Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1134: Heavenly Cave

Chapter 1134: Heavenly Cave


Chapter 1134: Heavenly Cave

The Heavenly Cave was located at the deepest part of these numerous mountains and it was considered as the forbidden grounds of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Only those who held a high status in the tribe, were qualified to enter and train. However, over the years, the tribe had consistently lost contact with many peak experts who had went inside to enter a cultivation seclusion. Moreover, only after the tribe members combed the place, did they discover their remaining skeletons. This was likely because they had failed while they were trying to make a breakthrough.

It was precisely because of this that ordinary tribe members were forbidden from entering the Heavenly Cave. As such, the Elders Council must give their approval before one could enter.

However, it was obvious that Lin Dong could not use this method to enter the cave.

There was a huge towering mountain standing at the deepest part of the mountain range. A deep and seemingly bottomless huge hole was present at the spot where the many mountains intersected. The huge hole was ten thousand feet in size. Looking from a distance away, it appeared like a black ferocious large mouth and all life which entered it would be devoured by the darkness.

Currently, there were some ancient light symbols floating above the huge black hole. These symbols were connected with each other and they appeared to have formed a barrier, which sealed off this black large hole.

If one was to take a closer look, it would be possible to see some faintly visible elderly figures seated on the mountaintops surrounding the huge hole. Their eyes were shut, giving them the appearance of old monks in meditation. Only the ocean like, vast and mighty Yuan Power ripples around them, allowed one to glimpse the terrifying strength that they possessed.

They were the guardians of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe’s Heavenly Cave.

Wild gales whistled over the mountain forest and the entire area was devoid of life. Not only were members of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe not allowed to enter this place, but even those completely harmless birds and animals were exterminated. In order to ensure that the people within the cave would have a perfect place for a cultivation seclusion, the Celestial Demon Marten tribe had clearly eliminated all possible threats.


However, this silence did not continue for long. Suddenly, the sound of rushing wind appeared. A figure rushed over with lightning like speed. His vast and mighty aura caused the numerous figures near the Heavenly Cave to suddenly opened their eyes. They frowned as they stared at that familiar figure.

“Ah Diao, you are not allowed to step foot on the surrounding grounds of the Heavenly Cave. You should hurry up and leave before the elders discover this.” On a mountaintop, an elderly man with white eyebrows looked at the figure before he spoke in a deep voice.

“My father has not left his seclusion in over a hundred years. I wish to go in and investigate!” Little Marten’s eyes were sharp as he stared at that seemingly bottomless hole and said.

“Ah Diao, undertaking a hundred year cultivation seclusion is a common event for us. Currently, the old tribe leader might be in a critical part of his training and the consequences might be severe if anything goes wrong. Hence, you should not act recklessly.” The elderly man with white eyebrows said.

“However, I feel that something is amiss and I must enter today!” Little Marten’s expression was icy cold. Without saying anything else, he moved his body, directly turning into a ray of light before he shot towards the Heavenly Cave.

“Stop him!” The elderly man with white eyebrows was furious upon seeing this. He immediately cried out loud.


Five figures shot out from the surrounding mountaintops after his cry sounded. Vast and mighty Yuan Power surged like rolling waves, before they swept towards Little Marten without any hesitation.


Little Marten’s eyes sunk slightly after he saw that ferocious attack. Promptly, he extended his hand before purple-black light gathered and formed a ten thousand feet large crescent in his hand. The crescent ripped across the air and cut the monstrous large waves apart.

The eyes of the five guardians became a little stern after they saw that their attacks were broken. They held an extremely high status in the tribe and they had reached the Samsara stage. However, it was unexpected that Little Marten still managed to block their attacks despite the fact that the five of them had attacked together. Although this was in part because they did not use their full strength, Little Marten’s performance still caused them to secretly praise him in their hearts.

However, despite having praises for Little Marten, they did not hesitate when they attacked. The five of them moved and appeared in front of Little Marten. Then, they formed a formation, before vast and mighty Yuan Power surged and a light array directly enveloped Little Marten.

“Boom boom boom!”

Little Marten had also unleashed his full fighting strength. His wild and violent attacks shook the light array until it trembled. In fact, the arms of the five guardians began to tremble slightly.

Wild and violent Yuan Power spread across the sky, stirring a series of violent gales that turned this originally quiet mountain range into a mess.

“This little fellow…”

The elderly man with white eyebrows looked at Little Marten, who was still resisting with his full strength, despite being trapped by the light array in the sky. Following which, he shook his head helplessly. His body moved before he appeared in front of the light array. Extending his palm, the light array began to shrink rapidly. After which, it became just like a prison, that slowly trapped Little Marten within.

“Ah Diao, stop causing trouble. If the Elder Council learns of this, it is likely that you will be reprimanded again. Moreover, your actions will only cause them to think that you are far too reckless and will make a poor tribe leader.” The elderly man with white eyebrows said after he saw that Little Marten was trapped.

“Uncle Bai, my father has really ran into some troubles!” Little Marten stared intently at the elderly man with white eyebrows as he softly cried out.

The elderly man with white eyebrows looked at Little Marten’s solemn expression and felt some uncertainty in his heart. However, he still shook his head and said, “The old tribe leader is not the only one who is undertaking a cultivation seclusion in the Heavenly Cave. There are also some other extremely old beings inside. It might be a little troublesome if you end up disturbing them. For now, you should calm down first and we will not tell the Elder Council about this…”

The few of them sat down in the sky to maintain the array, which had trapped Little Marten within, as they spoke. Little Marten felt helpless in the face of this and he could only sit down. However, there was a glint flashing across his slightly lowered eyes.

At the same time, none of these guardians realized that a symbol located at the edge of the Heavenly Cave had flashed suddenly. A slight gap had appeared on the originally perfect light barrier before a figure dashed inside in a phantom like fashion.

After that figure rushed into the Heavenly Cave, Little Marten’s tensed body, which was being trapped by the array, finally relaxed. The vast and mighty Yuan Power that reverberated around him was also withdrawn into his body.

The elderly man with white eyebrows and the rest sighed in relief when they saw his actions. After which, they waved their sleeves and dismissed the array.

“Ah Diao, go back.” The elderly man with white eyebrows waved his hand and said.

Little Marten took a deep glance at the black Heavenly Cave. Then, without further ado, he turned around and left swiftly.

The elderly man with white eyebrows turned his head to look at the Heavenly Cave after he saw Little Marten departing. Promptly, his brow furrowed gently.

“There seems to be something strange about the cultivation seclusion taken by the tribe leader this time around. I wonder if what Ah Diao said…” A guardian by the side suddenly sighed and said.

“We only have the authority to guard and cannot enter the Heavenly Cave on our own. The tribe leader is extremely powerful. How is it possible for any mishaps to occur to him?” The elderly man with white eyebrows shook his head. He moved his body and hurried back to the mountaintop. Finally, he sat down. However, it was obvious that there was a tinge of worry in his lowered eyes before they were shut.


At this moment, Lin Dong wore a surprised expression as he observed the foreign place around him. With the help of the chaos created by Little Marten, he was able to find an opening to sneak into the Heavenly Cave, which had been sealed. However, after he entered the cave, he was stunned by how unique this place was.

The area around him was not a cave like he had imagined. Instead, it was a dark space in which one could not find one’s sense of direction. This darkness was a little pressurising and the deathly silent environment seemed to be devoid of life.

Lin Dong stood on the same spot and surveyed his surroundings. There were no signs in this dark space. However, he could vaguely sense that there seemed to be dark paths spreading out in all directions under his feet.

The complexity of this Heavenly Cave had exceeded his expectations.

Lin Dong tried to briefly probe his surroundings. However, he did not manage to detect anything. He mused slightly before clenching his hand. Promptly, a dark blood feather appeared in it. It was the Essence Blood Feather of Little Marten’s father.

Lin Dong shut his eyes while holding onto this blood feather. He finally opened them around ten minutes later. His eyes turned to look towards the west. With this blood feather, he was finally able to detect an extremely obscure connection in that direction.

“He should be in that direction.”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. He moved and directly flew in that direction. The Yuan Power within his body also began to circulate as he did so, forming a layer of defence over the surface of his body. This place was mysterious and unfathomable and it was best to be a little extra cautious.

No light was present amidst this darkness. The deathly silence caused fear to arise in one’s heart. However, Lin Dong remained calm. Back when he subdued the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, the darkness and loneliness in that place was several times greater than this.

Lin Dong travelled for an hour before he suddenly stopped. Suddenly, he looked towards his left. It was possible for him to detect a mysterious ripple from that direction. After which, he extended his hand and gently touched the dark space.


The darkness fluctuated when Lin Dong’s hand touched it. After which, it was possible to see the darkness gradually becoming illusory. Behind the darkness, was a cave lit by a dim yellowish candlelight. Meanwhile, a figure was seated within the cave. From his appearance, it seems like he was a top expert from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe.

There was nothing wrong with undertaking a cultivation seclusion in a cave. However, Lin Dong still felt as if something was amiss. As his eyes slowly swept across the cave, a moment later, he focused his attention on the mountain wall on the right of that person. At that spot, there was a octagon shaped black flower growing there. A scent, which an ordinary person had difficulties detecting, was vaguely drifting from it.

“Is that…”

Lin Dong frowned slightly. That black flower was not overtly mysterious, but Lin Dong could feel his two great Ancestral Symbols shaking slightly when he looked at that flower.

“Eternal Illusion Demon Flower.”

Yan’s voice suddenly sounded. Lin Dong could hear some shock and solemness from his voice. This caused his eyelids to twitch violently, while uneasiness began to rise from within his heart.

“The Celestial Demon Marten tribe has indeed been invaded by the Yimo…”