Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1121: Four Titans Palace

Chapter 1121: Four Titans Palace


Chapter 1121: Four Titans Palace

The atmosphere within the hall became relaxed after the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio nodded. Standing at the side, Chen Tong and the rest stared at Lin Dong with a stunned expression on their faces. After all, they didn’t expect that Lin Dong was actually able to convince the three top factions, who have dominated the Beast War Region for decades, in less than an hour’s time…

As natives of the Beast War Region, they were well aware of how chaotic this place was. Evidently, it was no easy task to unify this region. The biggest obstacle was naturally the three great Demon Commanders. Yet, this biggest obstacle was shattered by Lin Dong’s smiling words alone.

Gaining their approval meant that it was genuinely possible to unify the Beast War Region!

Therefore, one can easily imagine that after the union was completed, a new and powerful faction will be born in the Beast War Region. Moreover, that faction would definitely surpass any other faction that has ever existed in the Beast War Region. In fact, it would possess a solid reputation even when placed in the entire Demonic Beast World.

“He is indeed lord Lin Dong.”

Chen Tong’s group quietly exchanged glances with each other. They could see shock and marvel in each other’s eyes. It was likely that the only person in the entire Beast War Region who could pull off a feat like this, was Lin Dong.

“Since the three of you have agreed, we can release the news. However, the Beast War Region is a chaotic place. Even if we want to form an alliance, there will likely be some obstacles. However, I believe that the three of you should know how to handle these obstacles, am I right?” Lin Dong looked at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander as he smilingly said.

“You can be rest assured. It is only natural for there to be objections for such a large scale move.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander parted his lips into a smile. His smile was filled with ferocity. They were well aware of the culture in the Beast War Region. However, this was not a big problem for them. All they had to do was to kill anyone who dared to protest. After which, it was likely that most factions would not dare to protest.

Blood would be inevitably spilled in a situation like this.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. Following which, he gently leaned on his stone chair and said, “This merger cannot be completed in a few days’ time. However, since we are on the same boat, we must work together. Of course, we must work together to get through the difficult situation we are currently in.”

“Tell me about that so called ‘Sky Battle Arena’. I want to find out how domineering ‘Mang Mountain’ is.”

The Golden Ape Demon Commander nodded. He paused for a moment before saying, “If a fight breaks out between two huge regions, it will be akin to war and it will be a draining fight for both parties. Therefore, ‘Mang Mountain’ chose the Sky Battle Arena format. Putting it simply, it is merely a fighting arena. Only those who are close, or have reached the Samsara stage can participate in the ‘Sky Battle Arena’.”

“The Sky Battle Arena has a total of five rounds, with the winner of three rounds being the victor. Each party will send five members. It is likely that Mang Mountain will send its five great chiefs. On our side however, there are only three of us who have reached the Samsara stage. Of course, if we include both you and the Commander Yan, we will not lose out to them.”

“It is still a little difficult for Little Flame to fight a Samsara stage expert on his own.” Lin Dong frowned and said.

“Big brother, there is no fixed format for the Sky Battle Arena. Therefore, I can bring along my Tiger Devouring Army if I participate.” Little Flame parted his lips and laughed. If he was accompanied by his Tiger Devouring Army, which had grown much stronger than before, he would definitely be able to deal with a Samsara stage expert.

Lin Dong nodded after hearing this. “What happens if we lose?”

The Golden Ape Demon Commander trio exchanged glances with each other. Finally, they spoke in a deep voice, “We will have to surrender half of the Beast War Region to Mang Mountain. Of course, if they lose, they will also have to give us half of the Mang Mountain Region.”

Even with his calm temperament, Lin Dong’s eyelids twitched after hearing these words. Half of the Beast War Region… Just how massive was that? How much resources did it contain? This fight was truly a massive gamble.

“If we do not agree to use this Sky Battle Arena format to resolve this issue, Mang Mountain will start a war. Should we end up being defeated, we will lose control over the entire Beast War Region.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander said.

Lin Dong nodded. Compared to a huge war, it was obvious that this Sky Battle Arena was far simpler.

“If that Celestial Demon Marten brother of yours is present, we will have no need to fear Mang Mountain’s five great chiefs.” The Ghost Condor Demon Commander said.

Lin Dong tilted his head to glance at Little Flame. The latter shook his head and said, “Second brother has returned to the Celestial Demon Marten tribe a few days ago. It seems like he had some urgent matters to deal with. Therefore, I am afraid that he will not be able to participate in this fight.”

A disappointed look flashed across the Ghost Condor Demon Commander’s face when he heard this. If Little Marten was around, even the Nine Phoenix tribe would be a little wary of his Celestial Demon Marten identity.

“There is no need to worry. Since we have agreed to an alliance, I will naturally help all of you to get through this difficult situation.” Lin Dong lowered his eyes. His voice was calm and without ripples.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio looked at Lin Dong, who had remained consistently calm throughout their conversation, before they nodded gently. They could clearly sense that Lin Dong had became much stronger, after having not seen him for two months. Additionally, the pressure that was vaguely emitted from his body caused them to be startled. As they recalled how formidable Lin Dong was when he fought against them two months ago, their hearts also began to relax. This person in front of them could not be judged using common logic. After all, this was something that they had experienced personally.

Moreover, they were not hoping to defeat “Mang Mountain”. As long as they could match up to them and force the latter to give up, it could be considered as their victory.

As to whether they could defeat the great chiefs from the other party in a genuine fight, this was something that they did not consider right now. After all, they clearly knew how difficult it was, even after including Lin Dong and Little Flame into their alliance.

“We have yet to give a reply to the battle invitation from Mang Mountain. This was because we were unable to find sufficient people to fight against the five of them. Now… can we finally give them our reply?” The Golden Ape Demon Commander looked at Lin Dong and asked.

“Give them our reply.” Lin Dong smiled and said softly.


A fighting intent surged on the faces of the Golden Ape Demon Commander trio. They had been pushed around and forced into a rather miserable state by Mang Mountain over these past few days. However, they were constantly giving in because they were afraid of the other party’s strength and their background. However, right now… they no longer had any reason to fear because of Lin Dong. Since they had pushed them to their limits, there was no longer a need to endure any longer!

“Besides, since we are going to form an alliance, our alliance should naturally have a name. Since this plan is suggested by young brother Lin Dong, in that case, you should be the one…” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander smiled. His attitude towards Lin Dong was suddenly much warmer than before. After all, as a member of the Dragon tribe, he clearly knew what the Punishment Elder represented.

“This alliance is formed by our four factions. Let’s call it Four Titans Palace. What do you all say?” Lin Dong softly laughed and said.

“The name Four Titans is indeed domineering.” The Golden Ape Demon Commander trio muttered and nodded in agreement.

“Since our alliance has been formed, let’s reply to the battle invitation. We will duke it out with Mang Mountain at the Demonic Beast Ancient Plains!”

The eyes of the trio were filled with excitement. They knew that once news of this incident spread, it would cause the entire Beast War Region to churn and boil. Such a big event could be considered as the grandest event that took place in the Beast War Region over the last century!


The Beast War Region was a little chaotic during this recent period of time. The uproar from the Divine Item Mountain Range had only just subsided, when Mang Mountain Region invaded. This commotion could be considered earthshaking and it caused everyone in the Beast War Region to become anxious and frightened.

Everyone was well aware of the strength of “Mang Mountain”. In an one on one fight, they would definitely be able to crush any one of the three great Demon Commanders’ factions.

A majority of the factions in the Beast War Region allied themselves with one of the three great Demon Commanders’ factions. If those three were defeated, it would have serious implications for them. Additionally, there was a high likelihood that the three great Demon Commanders would lose. This was startling obvious from how the three great Demon Commanders refused to formally reply to the battle invitation from “Mang Mountain” for such a long period of time.

Should the three great Demon Commanders wound up defeated, the Beast War Region would be under the control of Mang Mountain Region. At that time, the current situation would be completely reestablished. This was undoubtedly a catastrophic blow for many of the native factions.

Hence, the entire Beast War Region was living in fear over this period of time. However, they also felt quite helpless. After all, they were not qualified to interfere in a fight at this level.

The only thing they could do, was hope that the three great Demon Commanders’ factions could withstand the pressure from Mang Mountain.

However, while the entire Beast War Region was in a state of panic, a piece of news finally emerged from within the three great Demon Commanders’ factions. That piece of news did not contain much information. Nevertheless, it shook the entire Beast War Region instantly.

Deep Lightning Mountain, Blood Dragon Hall, Ghost Condor Stream and Golden Ape Mountain had announced the formation of an alliance called the “Four Titans Palace”!

The Beast War Region erupted into an uproar the moment the news spread. In fact, many individuals were completely stunned. After all, none of them expected that these four massive factions, who were usually at odds with each other, would actually form an alliance. Moreover, everyone knew that Deep Lightning Mountain had just engaged in a huge fight with the three other factions two months ago…

However, despite being overwhelmed by shock, many powerful individuals in the Beast War Region began to rejoice. After all, they clearly knew that this alliance was formed in order to counter the invasion from “Mang Mountain”. This was indeed the only way to strike fear in the other party’s heart.

Many people maintained an optimistic, curious, yet puzzled attitude towards this alliance. That was because it was the only alliance formed in the Beast War Region in a hundred years. In fact, some sharper individuals vaguely felt that the chaotic Beast War Region might end up changing its past ways. Moreover, if this entire region was to unify and form a single entity like “Mang Mountain”, it was likely that the Beast War Region would possess quite a high status even within the entire Demon Region.

Of course, the precondition was that this newly formed “Four Titans Palace” could truly survive the thunderstorm like attacks of “Mang Mountain”. Otherwise, this alliance will only disappoint and suffer an early demise.

With this thought in mind, countless pairs of eyes in the Beast War Region and even other surrounding regions like the Mang Mountain Region, were all focused on the Demonic Beast Ancient Plains; the place where the fight would be held.

This fight will determine whether this newly formed alliance will prosper or fall in defeat.