Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1141: Reappearance of Yimo Kings

Chapter 1141: Reappearance of Yimo Kings


Chapter 1141: Reappearance of Yimo Kings

Hao Jiuyou maintained his kneeling stance in the air. His expression was exceptionally cold and even Lin Dong’s earlier words had not caused his expression to change. Even Lin Dong could not help but secretly praise such a strong state of mind.

“Young brother Lin Dong, has he also been corrupted by the Yimo?”

Zhu Li could not help but ask as he looked at Hao Jiuyou. After all, Hao Jiuyou was a relatively outstanding person amongst the younger generation of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. If what Lin Dong said was true, it would indeed be a big blow to them.

Lin Dong’s black eyes were unblinkingly fixed on Hao Jiuyou as he spoke in a faint voice, “First elder, a hundred years ago, his talent within the Celestial Demon Marten tribe could only be considered mediocre. Why did his strength suddenly soar? Don’t you feel that this matter is rather strange?”

Zhu Li’s expression slightly altered.

“If my guess is right, this brother Hao Jiuyou has likely borrowed the power of the Yimo in order for him to reach the Samsara stage in a hundred years. Moreover, I am able to detect the ripple of the ‘Eternal Illusion Demon Flower’ from his body. I believe… that those Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers in the Heavenly Cave were secretly planted by him.” Sharpness gathered in Lin Dong’s eyes while his voice was now much icier.

The leader of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe had an ordinary expression. However, those eyes of his, which contained an endless imposing aura, were locked onto Hao Jiuyou. Killing intent, heartache and regret were present in them.

“Hao Jiuyou, is what he said true?!” Zhu Li’s face was steely green as he explosively cried out.

The many members of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe below lifted their heads and stared at Hao Jiuyou. Most of them could not believe it. It was likely that they did not expect this usually warm spring like companion would actually hide his true self so well.

“Ha ha, I was so close. I never imagined a hateful person like you would appeared just as I was about to succeed.” Hao Jiuyou, whose face was tilted downwards, suddenly gently shook his shoulders as a laughter filled with a dense murderous intent spread. As he slowly stood up, an evil aura rose, causing him to no longer have his usual warmth. Instead, he appeared unusually sinister.

“You evil bastard!”

Zhu Li’s entire body trembled, while his face was exceptionally furious. He pointed at Hao Jiuyou as his heart rapidly thudded. He had nearly handed the position of the tribe leader successor into the hands of such a person.

“You are a member of our Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Yet, you colluded with the Yimo and tried to murder the tribe elders. Bastard!”

Hao Jiuyou appeared quite calm at this moment. He glanced at the raging Zhu Li, before looking towards Little Marten below, who was staring at him with calm eyes, and laughed, “I was merely resentful. Back then, I was the person whom the tribe was least concerned about. Even though I trained with my life on the line, I was still inferior to big brother Ah Diao, who was lazy in his training. He was always the most dazzling person in the tribe, and I was merely a pitiful follower at his side.”

“At that time, big brother Ah Diao would come to my aid when I was bullied. Ha ha, but I did not feel even the slightest bit of gratitude, because I will not accept it. Hence, the more he helped me, the more I desired to step on him.”

“Therefore, a hundred years ago, I passed information of him travelling outside to some Yimo. Unfortunately, this still failed to kill him…”

“You are actually the reason Ah Diao was ambushed back then?” Zhu Li’s fists were tightly clenched. There was an intense fury on his elderly face.

The face of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe leader by the side was completely emotionless. Even Little Marten below had a calm face. However, Wu Zhong and the rest around him were exceptionally furious. From the looks of it, all of them wanted to attack and kill Hao Jiuyou.

“Subsequently, I received the power of the Yimo. Just look at me. Isn’t the result good? If it was not because of this fellow’s sudden appearance, the position of tribe leader successor would be mine. Moreover, once all the top experts within the Heavenly Cave are killed, the Celestial Demon Marten tribe will also fall under my control. At that time, all of you will know just who is the most outstanding person in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe!” Hao Jiuyou spread his arms. The smile on his face was extremely feverish and twisted.

“A warped heart. No wonder the Yimo managed to get to you.”

Lin Dong shook his head and said, “However, your dreams have already been shattered. Not only will you fail to become the leader of the Demon Marten tribe, but you will also be cast out by your tribe.”

“You do not deserve the bloodline of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe.”

Hao Jiuyou’s pupils contracted. He stared at Lin Dong as his lips split open into a twisted smile, “Who do you think you are? Do you think that someone like you has the right to comment on whether I am deserving?”

“Hao Jiuyou, this old one will personally capture you. You are indeed unworthy of possessing such bloodline. Hence, I will extract the bloodline from your body!” Zhu Li’s tone was sinisterly cold. He took a step forward and his body appeared in front of Hao Jiuyou. Vast and mighty Yuan Power surged and swept towards the latter.

“Ha ha.”

Hao Jiuyou merely laughed loudly at the sky upon seeing this. His body shook and a black fragrance spread from within his body.

“First elder, that is the hallucination fragrance of the Eternal Illusion Demon Flower. You will fall into a hallucination if you inhale it into your body.” Lin Dong’s eyes shivered slightly as he hurriedly cried out.

Zhu Li’s expression changed when he heard Lin Dong’s voice. He waved his sleeve and Yuan Power shot out like a rainbow, shattering the black fragrance which was drifting towards him.

“My body is filled with the hallucination fragrance of the Eternal Illusion Demon Flower. My body will self-destruct if you kill me and the hallucination fragrance will envelope the entire Celestial Demon Marten tribe, and all of you will fall into a hallucination. At that time, the Celestial Demon Marten tribe might well disappear from this world.” Hao Jiuyou spread his arms and heartily laughed.

Zhu Li and the other elders let out a furious cry. However, none of them dared to make any moves. They were well aware of how potent this Eternal Illusion Demon Flower was. Those who were stronger could put up some resistance. However, it would be a huge problem if their ordinary tribe members were affected.

“Consider myself unlucky this time around. However, I have not lost. When I return in the future, this Celestial Demon Marten tribe will definitely fall into my hands.” Hao Jiuyou smiled faintly and slowly began to withdraw.

“It is a little too early for you to be happy.”

Lin Dong stared at Hao Jiuyou, who was about to retreat. Soon after, he smiled and flicked his finger. Warm white light whistled out from the tip of his finger. Finally, it transformed into an ancient stone talisman in the air.


Warm white light began to pour down from the stone talisman that hung high in the sky. After which, it wrapped around Hao Jiuyou’s body. As this happened, Hao Jiuyou could sense that the black hallucination fragrance on his body was actually being gradually purified.

“This is… the Ancestor Stone? It has actually fallen into your hands?!” Hao Jiuyou’s expression finally began to change upon seeing this as he shouted in a dark voice.

“You have good eyes.”

Lin Dong smiled and said, “Elder Zhu Li, you can attack now.”

“Many thanks young brother Lin Dong.”

Zhu Li nodded. A frosty look flashed across his elderly face as his body moved and transformed into a ray of light. An extremely vast and mighty attack came sweeping towards Hao Jiuyou from all directions.

Bang bang bang!

Hao Jiuyou used all his strength to block the attack. However, without the Eternal Illusion Demon Flower, he was obviously no match for Zhu Li. He was rapidly pushed back while his aura swiftly weakened.


Another clash occurred. Zhu Li’s body did not move. However, Hao Jiuyou ended up spitting out blood and flying backwards. His face gradually turned pale.

“Hao Jiuyou, obediently surrender. On account of our past relationship, the tribe will let you keep your life!” Zhu Li stood in the air and walked towards Hao Jiuyou. Vast and mighty Yuan Power gathered behind him. It appeared like a circle of life and death and was filled with mystery.

“Ha ha? Let me keep my life?”

There was ridicule on Hao Jiuyou’s lips. He wiped off the trace of blood on the corner of his lip, while his eyes suddenly became ferocious. “However, I do not wish to let all of you live. I don’t think that there is any purpose for this Celestial Demon Marten tribe to continue existing!”

“Stubborn fool!” Zhu Li’s expression became cold as murderous desire surged within his eyes. He flipped his hand and a huge life and death circle suddenly shot out from behind him.

Hao Jiuyou looked at the life and death circle rushing towards him. He suddenly clenched his teeth as both of his hands formed a seal. After which, he suddenly clenched them in the direction of the two elders who had been trapped by the leader of the Demon Marten tribe earlier.


The bodies of those two elders exploded when he clenched his hand. A mist of blood pervaded the air and a dense evil demonic aura spread. After which, it swiftly gathered in front of Hao Jiuyou before transforming into a huge black vortex.


The life and death circle ruthlessly smashed into the black vortex. However, it did not even stir the slightest ripple. It appeared as though the former had fallen into a bottomless pit and disappeared within it.

Lin Dong looked at the rotating black vortex as his pupils abruptly contracted.

“Heh heh.”

Hao Jiuyou stood behind the black vortex and gave Lin Dong’s group a sinister smile. A finger cut his shoulder and blood spluttered from it, bringing along a broken arm as they shot into the black vortex.

“Welcome your majesty. Exterminate the Celestial Demon Marten tribe!”

Fresh blood flowed into the black vortex. After which, Hao Jiuyou knelt down. His expression appeared incomparably fanatical and devout.

Ah ah!

The black vortex frantically rotated. Countless piercing sounds rose from within it and reverberated across the place, causing one’s blood to churn wildly.

“All members of the tribe listen up, the tribe will enter an alert state!”

Zhu Li quickly cried out upon seeing this scene. After which, countless rushing wind sounds echoed across the sky. Many figures appeared in the air while majestic auras permeated the place.

The tribe leader of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe watched this scene with an ice-cold expression. There was a frightening ripple quietly gathering in his hand.

“Summoning an Yimo king huh?”

Lin Dong stared at the black vortex as a grave expression flashed across his eyes. Having personally seen an Yimo king, he was naturally well aware of how troublesome it was to deal with them.


The black vortex continued to rotate. Soon after, Lin Dong could hear low and deep footsteps being transmitted from deep within the vortex. After which, two pairs of pale arms slowly extended from the vortex while accompanied by an evil aura. They pressed against the edge of the vortex. Soon after, two extremely fair and strange faces appeared in front of countless pairs of eyes.


Lin Dong softly inhaled an icy breath of air as the hands within his sleeves suddenly clenched tightly.

Damnit… two Yimo kings had actually come…