Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1145: Eternal Illusion Flower Demon Body

Chapter 1145: Eternal Illusion Flower Demon Body


Chapter 1145: Eternal Illusion Flower Demon Body


The vast land continuously trembled at this moment. Many powerful individuals from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe were stunned when they saw that the surrounding land was rapidly turning barren. They could feel that there were waves of vast and majestic energy coursing beneath the ground, just like tens of thousands of galloping dragons, before they headed towards the same place.

That place was where Lin Dong was located.


The ground beneath Lin Dong’s feet suddenly split apart the moment he clenched his fist tightly. Subsequently, everyone was stunned when they saw a ten thousand feet large energy light pillar emerging from the ground and bursting through the clouds!

On one end, the energy light pillar was connected to the ground, while on the other, it was connected to Lin Dong. A vast amount of energy, that resembled the ocean, gushed into his body instantly.


As this terrifying amount of energy gushed into his body, Lin Dong’s body swelled to twice its size. Nonetheless, despite the massive surge in energy, Lin Dong did not feel any discomfort because he had the Primal Dragon Bone. Therefore, unless it was an extremely frightening and powerful energy, it was quite difficult to overstuff his body.

Currently, his black hair was completely disheveled. Meanwhile, the purple-gold glint in his eyes seemed to have solidified. As he breathed, two air dragons meandered and wiggled.

An extremely frightening aura swept out from within his body like a thunderstorm, causing a powerful storm to stir.

The Great Desolation Scripture, a deep and profound martial arts that originated from the Great Desolate Tablet, had gradually revealed its incredible might as Lin Dong became stronger.

When Lin Dong used it in the past, he was only able to turn the area within a few hundred kilometres into barren land. However, as of now, his area of effect had grown to thousands of kilometres. At a glance, it seems like even the edge of his sight was filled with a desolate and barren aura.

The Great Desolation Scripture was as overbearing as always.

“You are quite capable.”

Hao Jiuyou looked at Lin Dong, whose aura was soaring wildly. Then, the disdain on the corner of his lips finally faded away gradually. A mere advance Profound Death stage brat had actually given him so many surprises. This was enough to force him to take the latter seriously.

“However, I wonder just how many of my attacks, can the current you handle?” Hao Jiuyou slowly clenched his demon arm. The Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers tattooed on his arm had bloomed completely. Their mysterious and demonic appearance was filled with the scent of death.


Lin Dong took a step forward before a frightening thunderous dragon roar emerged from within his body. After which, many purple-gold dragon light tattoos whistled forward and circled around his body.

Eight hundred!

With the help of the Great Desolation Scripture, Lin Dong was actually able to form eight hundred purple-gold dragon light tattoos!

A total of eight hundred purple-gold dragon light tattoos circled around Lin Dong’s body. Their resplendent purple-gold glow resembled that of the bright sun. As they glowed, they emitted a frightening strength, which could not be described with words.

Lin Dong lifted his head. His eyes, which were filled with a purple-gold luster, stared intently at the distant Hao Jiuyou. In the next moment, he suddenly flapped the dragon wings on his back.


Thunder echoed across the sky before Lin Dong’s body instantly disappeared. In fact, even an ultimate Samsara stage expert could only see a purple-gold light flash across the sky.

The empty space where that light passed became distorted, before a purple-gold scar appeared. The ten thousand feet gap between them was breached instantly.

As Hao Jiuyou stared at the purple-gold light that was being rapidly magnified in his eyes, his pupils shrunk slightly. After which, a low roar which resembled that of a wild beast, was emitted from his throat. Then, he clenched his demon arm tightly and threw a punch forward.

Monstrous evil demonic aura swept out from his arm and transformed into a black flower on his fist. As that flower slowly rotated, a frightening ripple radiated from it.

The purple-gold light suddenly arrived. After which, eight hundred purple-gold dragon light tattoos roared. In fact, even the ground beneath crumbled, creating a huge crack.

The purple-gold dragon fist tore through the empty space and slammed heavily against the black flower on Hao Jiuyou’s fist in an extremely frightening fashion.

The air itself seemed to have frozen at the moment of impact. Soon after, a rising sun bloomed in the sky before an indescribable energy assault wave swept forth like a hurricane. In fact, the entire sky was ravaged by that assault wave.

Countless members of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe lifted their heads and stared at the frightening ripples in the sky. It was likely that none of them had expected that this young man, who was merely at the advance Profound Death stage, was actually able to push Hao Jiuyou until such an extent.


Amidst the stares from countless onlookers, two figures suddenly shot out from within that bright sun, which was hanging in the sky. After which, both of them staggered backwards. Clearly, the both of them were wounded in the previous clash.


Lin Dong stomped his foot solemnly. Only then, did he manage to stabilize his body. His arm trembled gently when that wild and violent energy that had invaded his body, attempted to course through his body in an attempt to break it.


However, Lin Dong merely snorted coldly when up against this wild and violent energy, which had invaded his body. Circulating his devouring power, he directly swallowed that energy. After which, he lifted his head and stared coldly at Hao Jiuyou, who was at quite a distance away.

At this moment, the latter was also in a pretty terrible state. Not only were the clothes on his body shattered from that explosion, but there was also blood seeping out from his demon arm. Moreover, the Eternal Illusion Demon Flower symbols on his arm had dimmed significantly. Clearly, Hao Jiuyou did not gain much of an advantage in that previous clash.

“You bastard.”

Hao Jiuyou had a ferocious and brutal expression. Although the blood on his arm was quickly absorbed into his body and the injuries on his demon arm were gradually healing, his eyes were still filled with fury. After all, he never expected that both Lin Dong and him would suffer after an exchange.

“It seems like you are not as powerful as I thought you would be.” The intense pain on Lin Dong’s arm gradually went away as he stared at Hao Jiuyou and said.

“Do you really think that you can defeat me with such techniques?” Hao Jiuyou chuckled. It was obvious that Lin Dong’s temporary boost in strength would not last forever. Therefore, once this boost disappears, what can Lin Dong possibly use to defeat him?

“I am not interested in defeating you. All I need to do is to tie you down and wait for Little Marten’s group to break the formation. After which, you will die for sure!” Lin Dong teased him sadistically.


Hao Jiuyou’s pupils shrunk as he hurriedly turned his head. Only then, did he realize that the experts from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe have already approached the sixty-nine mountaintops. After which, once the Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers were removed and the formation was broken, the powerful individuals from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe would no longer be tied down. At that time, his fate would likely be quite a miserable one.

Moreover, the Heaven Illusion King duo would not let him off easy if the plan fails.

“You hinderance.”

With this thought in mind. Hao Jiuyou’s eyes became completely gloomy. That was because he knew that he had allowed himself to be tied down by Lin Dong for far too long. Hence, if this continues on, their plan today would definitely fail.

“I cannot allow this to drag on any further!”

A ruthless expression flashed across Hao Jiuyou’s eyes. Promptly, he clenched his teeth viciously. Both his hands formed a seal before his body began to swell in a strange fashion. Finally, his body exploded in front of Lin Dong’s stunned eyes.

Lin Dong was startled when he saw this sight. This fellow actually self-destructed?

“Something’s not right!”

Lin Dong focused his attention. That was because he saw that the hallucination fragrance permeating the air, were beginning to gather towards a spot in his vicinity from all directions.

“Brat, you forced my hand. However, it is an honour for you to be killed by this skill!” Hao Jiuyou’s sinister voice resounded across the sky as those hallucination fragrance gathered together.

Lin Dong’s expression turned grave when he saw this strange scene. He clenched his fist tightly before another eight hundred purple-gold dragon light tattoos surged around his body.

“Eternal Illusion Flower Demon Body!”

Hao Jiuyou’s incomparably sinister cry once again resounded in the sky as Lin Dong readied himself.

Buzz buzz!

After crying out loud, the originally scattered blood fog began to gather towards a certain spot. After which, those black hallucination fragrance actually merged with that blood fog.

An increasing amount of hallucination fragrance spread. After which, the members of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe were stunned, when they saw a ten thousand feet large black flower, which had traces of scarlet, appearing vividly in the sky above them.

That enormous black flower gently extended its leaves. Currently, Hao Jiuyou’s body had transformed into a huge Eternal Illusion Demon Flower. Countless scarlet vines were dancing around just like poison dragons, while the black hallucination fragrance had transformed into a fog, that encircled him. It was an exceptionally strange sight.

“Haha, how about this? How are you going to fight me now?”

The black flower swayed before Hao Jiuyou’s sharp laughter reverberated. Swinging one of his vines violently, he directly left a huge crack on the ground. His frightening strength caused one’s heart to shudder.

Lin Dong wore a grave expression as he stared at Hao Jiuyou, who had transformed and taken on a strange form. Following which, he frowned. That was because he realized that the latter’s strength seemed to have surged significantly. Furthermore, the most crucial fact was that this fellow’s actual body was actually hidden within that flower body and it was impossible to locate his actual body. Therefore, attacking randomly would be completely useless and it will merely exhaust one’s strength.


At this moment, Hao Jiuyou also saw Lin Dong’s hesitation. Immediately, he laughed out loud. Subsequently, his black vines shot out in all directions. However, they were not targeting Lin Dong. Instead, they had gone after those small groups, which were attempting to remove the Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers.

This sudden attack caught these small groups by surprise. Fortunately, they were all elites of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe and they did not suffer any injuries. Nevertheless, their speed was reduced.

When Lin Dong saw this scene, his eyes darkened. Then, he stomped heavily against the empty air before his body became translucent jade in colour. In fact, it was possible to see the ancient jade bones in his body. Following which, his bones squirmed and appeared just like meandering ancient dragons.

A low and deep ancient dragon roar reverberated continuously within Lin Dong’s body. Clenching both his hands tightly, the strength within his body was unleashed to its limits. A total of eight hundred purple-gold dragon light tattoos were formed at this moment!

One thousand!

Some blood appeared on Lin Dong’s skin when the one thousandth purple-gold dragon light tattoo was formed. This was clearly the maximum amount that he could form with his current body.


A low and deep voice that resembled a dragon roar sounded from Lin Dong’s mouth. His eyes were searing hot as he stared at that distant huge black flower. Following which, his body flew forward in the next instant.

One thousand purple-gold dragon light tattoos surged forward. The sound of one thousand roaring dragons caused the entire world to tremble!