Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1122: Demonic Beast Ancient Plains

Chapter 1122: Demonic Beast Ancient Plains


Chapter 1122: Demonic Beast Ancient Plains

Three days swiftly passed by amidst this extremely heated atmosphere. The commotion that was created, because of the fact that four of the largest factions in the Beast War Region had formed an alliance, was continuously accumulating. Finally, it caused the atmosphere of the entire Beast War Region to turn boiling hot.

Although this alliance would inevitably be disadvantageous to certain factions, the three great Demon Commanders’ factions were still in charge of this region. Therefore, under their instruction, the formation of this alliance, which was also forced by circumstances, became an immutable fact.

The only thing that they had to worry about was the Sky Battle Arena held by “Mang Mountain”. If this newly formed “Four Titans Palace” was able to survive this storm, it would be truly able to tower over the Beast War Region and squeeze into the ranks of the top tier factions in the Demonic Beast World.

On the other hand, if they failed, this so called alliance would become nothing but a joke. At that time, half of the Beast War Region would also be taken over by the “Mang Mountain”. Moreover, the four great factions will lose all respect and it would be difficult for them to advance in the future.

Hence, everyone’s focal point was the fight at the Sky Battle Arena that was about to take place!


Demonic Beast Ancient Plains.

These were endless ancient plains located at the border of the Beast War Region and the Mang Mountain. Typically, this place was quiet and peaceful. As the land was barren, there were hardly any factions here. Therefore, this was a relatively peaceful and deserted place. However, this plains had turned into the most eye-catching place within a short few days. There was naturally no need to explain the reason behind this.

The originally empty area in the middle of the Demonic Beast Ancient Plains was already extremely noisy. Countless rushing wind sounds appeared continuously from all over the place, as many figures swarmed over like a swarm of locust. Finally, they landed on the ground. From a distance away, the black mass of people looked just like a surging black ocean.

The scale of this event was even more majestic compared to the event held at the Divine Item Mountain Range two months ago.

Clearly, there were many powerful factions in the Demonic Beast World, who were paying close attention to the fight between these two regions.

The scorching sun hung high in the azure sky. One hot wave after another accompanied by buzzing noises spread and it caused the temperature of the plains to gradually rise.

The middle of the plains was a spacious empty ground. However, no one dared to step foot into that area. That was because they were well aware that it was a very dangerous place.

Many pairs of eyes were roaming across this deserted plains. Meanwhile, their eyes contained a flicker of anticipation. Clearly, everyone was eager to find out the results of the fight, that was about to take place.

“It is really unexpected. The three great Demon Commanders actually chose to form an alliance. Aren’t they the ones typically most at odds with one another? Moreover, the Deep Lightning Mountain is actually qualified to join them?” Many private conversations were taking place all over the plains. However, the ones who said these comments were typically not from the Beast War Region. Otherwise, they would have known of the big battle that took place two months ago.

“Pfft, your information is really outdated. The current Deep Lightning Mountain is very different from before. Two months ago, they even fought evenly against the three great Demon Commanders at the Divine Item Mountain Range. Their strength is not inferior to that of the three great Demon Commanders’ factions. Therefore, they will naturally be included in this alliance.”

“I see… However, isn’t it a little too naive to believe that this last minute alliance can really oppose the ‘Mang Mountain’. Backing Mang Mountain… is the Nine Phoenix tribe…”

“Who knows… However, it is rumoured that the new Demon Commander of the Deep Lightning Mountain is related to the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. I wonder if this is for real.”

“Oh? Is that so. It’s no wonder…”


Various conversations spread across the plains. Most of them were information regarding the Deep Lightning Mountain. It was likely that many of them were quite curious about this faction in the Beast War Region, who had risen rapidly in recent times.

Their curious conversations continued for around an hour or so, before everyone sensed the natural Yuan Power around them vibrating vigorously. Immediately, they turned their heads before they saw countless figures whistling over from the distant northern sky. This scene appeared as though the sun was being blotted out.

“The Four Titans Palace has arrived!”

Everyone looked at the group, which came swarming over from all directions. Immediately, their spirits were uplifted. It seems like the stars of this show have finally arrived.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Many figures came rushing over from a great distance away. Finally, they directly landed in the middle of the plains. The land seemed to have trembled when they arrived. It seemed as though the elites from the Four Titans Palace have all showed up. Moreover, behind them, the other Demon Commanders were also leading their respective factions. That was because these Demon Commanders typically relied on the three great Demon Commanders. Now that the three great Demon Commanders established the Four Titans Palace, they were naturally roped into it.

Therefore, this group could be considered as the elite fighting force of the entire Beast War Region. Such a lineup caused the expressions of many onlookers to turn grave. If they were to start a war with “Mang Mountain”, there was no telling how massive the bloodbath would be.

Fortunately, both parties could not afford to pay that price. Hence, they ultimately chose to duke it out via the relatively gentler Sky Battle Arena.

Many pairs of eyes looked at the black mass of people. Other than the familiar three great Demon Commanders, there were two other figures standing at the front. One of them resembled a metal tower and he looked exceptionally menacing. The other was a tall and skinny figure and his youthful face wore a warm smile. His appearance seemed at odds with the large number of troops, with frightening and murderous aura, standing behind him.

However, some of those who were well connected knew that this seemingly gentle looking young man had forced the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander into a miserable state, with just the strength of the initial Profound Death stage, back at the Divine Item Mountain Range.

“Why hasn’t Mang Mountain arrived yet?”

Lin Dong looked at the scorching sun hanging in the sky. After which, he glanced at the crowd, which stretched on endlessly. Promptly, there was a stunned expression in his eyes. Clearly, he did not expect this event to draw such a large crowd.

“They should be arriving soon.”

Standing beside him, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander replied. Meanwhile, there was a menacing expression surging onto his face. “A bunch of mongrel birds. I have never seen eye to eye with them. Today, I will meet them in battle and let them understand that our Beast War Region is no easy pushover!”

“What tribe does the five great chiefs of Mang Mountain belong to?” Lin Dong turned his head and asked. He did not know much about the five great chiefs of Mang Mountain.

“The five great chiefs of Mang Mountain are also called the five kings. They are divided into the Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western Kings and the Mysterious King. The Mysterious King is their leader.”

The Ghost Condor Demon Commander said, “Other than the Mysterious King, the remaining four are from the Blood Vulture tribe, which is one of the eight king tribes. This tribe is extremely close to the Nine Phoenix tribe. Moreover, the four of them are blood brothers with the same surname Teng. Their names are Feng (Wind), Lin (Wood), Huo (Fire), Shan (Mountain). Strictly speaking, they have quite a reputation in the Demonic Beast World.”

“Members of the Blood Vulture tribe huh…” Lin Dong nodded. They actually came from one of the eight king tribes.

“That Mysterious King is called Luo Tong. He is not a member of the Blood Vulture tribe. Instead, he comes from the Nine Phoenix tribe.” The expression of the Ghost Condor Demon Commander became a little more solemn upon mentioning this Mysterious King. It seems like he was rather wary of the latter.

Lin Dong’s pupils focused. This person actually came from one of the four overlord tribes. It’s no wonder Ghost Condor and the rest were afraid of him. Strictly speaking, Mang Mountain was a faction aligned with the Nine Phoenix tribe. Moreover, the Nine Phoenix tribe was not neutral like the Dragon tribe. Instead, they enjoyed flaunting their strength and showcasing their status in the Demonic Beast World.

As such, it seems like Mang Mountain was no ordinary faction. It was likely that an earthshaking battle was going to occur today…

Lin Dong gently clenched his long hands. There was a trace of excitement and the desire to fight rising in his eyes.

After the “Four Titans Palace” arrived, there was still no news from Mang Mountain. However, Lin Dong’s group was not anxious. Instead, they shut their eyes and took a rest. The din, which enveloped this area, was isolated.

This wait lasted for four hours. Just as everyone were beginning to feel a little impatient, Lin Dong suddenly opened his gently shut eyes. He could sense a shocking fluctuation heading towards them from afar.

“They are about to arrive. ”

Lin Dong said softly, while his eyes stared intently towards the western sky.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio had also detected something at this moment. Immediately, a tinge of shock flashed across their eyes. Clearly, they were shocked by the fact that Lin Dong was actually able to detect the activity in the distance before they could do so.


The world suddenly turned dim, in the less than two minutes it took for them to cast their attention towards the western sky. All the noise that had enveloped the place abruptly disappeared. Countless pairs of eyes looked into the distant horizon. At that spot, blood colored clouds were rushing over at a frightening speed.

As the blood colored clouds slowly closed in, everyone finally realized that it was a group of people wearing blood red armour. Many sharp pair of eyes, which were filled with brutality, were present under the armours.

Amidst these blood red clouds, there was a ten thousand feet large flag fluttering with the wind. Beneath the flag, was a giant dark red bird. Nine different colored tails were present behind that large bird, giving it a brilliant yet dangerous appearance.

“Mang Mountain has arrived!”

Exclamations erupted when everyone saw the blood red clouds, which were being accompanied by a frightening aura. At the same time, there was a tinge of anticipation in the voices. It seems like they were growing increasingly impatient as they waited for this huge fight to take place.

“Haha, Four Titans Palace? Do you think that an alliance that you guys formed at the very last moment is actually worthy of the name Four Titans? You truly do not know your own limits if you wish to oppose my Mang Mountain with this!”

Many blood red clouds arrived at the middle of the plains. A loud laughter, which was filled with an arrogant ridicule, ricocheted across the land.

The blood red clouds gradually disappeared before they turned into many huge groups of people. Standing right in front, were five individuals hovering in the sky. Their eyes were filled with ridicule as they stared at Lin Dong’s distant group.