Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1129: Fearsome

Chapter 1129: Fearsome


Chapter 1129: Fearsome

Nine color light rays spread across the sky like floodwater. Wherever those light rays passed by, the natural Yuan Power would vanish in a peculiar fashion. It looked as though they were vaporized by those light rays.

Countless pairs of eyes stared solemnly at the sky and there was a tinge of fear in their eyes. After all, they could feel that even a Samsara stage expert would have to pay quite a heavy price, in order to deal with Luo Tong’s attack. Yet, Lin Dong actually dared to face it head on. He was simply far too arrogant.

“He was actually struck by the Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light…”

Joy as well as a vicious expression appeared on the faces of Teng Feng’s group when they saw this scene. After all, they clearly knew how powerful the Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light was. In fact, it was a powerful skill that was unique to the Nine Phoenix tribe. That peculiar light would follow members of the Nine Phoenix tribe ever since they were born. Moreover, the purer one’s bloodline was, the stronger the Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light one had. It was even rumoured that during the ancient times, there was once an ultimate expert from the Nine Phoenix tribe, who managed to vaporize all life within a five thousand kilometre radius, using his Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light.

The Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light did not possess a purely destructive force. In fact, not even a pit would appear if it made contact with the ground. However, it would vaporize flesh and blood the moment it came into contact with it.

This peculiar and powerful technique had always been the signature move of the Nine Phoenix tribe and many practitioners of the same level were terrified of it. Now that Lin Dong was hit by it head on, they believed that it was impossible for the latter to survive.

In contrast to the joy plastered on the faces of Teng Feng’s group, the faces of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s group were pale. Even Little Flame suddenly clenched his hands tightly together with a menacing look in his eyes.

Clearly, they knew just how powerful the Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light was.

The entire plains was silent. Countless pairs of eyes were focused at the spot in the sky, where the nine color light rays shone the brightest. The result of this fight would likely be unveiled soon.

Luo Tong was hovering in the sky with a huge light figure floating behind him. He wore an exceptionally menacing expression as he stared in front of him. There was a partially visible ferocity on the corner of his lips. After all, he did not believe that Lin Dong could handle this frightening attack, which even sent shudders down Samsara stage experts, who were on the same cultivation level as him.

“Behaving arrogantly just because you have some abilities. In your next life, you’d better learn…”

Luo Tong chuckled and ridiculed. However, before he could finish his sentence, his voice suddenly stopped. Instead, a tinge of shock suddenly flashed across his cold face.


The nine color light rays were disappearing at a frightening rate at this moment. As the light disappeared, a skinny figure once again appeared in front of countless numbers of disbelieving onlookers.


A low and deep buzzing sound, similar to the noise made by a swarm of attacking locust, suddenly reverberated across the air above the plains, marking an end to the silence that originally characterized this plains.

“How is this possible?” Teng Feng’s group were also stunned at this moment.

“He managed to block it?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest also muttered to themselves in a startled manner.

“However… it seems like he suffered serious injuries.”

Every pair of eyes was gathered in that direction and they saw that skinny figure maintaining his stance, whereby his right hand was extended. In fact, there was not the slightest bit of blood on his hand. However, his right arm was stripped bare and not the least bit of flesh was on it. Only a jade white glow was present on his bone arm!

Clearly, the Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light had severely wounded Lin Dong.

“That attack only damaged his arm?”

Teng Feng’s group had stunned expressions. After all, it was clear that Luo Tong’s previous attack should be able to do much more than this. In fact, based on their predictions, Lin Dong should be dead without even leaving behind his corpse.

Moreover, they could clearly see that Lin Dong’s arm still existed. In other words, Luo Tong’s Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light had only removed the flesh on Lin Dong’s arm.

Although it was a serious injury, it was nothing worth mentioning to a genuinely powerful practitioner. After all, the Life Qi formed within one’s body could regrow one’s broken bones, and much less had to be said about one’s flesh.


Luo Tong’s expression finally began to change at this moment. Clearly, he could not believe that Lin Dong had only lost the flesh on his arm, after enduring his Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light.

“It was painful…”

Lin Dong’s hoarse low and deep voice spread as he slowly lifted his head. A frightening icy cold expression was currently plastered on his face. Although he was able to block that killing move from Luo Tong, the intense pain of having the flesh on his arm removed, was still terrifying. Moreover, he knew that if it was not because of his Primal Dragon Bone, Luo Tong’s attack would have definitely seriously wounded him!

Lin Dong stared intently at Luo Tong, whose expression was currently in flux. Deep within his purple-gold eyes, a fearsome brutalness surged forth.


When the brutalness in his eyes reached its peak intensity, Lin Dong’s body turned into a light figure before he shot forward. The murderous intent permeating the sky caused the surrounding temperature to fall.

Currently, he was just like a death god that had descended into the world. Together with his fleshless arm, it made him look exceptionally fearsome.


A low and deep dragon roar was emitted from within Lin Dong’s body at this moment. Following which, a vaguely present fury engulfed this place.

That fury was ancient and proud.

It did not come from Lin Dong. Instead, it came from the Primal Dragon Bone in his body… As the strongest set of bones in the Dragon tribe, it also possessed great pride. The Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light might be strong, but it did not reach the point whereby it could challenge the Primal Dragon Bone!

Luo Tong looked at Lin Dong, who was charging over with a frightening aura, before his expression darkened. Both his hands formed a seal before the nine color light behind him also became increasingly dazzling.

“I do not believe that my Nine Phoenix tribe’s Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light is unable to deal with a mere human!”

A furious laughter was emitted from Luo Tong mouth. He was clearly extremely furious with Lin Dong, who was very troublesome to deal with. Moreover, how could he possibly dare to call himself a member of the Nine Phoenix tribe, if he couldn’t finish him off today?

“Nine Phoenix Worship Sage!”

The seals formed by Luo Tong’s hands changed rapidly while his expression gradually became devout. After which, he bowed towards the empty sky in front of countless pairs of startled eyes. It looked as though he was worshiping something.


A similarly ancient sharp cry resounded within Luo Tong’s body before the nine color light churned monstrously in the sky. Nine brilliant color large tails swayed before a huge nine color bird, which carried a majestic and noble aura, appeared in a flash.

Nine brilliant color tails were suddenly swung the moment the nine color giant bird appeared. Following which, nine color light gathered. The huge bird flapped its wings continuously before the light spread and even space itself was torn apart!

That brilliant glowing figure was filled with the scent of death.

Lin Dong lifted his head to look at the nine color giant bird that was rushing over. Waves of intense pain spread throughout his body while blood seeped out from under his skin. It turns out that his blood and flesh actually showed signs of melting.

However, up against this new development, Lin Dong still did not show any signs of retreating. Moreover, he also understood that he could no longer retreat. Luo Tong’s actions clearly demonstrated his killing intent and if his willpower faltered in the slightest way, he would not stand a chance to survive!

Therefore, he could only find a path to survival amidst death!


The bones within Lin Dong’s body began to wiggle in a peculiar manner due to the threat of death. Following which, jade color light seeped through his flesh and erupted from it. An ancient and overbearing dragon roar resounded. Soon after, the jade color light gathered over the surface of Lin Dong’s body. Looking from a great distance away, it had actually turned into a large ancient dragon with a jade color luster flashing over it!

The dragon meandered and couched. An indescribable pressure spread across the place, causing the bodies of everyone present to bend slightly. It felt as though the jade dragon in front of them was the ruler of the entire Demonic Beast World!

“This pressure…”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was stunned as he looked at the jade dragon behind Lin Dong. Suddenly, his body began to tremble intensely and even his voice became a little hoarse.

“Primal Dragon Bone?”

The words, which were finally emitted from his mouth, were filled with incomparable shock and surprise. He had already thought highly of Lin Dong by assuming that the latter had obtained the Ancient Dragon Bone. However, he never expected that Lin Dong had instead obtained the strongest Dragon Bone in the Dragon tribe, the Primal Dragon Bone!

That was the Dragon Bone which belonged to the supreme being, who had once unified the entire Demonic Beast World!

The jade dragon curled and meandered forward. Then, it collided ruthlessly with the nine color giant bird in front of countless pairs of shocked eyes.

An earthshaking loud noise reverberated across the sky. Nine color light and jade color light entwined together in wild manner before they eroded each other. After they made contact, even the space itself became distorted.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this intense fight. After all, no one expected that the fight between the both of them would end up being so drawn out.

Luo Tong’s eyes were slightly red as he looked at this entwinement. He laughed furiously, “Lin Dong, you indeed possess powerful techniques. Nonetheless, you are merely at the advance Profound Death stage. Yet, you are trying to compete with me, a Samsara stage expert, in terms of Yuan Power endurance? Truly an arrogant bastard!”

The entwinement of both light had clearly rapidly exhausted the strength of both parties. This exhaustion was clearly Lin Dong’s achilles heel. He might have a powerful combat strength, but from a certain point of view, he was unable to endure for long. That was because the strength of his Yuan Power was indeed inferior to Luo Tong.

“Let’s end this quickly!”

The light rays entwined around each other before an icy cold murderous cry suddenly sounded. Immediately, Lin Dong shot out from the encasement of the jade dragon and appeared under the nine color light rays.

Sizzle sizzle.

The flesh on the surface of his body melted rapidly under the shine of that light. Within a couple of breaths’ time, a large portion of his body ended up exposing his jade color bones.


However, Lin Dong completely ignored the melting of his flesh. The intense pain being emitted from his body turned into a brutal aura, which accumulated in both of his eyes. After which, his body appeared in front of Luo Tong in a phantom like fashion.


Luo Tong’s eyes became cold when he saw Lin Dong’s terrifying outer appearance. However, he did not hesitate. Extending his hand, he looked just like a huge bird pouncing on a snake, as his palm slammed ruthlessly towards Lin Dong’s heart, while being accompanied by a nine color light.

Lin Dong’s expression was ferocious and he did not dodge as well. Instead, he extended his crystal clear bone hand, which was no longer covered with flesh. His bone palm was just like a knife that pierced straight forward.


The space itself seemed to be torn apart wherever the bone palm passed. In the next moment, it collided with Luo Tong’s claw.

The nine color light, which could melt any flesh, shone onto the jade bones. However, it was completely useless. The bone palm easily tore through the nine color light with little resistance!

The two figures crossed each other with a single blow.

The huge bird and jade dragon in the sky suddenly stilled. After which, they exploded with a loud bang.

The heartbeats of countless onlookers increased as they looked at these two figures. Just who would emerge victorious in this life and death fight?

Two figures stood with their backs facing each other.

A gentle wind blew over and caused the corner of their clothes to flutter. Soon after, the sound of bone cracking appeared. Immediately, many pupils shrunk at this moment.

This was because they saw that out of the two of them, one of their arms had exploded. After which, his body flew backwards, appearing as though he had suffered a heavy blow. Finally, he directly smashed onto the ground. Immediately, the land collapsed.

A victor had finally emerged in this fight.