Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1144: Reappearance of Desolation

Chapter 1144: Reappearance of Desolation


Chapter 1144: Reappearance of Desolation


Over a hundred green dragon light tattoos danced around Lin Dong while an earthshaking dragon roar echoed across the area. An ancient and heavy Dragon tribe pressure rose within the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, a scene that very easily drew everyone’s attention.

“Dragon tribe pressure?”

Lin Dong’s change caused even Hao Jiuyou to be slightly startled. His eyes appeared a little strange as he observed Lin Dong. The latter was clearly a genuine human. However, this Dragon tribe pressure was also exceptionally pure, so pure that even some top experts within the Dragon tribe could not compare. This was undoubtedly rather baffling.

“What an interesting fellow. He not only possess the Ancestor Stone and Ancestral Symbols, but also the mighty pressure of the Dragon tribe.”

Hao Jiuyou smiled indifferently. However, his eyes were not smiling. Black meridians wiggled on his black demon arm, emitting an extremely wild and violent energy ripple.

“However, no matter how many techniques you have, you will still die today!”

A gold glint flickered in Hao Jiuyou’s eyes. Without further ado, his foot stamped in the air while black hallucination fragrance surged and his body appeared in front of Lin Dong in a ghost like fashion. His finger thrust forward in the air and the black hallucination fragrance gathered. It directly turned into a huge black wooden thorn that tore through the air and ruthlessly pierced towards Lin Dong’s forehead.


The jade colored dragon wings behind Lin Dong forcefully flapped. Wild winds blew and his body shot backwards explosively in a split second, dodging Hao Jiuyou’s formidable attack.


Lin Dong attacked the moment his body pulled back. Lightning surged on the scepter in his hand as numerous scepter shadows appeared. The shadows seemed to fill the sky as they enveloped Hao Jiuyou.

“Insignificant tricks.”

Hao Jiuyou laughed coldly. With a whirl of his hand, a black petal appeared before him Next, it directly blocked the many lightning charged scepter shadows.


Hao Jiuyou flicked his finger and the black flower petal in front of him shot forward. A sharp aura cut through space and headed straight for Lin Dong’s throat.


The Lightning Emperor Scepter in Lin Dong’s hand thrust forward, lightly lifting the edge of the flower petal, slightly changing the latter’s trajectory. Subsequently, the flower petal whistled past the top of Lin Dong’s head.

Lin Dong revealed his outstanding fighting experience in this exchange. Many years of life or death battles had bestowed him with exceptionally acute battle senses.

“Show me your true ability. Otherwise, you will have little chance of victory.” Hao Jiuyou said in a faint voice. He extended his hand and the black hallucination fragrance condensed into many Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers in his hand while a strange ripple spread.

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly hardened. Looks like he did not need to be courteous at all. He deeply breathed in and when he exhaled, a thunderous dragon roar was emitted.

A warm jade color brilliance exploded from within Lin Dong’s body. The three hundred green dragon light tattoos originally revolving around Lin Dong gradually changed. Finally, they turned into three hundred purplish gold dragon tattoos.

A purplish gold luster also emerged in Lin Dong’s eyes at this moment as his originally powerful aura soared once again. Clearly, he had activated the power of the Primal Dragon Bone.

“Now this is finally getting a little interesting.”

Hao Jiuyou laughed coldly. He clenched his hand and the many Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers shot out. They appeared like many black stars as they rushed towards Lin Dong from all directions.

Lin Dong held the Lightning Emperor Scepter with his eyes slightly shut. They suddenly opened in the next moment as the three hundred purplish gold dragon tattoos around him let out a long roar towards the sky.

Lin Dong’s body turned into a streak of purplish gold light as he shot forward. Three hundred purplish gold dragon tattoos coiled around his body, making him appear just like a purplish golden large dragon which was giving off an endless pressure.

Bang bang bang!

Purple gold light swept past and the many Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers immediately exploded. Even space violently distorted wherever he passed.

Hao Jiuyou remained completely still as he watched the purplish gold light figure which was ferociously charging at him. Disdain rose from the corners of his mouth. He allowed the light to charge over as he slowly lifted his black demon arm. His palm opened and directly met the Lightning Emperor Scepter which had shot out from the purplish gold light.

Creak creak!

The Lightning Emperor Scepter containing the power of three hundred purplish gold dragon tattoos powerfully stabbed Hao Jiuyou’s palm. A piercing noise erupted while the resultant energy ripple rubbed against the air, unleashing a thunderous sound.

However, Hao Jiuyou, who had used his palm to forcibly receive this fierce attack of Lin Dong, did not even move. His demon arm also showed no signs of trembling. The only change was that the Eternal Illusion Demon Flower symbols tattooed on his demon arm seemed to have bloomed slightly.

Lin Dong’s expression changed when he saw this. Hao Jiuyou was indeed not an ordinary individual. No wonder even Little Marten had suffered at his hands.


Hao Jiuyou revealed a sneer as his palm twisted and explosively jerked.

An incomparably wild and violent energy shockwave swept forth, scattering the purplish gold light that Lin Dong had created. The purplish gold dragon tattoos around him also dropped in number.


Murderous intent surged within Hao Jiuyou’s eyes as he forced Lin Dong back with a palm. Hao Jiuyou’s body moved and many afterimages appeared around Lin Dong. His demonic arm contained a terrifying strength as it swept towards Lin Dong from all directions.

Clang clang clang!

The Lightning Emperor Scepter in Lin Dong’s hand transformed into many lightning bolts at this moment. These lightning bolts guarded Lin Dong’s body. However, he had clearly fallen into a disadvantage. Some of Hao Jiuyou’s attacks had broken his defence and directly smashed into his body. If it was not because Lin Dong had the Primal Dragon Bone, he would definitely be seriously injured by such powerful attacks.

While Lin Dong was doing his best to deal with Hao Jiuyou, Little Marten’s small group had already approached a distant mountain peak. Faint white light scattered from the Demon Destroyer Talisman and covered them, protecting them from the erosion of the hallucination fragrance outside.

“Big brother Ah Diao, it seems that brother Lin Dong is unable to hold on any longer.” The expression of an expert from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe beside Little Marten suddenly changed as he spoke.

Little Marten’s body paused. He turned his head to take a look and saw Lin Dong being enveloped by Hao Jiuyou’s attacks. His pupils shrunk slightly as his fists tightly clenched.

“Big brother Ah Diao, why don’t you go and help brother Lin Dong. Let us handle this.” The other person said. From the looks of it, Lin Dong’s situation appeared quite terrible.

Ah Diao pondered upon hearing this. However, he shook his head in front of the two pairs of surprised eyes. “Since he said that he can handle it, he will definitely be able to do so. Let’s finish our task first.”


The two of them nodded. They exchanged a glance with each other and saw the uncertainty and helplessness in each other’s eyes. They were really unable to understand where Little Marten’s confidence originated from. That Hao Jiuyou was a ruthless fellow who had even defeated Little Marten. Although Lin Dong had many techniques, there was ultimately still a huge disparity between himself and Hao Jiuyou. However, despite their uncertainty, they were in no position to comment since Little Marten had already spoken.

The trio charged into the dense layers of black hallucination fragrance and directly hurried to the mountain top. Little Marten cast a glance towards that certain far off spot. Using a voice that only he could hear, he muttered, “You better not end up dying. Otherwise, you will lose all the face of us brothers…”


The black demon arm was like a poison dragon that directly shattered the lightning defences in an extremely overbearing manner. After which, it landed on Lin Dong’s chest with lightning speed.

A low and deep sound spread. Lin Dong’s chest appeared to sink slightly. His body flew backwards and a mouthful of fresh blood was involuntarily spat out from his mouth.

Although he possessed the Primal Dragon Bone and an extremely strong physical body, it was obvious that these ferocious attacks of Hao Jiuyou were not easy to bear.

“The bones in your body are really tough.” Hao Jiuyou looked at Lin Dong with ridicule, but his eyes contained some surprise. His earlier attack could injure another Samsara stage expert, and even less needed to be said for a Profound Death stage expert. Yet, besides spitting out some blood, Lin Dong’s aura was still strong. The latter did not appear to show any signs of being seriously injured.

This ability to endure being beaten caused even Hao Jiuyou to be astonished.

“Being able to endure being beaten is also a kind of capability.” Lin Dong wiped off the trace of blood on the corner of his mouth. His voice was still calm.

“It is indeed a kind of capability.”

Hao Jiuyou nodded. The smile on his lips gradually became ferocious. “However, a rock can be smashed to dust regardless of how hard it is. Let me see just how many times you can endure.”

Black light suddenly blossomed from Hao Jiuyou’s demon arm after his voice sounded as evil light rippled outwards in waves. The Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers tattooed on his arm also slowly bloomed little by little as the light spread.

Those black meridians were just like the roots of a flower as they spread all over Hao Jiuyou’s arm while a frighteningly evil aura rapidly brewed.

“Look at how my punch will smash you into dust!”

Hao Jiuyou’s mouth parted, forming a twisted smile. As he tightly clenched his hand, even space itself started to distort.

Blood was spat out from Lin Dong’s mouth while a grave expression gathered in Lin Dong’s eyes. He could sense the terrifying power that was gathering on Hao Jiuyou’s demon arm.

“Truly a troublesome person.”

Lin Dong slowly relaxed his tight grip on the Lightning Emperor Scepter. After which, he gently placed his hands together, forming an exceptionally strange seal. Following the formation of this seal, the raging purplish gold dragon tattoos around his body gradually calmed down as a mysterious ripple pulsed from his palms.

The ripple descended from above and finally entered the land below. At this moment, everyone could feel the land under their feet begin to shake slightly. It was as if a giant dragon was awakening.

Vast and mighty energy surged like floodwaters under the ground. The plants on the surface began to wither as a desolate aura quietly spread.

Lin Dong slowly extended his hand. After which, he pointed his hand at the ground below and lightly clenched. A soft voice seemed to bring with it the muffled sound of the land as it reverberated across the entire place.

“All living things of the land, turn into desolation!”