Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1130: It’s Over

Chapter 1130: It’s Over


Chapter 1130: It’s Over


The land continuously collapsed while it trembled. In a couple of breaths, a ten thousand feet large deep black hole had appeared in the plains below. Meanwhile, there were huge cracks at the edge of the dark hole and they grew like a spiderweb…

Countless onlookers were staring at this scene, which was taking place right in front of them. Promptly, their heartbeats increased violently. After which, they suddenly lifted their heads to look at the only figure still standing in the sky.

That figure was skinny yet fearsome. He was Lin Dong!

However, Lin Dong currently looked extremely miserable. The flesh on both of his arms were completely stripped and only his bare bones remained. Meanwhile, there were jade colour bones protruding on the surface of his body and more than half of the flesh on his body had vanished.

Fortunately, Lin Dong’s internal organs were protected by his Primal Dragon Bone. As a result, they were not eroded by the Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light. Nonetheless, Lin Dong was still severely wounded!


Heavy and chaotic breaths were emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth. His body was also tremblingly slightly owing to the intense pain from having his flesh stripped. His originally sharp and fearsome aura had became extremely weary, while the purple-gold luster in his eyes had also vanished.

This intense battle was far too exhausting for him.

Luo Tong was extremely formidable. If not for the fact that Lin Dong had obtained the Primal Dragon Bone, it was highly likely that he would have suffered a crushing defeat thanks to the Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light.

A faint Yuan Power circulated within Lin Dong’s body. It was filled with life as it flowed and began to repair Lin Dong’s seriously wounded body. After which, traces of blood and flesh began to appear on his naked bones. However, from the looks of it, he would need quite some time in order to make a complete recovery.

While restoring the lost flesh on his body, Lin Dong’s dim but sharp eyes continued to stare at the huge pit below. According to the rules of the Sky Battle Arena, anyone who lands on the ground was considered as the loser. Therefore, this meant that Luo Tong had lost.

However, defeat was not the same as death. Previously, Lin Dong had ruthlessly went all out and used his bone palm to cripple one of Luo Tong’s arms. However, such injuries were evidently unable to kill him.

No one knew whether Luo Tong would attack him again in anger. Moreover, it was likely that even Lin Dong would find it difficult to deal with an enraged Nine Phoenix tribe, ultimate Samsara stage expert.

“Luo Tong, I know that you are still alive. What are you doing hiding below instead of coming out?” After waiting for a moment, when Lin Dong saw that Luo Tong had not surfaced, he quickly chuckled and said.


Lin Dong’s voice had just sounded when countless huge rocks shot out from within that huge pit. Following which, a miserable figure appeared in the sky.

Countless pairs of eyes turned to look before they saw that Luo Tong’s body was covered with fresh blood. Moreover, one of his arms was broken. As fresh blood continuously flowed from his broken arm, it gave him quite a miserable appearance.

Currently, Luo Tong’s aura was also a little sluggish. It seems like he had sustained severe injuries as well.

“You… you…”

Luo Tong’s eyes turned bright red. His fingers were trembling as he pointed at Lin Dong. His face was covered with ferocity, killing desire and embarrassment. Never did he imagine that he would be defeated by Lin Dong!

He, the Mysterious king of Mang Mountain, would actually be defeated by a human, who was merely at the advance Profound Death stage?!

Lin Dong stared coldly at a fearsome looking Luo Tong. Meanwhile, there was a faint black lightning arc dancing on his bone palm. Although he was severely drained, it did not mean that he did not have any skills left.

“Luo Tong, you have already lost. Do you really plan on going back on your own words in front of so many people?”

Little Flame’s cold cry suddenly resounded. After which, a rushing wind sound appeared before a couple of figures directly appeared in front of Lin Dong. They surrounded and protected him. It was Little Flame and the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

When they saw that Little Flame’s group had made a move, Teng Feng’s group, who had been closely observing them, also swiftly appeared beside Luo Tong. They wore fearsome expressions as they stared back at Lin Dong’s group.

The leaders of both parties stared at each other, while their massive armies also tensed up. From the looks of it, a huge war would break out should a mishap occur.

The surrounding observers were all startled by this lineup. Promptly, many powerful individuals quickly frowned. Luo Tong had indeed lost the fight. Does he intend to go back on his own word?

The Demonic Beast World worshiped strength. Since Luo Tong had already lost, he would only turn into a joke if he tried to look for an excuse.

“Big brother Luo Tong.”

When Teng Feng saw those somewhat peculiar expressions, he hesitated for a moment. If Luo Tong was to truly lose control and attack in anger, it would severely damage their Mang Mountain’s reputation.

Luo Tong’s ferocious eyes stared intently at Lin Dong. The murderous intent in his eyes seemed to be about to solidify. However, he was still rational and even at a junction like this, he did not allow his murderous desire to override his sense of reasoning. Instead, he inhaled a deep breath of air before his trembling body slowly began to calm down.

“The five rounds of the Sky Battle Arena have ended. My Four Titans Palace has two wins and one draw. Hence, the final result should be a draw. There should be no objections from your side, am I right?” Lin Dong asked faintly.

Being able to end this fight with a draw was an extremely satisfactory outcome for the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s group. Although they were also Samsara stage experts, they were a little weaker when compared to the five great chiefs of Mang Mountain. Moreover, the other party was large in size and they possessed powerful divine objects. Hence, they knew that they were definitely no match for the Mang Mountain in a real fight. However, Lin Dong had managed to turn this hopeless situation into a draw. Hence, this was an extremely joyous matter for them.

With regards to victory, they have never seriously entertained the possibility of it happening. After all, the five great chiefs of Mang Mountain were not ordinary individuals and even Lin Dong had only managed to turn the situation around by utilizing his full strength.

Compared to the joy from the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s group, the expressions of Luo Tong’s group were exceptionally ugly. That was because they did not expect that their Mang Mountain would actually end up with a draw against the newly formed Four Titans Palace. Hence, they knew that they would become the butt of jokes once news of this incident spread.

However, this was a fact and they were unable to change it. Hence, their faces could only maintain a gloomy expression as they accepted this extremely stifling result in front of countless pairs of stunned onlookers.

“Since all of you are willing to accept it, let’s end today’s Sky Battle Arena fight. You guys from the Mang Mountain should return to where you came from. This Beast War Region will be the territory of my Four Titans Palace in the future.” Lin Dong smiled towards Luo Tong’s group. However, his smile caused one to shudder involuntarily when accompanied by his current appearance.

“Are you qualified to utter such words?!” Teng Huo cried out furiously.

“I can fight with you again if you are unwilling to accept the result!” Little Flame took a step forward. The ferocious aura radiating from him was frightening and his brutal aura caused Teng Huo to be stunned.

“Lin Dong, my Mang Mountain has truly underestimated you this time around. However, do you really think that your Four Titans Palace has the ability to oppose my Mang Mountain? You should not forget that behind the Mang Mountain, stands the Nine Phoenix tribe!” Teng Feng’s eyes sunk as he coldly stated.

Indeed, even though they were able to end this Sky Battle Arena fight in a draw, the overall strength of the Mang Mountain exceeds the Four Titans Palace. Moreover, they had a powerful backer. Henceforth, all Mang Mountain had to do was to find an excuse to invade them again and what could the Four Titans Palace do then?

Without a powerful backer, a weak alliance like the Four Titans Palace was basically worthless!

“Your Mang Mountain has the Nine Phoenix tribe, but my Four Titans Palace has the Dragon tribe.” Lin Dong lowered his eyelids before he casually said.

“Dragon tribe?”

Luo Tong’s group were stunned at this moment. A ridicule involuntarily rose on the corner of their lips. They glanced at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. “Could it be because of this Six Winged Flying Dragon, who isn’t even considered as a genuine member of the Dragon tribe?”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s eyes became ruthless upon witnessing their expressions. He was just about to blow up when Lin Dong gently patted his shoulder. Following which, Lin Dong could not be bothered to say anything unnecessary to Luo Tong’s group. Instead, with a clench of his hand, a purple-gold dragon seal appeared before a mysterious pressure spread.

“I am the Dragon tribe’s newly appointed Punishment Elder. Do you have any other questions?”

Lin Dong’s calm voice spread in the sky. Not only did the voices of Luo Tong’s group vanish in an instant, but even the plains below suddenly became quiet. Many pairs of eyes stared in shock at Lin Dong, who was hovering in the sky while holding onto a dragon seal.

Dragon’s tribe… newly appointed Punishment Elder? Is this a joke?

The ridiculing expressions on the faces of Luo Tong’s group stilled a little at a time. They were stunned as they stared at the Punishment Seal in Lin Dong’s hands. Meanwhile, there was some disbelief surging in their eyes. However, they could detect an extremely powerful pressure from that seal. As a result, Luo Tong clearly knew that this pressure did indeed originate from the Dragon tribe.

That was the genuine Dragon tribe Punishment Seal and only the Punishment Elder was qualified to possess that item!

“How is this possible?”

Luo Tong muttered to himself. He was well aware of the status of the Punishment Elder in the Dragon tribe. In fact, the Punishment Elder was only ranked below the tribe leader. However, how was it possible that the Dragon tribe would give a human such authority?

However, he quickly recalled the Dragon tribe martial arts that Lin Dong had used earlier and the ancient pure Dragon tribe pressure that radiated from within his body. That pressure was definitely not something that an ordinary Dragon tribe expert possessed. In fact, even some elders of the Dragon tribe did not possess it!

Just what relationship did this fellow have with the Dragon tribe?!

Luo Tong’s heart was filled with shock. If this matter was true, it would be quite troublesome. The position that the Punishment Elder held in the Dragon tribe far exceeded his position in the Nine Phoenix tribe.

Luo Tong involuntarily felt a headache when he thought of this. Evidently, the Nine Phoenix tribe would not want to offend the Punishment Elder of the Dragon tribe over the Four Titans Palace. Although the Nine Phoenix tribe was not afraid of the Dragon tribe, the price made it an unworthwhile trade!

Luo Tong’s expression changed rapidly. Finally, it turned into an unwilling gloominess. Regardless, it was impossible for him to take revenge for today’s matter. Moreover, from the looks of it, the Four Titans Palace had the support of the Dragon tribe and they had no reason to fear their Mang Mountain.

“Alright, we’ll accept our loss this time around!”

Luo Tong inhaled a deep breath of air. He extended his hand, gritted his teeth and said, “Return my Four Divine Beast Immortal Suppression Pillars and my Mang Mountain will withdraw!”

Lin Dong’s expression became strange when he heard these words. He quickly smiled towards an angry looking Luo Tong before he shook his head.


What a joke. Why would he easily surrender something that he had gotten a hold of? Otherwise, he would have really gained nothing from today’s extremely miserable fight.


When he saw a smiling Lin Dong, Luo Tong, who was vigorously suppressing the anger in his heart, involuntarily vomited blood. His eyes appeared as though he was about to devour someone. This was the first time he felt such a suffocating sensation in so many years.