Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1131: Great Unification

Chapter 1131: Great Unification


Chapter 1131: Great Unification

Luo Tong was ultimately unable to get the Four Divine Beast Immortal Suppression Pillars back from Lin Dong, clearly making him extremely furious. However, the sudden revelations of Lin Dong’s Punishment Elder identity had evidently increased Luo Tong’s wariness of the former. Hence, even though he looked at Lin Dong with incomparably venomous eyes, he could only bring along a heart full of murderous intent as he withdrew with Teng Feng and the rest. They left the Demonic Beast Ancient Plains in a rather defeated manner.

Lin Dong stood in the sky as he watched the large Mang Mountain army gradually recede like the tide. Only then did his tensed body gradually relax as fatigue swept across it, causing his limbs to feel rather weak. This bitter battle had not been easy at all, but it could not be helped. After all, there was still a tremendous gap between his strength and a true Samsara stage expert.

Although the Sky Battle Arena battle had ended in a draw with Mang Mountain this time, Lin Dong understood that the main reason why Luo Tong had endured his anger and withdrew was because of the Dragon tribe’s presence.

“Managed to use someone else’s name to intimidate others for once.”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. He was well aware that there was little relation between Four Titans Palace and the Dragon tribe. However, from a certain point of view, the Dragon tribe’s willingness in handing the Punishment Seal to him also vaguely meant something. It was likely that the Dragon tribe would not speak up as long as he did not do anything too ridiculous. Even if the Dragon tribe was to learn of this matter, their silence would be a sort of acknowledgement. This was because they understood that Lin Dong, who possessed the Primal Dragon Bone, had a potential that they highly valued.

“I will treat this as owing the Dragon tribe a favor. This favor will be repaid when I have the opportunity to do so in the future.” Lin Dong smiled. He was someone who always returned any favors given to him ten times over. Such favors would always be remembered deep within his heart.

“We should also leave.” Lin Dong turned his head and looked towards Little Flame, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the others as he chuckled and said.


Little Flame nodded and the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio exchanged a look with each other. None of them had any objections. If they had some ill feelings with regards to Lin Dong being the leader of the alliance before, these feelings had now completely disappeared with the end of the big battle. Lin Dong had used his strength to make them all understand that he did possess the qualifications to hold such a position.

Moreover, as the Punishment Elder of the Dragon tribe, only he was able to provide Four Titans Palace with a powerful backing that allowed them to be unafraid of Mang Mountain.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio turned their eyes away. They gazed at the endless sea of people on the plains as their eyes became a little excited. All of them were aware that from today onwards, Four Titans Palace would become the true overlord of the Beast War Region. Moreover, their names would spread throughout the entire Demonic Beast World at a frightening speed.

At that time, their reputation would become far greater than what it had been before.


The clash between the two huge factions finally came to an end on the Demonic Beast Ancient Plains. The shock that originated from the end of this fight spread in an extremely short period of time.

The final outcome of a tie had clearly exceeded the expectations of the majority. After all, there was a rather huge gap between the newly born Four Titans Palace had Mang Mountain. Yet, who could imagined that Four Titans Palace, which appeared to face certain defeat at the beginning, would actually manage to forcibly reverse the situation and end the match in a draw?

Moreover, even though this earthshaking fight had ended in a draw, everyone could tell that victory still belonged to Four Titans Palace. This was because they had managed to completely block the ferocious attacks of Mang Mountain.

From this moment forth, the newly born Four Titans Palace was finally truly able to establish themselves in the Beast War Region. The powerful existences within the other regions also did not dare to easily slight this newly formed faction. After all, no matter how one put it, the example of Mang Mountain was there for all to see. Moreover, Lin Dong’s so called Dragon tribe’s Punishment Elder identity also let others understood that there was a frighteningly large being behind Four Titans Palace.

With the Dragon tribe as a deterring force, Four Titans Palace was clearly able to safely exit its development stage and finally become a powerful faction which possess the ability to protect itself.

The shock created from that fight on the Demonic Beast Ancient Plains was clearly tremendous. Even after ten days, the entire Beast War Region was clearly still in an uproar over the matter.

Amidst this uproar, the situation of the Beast War Region was also stealthily changing. In the past, this region was extremely chaotic and the various factions did not see eye to eye with each other. Now however, this region had a colossus with the ability to subdue any other faction.

With the appearance of this colossus, it was naturally unwilling to allow the enormous territory it owned to be in a mess. Now that the external problem had been resolved, it was time to make Four Titans Palace the only overlord of this Beast War Region.

Achieving such complete dominance was obviously not an easy task.

The were originally eight Demon Commanders in the Beast War Region and the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio were the strongest amongst them. Other than the previous Demon Commander Xu Zhong of Deep Lightning Mountain, who had been killed by Lin Dong and the rest, there were still four other Demon Commanders. All of them were relatively famous leaders in this Beast War Region and clearly posed some obstruction to Four Titans Palace’s desire to completely occupy the Beast War Region.

After all, even though they were reliant on the three great Demon Commanders in the past, they still possessed some autonomy and were fully deserving leaders in their territories. However, once they merged with Four Titans Palace, their prestige as leaders would definitely be reduced and they might even become restricted by others.

Therefore, they naturally felt some resistance in their hearts with regards to the reduction of their prestige and Lin Dong was also well aware of this. Hence, he invited the four Demon Commanders to the current headquarters of Four Titans Palace, Deep Lightning Mountain. An hour later, the four Demon Commanders finally chose to fully merge with Four Titans Palace under the indifferent eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, Ghost Condor Demon Commander and Golden Ape Demon Commander.

It was not overly difficult to convince these four. Lin Dong merely calmly informed them that there will no longer be any other independent factions within the Beast War Region in the future. Otherwise, such a faction would be the enemy of Four Titans Palace, and Four Titans Palace could only eliminate its enemies.

Hence, there were only two choices for them, join Four Titans Palace or be exterminated.

This was overbearing and merciless. However, Lin Dong understood this was the only way to completely suppress these extremely proud and untamable Demon Commanders.

Of course, besides his overbearing approach, Lin Dong had naturally promised them some benefits. The most attractive thing for these Demon Commanders was to own a powerful divine object. Such an item possessed a great allure for people like them.

Faced with this carrot and stick approach, even the four Demon Commanders could only submit. The current Four Titans Palace was an existence which possessed a strength comparable to five Samsara stage experts. What could they do against it with their strength?

Moreover, they also did not lack ambition. On their own, it was likely that they would not be able to achieve much in their lifetime. Instead of this, it was better to fight together with Four Titans Palace. The fact that they had the backing of the Dragon tribe gave them a little pride when mentioned to others.

With the submission of the four Demon Commanders, the following matters became much easier to deal with. In response to the recruitment of Four Titans Palace, most factions within the Beast War Region chose to submit after some thought. Of course, there were naturally some exceptions.

However, these exceptions gradually disappeared after Little Flame led the Tiger Devouring Army and completely eliminated the most vocal opposition.

Hence, the entire Beast War Region was in an extremely lively integration phase. Many small factions flowed like streams, entering Four Titans Palace. This allowed its originally enormous body to grow increasingly big and powerful.

Of course, such an integration was only at the initial stage. It still required a long period of time in order to completely build up a strong metal bucket like Four Titans Palace, and they similarly needed substantial time to increase their cohesiveness. Lin Dong had given the authority to do this to Little Flame and the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio. He was indeed not very proficient when it came to such matters. After all, he did not possess the terrifying ability to command like Tang Xinlian. The latter could even manage the enormous Flame Divine Hall in such an orderly manner that even her teacher Mo Luo could not intervene.

Although the Beast War Region was chaotic all year round, there were several hidden experts within it. Lin Dong believed that if he was to properly draw in and absorb these people, the potential that Four Titans Palace had would definitely far surpass that of Mang Mountain.

When that time came, it might perhaps be time for him to truly return to the Eastern Xuan Region.

He had said back then that the day he returned to the Eastern Xuan Region would be the day that Yuan Gate shall be destroyed. Returning alone would really be a little lacking with regards to the intimidation factor…

After Lin Dong handed the many matters of Four Titans Palace to Little Flame’s group, he quietly entered into cultivation seclusion. During his fight with Luo Tong, he could sense the inadequacy of his cultivation level. His insufficient strength caused him to be unable to fight for prolonged periods of time. Although Luo Tong had lost at the Demonic Beast Ancient Plains, it did not mean the he had truly been defeated by Lin Dong. As an extremely strong expert from the Nine Phoenix tribe, he definitely possessed some other techniques. Hence, it was hard to say who would be the victor in a true death match.

Therefore, he must continue to raise his strength…

However, this quiet training of Lin Dong only lasted for seven days before he was awoken from his training by Little Flame. Lin Dong immediately saw the latter’s grim expression when he exited the training room.

“What is it?” Lin Dong slightly narrowed his eyes.

Little Flame looked at Lin Dong and hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Someone from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe has arrived. He seems to have been sent by second brother.”

Lin Dong’s pupils instantly shrunk upon hearing these words. Given his understanding of Little Marten, the latter was an extremely proud person and would try to solve any problems he face on his own no matter how large they were. Yet, Little Marten had gotten a messenger to deliver a message from within the tribe.

“Looks like… that fellow has encountered a very troublesome matter.”

Lin Dong chuckled. He looked at the somewhat anxious face of Little Flame as an extremely sharp light gathered in his black eyes.

Wanting to touch a brother of his… was not going to be so easy.