Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1146: Hand of the Ancestral Symbol

Chapter 1146: Hand of the Ancestral Symbol


Chapter 1146: Hand of the Ancestral Symbol


Little Marten clenched his hand before a purple-black light flashed past in an arc. After which, the black vines, which were attacking him, fell onto the ground after they were sliced apart.

“He actually pushed him to such an extent.”

Standing beside him, an expert from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was staring at the earthshaking fight that was happening in the sky. His voice contained a tinge of amazement and worry that could not be concealed.

All of them were extremely surprised by the fact that Lin Dong was able to tie down Hao Jiuyou for such a long period of time. After all, Hao Jiuyou’s current attacks were all extremely formidable. In fact, the fluctuations emitted from that huge black flower as it swayed, caused their scalp to turn a little numb.

“Let’s make haste.”

Little Marten spoke in a faint voice. Promptly, a white glow flashed in his hand before it scattered the black hallucination fragrance spreading in front of him. Soon after, an Eternal Illusion Demon Flower appeared in a flash on a nearby mountaintop.

“Found it. Prepare the signal. After everyone has reached their respective target, we will act in unison and remove the Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers.” Little Marten looked at the Eternal Illusion Demon Flower before he heaved a sigh of relief.


The other two men hurriedly replied upon hearing this. After which, they clenched their hands before a glowing talisman appeared.

“Now… we can only hope that brother Lin Dong can hang on for a little longer.” A man sighed softly. Currently, they were at the most critical juncture. Given a little more time, it would be possible for them to remove the Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers and break the formation.

However, the precondition was that they must not be disturbed by Hao Jiuyou. Otherwise, if they were unable to remove all the Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers at the same time, the formation might erupt in chaos instead. At that time, even though the formation would still be broken, the resulting hallucination fragrance would still bring them a great deal of problems.

Moreover, they could not afford to wait any longer. As the formation released an increasing amount of hallucination fragrance, Hao Jiuyou was also becoming stronger. Therefore, they had to break this formation as soon as possible in order to aid Lin Dong!

Little Marten tilted his head and looked at the sky. When he saw that figure, who was accompanied by a thousand galloping dragons as he charged fearlessly towards that huge black flower, he involuntarily clenched his fists.

“Get ready to act.”

Little Marten said in a deep voice. Meanwhile, the Demon Destroyer Talisman in his hand began to emit a warm white light. There was no point in worrying for now. Unless they broke that formation, all of Lin Dong’s previous efforts in delaying Hao Jiuyou would have been in vain.


“Haha, quite a powerful aura. However, you are like a mantis trying to stop a cart!”

Hao Jiuyou’s sharp laughter was emitted from within the huge black flower in the sky. Soon after, countless black vines whistled forward. They looked just like tens of thousands of poison dragons as they rushed forward, blotting out the sun as they streaked across the sky. Finally, they slammed against Lin Dong, who was charging over with a thousand purple-gold dragon light tattoos.

The collision between them was akin to that of two colliding meteors. Instantly, both of them unleashed their most terrifying force.

The land beneath cracked completely due to the assault wave from that clash. The many experts from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe also hurriedly scattered as they were afraid of being drawn into that fight.

The purple-gold dragon light tattoos collapsed completely under that ferocious clash. Meanwhile, those black vines also erupted into black liquid before sharp screeches echoed across the sky.

Bang bang bang!

The sound of explosions continuously reverberated across the sky as those two forces were being rapidly exhausted.

“Haha, so what if your strength can soar temporarily? How many times can you use that move?”

However, it was obvious that Lin Dong was at a disadvantage in a battle of endurance. This was because creating purple-gold dragon light tattoos was no easy task. Moreover, Hao Jiuyou was at the Samsara stage. Together with help from that formation, should this stalemate continue on, it was naturally difficult for Lin Dong to come out on top.

The purple-gold dragon light tattoos erupted forth. Lin Dong had an indifferent expression as he summoned all the strength within his body. The energy garnered from the Great Desolation Scripture was gradually being consumed in this clash.

“At this rate, you will not be able to hold on for long.” Yan’s voice also sounded at this moment.

“I have no other choice. Little Marten’s group needs more time.” Lin Dong’s voice clearly had an additional trace of anxiety.

“Hao Jiuyou is able to borrow the strength of the formation. However, even though his Eternal Illusion Flower Demon Body is powerful, it has a weakness too. That is, it causes his actual body to become extremely weak. Hence, as long as you are able to find his actual body, you will be able to seriously injure him!” Yan said in a deep voice.

“Find his actual body?”

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes before his gaze swiftly swept across the huge black flower. Then, he laughed bitterly in his heart. He had tried to probe previously, but he failed to locate Hao Jiuyou’s actual body. Clearly, the latter was also well aware of his own weakness. Therefore, the latter hid his actual body extremely well.

“Your Mental Energy has yet to advance to the Symbol Grandmaster level. Hence, you are naturally unable to probe too deeply. Nevertheless, you possess Ancestral Symbols and those divine objects are extremely sensitive to the strength of the Yimo. You can try using them.” Yan reminded him.

“Ancestral Symbols huh?”

A thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind after he heard this. After which, black lighting glow suddenly surged from deep within his eyes. Faintly, they seem to resemble two ancient symbols.

The world in front of Lin Dong seemingly changed the instant he activated his two Ancestral Symbols. The huge black flower gradually turned into a sea of demonic aura, while there was a figure, that was vaguely visible at the spot where the demonic aura was the densest.

That spot is…

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk as he stared right at the core of the black flower.

“Is he hiding over here?”

Lin Dong frowned. That spot was clearly the spot with the tightest security. Countless black vines that resembled poison dragons were entwined around it. Hence, it was not going to be an easy task to breakthrough the defences and hurt Hao Jiuyou, who was hidden within.

However, if he did not risk it all now, it was likely that he could only wait for the other party to slowly deplete his strength.


Lin Dong’s eyes were glimmering. In the next moment, without any hesitation, he placed both of his hands together, before the Primal Dragon Bone in his body unleashed a frightening dragon roar. Following which, a jade light swept forward, before it transformed into a tens of thousands feet large jade color light dragon, outside of his body.


The light dragon dashed forward the instant it was formed before it directly charged towards the black flower.

“Useless. You are merely courting death!”

When Hao Jiuyou saw that Lin Dong still dared to attack him, his sinister cold laughter sounded from within the black flower. After which, tens of thousands of black vines came whistling forward. Those vines were filled with sharp blade-like black thorns and their sharp auras left countless scars in the sky.

Countless black vines swung viciously against that jade dragon, which was charging towards them. The resulting low and deep noises caused everyone’s eyelids to twitch. Due to that fearsome lashing, everyone could see that the massive jade dragon was shrinking and turning dim at a speed, that was visible to one’s naked eye.


Hao Jiuyou’s sharp laughter echoed across the sky before his vines became even more brutal. After over a dozen breaths’ time, the jade dragon collapsed completely after one thousand vines came lashing down simultaneously.

However, a glowing figure suddenly escaped the moment the jade dragon collapsed. Then, it flew straight towards the black flower’s core at a frightening speed.


Just as Lin Dong was about to reach the flower’s core, a black vine, which resembled a poison dragon, shot forward in a tricky angle and attempted to pierce his heart. From the looks of it, Lin Dong would definitely be severely wounded if he did not change his course.

However, Lin Dong knew that he had finally managed to approach the middle of the flower after much effort. Therefore, if he was to pull back now, it was likely that Hao Jiuyou would not give him an opportunity like this in the future.

Hence, a ruthless glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. His body jerked as he allowed that vine, which was covered with sharp black thorns, to pierce his body. Immediately, fresh blood spurted from his mouth.

Lin Dong’s eyes were scarlet. He had merely changed his posture when the vine was about to strike him. Hence, the vine had pierced his shoulder instead. Nevertheless, the intense pain still caused his body to tremble.


Lin Dong did not care about that vine, which had penetrated his shoulder. Extending his hand, he forcefully crushed it. As of now, he had finally arrived in front of the flower’s core.


When Lin Dong arrived at this place, there was finally a tinge of panic in Hao Jiuyou’s voice. After all, he did not expect that the latter was actually able to accurately pinpoint the location of his actual body.

“So what if you have found it? Can you break my defences?”

However, soon after, Hao Jiuyou let out a cold snort. Currently, Lin Dong was severely wounded and he had exhausted the Yuan Power in his body. Therefore, what could he possibly do to him with his tattered body?

“Buzz buzz!”

Eight huge black flower petals shook at this moment before monstrous demonic aura were released. Layers after layers were directly stacked in front of the flower’s core, forming an extremely sturdy defence.

At this moment, many members of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe below were anxious as they stared at this scene. They clearly knew that if Lin Dong’s next attack failed, the latter would lose all fighting strength. At that time, once Hao Jiuyou was freed, he would be able to focus his attention on disrupting the small groups, who were attempting to break the formation.

Victory or defeat shall be determined by a single move.

However… their hearts involuntarily sunk when they saw the frightening defence that was being set up in front of the flower’s core. That was because that defence could not be broken even by an all-out attack from a Samsara stage expert. Hence, how could Lin Dong possibly deal with it in his current condition?

How is he going to deal with it?

Lin Dong looked at the monstrous demonic aura in front of him, before he involuntarily licked his lips. There was a sharp and formidable glint flowing deep within his eyes. After which, resplendent black lightning glow suddenly surged onto one of his arms, before two ancient symbols seemingly crisscrossed.

Sizzle sizzle.

Lin Dong’s palm suddenly began to turn into a black lightning color. Soon after, it turned into liquid, before droplets of black lightning liquid dripped down and vanished.

Suddenly, Lin Dong clenched his liquidized hand. Meanwhile, a deep voice sounded in his heart. In the next instant, he suddenly took a step forward. Waving his right arm, he looked just like a fly trying to shake a large tree, as his liquidized fist solemnly slammed against that monstrous demonic aura defence in an extremely fearsome fashion.

“Hand of the Ancestral Symbol!”