Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1137: Face-off

Chapter 1137: Face-off


Chapter 1137: Face-off

In front of the Ancestral Temple of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe.

The Ancestral Temple is an important place for the tribe and typically speaking, it had relatively tight security. However, this place was filled with loud voices and was extremely lively today. This was because the Celestial Demon Marten tribe would select the successor to the tribe leader today.

This matter was considered as an exceptionally important event for the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Hence, they had to hold it in a sacred place, like the Ancestral Temple, in order to demonstrate how important the event was.

There was an altar square, which was made from extremely ancient rocks, standing in front of the Ancestral Temple. A huge stone tablet stood on the altar and this stone tablet had the names of many ancestors of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe inscribed on it. All of these ancestors had achieved great accomplishments.

A lively atmosphere enveloped the altar square in front of the Ancestral Temple. However, amidst the din, there was something faintly peculiar about the atmosphere. The source of that irregularity stemmed from the two clearly divided groups standing on the square.

Standing on the left, their leader was a tall figure with a handsome devil like appearance. Both of his lips were curled tightly, appearing just like blades. Meanwhile, an icy sharpness was present on him. His elongated eyes were filled with an inborn sense of pride and he stood out even when standing amongst this group.

This person was naturally Little Marten. Currently, both of his hands were lowered as his eyes stared at the stone tablet erected in front of him. His handsome face seemed to be devoid of any emotions. Unlike the group standing behind him, he did not stare at the group on the right with icy cold and cautious eyes.

The other faction also had quite a large number of people. Their leader was Hao Jiuyou, whom Lin Dong had met before. Even though his aura was inferior to Little Marten’s, his face was filled with a warm smile. As he occasionally chatted with those standing behind him, his laughter felt just like the spring breeze. This person was extremely scheming and one had to admit that his demeanour made it easy for him to leave a good impression and convince others to join his side.

“Humph, what a hypocrite.”

Standing beside Little Marten, Wu Zhong glanced at Hao Jiuyou and snorted coldly. His voice was filled with disdain. As a supporter of Little Marten, he naturally did not have a good impression of Hao Jiuyou.

“Be quiet. Otherwise, others might start criticising you again.” Little Marten said without turning his head around.

Wu Zhong curled his lips reluctantly. If not for the fact that Little Marten had been missing for a hundred years, Hao Jiuyou would definitely not dare to act in such a haughty manner, given the former’s prestige within the Celestial Demon Marten tribe.

“I wonder how young brother Lin Dong is doing. It has been a couple of days since he entered the Heavenly Cave.” Wu Zhong spoke in a soft voice. There was a slight tinge of anxiety in his voice.

There was a slight change in Little Marten’s expression when he heard this. Following which, he shook his head helpless. There was no point in worrying about this issue for now. However, given his understanding of Lin Dong, he knew that it was unlikely for the latter to run into any major problems.

“Moreover, the tribe leader successor is about to be selected. Based on the current situation, it seems like that fellow has quite a high chance of success. If he is selected as the tribe leader successor, his say in the tribe will only grow by the day. At that time, it is likely that the tribe leader will not be able to turn things around even if he leaves his cultivation seclusion.” Wu Zhong sighed. They were well aware of Hao Jiuyou’s methods. If the latter was selected to become the tribe leader successor, he would definitely quietly suppress and exclude them.

“It is pointless to think about it now.”

Little Marten shook his head. Since the situation had already developed until this stage, it was pointless to think about it for now. Moreover, did Hao Jiuyou really believe that it was going to be so easy to snatch his position?

Little Marten slowly clenched his long hands tightly. Meanwhile, the sharpness on the corner of his lips became increasingly icy.

Many pairs of eyes present were looking back and forth between the two groups standing in front. Those eyes, that were looking at Little Marten, were filled with pity and regret. There were many people from the same generation as Little Marten and they clearly knew who held absolute prestige in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe back then.

Back then, Little Marten’s talent and prestige was unmatched amongst the Celestial Demon Marten tribe younger generation members. At that time, everyone thought that Little Marten was definitely going to become the next tribe leader. However, that accident completely changed the situation.


In front of the Ancestral Temple, the din in the square continued. In fact, the din only gradually died down when ten elders appeared on the stage in front of the Ancestral Temple. After the old tribe leader went into a seclusion, Little Marten, who was supposed to take this opportunity to establish his position, disappeared for a hundred years. Therefore, most of the tribe matters were now handled by these elders and they clearly held a high status in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe.

On the stage, the leader amongst the ten elders was a gray robed old man with white hair. Although he was already quite old, his skin appeared like that of a baby. There was a glint flashing within his gently shut eyes, while an extremely powerful Yuan Power fluctuation spread when he lifted his hand.

This person was the current first elder of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, Zhu Li.

Zhu Li’s eyes slowly swept across the altar square. When he looked at them, many members of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe displayed a respectful expression. However, Little Marten merely nodded to him when he turned to look at Little Marten.

Zhu Li looked at Little Marten, before he nodded his head and withdrew his gaze. However, he secretly sighed in his heart. A hundred years ago, not a single person from the younger generation could match up to the latter. Even Hao Jiuyou, who was now the most outstanding younger generation member, was merely the latter’s lackey at that time. Unfortunately… a hundred years had allowed those behind him to catch up.

“Everyone is well aware of the reason why we have gathered here today. The tribe leader has been in a seclusion for a hundred years and we need someone to handle the tribe matters. However, the tribe leader is not showing any signs of coming out from his seclusion. Hence, the tribe needs to select a tribe leader successor.” Zhu Li’s eyes scanned his surroundings as he spoke in a deep voice.

“There are currently two candidates in the tribe, Ah Diao and Hao Jiuyou. Their reputation within the tribe are equal to each other and the Elder Council has difficulties coming to a conclusion even after a discussion...”

Everyone in the square nodded. Little Marten and Hao Jiuyou. One of them had already made a name for himself in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe a long time ago, while the other had risen in recent years. However, Hao Jiuyou’s performance over the recent years did not lose out to Little Marten’s back then.

It was indeed difficult to pick between the two of them.

“It is precisely because of this that we have finally decided to adopt the most primitive method. The victor shall be king.” Zhu Li slowly said. His eyes drifted towards the calm looking Little Marten when he uttered these words. He had always maintained a neutral position in the tribe. However, in reality, he leaned a little closer to Little Marten’s father. Hence, he also supported Little Marten. However, owing to his status, it was impossible for him to openly support Little Marten as he must remain impartial. After all, that was his responsibility as the first elder of the tribe.

Little Marten and Hao Jiuyou were both powerful experts, who had stepped into the Samsara stage. In fact, even amongst the entire Celestial Demon Marten tribe, the both of them were considered as outstanding members. Hence, after some deliberation, they concluded that the both of them were pretty good candidates for the position of tribe leader successor.

Since it was difficult to make a choice through voting, they could only use the method advocated in the Demonic Beast World. The strongest was king.

“After all that talk, we still end up fighting.” Wu Zhong curled his lips and said.

“This is the easiest and most direct method.” Little Marten replied in a faint voice.

“However, as of now, that fellow is no simple pushover. In fact, his strength is likely not inferior to yours. I really wonder how his strength has soared so rapidly over the last hundred years. Could it be that he has been suppressing it all along?” Wu Zhong frowned. Meanwhile, his tone also became a little more solemn. After all, he had personally witnessed Hao Jiuyou’s shocking rise in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe over the past hundred years. A couple of years ago, the latter had even fought with an elder and defeated him. After which, his reputation within the tribe soared to its peak.

Although Wu Zhong greatly disliked Hao Jiuyou, he did not dare to underestimate the latter’s frightening strength. In fact, even though he had trained for a longer period of time, he knew that he would likely lose in a real fight.

Many voices rose from the originally quiet square after Zhu Li’s voice sounded. A few pairs of eyes continuously stared at Little Marten and Hao Jiuyou, while their eyes contained a look of curiosity. Clearly, they wanted to find out who was the stronger one, out of these two outstanding Celestial Demon Marten tribe members.

“Do the both of you have any objections to the Elder Council’s decision?” Zhu Li looked towards Little Marten and Hao Jiuyou before asking.

Hao Jiuyou smiled slightly and shook his head after hearing this. However, someone standing beside him suddenly asked, “First elder, it is rumoured that someone tried to barge into the Heavenly Cave a couple of days ago. That act is against the rules of the tribe.”

Zhu Li frowned slightly, before he glanced at the person standing beside Hao Jiuyou. He was naturally aware of this matter. However, he did not pursue this matter after considering the fact that Little Marten was worried about his father. Nevertheless, Little Marten had indeed broken the rules of the tribe. By mentioning this now, it was obvious that this person was trying to accuse Little Marten of ignoring the rules of the tribe.

“Haha, first elder, please do not pay any attention to him. Big brother Ah Diao is an extremely rational person and he merely acted reckless in this matter. This is pardonable. Hence, please do not fault big brother Ah Diao.” Hao Jiuyou smiled before chiding the person who had spoken, standing beside him.

“Damnit, this bastard really knows how to put up a show.”

Wu Zhong face turned green in fury. Would that fellow dare to mention this matter if he had not been instructed by Hao Jiuyou? Now, this incident merely ended up bolstering Hao Jiuyou’s reputation.

Little Marten’s handsome face was still devoid of emotions. He merely glanced deeply at a smiling Hao Jiuyou. A smile that was devoid of joy or anger appeared. “Brother Jiuyou, thank you for understanding. I have been gone for a hundred years and my training has been greatly neglected. Hence, I also wish to find out just how much stronger you are compared to back then.”

Hao Jiuyou stared at Little Marten’s handsome face, before his pupils shrunk. As he recalled the latter’s former glory, even someone like him felt his heart shudder.

However, his present self was no longer the same as back then!

I will let everyone know that my present self already stands above you, the previous top genius of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe!

Hao Jiuyou slowly clenched the hands under his sleeves as he slowly stepped forward. A murderous intent lingered over his heart as he stepped forward.