Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1132: Little Marten’s Trouble

Chapter 1132: Little Marten’s Trouble


Chapter 1132: Little Marten’s Trouble

A middle-aged man seated anxiously in the front hall when Lin Dong arrived. This person was not unfamiliar. He was one of the three Samsara stage experts who had come along with Little Marten to the Beast War Region back then.

The middle-aged man noticed Lin Dong the moment the latter entered the front hall. He hurriedly stood up, cupped his fists together and said, “Young brother Lin Dong, I am Wu Zhong. Please forgive me for disturbing you.”

“Big brother Wu Zhong is too polite.”

Lin Dong shook his head, but his eyes were a little grave. He stared at Wu Zhong and went straight to the point, “Has Little Marten encountered some trouble?”

Wu Zhong’s expression was equally grave. He slowly nodded and replied, “Something has happened in the tribe. It is quite troublesome to deal with and Ah Diao has asked me to invite you over.”

“What is it?” Lin Dong frowned.

Wu Zhong’s eyes swept around the place. After seeing that there were no outsiders, he hesitated a little before replying, “I believe Ah Diao has mentioned to you before that he is one of the candidates for the next leader of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe?”

Lin Dong nodded.

“Ah Diao was the most outstanding talent in our tribe a hundred years ago. At that time, he was not only the strongest amongst the candidates, but also had the greatest support in the tribe. If nothing went wrong, he would successfully become the next tribe leader once the old tribe leader retires.” Wu Zhong said.

“However, something unexpected happened…” Lin Dong muttered. It was perhaps because of that incident that Little Marten’s soul fragment would hide inside the Ancestor Stone and eventually meet him.

Wu Zhong nodded. His eyes faintly turned a little gloomy. “A hundred years ago, Ah Diao was ambushed by a mysterious individual when he was away from the tribe. He fled with serious injuries and this lasted for almost a hundred years.”

“Some disagreements emerged in the tribe during the hundred years that he had been missing. After all, no one knew if Ah Diao was still alive at that time. Moreover, another candidate who posed the greatest threat to Ah Diao had suddenly risen.”

“This person’s talent was not inferior to that of Ah Diao. However, he appeared extremely ordinary in the past and did not show any of his ambition. Who could have imagined that he would immediately defeat all the other competitors in a strong manner after Ah Diao went missing. Moreover, he was also very efficient. During the last hundred years, he managed to pull some of the elders, who originally supported Ah Diao, to his side.”

Wu Zhong sighed helplessly after saying this. “Although Ah Diao has returned, this person’s wings have already hardened and his reputation within the tribe now surpasses even Ah Diao’s.”

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed slightly. This was someone who really knew how to patiently bide his time. Looks like he was indeed a difficult person to deal with. No wonder he was able to push Little Marten to such an extent.

“That’s right, who does your Celestial Demon Marten tribe leader support?” Lin Dong suddenly asked. As the leader of the tribe, it was obvious that his decision was of the greatest importance.

“The old tribe leader is Ah Diao’s father and it is only natural for him to support Ah Diao. However, after Ah Diao’s disappearance, tribe leader entered the Heavenly Cave to undergo a deep seclusion. He has not dealt with any matters of the tribe in the last hundred years. Currently, the elders are the ones who make the decisions together. It is also precisely because the tribe leader has undertaken such a long seclusion, that the tribe has decided to determine the successor to help manage the affairs in the tribe.”

Wu Zhong laughed bitterly. “However, if the selection of the next tribe leader takes place now, Ah Diao’s chances of victory are not high. Once that Hao Jiuyou becomes the tribe leader successor, given the former’s methods, it is likely that Ah Diao’s support will gradually decline over time. At that time, even if tribe leader leaves his seclusion, he will likely not be able to settle this problem.”

“Hao Jiuyou.” Lin Dong softly repeated to himself. Was this that troublesome competitor of Little Marten.

“The tribe plans to discuss the matter of the successor in five days. Ah Diao sent me to invite you to the Celestial Marten tribe before this happens.” Wu Zhong felt a little uncertain in his heart when he uttered these words. It was likely that he did not understand Little Marten’s decision. Although Lin Dong was strong, he was far from able to influence the decision of the many elders within the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. What use would it be to invite him at such a time?

Although he felt such uncertainty in his heart, Wu Zhong did not dare to go against Little Marten’s orders. Hence, he did not reveal any signs of his inner thoughts on the surface.

“Did Little Marten say anything else?” Lin Dong looked at Wu Zhong and asked.

Wu Zhong thought for a moment after hearing this, before he replied in a somewhat lost manner, “Ah Diao has only asked me to do as he says. He said that you might perhaps be able to help him resolve some trouble. I do not really understand why he said this.”

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. He slowly nodded a moment later and asked, “When shall we leave?”

He also did not completely understand what Little Marten meant. However, Lin Dong would not reject Little Marten’s request for his help.

“Immediately!” Wu Zhong said in a deep voice. The situation in the tribe was extremely pressing. He still wished to hurry back and help share some of the burden Little Marten faced.

“Then let’s get going.”

Lin Dong did not hesitate. He turned his head and looked at the worried expression on Little Flame. With a smile, he said, “You should remain here. The Four Titans Palace has only recently stabilized and it still needs you to look over it. I will handle the matter on Little Marten’s side.”

Little Flame could only nod his head after hearing this. Compared to the Four Titans Palace, it was clear that he held Little Marten in higher regard. However, he had yet to step into the Samsara stage. Even if he did go, it would be difficult for him to be of much help to Little Marten. Rather than going, it was better for him to stay.

“Be careful big brother.”

Little Flame said in a low voice. He was able to tell that Little Marten’s situation was far from ideal from Wu Zhong’s words. It was likely that Lin Dong would encounter quite a lot of trouble in this trip.

Lin Dong nodded. He did not delay any longer as his body took the lead to walk forward while Wu Zhong closely followed behind.


The Celestial Demon Marten tribe was located in the southwest area of the Demon Region where a region that was extremely renowned even in the entire Demon Region was located. Its name was the Celestial Demon Region and it belonged to one of the four overlord tribes, the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. They were true overlords in this place. All the tribes within this region maintained an extremely respectful attitude towards this great being.

It was two days later when the Lin Dong duo reached the Celestial Demon Region. When they arrived, they did not stop and continued towards the Celestial Demon Mountain Range located at the deepest part of the Celestial Demon Region.

There were many huge mountains that stretched on endlessly deep within the Celestial Demon Region. These towering mountains were precipitous and treacherous. Extremely fierce winds were also present in the sky. Even a Profound Death stage expert would have difficulty flying for a long time in this place.

Wu Zhong released a whistle after reaching the Celestial Demon Mountain Range, summoning a huge blood condor over as a steed. After which, both of them proceeded to cross many mountains. An hour later, a continuous stretch of ancient large halls emerged on the mountains. At the same time, many powerful and overbearing auras also appeared within Lin Dong’s perception.

Some ferocious looking giant birds would occasionally fly past in flocks over this mountain range. These Demonic Beasts similarly possessed powerful auras, creating a natural defence in this place.

It seemed that the defences of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe had become extremely tight during this period of time. Even though Lin Dong was led by Wu Zhong, he was still vigilantly checked before being allowed to enter.

“These people are really becoming less and less discreet. They actually dare to check someone Ah Diao has invited!” Lin Dong was unconcerned about such checks, but Wu Zhong’s face had turned a little green. Who would dare to check someone they brought along in the past?

Lin Dong smiled and comforted Wu Zhong after seeing the furious appearance of the latter. At the same time, the graveness he felt in his heart deepened. It seemed that the person called Hao Jiuyou was indeed rather capable. He had actually managed to gradually weaken Little Marten’s prestige in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe to such an extent.

The two directly headed for the depths of the mountain cluster. Ten minutes later, Wu Zhong landed on a towering mountain peak with Lin Dong closely behind. The moment he landed, he saw Wu Zhong’s body stiffen. After which, he lifted his head and saw a couple of figures heading towards them.

There was a man in gray black robes at the front of the few figures. He appeared quite young. His face was also handsome but it appeared slightly feminine. His thin lips were pursed while the corners of his lips raised, forming a smile that made one feel uneasy.

Lin Dong’s eyes were focused on the gray black figure as his pupils tightened. It was possible for him to detect a relatively powerful aura from the latter’s body. It had clearly reached the Samsara stage.

Lin Dong glanced at the uneasy looking Wu Zhong, before once again looking at the man who was walking over as some thoughts emerged in his heart.

“Ha ha, has big brother Wu Zhong went out on some errand?” The man walked over and smiled warmly towards Wu Zhong. His smile was sincere.

Wu Zhong laughed dryly after hearing this as he nodded, “I have brought a friend to visit the tribe. This shouldn’t be a problem right, junior tribe leader Hao Jiuyou?”

Within the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, anyone who was a tribe leader candidate could be called junior tribe leader.

Hao Jiuyou.

Lin Dong pursed his lips.

Hao Jiuyou chuckled. His emotionless and unrevealing eyes glanced at Lin Dong. The latter could clearly see a cold look deep within those eyes in that instant.

“This friend should be that friend of Ah Diao called Lin Dong, right?” Hao Jiuyou smilingly said.

Wu Zhong’s expression slightly altered. It was clear that he did not expect that even such information was in the hands of this Hao Jiuyou.

However, there was no change in Lin Dong’s expression. He merely smiled towards Hao Jiuyou and cupped his hands together in a courteous manner.

“Ha ha, anyone who visits is a guest. Brother Lin Dong should enjoy yourself within the tribe. You can look for me if there are any problems.” Hao Jiuyou observed Lin Dong before speaking in a friendly manner.

Lin Dong smilingly nodded. The vigilance he felt in his heart towards this Hao Jiuyou rose slightly. If it was not because Wu Zhong had told him about this fellow, it was likely that even Lin Dong would have a good impression of this person on their first meeting. This person… was indeed no ordinary individual.

“Junior tribe leader Jiuyou, there are still some matters that we need to attend to. We will be taking our leave.”

Wu Zhong was clearly unwilling to chat with Hao Jiuyou. After uttered these words, he pulled Lin Dong as they passed the group. After which, they swiftly disappeared into the distance.

Hao Jiuyou merely smiled faintly in response to Wu Zhong’s actions. He turned his head and looked at Lin Dong’s fading figure as the warm smile on his lips gradually vanished.

“Junior tribe leader Jiuyou, for that Lin Dong to come to the Celestial Demon Marten tribe at such a time… “ A person beside Hao Jiuyou softly said.

Hao Jiuyou chuckled. Soon after, he walked forward. His voice vaguely contained a chilling feeling as it quietly spread.

“Even Ah Diao has ended up in such a state because of me. What more a mere advance Profound Death stage human brat?”