yi and Zhou Li did not attack together right away. After all, they still had to rely on Lin Dong in the future. Therefore, they did not dare to offend him. Instead, Zhou Yi turned his head and instructed Zhou Li, who was standing beside him.


Zhou Li nodded. After which, he cupped his hands towards Lin Dong and laughed, “Brother Lin Dong, please pardon me.”


Vast and mighty Yuan Power swept out from within his body in all directions after his voice sounded. The Life Qi and Death Qi in his Yuan Power were perfectly merged. They appeared boundless, just like the mighty ocean.

A powerful pressure spread and enveloped the entire arena, causing the expressions of many powerful individuals from the Four Titans Palace to change. Although the Zhou Yi brothers were arrogant, they were also quite powerful. Hence, it’s no wonder they were able to dominate the entire Western Sand Region.

“I heard that brother Lin Dong can match up to a Samsara stage expert, despite the fact that you are merely at the Profound Death stage. Today, I shall witness it for myself.”

Zhou Li laughed out loud. Then, he waved his sleeves before Yuan Power surged from behind him. Stomping his foot violently on the ground, the ground immediately cracked. After which, everyone could only see a ray of light flash past, before Zhou Li appeared in front of Lin Dong in a ghost like fashion, while being accompanied by a wild and violent offensive force. After which, he threw his palm forward.


The air in front of Zhou Li was seemingly completely shattered at this moment. A huge palm, which was filled with Life Death Qi, materialized in midair before it smashed towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong lifted his head. His black pupils were reflecting that palm, whose reflection was being magnified in his pupils. However, his hands were lowered and he did not show any sign of retaliating. Hence, the surrounding onlookers were all puzzled when they saw this.

That huge Yuan Power palm arrived in the blink of an eye. However, the attack suddenly stopped when it was a hundred feet away from Lin Dong. After which, in front of many stunned pairs of eyes, it blew apart with a loud ‘bang’.


Zhou Li was also startled by this scene. In that previous instant, he felt that his connection with that huge Yuan Power palm was severed, before it self-destructed uncontrollably…

Lin Dong had a nonchalant expression as he surveyed the shocked arena. Following which, his body slowly floated into the sky. Following which, resplendent silver-white light rose from behind him like the rising bright sun.

“Is that… solidified Mental Energy?!”

This place was not lacking in sharp eyed individuals. The most prominent examples were the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio. Therefore, when they saw that resplendent silver sun behind Lin Dong’s back, and detected the mighty ripples which even struck fear in their hearts, their expressions changed drastically before their eyes turned grave.

“This… brother Lin Dong’s Mental Energy has actually reached the Symbol Grandmaster level?!”

Amidst the uproar, the Ghost Condor Demon Commander trio involuntarily exclaimed. Turning their heads, they faced each other and saw a shock that could not be concealed, in each other’s eyes. The Symbol Grandmaster level was an extremely profound level of the Mental Energy discipline. Upon reaching this level, one’s Mental Energy would begin to showcase its shocking might. In fact, at that time, an ordinary Samsara stage expert would be no match for him unless that expert has touched Reincarnation.

In the past, although they knew that Lin Dong had profound accomplishments in Mental Energy cultivation, he had yet to reach the Symbol Grandmaster level. However, he actually became this powerful after merely three months’ time?

“Both of you should fight together. Otherwise, you guys will only be throwing away this opportunity.” Standing in the sky, Lin Dong looked at the shocked Zhou Yi duo and spoke with a faint smile.

“Brother Lin Dong’s Mental Energy is actually this powerful… I was too arrogant.” Zhou Yi’s expression also became extremely grave at this moment. After all, he knew how terrifying a Symbol Grandmaster was. Although the Samsara stage was technically on the same level as the Symbol Grandmaster level, the Symbol Grandmaster level was a little stronger in a real fight.

“Let’s attack together.” Zhou Yi turned towards Zhou Li before he said in a low and deep voice.


Two vast and mighty auras erupted from within their bodies without reservations. Then, majestic Yuan Power seemed to permeate across the sky. Soon after, both of them formed hand seals. It turns out that they were actually forming the same exact hand seals.

“Wu wu.”

As both their hand seals continuously changed, mighty Yuan Power gathered above their heads like floodwaters. After which, they transformed into a ten thousand feet large black and white compass. Meanwhile, there were frightening ripples continuously being stacked on top of that compass.

“Life Death Sky Compass.”

A low cry suddenly erupted from their mouths. After which, that black and white compass immediately began to spin rapidly, causing cracks to appear on the surrounding space.

“Brother Lin Dong, this is the strongest defensive technique from us brothers. If you can break it, the both of us will obey your every command in the future. If we dare to disobey you, may we be punished by the Heavens!” The Zhou Yi duo stood proudly under their compass before their cries spread into the distance.

Standing in the sky, Lin Dong smiled upon hearing this. Without further ado, he slowly shut both his eyes. After which, everyone felt that the entire place had became a little dimmer.

Resplendent silver-white Mental Energy were just like monstrous waves, as they continuously surged out from within Lin Dong’s body. After which, in front of countless pairs of eyes, they transformed into a ten thousand feet giant, who stood behind Lin Dong.

The entirely silver-white giant towered over the land. When that giant casually flipped his palm, a force that could obliterate the world spread.

“Woosh woosh!”

Unknowingly, a hurricane had begun to whistle across the sky. Subsequently, the hurricane began to rotate. Within ten breaths’ time, it transformed into a ten thousand feet large tornado. Meanwhile, that tornado was filled with a terrifying ripping force.

Lin Dong’s eyes were still tightly shut as he stood in front of that giant. Then, the giant standing behind him extended his huge palm before he grabbed the tornado in front of many stunned pairs of eyes.

Buzz buzz.

Silver-white Mental Energy surged into the tornado like floodwaters, before ten thousand silver rays of light shot out from within that tornado. Following which, the tornado shook before it transformed into a hurricane sword, that was forged from the tornado.

Countless onlookers’ jaws dropped when they saw this scene. After all, though it was possible for a Samsara stage expert to form a giant sword using Yuan Power, it was basically impossible for them to directly grab a tornado and transform it into a sword.

After stepping into this level, the difference was truly day and night.

The Zhou Yi duo’s expressions were slightly distorted. It’s no wonder the common saying goes that the strength displayed by a Mental Energy practitioner after he stepped into the Symbol Grandmaster level, surpassess the strength displayed by a Yuan Power practitioner after he stepped into a similar cultivation stage.


As their expressions became graver, the black and white compass began to rotate at an even more intense pace. Clearly, they were using every bit of Yuan Power within their bodies. After all, they did not dare to underestimate Lin Dong anymore.

With a hurricane sword in his hand, that giant finally swung it down. That hurricane sword was accompanied by a frightening storm as it swept down. In fact, the wild storm even caused the towering mountain to tremble.

“Sword of the Ancestral Symbol.”

A soft voice sounded within Lin Dong’s heart after that giant swung his hurricane sword.


From the tip of that wild and savage hurricane sword, a strange faintly visible symbol slowly began to spread. Finally, an incomparably bright lightning glow gushed onto the tip of the sword. An ancient symbol seemed to be floating deep within that lightning glow.

Wind and lightning ripped through the land at this moment.

As if a thunderbolt had ripped the heavens, the storm descended from the sky in an extremely frightening fashion, appearing just like an ancient wind dragon. Finally, it ruthlessly smashed against the ten thousand feet large black and white compass.

An indescribable assault wave promptly erupted before the arena collapsed instantly. In fact, when many powerful individuals were hit by that wave, all of them vomited blood as they hastily retreated.

However, even as they were retreating miserably, their eyes continued to stare intently at the source of the assault wave. At that spot, a hurricane sword with a bright lightning glow was clashing violently with a compass.

The light grew increasingly resplendent during the face off. Following which, the eyes of many powerful individuals gradually shrunk. That was because they saw many small cracks appearing on that black and white compass, which was formed by the combined all-out Yuan Power of the Zhou Yi duo…

“How is this possible?!”

Mutterings were emitted from the Zhou Yi duo’s mouths after they saw the numerous glowing cracks that had appeared above their heads. Meanwhile, their eyes were filled with disbelief. They were actually unable to block a single attack from Lin Dong, despite having joined forces?


It didn’t matter that this was an exceptionally difficult fact to swallow. Reality was cruel. The cracks above their heads grew increasingly dense, before their compass collapsed and exploded.

The energy storm swept forth before that hurricane sword, which was still suffused with a lightning glow, crushed the Life Death Sky Compass instantly. After which, the entire place was silent. Then, the sword stopped a hundred feet above the Zhou Yi duo’s heads. However, its sharp aura caused blood to appear on their bodies.

While the entire arena descended into silence, Lin Dong, who was standing in the sky, slowly opened his eyes. Then, he looked at the somewhat stunned Zhou Yi duo in a nonchalant manner, before his faint voice resounded across the place.

“You have lost.”