Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1155: Suppress

Chapter 1155: Suppress


Chapter 1155: Suppress

Killing intent shrouded the sky, and it felt as if the temperature had drastically fallen. Fear was revealed on the faces of the previously merrily laughing group, while the smiles on their faces had finally disappeared. Originally, they had thought that with the two leaders bringing them to join Four Titans Palace, the latter would definitely lower themselves and try to welcome them. Yet, the scene before them now…

It seemed that Four Titans Palace did not feel that they must absolutely have the Zhou Yi duo join them like the latter had imagined.

The Zhou Yi duo were also startled because of this sudden turn of events. Soon after, they lifted their heads to look at the two unfamiliar figures in the air and frowned slightly. Clearly, they did not know the identities of these two.

“Big brother!”

However, just as fury was rising in their hearts, Little Flame’s joyous voice stunned them. Their eyes flashed, and only then did they look a this young skinny figure with surprise. Other than that rarely seen Lin Dong, there was no one else Commander Yan of Four Titans Palace would call big brother.

In the air, Lin Dong smiled at Little Flame. After which, he landed on the ground.

“Ha ha, brother Lin Dong, you have finally returned.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio grinned and said after seeing Lin Dong. Their eyes involuntarily paused on the latter when they spoke. Although it had only been three months since they last met, they could feel that Lin Dong was very different from before for an inexplicable reason.

Although Lin Dong’s fighting strength was already extremely overwhelming previously, his cultivation was merely that of the advance Profound Death stage. Unless he was in his battle mode, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio would not detect any pressure from him. After all, they were genuine Samsara stage experts. Lin Dong was able to rely on his many techniques to raise his fighting strength, but a gap still existed between them.

Now however, the vast and mighty ocean like Yuan Power within their bodies had become a little sluggish for some unknown reason when they looked at Lin Dong. This was due to a certain kind of pressure.

Moreover, it was very obvious that this pressure originated from Lin Dong.

The three of them secretly exchanged glances. They could see the astonishment within each other’s eyes.

“Big brother…” Little Flame walked over and glanced at the Zhou Yi duo.

“Yes, I am already aware of the situation.” Lin Dong nodded. Soon after, he faintly laughed, “Samsara stage experts are indeed a great help, but if they aren’t suitable, it will instead cause the faction that we have built with great effort to be jeopardised.”

From the looks of it, the Zhou Yi duo were clearly extremely proud individuals. Such people might be strong, but if no one suppressed them, they would only cause internal chaos within Four Titans Palace. At that time, this huge organisation that they had created with much difficulty would end up collapsing.

Lin Dong was also well aware that he must not give in when faced with such arrogant individuals. Otherwise, they would only take advantage and it will be even more difficult to suppress them in future.

Little Flame nodded. He also understood this point. However, the Zhou Yi duo were indeed powerful. Within Four Titans Palace, even the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio would have difficulty obtaining a clear victory in a one on one fight. It was precisely because of this that trying to forcefully suppress the pride of these two was not an easy task.

“Leave this to me.”

Lin Dong smiled as an indescribable expression flashed across his eyes. Amongst the five great leaders in the newly established Four Titans Palace, the individual strengths of both Little Flame and himself did not stand out. The reason he could suppress the Samsara stage Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio, was mainly because he possessed the identity of the Dragon tribe Punishment Elder and his shocking battle power.

Although the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio appeared quite respectful, it was unavoidable that they would feel some unease deep within their hearts. The Demonic Beast World honored strength. Lin Dong’s advance Profound Death stage strength would ultimately cause them to feel some discomfort in their hearts.

Lin Dong had been well aware of this in the past. However, due to his strength having yet to reach the necessary level, he did not make any moves. Things were different now. With the advancement of his Mental Energy to the Symbol Grandmaster level, just his Mental Energy cultivation alone meant that ordinary Samsara stage experts would no longer be a match for him.

This was the best time to create a deterrence to those outside and within the faction.

“Ha ha, this must be brother Lin Dong right? We have long heard of your name.” The complexions of the Zhou Yi duo gradually recovered. They looked at Lin Dong, cupped their hands together and smilingly said.

“Those who come are guests. Please forgive us if there is anyway we have failed to take care of you. However, you should seek to understand the rules of my Four Titans Palace.” Lin Dong faintly smiled and said.

“That is only natural.” Zhou Yi nodded. His gaze quickly shifted as he said, “But we also hope brother Lin Dong can understand our difficulties. We have brought our subordinates here. If we fail to gain some kind of position, we will neither have the face to see them nor be able to account to them.”

“Why is someone who has been chased away by the Nine Phoenix tribe speaking about face? Isn’t that a little comical?” Little Marten coldly laughed. His laughter was filled with ridicule.

“What did you say?!” The expressions of the Zhou Yi duo instantly changed upon hearing these words as they furiously roared.

“Are you deaf? Can’t you hear what Grandpa Marten has said?” Little Marten’s eyes suddenly became ice-cold. He took a step forward as a monstrously baleful aura directly spread over the entire place.

“Do you think that you are qualified to shout in front of Grandpa Marten? The Nine Phoenix tribe was able to force you to flee. Don’t tell me that my Celestial Demon Marten tribe still needs to be courteous to the both of you?”

“Celestial Demon Marten tribe?”

The expressions of Zhou Yi duo stiffened almost immediately while the rage in their eyes froze. They were a little stunned as they looked at the bewitchingly handsome face of Little Marten, who wore the mocking smile of someone looking down on them. The words that were about to emerge from the Zhou Yi duo’s mouth were forcibly swallowed by them. They did not expect that this person in front of them was actually from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe...

“Ha ha, please do not mind him. My second brother always has such a temper. He is the tribe leader successor of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Therefore, his character is a little bad.” Lin Dong smiled warmly. However, the words he said did not match his expression. Nevertheless, it was likely that the Zhou Yi duo understood his meaning.

“Tribe leader successor?”

The corners of Zhou Yi’s eyes twitched rapidly. He felt greatly shocked in his hearts. Both of them had been forced into such a miserable state after merely offending an elder within the Nine Phoenix tribe. This person in front of them was actually the tribe leader successor of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe? This position was many times higher than that of an elder. If they were to offend him, it was likely that they could forget about staying in this Demon Region.

“This Four Titans Palace actually has such a relationship with the Celestial Demon Marten tribe?” Zhou Yi’s heart pounded. The arrogance originally present on his face had greatly diminished. Those subordinates behind him also shuddered. Regardless of how stupid one was, one could still clearly see that something was not quite right with this situation.

With the backing of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, Four Titans Palace did not need to hold their pathetic group in high regard.

“Brother Zhou Yi, we are aware that you have offended the Nine Phoenix tribe. Now, the other party has said that they wish to deal with you. However, as long as you join Four Titans Palace, the Nine Phoenix tribe will not dare to act as they please. Brother Lin Dong is also the Punishment Elder of the Dragon tribe, a position personally appointed by the tribe leader. Behind our Four Titans Palace are two overlord tribes, the Dragon tribe and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. What would the Nine Phoenix tribe dare to do?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander also laughed at this moment.

“Celestial Demon Marten tribe… Dragon tribe…”

The Zhou Yi duo faced each other. Their mouths were rather dry. Two of the four strongest overlord tribes in the Demonic Beast World were actually backing Four Titans Palace? No wonder the Nine Phoenix tribe did not dare to cause much trouble when Mang Mountain ended up withdrawing in a defeated manner after attacking the Beast War Region.

“I am aware that you have some grudges with a certain elder of the Nine Phoenix tribe. I cannot guarantee anything, but I can tell you that my Four Titans Palace might be one of your very limited choices in order to find an opportunity to take revenge and avoid being taken revenge on by the Nine Phoenix tribe.”

Lin Dong smiled faintly. He stared at the Zhou Yi duo, whose expressions were fluctuating, as he continued, “Of course, if you people do not feel any enmity towards those who have uprooted the faction that you established with much effort and chased you away like homeless strays, you can treat it as though I have not said anything.”

The expressions of the Zhou Yi duo had become completely dark after Lin Dong’s words sounded. There was a dense hatred surging within their eyes. They were top experts in the Western Sand Region. Yet, their reputation was completely ruined this time around. Fleeing all over the place and trying to seek protection was really something that the both of them could not bear.

Such an enmity was extremely great.

“How can we forget… us brothers will definitely turn that old dog into mincemeat within our lifetime!” Zhou Yi gnashed his teeth and said.

“Brother Lin Dong, I am aware of the meaning behind your words. We have been too arrogant in Four Titans Palace earlier. I hope that brother Lin Dong can be magnanimous and forgive our offence. “ Zhou Yi cupped his hands together, faced Lin Dong and said.

At this moment, they had finally began to understand that they had no choice but to join Four Titans Palace if they wished to seek revenge.

“Four Titans Palace has strict rules. If you wish to join, you will be members of Four Titans Palace in future. You should be able to guess the outcome of not following the rules.” Lin Dong’s sharp eyes stared at Zhou Yi’s group as he slowly said.

The Zhou Yi duo exchanged a look. They subsequently clenched their teeth and nodded.

“Now, do you wish to obtain a leader position in Four Titans Palace?” Lin Dong crossed his fingers and laughed faintly after seeing that the pride of these two had been suppressed.

“Brother Lin Dong really knows how to joke. We are already extremely grateful that you have accepted us. We do not dare to make such an over the top request.”

Zhou Yi laughed bitterly. Although he hid a sliver of dissatisfaction in his heart, his group was currently unqualified to display it at such a time. Four Titans Palace could do without them, but they could not do without the protection of Four Titans Palace if they wished to seek revenge.

“I can give the both of you a chance if you wish to have a leader position in Four Titans Palace. Whether you can grasp this opportunity will depend on your ability…” Lin Dong smiled faintly as he looked at the two people below.

“What kind of chance?”

The Zhou Yi duo lifted their heads. Their eyes were searing hot as they stared at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong slowly extended his hand. After which, he slowly beckoneed under the stunned expressions of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest.

“Attack together and defeat me.”

The entire place fell into an uproar.