Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1125: Divine Hammer Clashes Against Black Tortoise

Chapter 1125: Divine Hammer Clashes Against Black Tortoise


Chapter 1125: Divine Hammer Clashes Against Black Tortoise


Little Flame slowly stepped forward under the attentive gazes that seemed to fill the entire sky. Soon after, his feet pushed off the ground and his metal tower like figure shot across the sky before landing heavily onto the stage.


Waves of low roars abruptly erupted from the Tiger Devouring Army when Little Flame moved. Soon after, all of them sat down. As they breathed, majestic and vast black light spread in the air, giving off an intimidating and terrifying aura.

Little Flame’s face was icy. His foot heavily stomped, causing the ground to shake as the monstrous black light zipped towards him. Finally, it turned into many rays of light which entered his body.


As this vast and mighty energy poured into Little Flame, his originally powerful looking body swelled to several times its size. Green veins pulsed on the surface of his skin like horned dragons while waves of explosive power rippled.

The present Little Flame had merged with the aura of the Tiger Devouring Army and his strength was now comparable to a Samsara stage expert.

There was a relatively tremendous gap between the perfect Profound Death stage and the Samsara stage. Additionally, Little Flame did not possess the power of the Ancestral Symbol. Therefore, he could only rely on merging his aura with the Tiger Devouring Army he had trained.

“This fellow is really amazing. He is actually able to perfectly use the strength of that army as his own.”

There was no lack of sharp eyed individuals in this place. Graveness emerged in their eyes when they witnessed this scene. All of them understood just how difficult this kind of merger technique was. After all, it was practically impossible to simply receive and use power that belonged to someone else. Unless the understanding between him and that army had reached a perfect level, even the slightest mistake would cause this borrowed strength to blast apart his body like a bomb until it was filled with wounds.

The Demon Region did not lack peak experts with powerful armies. However, even they did not dare to carelessly use such a method. This was because they could not withstand the backlash.

“Commander Yan’s technique is becoming increasingly frightening.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio had surprise on their faces as they looked at Little Flame’s present aura. The current Little Flame was clearly much stronger compared to two months ago at the Divine Item Mountain Range. This time around, even they felt that they stood little chance against him.

Lin Dong nodded. With the help of the Tiger Devouring Army, the present Little Flame was not weaker than a Samsara stage expert. Even though Teng Shan possessed one of the Four Divine Beast Immortal Suppression Pillars, it would not be easy to beat Little Flame.

“However, the current situation is still rather terrible for us.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander bitterly laughed. Out of three rounds, they had lost two rounds and one round had ended in a draw. Forget about losing another round, they could not even let another round end in a draw. Therefore, Little Flame must emerge victorious if they wanted to turn the situation around. Only then would they have a chance. Otherwise, they will lose this battle.

The Golden Ape Demon Commander duo bitterly smiled. Their eyes were a little a ashamed. After all, the reason that they had ended up in such a disadvantageous situation was because of their two defeats from earlier.

“Don’t be hasty. Let’s take things slowly. We have not been completely defeated yet.” Lin Dong smiled. The current situation was indeed very disadvantageous to them, but there was still a trace of hope. It was not his style to simply give up like this.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio looked at Lin Dong, who remained calm even at this moment, and felt some admiration in their hearts. They were indeed a little inferior when it came to such mental fortitude. The latter was able to get Little Flame, an untamable and ferocious tiger, to willingly address him as big brother. He did possess his unique charm.

“Brother Lin Dong, I will return this Sea Calming Bell to you. My earlier result was all thanks to it.” When he saw that the fight had yet to start, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander clenched his hand and handed the small azure bell to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong smilingly received it. He glanced at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, whose eyes contained some desire and reluctance, and said, “I’ll first take it back then. However, we are all on the same boat in future, if I find it appropriate, I might perhaps gift it to you. Of course, everyone else will also be gifted something when that time comes.”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio were startled when they heard this. Their expressions did not change, but joy flashed across their eyes. For practitioners of their level, ordinary divine object no longer contained any attraction. Only those divine objects on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking possessed a great allure. However, such items were usually something hard to come by. However, this was not much of a problem to Lin Dong, who had the Divine Item Treasury.

Lin Dong turned his head and looked towards the stage as a subtle arc was lifted from the corners of his mouth. He would really be a little foolish if he did not accept these three Samsara stage experts who had been delivered straight to his doorstep…

“A mere perfect Profound Death stage expert can barely show his face only by relying on these techniques huh?”

Laughter was emitted from the direction of the Mang Mountain group while Lin Dong was thinking. Teng Shan quickly appeared on the stage. He looked at Little Flame below, who had a frightening aura, and involuntarily curled his lips.

Although he had mocked in this fashion, there was no contempt in Teng Shan’s eyes. The aura from Little Flame’s body was sufficient to make him treat the latter in a serious manner.

Little Flame’s eyes were indifferent as he glanced at Teng Shan. However, he did not retort. With a grasp of his hand, a giant black hammer appeared in a flash. The land around Little Flame broke, forming many cracks after this giant hammer appeared.

“Nine Cauldron Divine Hammer?” Teng Shan looked at the huge hammer in Little Flame’s hands, which was covered with mysterious cauldron symbols. His eyes immediately became focused.

“You do have some ability.”

Teng Shan said in a deep voice. He quickly grabbed with his hand as an ancient stone pillar appeared in a flash. There was the Black Tortoise light symbol on the stone pillar. A low and deep roar was faintly emitted. He clearly did not dare to be the slightest bit slow in front of Little Flame, who was wielding the ‘Nine Cauldron Divine Hammer’.


The arm with which Little Flame was holding the Nine Cauldron Divine Hammer gradually became thicker and his eyes suddenly turned scarlet. A roar emerged from his throat as he stomped on the ground and his body tore through the air with a swoosh sound. He instantly appeared in the air above Teng Shan and the Nine Cauldron Divine Hammer was powerfully swung downwards. At that moment, even the invisible space itself was collapsing.


The ancient stone pillar also arrived in a ferocious manner at this moment. It ruthlessly collided with the divine hammer. A frightening storm erupted between them and the low booming sound caused countless individuals to feel pain in their ears.

“What a frightening clash.”

Many pairs of eyes were suffused with astonishment as they watched the vicious clash between the two figures. This barbaric clash was extremely shocking to the eye.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The two people on the stage had no intentions of avoiding any attacks. Every clash was a head on collision of divine hammer and stone pillar, causing the space to collapse wherever the two figures passed. The remnant force tore giant gully after gully on the ground below.

It was another fight where it was difficult to determine the victor!

“That Commander Yan of Deep Lightning Mountain is really ferocious. He is actually on par with the Black Tortoise Pillar wielding Teng Shan.”

“That’s right. However, the Four Titans Palace’s situation is quite bad. Even if Commander Yan can tie against Teng Shan, with two losses and two draws out of five matches, they would have already lost.”

“Aih, how unfortunate. The Four Titans Palace foundation is a little weak. It is unable to compare with a giant faction like the Mang Mountain, which had been established for a long time.”


Some regretful voices spread around the place as the fight between the two gradually became more intense.

The eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and his group were filled with worry. They glanced at Lin Dong by the side, only to find that the latter’s face was still as calm as a deep lake. He appeared as though he was unconcerned about the disadvantageous situation before them…


A storm unfurled as the two figures touched and pulled apart. Blood dripped from their hands when they landed on the ground.

“Heh heh, how powerful. I never imagined that a day will come where I am forced into a tie by a perfect Profound Death stage expert.”

Teng Shan’s blood covered hand stroked the Black Tortoise Pillar. He laughed coldly and said, “However, let’s end it here. This match will end in a draw. All of you have lost.”

Little Flame lifted his scarlet eyes as a blood thirsty expression climbed onto the corners of his mouth. “Lost?”

“My Black Tortoise Pillar specializes in defence. Even though you have the Nine Cauldron Divine Hammer, you will not be able to break my defence. If not a draw, do you consider this beating me?” Teng Shan mocked.

“In that case, watch me break this turtle shell of yous!”

Little Flame laughed. His body charged and soared upwards as the Nine Cauldron Divine Hammer in his hands suddenly swelled, growing to ten thousand feet in size. The stage had already completely collapsed before the divine hammer landed.

“Black Tortoise Wall!”

Teng Shan sneered upon seeing this. The ancient stone pillar in his hand jerked as a monstrous brilliance swept out from it. Subsequently, the light gathered and turned into an incomparably large Black Tortoise light image above him. This light image quietly stood there. However, a frightening armageddon like aura emanated from it.

This Black Tortoise light figure clearly possessed an extremely terrifying defensive power.


The titanic divine hammer fell with a boom. However, the divine hammer suddenly paused just as it was about to land on the Black Tortoise light imagine. Little Flame flicked his finger and a black light shot downwards.

It was a round black bead.


The black bead exploded above the Black Tortoise light image and an endless viscous black light seemed to fill the sky as it landed on the Black Tortoise light image. Dense white fog emerged from the latter’s powerful defence in the face of the viscous black light, and the entire light figure was eroded in an instant.

This unexpected turn of events had exceeded everyone’s expectations. Even Teng Shan was stupefied. He did not expect that his most powerful defence would actually be broken by a black bead.

“How is this possible?!”

Teng Shan’s cried out involuntarily. However, before he could understand what had happened, a giant divine hammer once again descended from the sky and mercilessly smashed onto his body.

A low and deep noise spread as everyone watched Teng Shan’s body fly backwards in a miserable fashion. He wildly spat out some blood along the way, and finally crashed onto the ground after flying over ten thousand feet.

Countless pairs of eyes looked at the unmoving Teng Shan on the ground. No one knew if he was dead or alive. The originally noisy plains had instantly become deathly silent…

Teng Shan had actually been defeated!!