Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1152: Advancing to the Symbol Grandmaster Level

Chapter 1152: Advancing to the Symbol Grandmaster Level


Chapter 1152: Advancing to the Symbol Grandmaster Level

Black hallucination fragrance, which was as viscous as ink, was flowing within the cave. Meanwhile, there was a figure sitting quietly on a stone platform, which was enveloped by dense layers of hallucination fragrance. The warm light around his body was faintly visible and it completely purified the demonic aura within the hallucination fragrance, that had invaded his body.

Yan was standing beside the stone platform with his hands behind his back. Meanwhile, his eyes were focused on Lin Dong’s body. Currently, there was a tinge of anxiety on his typically calm, emotionless face.

It has been three months since Lin Dong entered Purgatory.

Yan knew that time flows differently in Purgatory compared to the outside world. Three months here was perhaps decades in Purgatory. Although what entered Purgatory was merely Lin Dong’s Mental Energy body, he still vividly lived through every second that went by in Purgatory.

His physical body had merely stayed here for three months. However, his Mental Energy body had already lived through decades.

Moreover, no one had any means to find out how Lin Dong was doing in Purgatory. This was something that even the current Yan couldn’t detect. After all, he was merely able to borrow the strength of the Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers to build Purgatory, but he did not have the ability to control it.

Whether Lin Dong could break out of the cocoon would ultimately depend on his own abilities.


Just as Yan sighed secretly in his heart, his eyes suddenly became focused. That was because he heard buzzing noises coming from within Lin Dong’s body. It was from the two great Ancestral Symbols.

Buzz buzz!

Silver-white Mental Energy surfaced from Lin Dong’s body at this moment. His body, which had sat still for three months, trembled gently. Both his eyes were shut, but there was anxiety plastered all across his face. It seems like he was currently in a predicament.

“Mental Energy seeping forth. Is he planning to break out of Purgatory?”

When Yan saw this scene, he clenched his hands immediately. Since Lin Dong was able to reach this step, it indicated that he had came into contact with the final layer of Purgatory. That was the most dangerous place and if he failed, he would be severely wounded. In fact, even his Mental Energy body would break down.


Silver-white Mental Energy spread from within Lin Dong’s body like floodwaters. Currently, the might of his Mental Energy far exceeded that of before. In fact, even the viscous hallucination fragrance surrounding him was blown backwards.

At this moment, Lin Dong had clearly unleashed his Mental Energy to its limits. However, judging by his expression, it seems like he was in a pretty bad state.

It looks like the guardian left behind by the Symbol Ancestor was indeed extremely terrifying.

Mental Energy continued to circle around Lin Dong for an hour or so, before they finally began to turn dim in front of Yan’s anxious eyes. Evidently, Lin Dong had exhausted his Mental Energy and he was beginning to fall into a disadvantage.

“Lin Dong, you must hang on. This is the final step.” Yan clenched his hand and muttered to himself.


However, things did not progress according to Yan’s wishes. Instead, the brilliant silver-white Mental Energy surging around Lin Dong’s body turned dim and began to retreat. Moreover, Yan knew that the moment Lin Dong’s Mental Energy completely vanished, his Mental Energy body would also collapse.

Yan had a tensed expression when he saw this scene. There was an unprecedented stern and solemn expression on his face. A long while later, he finally sighed bitterly. Was Lin Dong really going to fail?


After Yan sighed, the final trace of silver-white Mental Energy turned dim before it vanished. Currently, the light surrounding Lin Dong’s body had completely vanished.

Instantly, it seemed as if Yan’s face had aged rapidly as his eyes were filled with dark grayish despair.


However, just as Yan’s expression darkened, his mind was suddenly jolted. He felt bewildered as he stared at his own body. Since Lin Dong was the owner of the Ancestor Stone, once his Mental Energy body collapsed, Yan should disappear and return to the Ancestor Stone. However, why was he still standing here?

“Lin Dong is still alive?”

Yan’s eyes were glimmering and his spirits were lifted immediately. Then, he lifted his head only to see that there were now two ancient symbols glimmering on the surface of Lin Dong’s body. Those two symbols swivelled over his body, before they charged into the spot between his brows with a loud ‘swoosh’.

A black lightning colour gathered on Lin Dong’s brows. After which, it began to rotate violently. Immediately, a small crack was directly ripped between Lin Dong’s brows. Under that crack, was a mysterious eye filled with endless black light and lightning glow.

That crack slowly opened up, before that mysterious eye, which was glimmering with lightning glow and black light, slowly revealed itself.


Immediately, an indescribable Mental Energy storm crazily erupted from within Lin Dong’s body. After which, the black hallucination fragrance surrounding him was completely scattered. In fact, the entire cave began to tremble vigorously and even the mountain walls, which were constructed from unique materials, began to crack.

“Is that… the eye of the Ancestral Symbol?”

When Yan saw that mysterious eye between Lin Dong’s brows, which was glimmering with lightning glow and black light, a tinge of shock flashed across his face. As the Ancestor Stone Spirit, he naturally had a profound understanding of Ancestral Symbols. Thus, he knew that the eye of the Ancestral Symbol would only appear after the owner of the Ancestral Symbol forged an extremely close relationship with it. Since the beginning of time, only a few individuals managed to activate the eye of the Ancestral Symbol. Unexpectedly, Lin Dong was actually able to do so.

Moreover, Lin Dong’s eye of the Ancestral Symbol clearly possessed the strength of both the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. Therefore, it was undoubtedly a much more difficult feat to accomplish.

The eye of the Ancestral Symbol merely appeared for a second, before it swiftly vanished. Finally, the crack disappeared before Lin Dong’s brows returned to their original state.

However, after the eye of the Ancestral Symbol disappeared, a resplendent silver-white light pillar suddenly shot out from within Lin Dong’s body, before it penetrated the mountain wall above and broke free.

A ten thousand feet large silver-white light pillar broke out from the Heavenly Cave and shot towards the clouds. This strange scene immediately attracted the attention of every powerful Celestial Demon Marten tribe member. They were all stunned when they saw that silver-white light pillar. Soon after, their expressions gradually turned grave. That was because they could sense a vast and mighty, ocean like Mental Energy within.

That Mental Energy could even strike fear in the hearts of powerful Samsara stage experts.

“This Mental Energy… Someone has actually broken into the Symbol Grandmaster level? Truly amazing. His Mental Energy cultivation has actually reached that level? However, amongst the experts from our tribe who are currently undergoing a seclusion in the Heavenly Cave, it doesn’t seem like there is anyone who possess such formidable Mental Energy…” Standing beside the Heavenly Cave, several guards were stunned when they saw this scene. Subsequently, they voiced their doubts.

“It’s Lin Dong.”

The tribe leader of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe slowly said. Currently, he was also stunned by this fact. Clearly, he did not expect that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy cultivation would actually reach the Symbol Grandmaster level within merely three months.

“Truly impressive.”

First elder Zhu Li, who was constantly standing guard here, involuntarily praised. Although he was a peak Samsara stage expert who had touched Reincarnation, his Mental Energy cultivation was far beneath Lin Dong’s. In fact, he had also practised Mental Energy before he ultimately gave up. That was because he knew just how difficult it was to reach the Symbol Grandmaster level.

“He has finally reached that level.”

Little Marten sighed somewhat emotionally. That ignorant youth, who first came into contact with Mental Energy at Qingyang Town, had finally entered the realm of master practitioners in this discipline.

The silver-white light pillar spread across the sky. Amidst that warm white light, Lin Dong’s senses also began to spread. Although his physical body was still within the Heavenly Cave, his Mental Energy had became his sense of sight and touch, allowing him to absorb everything in this place into his sight.

He was able to detect several powerful auras surging from various parts of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Meanwhile, there were also a couple of frightening auras located in some hidden spots. In fact, their auras were not inferior to that of first elder Zhu Li.

Lin Dong’s heart suddenly jolted as his Mental Energy spread. Then, his eyes gathered towards the dark Heavenly Cave. That was because he could detect an extremely frightening aura from within. In fact, that aura was even more powerful than that of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe leader!

“Is that the person who has secluded himself at the deepest part of the Heavenly Cave...”

Silver-white light spread before it seemingly agglomerated into a person. After which, the eye of the Ancestral Symbol slowly appeared between Lin Dong’s brows. Immediately, to that eye, the darkness within the Heavenly Cave was nonexistent. As if it had penetrated through space, that eye stared right at the cave, which was located at the deepest part of the Heavenly Cave.

In that cave, Lin Dong saw a withered figure who looked just like a skeleton. That figure had disheveled white hair which covered the entire cave. An exceptionally ancient scent was emitted from his body, giving a rustic scent to his surroundings.

When Lin Dong peeked into that cave, that seemingly rotten withered figure suddenly opened his eyes, which seemed to have been shut for more than a thousand years. His eyes were filled with a unique bright silver luster.

“The eye…. of the Ancestral Symbol?”

His silver eyes looked at the empty space, before a tinge of shock flashed across them. Soon after, he glanced at the empty space quizzically before he waved his sleeves. After which, the empty space actually began to crack, before he directly stopped Lin Dong from peeping.

In the distant sky, Lin Dong’s body shook after his sight was cut off. He could detect a somewhat familiar ripple from that person, who had silver eyes. Clearly, he was an extremely powerful and unfathomable individual. One can only wonder where he came from.

“Is this the Symbol Grandmaster level…”

Lin Dong gradually recovered his senses. As he bathed in the unique sensation of being able to snoop on the entire world, he slowly spread his hands. At this moment, he felt as if he had merged with this part of the world. In fact, with just a single thought, he could unleash a frightening and destructive force in this part of the world...

Lin Dong immersed himself in this wonderful sensation. In his absent-minded state, his Mental Energy began to drift into the horizon. Moments later, the empty space suddenly contorted, before a trace of Mental Energy penetrated through space and arrived at a foreign land.

It was an ancient barren plains. At the end of this barren plains, stood a black palace. After which, one could see a black figure seated at the deepest part of that palace.

That figure suddenly lifted his head. Black holes were rotating within his eyes and it looked like they had devoured the world.

This scene came to a sudden stop.

Lin Dong’s mind regained its focus, before his heartbeat involuntarily increased. He knew… the barren plains and ancient palace that he just saw, was perhaps related to something that the Nine-tail fox had mentioned before…

Devouring Divine Palace.

That black figure should be… the Devouring Master.