Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1123: Successive Defeats

Chapter 1123: Successive Defeats


Chapter 1123: Successive Defeats


Two ancient stone pillars flickered with dazzling radiance as they appeared in the hands of the Teng Feng duo. A Green Dragon symbol and a White Tiger symbol were respectively engraved on the pillars. An astonishing but faint dragon and tiger roar were emitted.

“Four Divine Beast Immortal Suppression Pillars!”

Lin Dong’s expression was grave as he gazed upon the ancient stone pillars that had appeared in the hands of the Teng Feng duo. He had managed to identify them immediately. These ancient stone pillars were the seventeenth ranked ‘Four Divine Beast Immortal Suppression Pillars’ on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking. It was unexpected that such a divine object would appear in the hands of the five kings of Mang Mountain.

By the side, Little Flame and the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s expressions also changed slightly at this moment. They could detect a great and mighty pressure from the ancient stone pillars. In the hands of people with Teng Feng’s strength, the power of such a divine item could be described as earthshaking. The increase in battle power due to these weapons was enough to break this stalemate.

“There are a total of four pillars which make up the Four Divine Beast Immortal Suppression Pillars. The ones in the Teng Feng duo’s hands should be the Green Dragon and White Tiger pillars. From the looks of it, they have separated the four pillars, one for each person. Despite this, any one of these four pillars alone is already extremely powerful. Golden Ape and Ghost Condor are likely about to be defeated.” Lin Dong said in a deep voice.


The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander tightly clenched his teeth. He did not expect that Mang Mountain would have such a powerful ancient divine object. In this way, the equilibrium had been broken.

The entire place had fallen into an uproar because of the two ancient stone pillars. Some people sighed inwardly. As expected of Mang Mountain. Such resources were indeed far greater than the three Demon Commanders of the Beast War Region.

“Ha ha, let’s end this!”

Teng Feng looked at the now ugly expressions of the Golden Ape Demon Commander duo and heartily laughed at the sky. Without any unnecessary words, he waved his sleeve. The Green Dragon pillar and the White Tiger pillar in their hands whistled forward, turning into two ten thousand feet bright lights that tore through space in an unstoppable manner. Finally, they smashed towards the Golden Ape Demon Commander duo with lightning speed.


The Golden Ape Demon Commander let out a furious roar as resplendent golden light burst forth from the golden armor on his body. Strange patterns flowed within the golden light. Clearly, the golden armor on his body was also a divine object. However, it was merely an ordinary divine object and was unable to leave its name on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking.


The Ghost Condor Demon Commander also sensed the danger. He let out a sharp screech as his body swiftly swelled while black feathers frantically grew on the surface his body. In the blink of an eye, he had turned into a ten thousand feet large Ghost Condor. The defences around his body was unleashed to the limit.


Two ten thousand feet bright lights pierced through the void when their defences were activated. After which, they ruthlessly smashed onto the bodies of the two in front of countless pairs of eyes.

A deep and loud noise thundered across the area while incomparably wild and violent energy spread like a storm.

This crazy clash did not end up in a stalemate. The golden light and the black light around the two commanders were shattered under the exceptionally overwhelming bright light. A muffled sound appeared, and the two figures miserably shot backwards in front of the many stunned pairs of eyes. Finally, they smashed heavily onto the ground, forming a deep thousand feet long gully.

“Ha ha, you wish to battle my Mang Mountain with just this ability? You really overestimate yourselves!” The Teng Feng duo stood in the air and laughed wildly. Soon after, with a wave of their hands, the ancient stone pillars returned. This battle was already over.

Many pitying gazes looked towards the miserable states of the Golden Ape Demon Commander duo. Their appearance was extremely terrible. The golden armor on the Golden Ape Demon Commander had split open. Evidently, they were no match for the Teng Feng duo when they were wielding the ‘Four Divine Beast Immortal Suppression Pillars’.

Lin Dong pursed his lips as he watched this scene. With a wave of his hand, his men swiftly rushed forward and helped the two of them back.

“We lost…” The Golden Ape Demon Commander’s face was a little pale and there were traces of blood hanging from the corner of his mouth. However, he had a slightly ashamed look in his eyes when he looked at Lin Dong. Originally, they had planned to create a good start by being the first to fight. However, they had ended up being completely defeated. Moreover, they had simultaneously lost two rounds.

“It is not a problem.” Lin Dong chuckled. His young face continued to remain calm. This calmness made the Golden Ape Demon Commander duo feel slightly better.

“These bastards.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander gnashed his teeth in anger. The Teng Feng duo had the bloodline advantage to begin with. Yet, they still took out such a powerful ancient divine object. This was practically bullying.

“No matter how one obtains it, victory is all that matters in the arena. We cannot complain about what they have done.”

Lin Dong shook his head and softly said. “We have already lost two rounds. There will no longer be any chances left if we lose another.”

“Shall I fight this round?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander hesitated for a moment before he asked in a probing fashion. However, he did not have much confidence. His strength was on par with the Golden Ape Demon Commander duo. If the other party still had the other ‘Four Divine Beast Immortal Suppression Pillars’, it was likely that he would also be defeated.

“I might not lose if I have the ‘Nine Sky Heavy Mountain.”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander said. Soon after, he seemed to have realised something and shut his mouth in an awkward manner. The ‘Nine Sky Heavy Mountain’ which originally belonged to him had been snatched away by Little Marten.

Lin Dong smiled. He mused for a moment before turning around and grabbing the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s hand. Soon after, he withdrew his hand in front of the stunned expressions of those around him.

“This?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander open and closed his hand as surprise flashed across his face.

“I will lend it to you.” Lin Dong smilingly replied.


Joy surged in the eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, before he heavily nodded. His body moved and he leaped onto the stage. His eyes shot towards the direction of Mang Mountain as he coldly cried out, “Bring it!”

“Ha ha, don’t you think that you have embarrassed yourselves enough?”

Teng Huo let out a mocking laughter. After which, he also leaped onto the stage and cocked his head slightly, showing a face full of playfulness. With a clench of his hand, a fiery red ancient stone pillar appeared. There was a Vermilion Bird symbol swirling around it.

The Vermilion Bird pillar of the Four Divine Beast Immortal Suppression Pillars was indeed in his hands.

Teng Huo fiddled with the Vermilion Bird pillar as he mocked the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, “Aren’t you going to scram now that you have seen this thing?”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander laughed coldly. Both of his hands were tightly clenched as majestic and boundless Yuan Power spread. Life and Death Qi merged perfectly within the boundless Yuan Power.

“Still planning on stubbornly resisting? Forget it, I will finish you off…”

Teng Huo faintly laughed. He did not have any intentions of warming up. With a wave of his sleeve, the Vermilion Bird pillar shot towards the sky. Bright red flames spread and the temperature of the surroundings abruptly soared.

Evidently, he had decided to use his strongest technique to smash the morale of the Four Titans Palace with a single strike.


A monstrous flaming light came whistling over, appearing in the air above the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander in front of many pitying eyes. Several people quietly sighed as they watched this scene. The ‘Four Titans Palace’ had really lost all face today. All three rounds had been lost and it was basically impossible for them to hinder Mang Mountain at all.

The stage cracked apart at this moment as the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander lifted his head and looked at the fierce attack that was unfurling towards him. He gritted his teeth and swung his sleeve. An azure light beam suddenly shot out, growing as it transformed into a giant blue bell. A majestic wave seemed to surge from this giant bell.


The fiery red light ruthlessly smashed into the giant bell. However, the expected scene of the bell crumbling did not occur. The giant bell proudly stood, continuously ringing as it directly blocked the Vermilion Bird Pillar attack.

“What?” Outside the stage, the expressions of Teng Lin and the others changed after seeing this.

“That is… the Sea Calming Bell?” Luo Tong slightly narrowed his eyes as he looked at the giant azure bell. His voice contained some bewilderment.

“The twenty sixth ranked Sea Calming Bell on the Divine Object Ranking?” Teng Lin’s group was startled and they quickly frowned. It seemed that this Four Titans Palace had also come prepared. Although the Sea Calming Bell was inferior in ranking to the ‘Four Divine Beast Immortal Suppression Pillars’, Teng Huo currently only had the Vermilion Bird pillar in his hands and its full power could not be fully unleashed. Naturally, it was very difficult to break the defence of the Sea Calming Bell.

“It looks like Teng Huo will not be able to win this round. However, he will not lose either.” Luo Tong said in a faint voice.

“No matter. Now that the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander has fought, those two are the only ones left. They have yet to reach the Samsara stage and aren’t worth mentioning.” Teng Lin said in a cold voice.

By the side, Teng Shan, who had yet to fight, grinned. His eyes were filled with a baleful aura. “You can be rest assured that I will make them despair.”

On the stage, Teng Huo was startled when he saw that his attack had been blocked, but rage quickly filled his heart. A thought passed through his mind and a hundred thousand feet large light suddenly exploded from the Vermilion Bird Pillar and attacked the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander in an even more ferocious manner. However, the latter relied on the power of the ‘Sea Calming Bell’ to receive all of the storm like attacks without falling into a disadvantageous position.

Although the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had received the attacks, his counter attacks were also unable to break through Teng Huo’s Vermilion Bird Pillar. Both parties continued to exchange blows, but everyone could tell that it was difficult for a victor to be decided.

No one could win this round.

Clearly, both parties were well aware of this. Hence, they helplessly gave up after continuing for a while and both of them withdrew together.

This battle could be considered a draw.

Some exclamations sounded due to this unexpected result. Originally, they thought that the Four Titans Palace would be completely defeated this round. Never would they have imagined that they would manage to hold out a little longer.

However, when everyone looked at the Four Titans Palace’s remaining Lin Dong and Little Flame, all of them silently shook their heads. The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander might have managed to slightly redeem them, but it was obvious that the Four Titans Palace no longer had any powerful experts. On the other hand, Mang Mountain still had Teng Shan and the strongest Luo Tong…

It was a rather bleak situation for the Four Titans Palace.

“Big brother, it’s my turn.” Little Flame deeply inhaled a breath of air and said in a low voice.

Lin Dong nodded. He gently grasped Little Flame’s hand as a meaningful look flashed across those black eyes.