Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1133: Reappearance of Devil Prison

Chapter 1133: Reappearance of Devil Prison


Chapter 1133: Reappearance of Devil Prison

“That person from earlier is currently Little Marten’s greatest rival, right?” Lin Dong glanced back from the corner of his eye after travelling some distance as he softly asked.

“Aye.” Wu Zhong nodded. His expression appeared a little gloomy. As a member of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, he was well aware of that fellow’s capability.

“Humph, if it was not because Ah Diao was ambushed and went missing for a hundred years, how could he possibly challenge Ah Diao? That fellow used to be extremely well-behaved in front of Ah Diao back then.” Wu Zhong coldly snorted.

“That is precisely why he is so formidable.” Lin Dong muttered. Patience was something that he deeply understood. Naturally, he was aware of how difficult it was to deal with such patient people.

“However, that person…”

Lin Dong frowned a little. He did not know if it was because the both of them were not ordinary individuals, but it was possible for him to detect an extremely uncomfortable feeling from Hao Jiuyou.

“Young brother Lin Dong, we have arrived.”

Wu Zhong’s voice was transmitted over while Lin Dong was deep in thought. The latter lifted his head and a quiet courtyard appeared before his eyes. He could make out a familiar figure deep within the courtyard.

The two walked into the courtyard. Quickly after, they saw a tall and thin figure seated within a stone pavilion. The scent of sandalwood emerged from within the stone pavilion, making the scene feel rather tranquil.

The figure opened his tightly shut eyes when the both of them entered. After which, he glanced at Lin Dong and a helpless expression appeared on his handsome face as he said, “It is unexpected that I had to call you over.”

“I am your big brother. Of course you have to call me when there is trouble.” Lin Dong directly sat down in the stone pavilion in a casual manner and grinned.

Little Marten’s lips curled. However, he could detect a travel weary aura from Lin Dong’s body, testament to the fact that the latter had hurried over without rest. This caused a warm feeling to emerge in his heart. An ordinary person did not have the courage to involve themselves in the troubles of his Celestial Demon Marten tribe, but Lin Dong did so without any second thoughts…

“I am already aware of the general situation. It seems that your position as junior tribe leader is about to be snatched away?” Lin Dong went directly to the point. The graveness in his eyes increased as he stared at Little Marten.

Little Marten’s long and narrow eyes narrowed a little. His handsome face was rather stern as he spoke in an icy voice, “He was merely a follower back then. It seems that his ambitions have swelled while I was missing.”

“However… he does have some ability.”

Little Marten paused. His present situation within the tribe was not good at all. Otherwise, given his pride, he definitely would not say such words.

“Back then, you said the reason you were ambushed was because you possess the Ancestor Stone.”

Sharpness gathered within Lin Dong’s black eyes, “Is this related to that Hao Jiuyou?”

From Hao Jiuyou’s current behaviour, it was obvious that he was a person who could really endure. Could it be that the reason he was willing to follow behind Little Marten back then, was because he wanted to try and obtain Little Marten’s trust and find an opportunity to strike?

“There are not many people who knew about the route I took back then. This Hao Jiuyou was indeed one of them.” Little Marten’s face was a little dark as he nodded and replied.

“I knew that fellow is a bad egg.” By the side, Wu Zhong gnashed his teeth and said. He was part of Little Marten’s faction and naturally did not have any good feelings for this Hao Jiuyou, who was attempting to snatch Little Marten’s position.

“However, we do not have any evidence and it will be useless even if we tell the elders. After all, Hao Jiuyou currently has their trust. If I speak of this matter, it might end up leading the elders to believe that I am making up excuses in an attempt to hurt his reputation.” Little Marten said.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. After all, Little Marten had been missing for a hundred years. The prestige that he enjoyed in the tribe could not be compared with back then. Additionally, his father, the current Celestial Demon Marten tribe leader, was still in an extremely long seclusion.

“What can I do to help?” Lin Dong looked at Little Marten. Soon after, he smiled and said, “I am now also the Dragon tribe’s Punishment Elder. This status is likely quite high even to your Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Although I cannot use the Dragon tribe’s power, it will still be of some help to your prestige.

“Dragon tribe’s Punishment Elder?”

Little Marten and Wu Zhong were stunned upon hearing these words and blankly stared at Lin Dong. As one of the four overlord tribes, they were naturally well aware of what kind of authority and position this Punishment Elder of the Dragon tribe possessed. However, they could not imagine that the Dragon tribe had actually given this position to Lin Dong.

“Something happened within the Dragon tribe. After which, they insisted that I become this so called Punishment Elder.” Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders but did not explain in detail.

“The status of the Dragon tribe’s Punishment Elder is indeed rather high, but the help that I hope to get from you does not require this.” Little Marten smilingly said.

“What is it?”

Little Marten pursed his lips. He waved his sleeve and a circular light barrier covered the stone pavilion. After which, his somewhat low voice was slowly emitted, “I wish for you to go to the Heavenly Cave where my father is in deep seclusion. He has been in seclusion for a hundred years this time and there has been no news from inside. There was no response even when I sent a message to him. Therefore… I suspect that he has met with some trouble inside the Heavenly Cave, or maybe I should say… he has been trapped.”


Wu Zhong by the side stood up after Little Marten spoke. Shock filled his face. Clearly, he had been greatly frightened by Little Marten’s conclusion.

Lin Dong frowned slightly. Little Marten’s father was the tribe leader of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe and his strength was definitely quite terrifying. How was it possible to trap him for a hundred years without alerting the other members of the tribe?

“Some of those extremely old fellows in our Celestial Demon Marten tribe frequently go into seclusion for over a hundred years. As such, it seems that there is nothing wrong with this seclusion of my father. Hence, the other elders did not think anything was amiss.”

Little Marten’s eyes faintly contained an eerie look. Soon after, he continued, “However, half a month ago, I attempted to approach the Heavenly Cave, only to be stopped by two elders. These two elders belonged to Hao Jiuyou’s faction.”

“Perhaps the reason that they did not allow you to easily enter the Heavenly Cave is because they do not wish for you to disturb those in seclusion inside?” Wu Zhong said with some uncertainty.

“That also makes sense. However… my father had once left me his essence blood feather. Not long ago, it had gradually began to change in appearance.” Little Marten extended his slender hand. There was a blood color feather in his palm. However, this originally brilliant feather had currently become extremely dim and the life force ripple lingering within it was weakening.


Wu Zhong was astonished when he saw this. He hurriedly said, “Why did you not inform the many elders about this?”

“Cultivation seclusion does involve some risks. The magnitude of such risks varies. A minor problem can lead to injuries, while a more serious one can lead to death. If Little Marten passed this information to those elders, they will only think that something went wrong during your tribe leader’s seclusion. One cannot recklessly disturb him at such a critical moment.” Lin Dong shook his head and said.

“It is not because something went wrong during his training.”

Little Marten’s handsome face appeared exceptionally dark and cold at this moment. His fingertip traced the blood feather and blood light surged on it, forming two extremely obscure words. ‘Devil Prison’.

“Devil Prison? What is that?”

Wu Zhong was a little lost when he saw these words. On the other hand, Lin Dong’s expression instantly changed drastically. He was not unfamiliar with this name, because those powerful Yimo which had attacked Divine Flame Hall had come from this extremely mysterious and powerful faction!

“Do you know what this is?” Little Marten asked in surprise after seeing Lin Dong’s expression.

“A mysterious organisation formed by the Yimo. Come to think about it, it is likely the most terrifying faction in this world…” Lin Dong sighed softly. After which, he briefly described his experiences back at Flame Divine Hall.

“I was able to guess that this matter might be related to the Yimo. However, I never expected that… it is actually an organisation.” Little Marten muttered to himself. Soon after, his expression became ferocious. “These damn things have actually unknowingly invaded my Celestial Demon Marten tribe!”

Lin Dong also deeply inhaled a breath of air as he suppressed the shock within his heart. The methods of this ‘Devil Prison’ were really far too amazing. They were actually able to gain access to one of the four overlord tribes, the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, without anyone realising. Moreover, they had even managed to trap the tribe leader, who was in seclusion within the Heavenly Cave.

“Even though the strength of that ‘Devil Prison’ can be described as monstrous, it will be difficult for them to pull of such a thing all by themselves. Unless…” Little Marten slowly tightly clenched his slender hands as green veins revealed themselves.

“Unless they have an inside agent.”

Lin Dong sighed and finished the sentence for Little Marten. A Celestial Demon Marten tribe was perhaps no match for the strength of the Devil Prison, but if the latter wished to do something like this without anyone in the entire Celestial Demon Marten tribe realising, they would need someone familiar with what was going on within the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. In order to do this, there must be an inside agent providing them such information.

In other words, there was a spy in their Celestial Demon Marten tribe.

“Which son of a bitch?!” Wu Zhong’s eyes were sinister while a dense murderous aura surged from within his body. He was clearly unusually furious.

Little Marten smiled. However, his smile gave off a sinister feeling. “Who else can it be?”

“Hao Jiuyou.”

Lin Dong pursed his lips. Who else could it be other than that fellow who had suddenly sprung up within the Celestial Demon Marten tribe and was attempting to seize power?

“I will kill that bastard!”

Wu Zhong rose while his murderous aura surged. However, he immediately sat back down upon being chided by Little Marten, “This is entirely a deduction of ours. How will you kill him?”

Wu Zhong clenched his teeth and replied. “Then what should we do? If that fellow really manages to gain the highest authority within the tribe, wouldn’t our Celestial Demon Marten tribe be finished?!”

Little Marten was silent. He glanced at Lin Dong and helplessly said, “Now, all we can do is rely on you…”

He was aware that even though Lin Dong did not appear to possess astonishing strength, it was likely that none of them could compare with him in terms of familiarity with regards to the Yimo.

Lin Dong nodded. He mused for a moment, before slowly speaking, “Both of you should find an opportunity to send me into the Heavenly Cave for me to investigate. The only way to turn the current situation around is to rescue your father. Otherwise, no one will believe you.”

Little Marten nodded and said, “We can only rely on you.”

“Don’t worry.”

Lin Dong smiled. He had fought with the Yimo far too many times over the years. The current him was likely already able to receive the title of Yimo specialist…