Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1123: Sky Battle Arena

Chapter 1123: Sky Battle Arena


Chapter 1123: Sky Battle Arena

Five individuals hovered in midair. After which, the surrounding din seemed to have died down a little at a time. Those eyes, which were looking at these figures, were filled with rich respect and fear. Clearly, Mang Mountain posed a greater deterrence as compared to the newly formed “Four Titans Palace”.

Amidst this silence, Lin Dong was observing those five individuals. Four of them were wearing blood red gowns and their faces were filled with haughtiness and arrogance. However, the faint yet frightening ripples radiating from their bodies, made others aware that they indeed possess the qualifications to act in this arrogant fashion.

In between the four of them, was a man wearing green clothes. That man had both his hands behind his back and he was quite handsome. His brows did not hold the same arrogance as the other four. However, as he stood amongst the four of them, he displayed an unique and noble aura. In fact, the four of them paled in comparison when compared to him.

Clearly, amongst the five kings of Mang Mountain, he should be Mysterious King Luo Tong. A top expert who came from the Nine Phoenix tribe.

The Nine Phoenix tribe was also an overlord tribe, which had originated since the ancient times. Their noble aura was akin to that of the proud demeanor of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe and the distant majesty of the Dragon tribe…

That man in green clothes looked at the distant Four Titans Palace in a nonchalant fashion. However, unlike the four individuals around him, he did not mock them. Of course, this was not because he was more well mannered than them. Rather, it was because he thought that they were not worthy of his attention.

“We have yet to start the Sky Battle Arena fight. What is there to be proud of?!” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was clearly filled with resentment towards Mang Mountain. Hence, he chuckled after hearing the other party’s ridicule.

“Ha, Heaven Dragon, we just met a while back. However, it seems like you have became much more arrogant.” A man wearing a blood red gown chuckled while he stared at Heaven Dragon with mocking eyes. This person was called Teng Feng and he was the Eastern King of Mang Mountain.

“It must be because he managed to obtain some allies.”

Standing beside Teng Shan, the Southern King Teng Lin glanced at Lin Dong and Little Flame, before he mocked, “You must be the new Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain, am I right? I have heard a lot of rumours about you recently. That’s right… the ‘Mysterious Divine Palace’ is in your hands, am I right?”

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed after hearing the words ‘Mysterious Divine Palace’. Many people knew that it was the Divine Item Treasury, but there was hardly anyone who knew that it was in fact the Mysterious Divine Palace. However, the other party had managed to identify it immediately. It was likely that they were also quite knowledgeable about the Mysterious Divine Palace.

“That item is indeed in my possession. However, there is no reason for me to hand over something that lands in my hands.” Lin Dong smilingly said.

The Eastern King Teng Feng chuckled upon hearing this. After which, he stared at Lin Dong and said, “Relax, I am not asking you to hand it over. This is because… I will snatch it personally.”

“I’m afraid that you don’t have the ability to do so.” Little Flame’s expression was vicious as he laughed coldly.

“Truly a bunch of rascals that do not know their limits.” The Western King Teng Huo curled his lips and said. He was clearly displeased with the fact that this newly formed alliance actually dared to challenge their Mang Mountain.

“What is the point of uttering such nonsense… Let’s follow the rules and fight. You do not have the qualifications to decide if you want to hand it over.” The green clothed man spoke in a faint voice. He clearly possessed quite a high status in Mang Mountain. Hence, the other four kings nodded after he spoke. Meanwhile, his eyes were unfriendly as they stared at Lin Dong’s group.

The crowd standing outside the middle area parted their lips as they looked at both parties. Both parties have exposed their anger and started bickering immediately. Hence, it seems like it was impossible to seek a peaceful resolution for today’s matter.

“All of you should be aware of the rules and I shall not elaborate. The party that wins three out of five rounds is the winner and the winner will take half of the other party’s territory. Do you have any questions?”

The man wearing green clothes looked at Lin Dong. He paused before speaking, “My tribe is quite interested in your Mysterious Divine Palace. Hence, if you hand it over voluntarily, we might allow your Deep Lightning Mountain to continue living in the Beast War Region.”

“I think that it will be more appropriate to discuss these issues after you win, am I right?” Lin Dong gently smiled. Standing beside him, a fierce glint filled Little Flame’s eyes. Did these fellows assume that Lin Dong’s group would lose even before the fight begins?

Evidently, the green clothed man did not expect Lin Dong to rebut him as he was slightly startled. Promptly, he nodded in a nonchalant fashion. However, a chill was revealed on the corner of his lips.

“Since you enjoy embarrassing yourselves, we will do as you please…”

“Hmph, we still do not know who is going to end up embarrassing themselves!” The Golden Ape Demon Commander cried out furiously. Clenching his large hand, a black metal rod appeared in a flash. After which, the body of his rod shook and even the air itself was torn apart.

The green clothed man glanced indifferently at the Golden Ape Demon Commander, before he promptly stomped on the ground. The land in front of him shook and the ground actually rose. After the dust scattered, a ten thousand feet large giant stage was formed.

“Teng Feng, Teng Lin… The both of you should go together. End this fight as quickly as possible.” The green clothed man commanded in a faint voice.


The Eastern King Teng Feng and the Western King Teng Lin nodded. After which, their bodies moved before they appeared on the huge stage. Their eyes looked downwards at the large group from the Four Titans Palace, before their arrogant laughter spread, “Who dares to fight us?”

“I will deal with Teng Feng.” The Golden Ape Demon Commander tightened the grip over his metal rod and spoke in a deep voice. This was their first match and they had to do their best. Otherwise, it might end up demoralizing everyone else.

“Leave Teng Lin to me.” The Ghost Condor Demon Commander also stepped forward. Both of them knew the importance of the first and the second match. Although they knew about Lin Dong’s and Little Flame’s strength, the opponents in front of them were not simple individuals. Therefore, even if they were to fight, there was no guarantee of victory.

Lin Dong was naturally aware of their worries. However, he did not say anything. All he did was to nod his head.


The two of them did not say anything else after seeing this. They moved their bodies and leaped onto the stage, before they appeared in front of Teng Feng and Teng Lin respectively.

The four of them were in a face off. As they stared at each other, an icy cold ferocity gushed forth. Meanwhile, a majestic and mighty aura slowly emerged from their bodies and reverberated across the sky.

Four ultimate Samsara stage practitioners!

Everyone stared at the vast and mighty ripples in the sky, before their eyes involuntarily turned heated. Both parties were the top experts from their respective regions and it was truly difficult to tell who would emerge victorious in this clash.

The natural flowing air in their surrounding seemed to have stiffened at this moment. The pressure radiating from the stage caused the expressions of many powerful individuals to turn pale.

Lin Dong’s eyes were staring intently at the stage. In the next moment, he suddenly narrowed his eyes. That was because he suddenly heard the sound of thunder. Wild gales blew before vast and mighty Yuan Power wrapped around those four figures. They looked just like meteorites, as they suddenly charged forward and flew across the sky. After which, they clashed violently in an extremely shocking fashion.

Boom boom!

Thunder continuously reverberated across the stage. Four glowing figures crossed and fought with each other at lightning speed. In fact, the entire space became distorted. Wild and violent natural Yuan Power gathered in a crazy fashion and even the sky became much dimmer due to this wild and violent clash.

The expressions of Lin Dong’s group were solemn as they stared at the intense fight occuring on the stage. Both parties were at the Samsara stage and had similar strength. However, the Teng Feng duo had an advantage in terms of their bloodline. This was because the both of them were from the Blood Vulture tribe, which was one of the eight king tribes. Although they were not as powerful as the four overlord tribes, they still had a significant upper hand when up against the Golden Ape Demon Commander and the Ghost Condor Demon Commander.

However, this was not a massive advantage that could not be breached. Moreover, the Golden Ape Demon Commander duo were smart and they knew when to fight and when to dodge. After all, they were also extremely powerful and it was very difficult for the Teng Feng duo to completely overwhelm them.

Of course, they did not sincerely believe that they were able to defeat the Teng Feng duo. As of now, they only wished to drag this fight out and end it with a draw. For them, this was equivalent to a victory.

“Big brother, those two fellows are really powerful.” Little Flame had a grave expression. He could naturally tell that the Teng Feng duo had the advantage in this frightening clash occuring on the stage.

“They are after all members of the Blood Vulture tribe and it is very difficult to deal with them. However, we do not hope for a victory. All we hope for is that they do not make any mistakes. As long as we can force a draw, it will be considered as our victory. Regardless, we are indeed lacking in terms of our foundation when compared to Mang Mountain.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander said in a deep voice.

“Force a draw huh…”

Lin Dong was staring at the stage, while his brows were gently furrowed. For some unknown reason, he felt like it was not going to be an easy task to force a draw.

Nonetheless, he also understood that unless one had some special techniques, it was very difficult to emerge victorious in a fight between peers.


On the stage, four figures violently crossed each other. After which, many large cracks spread across the surface of the stage before four figures were thrown back ten thousand feet, with their legs rubbing against the ground.

At the moment, the four of them had rather grave expressions and their breathing had became much more ragged. Clearly, the ferocious clash from before took a heavy toll on both parties.

“If you want to defeat us, I’m afraid that it isn’t going to be as simple as you imagine.” The Golden Ape Demon Commander held his metal rod and spoke in a deep voice.

“Is that so?”

Teng Feng laughed coldly upon hearing this. He turned his head to look at the green clothed man behind him. When the latter saw his act, he gently nodded his head.

“Warm up is over. Next, I will allow you country bumpkins to see who the real Four Titans are…”

A tinge of ridicule appeared on Teng Feng’s face. Following which, he took a step forward together with Teng Lin. After which, they clenched their hands before a bright light pillar slowly took shape in their hands.

An extremely frightening ripple suddenly swept across the place the moment this light pillar was formed.


A low and deep roar was emitted from the hands of the Teng Feng duo. The light pillars gradually took shape before it transformed into two ten thousand feet large ancient stone pillars. Meanwhile, there was a green dragon and white tiger symbol present on each stone pillar respectively.

“Is that…”

Lin Dong’s pupils suddenly shrunk when he saw the large ancient stone pillars in their hands.

“The item ranked seventeenth on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking… Four Divine Beast Immortal Suppression Pillars?”