Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1135: Eternal Illusion Demon Flower

Chapter 1135: Eternal Illusion Demon Flower


Chapter 1135: Eternal Illusion Demon Flower

Lin Dong’s face became completely dark and solemn after hearing Yan’s words.

“What is this Eternal Illusion Demon Flower?” Lin Dong softly asked in his heart.

“A terrifying thing within the Yimo tribe. It is rumoured that one must use the blood and flesh of countless lives in order to grow such a flower. Additionally, it requires the blood of an Yimo king to draw out its properties. Finally, an Eternal Illusion Demon Flower will be born after a thousand years.”

Yan’s voice appeared a little grave. “This flower is able to emit a fragrance that humans cannot detect. Moreover, once this fragrance is inhaled into one’s body, one will fall into a never ending hallucination. Once trapped within it, the only way out is the death of one’s body. Moreover, it is practically impossible for outsiders to realise that the victim has fallen into this trap, and they would be under the impression that the victim is in a deep level of training.”

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk slightly, “You mean… all the experts from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe have already fallen into this hallucination state?”

“Yes.” Yan lightly nodded.

“The Yimo have indeed secretly done something to this Heavenly Cave. All the top experts from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe in seclusion here have likely fallen into their trap. This includes the tribe leader of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe.”

Lin Dong let out a long sigh, exhaling some of the shock in his heart. The frightening techniques of Devil Prison caused his heart to tremble a little. This Heavenly Cave was an important territory of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Yet, they were able to trap these secluded top experts here right under the eyes of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Such ability made one’s heart thud with fear. This was the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, one of the four overlord tribes. It was a top tier existence even in the entire world. Yet, it now seemed so weak in the hands of Devil Prison.

No wonder all the tribes and factions in the world had set aside their differences and joined together to fight the Yimo in that ancient era…

“It is exceedingly difficult for those who fall into this state to realise that they are within a hallucination. I’m afraid that they probably currently believe that they have already exited the Heavenly Cave and are living free and leisurely lives…”

Lin Dong pursed his lips as his eyes became increasingly grave. A hallucination that no one could detect. This technique was indeed extremely mysterious.

“Let’s look for Little Marten’s father first.”

Lin Dong sighed softly. The most important thing now was to find Little Marten’s father and see if any accident had occurred. Given the current situation though, there was a ninety percent chance that something had already gone wrong.

Lin Dong held these thoughts in his heart as he quickened his pace. With the faint response from the blood feather in his hand, he swiftly travelled in a certain direction.

Lin Dong once again sensed three places of seclusion along his journey. He was again a little shocked by the “Eternal Illusion Demon Flower” on the walls within these caves. Clearly, all of them had fallen into a hallucination.


Lin Dong’s dashing figure continued for half an hour, before it finally paused. His eyes stared intently at the blood feather in his hand. The dim blood feather had currently regained some light.

“Have we arrived?”

Lin Dong muttered after seeing this. After which, he turned his head to look towards the darkness on his left, extended his hand and gently touched it.


When Lin Dong’s hand came into contact with the dark space, it was possible to see a light ripple spread on it. Soon after, the darkness withdrew and a spacious and quiet cave appeared in Lin Dong’s sights.

This cave was undoubtedly even quieter compared to those few from earlier. A bright candlelight swayed while the place was filled with a calming sandalwood fragrance.

An imposing figure sat on a green stone platform located at the middle of the cave. The figure wore black clothes and his long dark golden hair scattered down from his head. A faint overbearing aura spread outwards. This feeling was as though he was a unique ferocious beast, which could unleash a frightening ferocity at any time.

Lin Dong stared at the imposing figure of the dark golden hair middle-aged man in the cave. Even from here, he was still able to sense the might and pressure that emanated from within the latter’s body. This feeling… was not weaker than that of the Dragon tribe leader.

Evidently, this person should be Little Marten’s father, the current Celestial Demon Marten tribe leader!

“Look at the mountain wall behind him.” Yan’s low voice suddenly sounded while Lin Dong sighed in relief after finding his target.

Lin Dong’s eyes drifted over after hearing this and his pupils abruptly tightened. He could see three black “Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers” gently swaying on the mountain wall behind the imposing figure. Faint black light flowed over their petals.

There were actually three “Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers” in this place!

“Three flowers… this Yimo tribe is really willing to spluge. However, this is the only way for them to trap a peak expert who has stepped into the Reincarnation stage…” Yan clicked his tongue and said.

“He has indeed been caught in their trap.”

Lin Dong knitted his brows. His eyes stared at the quiet cave, but did not dare to casually enter. Since the “Eternal Illusion Demon Flower” was able to trap even a Reincarnation stage expert, Lin Dong would likely end up spending his entire life in a hallucination if he was accidentally caught by it.

“What should we do? How can we pull him out from the hallucination? Should we destroy the Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers?” Lin Dong could only consult the extremely experienced Yan at such a time.

“The hallucination fragrance emitted by the Eternal Illusion Demon Flower has already been absorbed into his body. Therefore, even if you destroy the flowers, you can only wait until the hallucination fragrance within his body is removed. Only then will he automatically awaken.” Yan said.

“How long will that take?” Lin Dong frowned.

“At least half a year.”

Lin Dong’s frown deepened. The Celestial Demon Marten tribe was about to select the tribe leader successor in the next few days. It was obvious that they could not wait half a year.

“How can we remove the hallucination fragrance inside his body?” Since the main problem was the hallucination fragrance that had invaded the body of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe leader, all he could do was to try and think of a way to remove this fragrance.

“Normally, it is impossible to remove this hallucination fragrance, and it can only be gradually consumed.”

“However, there is an extraordinary solution, right?” Given Lin Dong’s understanding of Yan, the latter would most likely have some solution when he spoke in such a manner.

“You are quite quick to catch on… the hallucination fragrance is indeed extremely troublesome. However, it is fortunate that you possess the Ancestor Stone. Back then, my master created me in order to deal with the Yimo tribe. Therefore, this hallucination fragrance is also within the range of my abilities.”

Lin Dong quietly sighed in relief after hearing this. He did not delay any longer. The blood feather in his hand shot out, and the seal on the light screen was broken.

“Yan, protect me.”

A warm white light was emitted from Lin Dong’s body after his voice sounded, thoroughly wrapping around him. Only upon seeing this did Lin Dong’s heart become calm. However, he still retained some vigilance as he stepped into the spacious mountain cave.

Lin Dong sensed an extremely weak and mysterious fragrance enter his nostrils after stepping into the cave and a wave of dizziness immediately swept over his mind. Fortunately, this dizziness was not intense and he quickly recovered. However, shock still flashed across his eyes.

This Eternal Illusion Demon Flower was indeed terrifying. Lin Dong had still been affected even under the protection of the Ancestor Stone. He could imagine how he would have already fallen into a hallucination had he been careless and directly entered this place…

“There is an extremely powerful Yimo king in that ancient era known as the Illusion Devil King. He consumed the Eternal Illusion Demon Flower as food and was able to cause one to fall into an endless hallucination with a wave of his hand. Unless one is a peak expert who has stepped into the Reincarnation stage, everyone, including Samsara stage experts, will only face death before him.” Yan sighed emotionally.

“So powerful?” Lin Dong was a little shakened. A Samsara stage expert was indeed inferior to a Reincarnation stage expert. However, it was not until the extent where the former would have no way to survive. Was that Illusion Devil King really so powerful?

“Aye, many Samsara stage experts died at his hands during the world war back then, and even some Reincarnation stage experts had also been killed by him… eventually, it was the Ice Master who killed him.”

“The Ice Master again.”

Lin Dong felt helpless. The pressure that this name gave him was really huge.


Lin Dong walked within the quiet mountain cave. After which, he paused in front of the stone platform. Now that he was closer, he could sense that overbearing aura from this tribe leader of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was a little similar to that of Little Marten. However, it was not as bewitching as Little Marten’s. Instead, it had an additional pressure and sternness of someone who had occupied a high position for a long time.

Lin Dong simply stared at this black clothed middle-aged man in front of him. His pupils suddenly shrunk in the next moment. This was because he could see that the finger of this person, who ought to have fallen into an hallucination, had suddenly twitched slightly.


Even Yan by the side let out an exclamation upon detecting this change.

“What happened?” Lin Dong asked in a stunned voice. If the leader of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was in a hallucination, it should be impossible for him to detect any outside activity.

“It seems that this Celestial Demon Marten tribe leader is quite impressive. Although he is currently within a hallucination, he likely still detected something. However, he is still not quite certain…” Yan said.

“In other words, it is possible that he, who is in an hallucination, has discovered this fact, but he also holds some doubts over this discovery?”

“That’s right.” Yan nodded. He quickly smiled and said, “This is good. If he has some doubts to begin with, we will have less trouble waking him up. Back then, there were some experts who could not be woken after falling into a hallucination. This is because they believed that the hallucination was the true reality, and the voice waking them was instead the hallucination.

Lin Dong quietly sighed. This method of preventing one from distinguishing between hallucination and reality was really frightening.

“Let’s finish off these Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers first.”

Lin Dong walked around the stone platform and came to the mountain wall. He clenched his hand and black light and lightning danced over it. He was prepared to destroy the main culprit, the Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers.

“Wait, this thing is also a treasure. Don’t simply destroy it.” Yan’s voice suddenly echoed just as Lin Dong was about to destroy the Eternal Illusion Demon Flowers.

“Oh?” Lin Dong was startled. He was clearly unaware of why Yan wanted this thing.

Yan chuckled mischievously. His voice was filled with mystery.

“Heh, from a certain point of view, this Eternal Illusion Demon Flower is a rare and mysterious treasure to those who cultivate Mental Energy. It is likely that you will need to borrow its power to help you breakthrough to the Symbol Grandmaster stage…”