Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1154: Joining

Chapter 1154: Joining


Chapter 1154: Joining

After resting for another two days in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, Lin Dong decided to leave. As of now, the problem within the Celestial Demon Marten tribe had already been resolved. In fact, everything became orderly the moment the tribe leader left his seclusion. Furthermore, after what Hao Jiuyou did, all the elders who were previously on his side were rather anxious because they were afraid of being made to take responsibility. Hence, when the time came to select the tribe leader successor again, they immediately sided with Little Marten in an attempt to right their wrongs. Therefore, Little Marten easily became the next tribe leader successor.

These matters were considered the internal affairs of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Therefore, Lin Dong did not interfere. In fact, he was prepared to leave after saying his goodbyes to the tribe leader.

However, before he could leave, Little Marten decided to tag along as well. According to him, since his father was around, the current Celestial Demon Marten tribe had nothing to worry about. Therefore, he had nothing to do if he stayed behind and it was better for him to follow Lin Dong to the Beast War Region instead.

After some deliberation, Lin Dong did not reject this fellow, who insisted on following him. In any case, the Devouring Divine Palace would appear in about a month and it would definitely cause a huge commotion. With Little Marten by his side, his lineup would become a little grander.


It was three days later before the Lin Dong duo finally returned to Deep Lightning Mountain. However, when they first arrived at the sky above Deep Lightning Mountain, they were shocked by the liveliness and vitality of this boundless mountain range.

Amidst the mountain range stood various halls and palaces. Meanwhile, a huge defensive light barrier rose around the mountain range, protecting the entire mountain range. Even though this defensive formation was far inferior to the tribe guarding formation of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, it was much better compared the previous one.

Moreover, groups of armored troops patrolled the sky, while the numerous densely packed figures in the many squares below looked as if they were training. Their low roars, which contained a potent murderous aura, gathered together before they spread into the distance, causing the air to vibrate.

“Tsk tsk, pretty impressive.” When Little Marten saw the scale of the current Deep Lightning Mountain, shock surfaced in his eyes as he laughed. He had came to Deep Lightning Mountain before. However, compared to before, the difference was like day and night.

Lin Dong nodded. After his Mental Energy advanced to the Symbol Grandmaster level, he no longer had to specifically scan the area. He immediately detected the many powerful auras present within this mountain range. Moreover, he was stunned when he realized that five of them had actually reached the Samsara stage.

“There are two additional unknown Samsara stage experts.”

Lin Dong’s brow raised a little. According to his memory, the entire Four Titans Palace only had three Samsara stage experts, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio. Moreover, even Little Flame had to rely on his Tiger Devouring Army in order to reach that level. Where did these two unknown Samsara stage experts come from?

“Don’t tell me that there are actually ultimate Samsara stage experts that came over to join our Four Titans Palace?”

Curiosity was piqued in Lin Dong’s heart. An expert at that level could go to any place in the Demon Region and establish a faction. Yet, they actually came to join a relatively unknown Four Titans Palace? This was indeed a little interesting.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong smiled at Little Marten. After which, he took the lead and rushed towards Four Titans Palace. Along the way, their entry was detected by the patrol teams. Immediately, dozens of powerful auras surrounded them. However, the instant they saw Lin Dong, their cautious expressions turned to respect.

Lin Dong waved his hands towards the powerful individuals from Four Titans Palace who were about to bow and greet him. After which, they realized that their bodies had suddenly froze, and even the surging Yuan Power within their bodies seemed to have left their control.


Those powerful individuals exchanged glances with each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes. This was especially the case for the two leaders. Both of them were at the advance Profound Death stage. Even though they were not considered part of the elite, they were quite powerful and it was no easy task for a Samsara stage expert to restrain them. However, to be even able to cause them to lose control over the Yuan Power in their bodies…

“In a short three months, chief Lin Dong has become even more powerful and unfathomable...”

“Where is Commander Yan?” Lin Dong’s gaze swept around and asked.

“Commander Yan is currently at the fighting arena on the main mountain. The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the other leaders are also there. Today is an important day. Lord Zhou Yi and Lord Zhou Li have come to join our Four Titans Palace…” The leader of the patrol respectfully replied.

“Zhou Yi? Zhou Li?” Lin Dong lifted his brow.

“They are top experts who once dominated the Western Sand Region. However, the Western Sand Region was invaded by Mang Mountain not long ago and the faction under them collapsed. Right now, they wish to join our Four Titans Palace to seek refuge. After all, over all these years, our Four Titans Palace is the only faction that has survived after opposing Mang Mountain.”

“So they have offended the Nine Phoenix tribe.”

Lin Dong smiled faintly. Oh well. In any case, he did not have a good impression of the Nine Phoenix tribe. Therefore, he would not treat the Zhou Yi duo shabbily if they were sincere about joining Four Titans Palace.

The leader of the patrol glanced at the main mountain, before he suddenly dismissed his subordinates. Then, he softly whispered, “Chief Lin Dong, although the Zhou Yi duo came to seek refuge, it is rumoured that they are quite arrogant. In fact, they even suggested that they should be given the same position as the five great leaders of Four Titans Palace…”

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened upon hearing this. After which, a grin surfaced from the corners of his lips. Were they trying to seek refuge or conduct a coup? The reason why the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio were given positions as one of the five great leaders was because they had made contributions. However, these two, who appeared out of nowhere, actually wanted to have a similar position?

“Tsk, two homeless strays actually dare to issue such demands? They truly don’t know their limits.” Lin Dong had yet to express his opinion when Little Marten, who was standing beside him, coldly chuckled.

The leader of this patrol was a veteran in Deep Lightning Mountain and he had met Little Marten before. Hence, he naturally knew the latter’s status. Immediately, he laughed, “Master Marten is right. Commander Yan did not agree to their request as well. He merely used a delaying tactic and said that he will give an answer only after chief Lin Dong returns.”

Lin Dong nodded. Two ultimate Samsara stage experts were considered a huge gift. If they were absorbed, it would significantly boost the power of their Four Titans Palace. That was most likely why Little Flame did not immediately send them packing…

“Since they dare to make such outrageous demands, let’s go and find out how powerful those two fellows, who were forced to flee by the Nine Phoenix tribe, are.” Lin Dong smiled. He turned to look at that burly looking patrol leader before he asked, “That’s right, what is your name?”

“This subordinate is called Huo Yuan. I have been Commander Yan’s subordinate since back when he was still General Yan of Deep Lightning Mountain.” The leader of the patrol rejoiced upon hearing this as he hurriedly replied.

“Huo Yuan. Hmm, well done. Lead the way.” Lin Dong laughed. This was someone that he could use in future.


Huo Yuan had an excited expression. He understood Four Titans Palace very well. Although it claimed to have five great leaders, most of the matters were decided by Commander Yan and the Heaven Dragon trio. However, if they failed to come to an agreement, the one who had the final say was chief Lin Dong. Hence, strictly speaking, Lin Dong held the highest position amongst the five of them. However, this was something that most outsiders did not know.

Now that he was able to make a good impression on this true hidden leader, he knew that he would definitely have a bright future in Four Titans Palace as long as he remained loyal.

The fighting arena on the main mountain of Four Titans Palace.

This fighting arena was extremely spacious. Currently, the arena was packed and appeared exceptionally lively. Not only were the many members of the upper echelons of Four Titans Palace present, but even Little Flame and the three other leaders had showed up. As such, it was an exceptionally grand scene.

Over a hundred figures stood below the stone steps of the main arena. However, they appeared extremely relaxed and most of them were smiling mischievously. This was in sharp contrast to the stern looking fully armored members of Four Titans Palace.

Some of the more powerful individuals from Four Titans Palace frowned slightly upon seeing this. Following the complete reorganisation of Four Titans Palace, it was no longer as disorderly as before. Their strict rules also allowed their Four Titans Palace to turn into a massive organisation that one could not underestimate. Hence, they felt a little unhappy with this outlaw like group.

Although they felt displeased, none of them showed it. All they did was cast their attention towards the four figures on the stage.

Amongst the four of them, Little Flame was considered the leader. Although he was merely at the perfect Profound Death stage, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest knew that Little Flame would not lose to them in a fight. This, along with his relationship with Lin Dong, made them extremely polite towards Little Flame.

Little Flame indifferently glanced at the group in front of him. After which, he turned his attention towards the front of the group where two figures were lazily standing. Although they were behaving more appropriately than the subordinates behind them, there was still a trace of haughtiness on their faces.

“This is my Four Titans Palace. If you do not behave yourselves, perhaps I will have to ask my Tiger Devouring Army to issue you a warning.” Little Flame’s tiger eyes surveyed the entire place before he spoke in a faint voice.


Little Flame’s voice had only just sounded, when the over thousand members strong Tiger Devouring Army standing guard here released a low roar. Moreover, their roar seemed to come from a single body. Immediately, a black aura surged and directly transformed into a ferocious black tiger. Its brutal aura dashed through the clouds.

The expressions of the hundred men group changed when they saw this scene. After which, their expressions became a little unnatural. Though they were rather powerful, they knew that they were just like a mob when compared to this orderly Tiger Devouring Army.

“Haha, Commander Yan, please do not be angry. My subordinates are too used to acting as they please and they still do not know how to behave themselves now that they are in a different place. It’ll be better in future.” A gray clothed middle-aged man standing in front laughed.

“Brother Zhou Yi, I do not care about how you people behaved in the past. However, now that you wish to join our Four Titans Palace, you will have to obey our rules.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander laughed as he said.

“Brother Heaven Dragon is right…”

The other person standing beside Zhou Yi also smiled and nodded. After which, he looked at Little Flame and crossed both of his arms together as he slowly said, “However, Commander Yan, regarding our request, may I know what your decision is? We are famous and reputable men in the Western Sand Region. Now that we sincerely hope to join your Four Titans Palace, it shouldn’t be overboard to give us a leader position, am I right?”

Little Flame frowned. Meanwhile, a look of hesitation flashed across the eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio.

“Haha, Commander Yan. Judging by your actions, it seems like you are looking down on us brothers?” Zhou Yi smiled faintly upon seeing this.

“In that case, I think we should forget about it. This place is far too big. Perhaps us brothers should not stay any longer.” Zhou Li revealed a mocking smile before he waved his hand and proceeded to leave with his men.

“Haha, from the way I see it, it is not my Four Titans Palace looking down on the both of you. Rather, it seems like the both of you are looking down on my Four Titans Palace? What do you take my Four Titans Palace as? A place you can choose to come and go as you please?”

However, a faint laughter suddenly descended from the sky after Zhou Li’s body moved. After which, countless pairs of eyes looked upwards and saw the Lin Dong duo.

Lin Dong was hovering in the sky. His eyes contained a playful glint as he stared at the Zhou Yi duo. Meanwhile, an iciness radiated from the smile on his lips.

“According to our rules, what should we do to anyone who dares to looks down on our Four Titans Palace?”


Every expert from Four Titans Palace standing on the fighting arena cried out in a frosty and orderly voice as their eyes suddenly became ice-cold. Their icy voices were accompanied by astonishing murderous desire as they reverberated across the sky.

The Zhou Yi duo’s expressions finally changed after they felt this killing intent.