Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1126: Final Round

Chapter 1126: Final Round


Chapter 1126: Final Round


Teng Shan’s body was pathetically embedded in the ground while deep cracks spread in all directions. The entire place was in a stunned state. Many pairs of eyes were filled with a great shock as they observed this scene.

Teng Shan had actually lost?

Everyone looked to each other and saw the unconcealable shock in each other’s eyes. Who could have imagined that the Black Tortoise Pillar wielding Teng Shan, who was famous for his defence, would have his defence blasted apart by Little Flame in a direct clash.

This was something that those super experts, who were also at the Samsara stage, had difficulty achieving.

“Commander Yan is so powerful!

The silence continued for a long time, before someone finally regained his wits and involuntarily praised in his heart. Little Flame had beaten a Samsara stage super expert with his perfect Profound Death stage strength. This news would likely cause Little Flame’s name to spread far and wide.

“He actually won?”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio were also dumbstruck. Soon after, their expressions quickly became unusually strange. None of them had thought that the first amongst their group to be victorious was not the three of them, who were Samsara stage super experts, but Little Flame, who was still at the perfect Profound Death stage.

Although the overwhelming power that Little Flame had displayed earlier was not weaker than them, it was still very difficult to defeat Teng Shan. Yet, who could imagine that Teng Shan’s strongest defence would be so swiftly broken by Little Flame.

“What exactly was that black bead?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio looked at each other. The black light that had erupted from the black bead earlier was filled with an indescribable erosion power. It was akin to darkness that could cover the world, eroding every trace of light present.

Lin Dong faintly smiled but did not give any explanation. The black bead was naturally the ‘Darkness Devil Suppressing Bead’ that he had obtained from the Darkness Master. He still had two of them left after solving the problem of the Devil Sea. Earlier, Lin Dong had handed one to Little Flame, enabling the latter to win this fight.

“After winning one round, our result is now two losses, one draw and one win. It seems that the final round will determine the overall result.”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander looked towards Lin Dong. After which, he glanced at the strongest person of the Mang Mountain contingent, who had similarly not fought yet. Finally, he laughed bitterly and said in a low voice, “Brother Lin Dong, we can already be proud after winning one round against Mang Mountain. No one will say anything even if we lose today.”

After all, Mang Mountain was powerful, while Four Titans Palace was merely a newly established alliance. The former’s reputation had long spread far and wide, and from a certain point of view, this fight could be said to be unfair. Yet, Four Titans Palace still managed to win one round in this unfair situation, a fact that was more than enough to prove their strength. Hence, others would likely not be able to say much about such a result.

By the side, the Golden Ape Demon Commander duo nodded. There was still one last round in this five round match. However, they had basically lost. Even if they fantasized that Lin Dong could really exceed expectations and end this match in a draw, Four Titans Palace would still lose.

“It is not over yet. Why be in such a hurry to admit defeat?”

Lin Dong chuckled. He paused before he pursed lips and said, “If I win the last round, we should be able to end this Sky Battle Arena fight in a draw right?”

Lin Dong felt his surroundings become rather quiet after he had uttered these words. He tilted his head and found the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio looking at him in a dazed manner. A moment later, they recovered and quickly laughed awkwardly, “Brother Lin Dong, that Mysterious King Luo Tong is the strongest amongst the five kings of Mang Mountain. Furthermore, he is from the Nine Phoenix tribe, meaning his battle power is even more so not to be underestimated. It will not be a simple feat to beat him.”

Lin Dong understood upon hearing this. Looks like they did not have much hope in such a possibility. After all, even Lin Dong had to admit that the Mysterious King’s reputation preceded itself. Although Lin Dong’s strength had progressed to the peak of the advance Profound Death stage, there was still a huge disparity between them.

Such a disparity was obviously not easy to make up for.

“Ha ha, of course if brother Lin Dong can really defeat Luo Tong, this Sky Battle Arena will end in a draw. At that time, Mang Mountain can only withdraw and the danger that our Four Titans Palace is facing will also be resolved.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander laughed.

“Of course, you should also be careful brother Lin Dong. It is fine to admit defeat if you cannot continue fighting. Losing to Mang Mountain is not embarrassing for us at all.”

“I will do my best.”

Lin Dong slowly nodded. He lifted his head to look at the figure at the very front of the Mang Mountain contingent as he slowly clenched his hand. It had not been easy for him to establish Four Titans Palace. If they were to suffer from such a blow again, all of his earlier efforts would be for naught. This was obviously not something that he wanted to see.

“Big brother.”

Little Flame returned under the attention of the gazes that seemed to fill the sky. There were still some remnant traces of blood on his face which now glowed with excitement. At long last, he had managed to get back some face in this match against Mang Mountain.

“Not bad.” Lin Dong laughed. No one could find fault with Little Flame’s earlier performance.

“Big brother, I’m afraid that we will have to depend on you next.” Little Flame’s lips parted into a grin. In contrast with the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest, Little Flame had an unshakable confidence in Lin Dong. Even though Mysterious King Luo Tong was Mang Mountain’s strongest, he did not believe that the mere peak advance Profound Death stage Lin Dong would lose.

By the side, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest could only secretly laugh bitterly. It was obvious that they did not understand where this confidence of Little Flame’s originated from.

However, Lin Dong did not say much with respect to this. He patted Little Flame’s arm and stepped forward soon after, appearing on the enormous stage as a pair of black eyes looked in the direction of the Mang Mountain contingent.

The plains, which has previously turned noisy due to Teng Shan’s defeat, once again returned to silence. Many pairs of eyes stared at the skinny figure with an indescribable expression. After experiencing how Little Flame had turned around the fight earlier, it was likely that no one would underestimate those two from Deep Lightning Mountain. Moreover, being observers, they were naturally happy to see many twists and turns on the Sky Battle Arena. They really wished to know if the newly born Four Titans Palace would be able to borrow this battle to rise up in power in the face of the pressure from Mang Mountain, or… would it simply flash and disappear like a comet.

“It is unexpected that this Four Titans Palace does possess some ability.”

Teng Feng instructed some men to quickly help Teng Shan back. When he gazed upon the latter’s miserable appearance, his face became unusually dark. Originally, they would have been able to crush Four Titans Palace as long as they won this fight. Yet, this outcome had exceeded their expectations.

“The black bead he threw earlier is very strange…” Teng Shan clenched his teeth. His defence was extremely strong, and was even the best amongst the four of them. However, it was still completely shattered by the black light.

“There is no need to find any excuses for your defeat.”

Luo Tong had an indifferent expression. He slowly stepped forward, “However, it doesn’t matter. I shall personally extinguish this tiny hope that has appeared. I rather like doing things that causes others to despair.”

By the side, Teng Feng’s group nodded. Soon after, they venomously stared at the skinny figure on the stage and sneered, “This fellow is really unlucky.”

All of them were aware that even though Luo Tong might appear gentle, his techniques were the most vicious amongst them. With him fighting, it was likely that this fellow called Lin Dong would not have any chances of withdrawing in one piece.

All the eyes in the sky gathered on Luo Tong as he slowly stepped forward. He lifted his head and those indifferent eyes of his stared at Lin Dong. Soon after, his body moved. He was already on the huge stage when he appeared again.

Lin Dong gazed the green clothed Luo Tong in front of him as his body gradually became tense. It was possible for him to detect a trace of danger from the latter’s body.

“I never show mercy when fighting with others. However, I will always give my opponent a single chance before I fight. Voluntarily choose to surrender or…” Luo Tong’s eyes were still fixed on Lin Dong as the corners of his mouth slowly lifted into an icy arc.


After this word was emitted, everyone could feel an alarming murderous intent suddenly spread from Luo Tong’s body.

“Can you tell me what is your choice?” Luo Tong’s scarlet tongue slowly licked his lips. He stared at Lin Dong in a sinisterly cold fashion, like a cat toying with a mouse.

Lin Dong’s black eyes similarly stared at Luo Tong. A smile quickly appeared on his young face. “You really say a lot of nonsense.”


Those who were originally awaiting for Lin Dong’s choice could not help but let out a stifled laughter. This person actually dared to anger Luo Tong at such a time. What a reckless one. Nevertheless, this was quite entertaining.

“Razor tongue brat.” The eyelids of Teng Feng’s group involuntarily twitched. This brat was courting death.

Luo Tong’s face was still impassive. He did not appear to have been angered by Lin Dong. He merely nodded before a pair of hands were slowly extended from his sleeve, while arcs of light started to jump between his ten fingers.

“You will… regret it.”


In an instant, a storm like brilliance suddenly unfurled from within Luo Tong’s body. Vast Yuan Power that could seemingly fill the sky was contained within the light.

The entire world seemed to have become a lot brighter at this moment.

However, there was a scent of death bubbling under this brilliance.

Clearly, the strongest Mysterious King Luo Tong of Mang Mountain now truly intended to kill.


Lin Dong gazed upon the overwhelming aura in front of him and deeply inhaled a breath of air. His expression slowly became grave. Soon after, the skin of his body gradually turned crystal like.


A low and deep dragon roar, which seemed to originate from the ancient times, quietly resounded from within Lin Dong’s body. His skeleton seemed to squirm at this moment as a tremendous unprecedented power galloped within his body like a torrent.

Both of Lin Dong’s hands abruptly clenched tightly while his pair of pitch-black eyes became exceptionally sharp at this moment. The strength that belonged to the Primal Dragon Bone was finally revealed!

“Let’s see if you have the ability to destroy me!”