Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1119: Mang Mountain

Chapter 1119: Mang Mountain


Chapter 1119: Mang Mountain

Beast War Region, Deep Lightning Mountain.

The current Deep Lightning Mountain was clearly a lot livelier compared to two months ago, and their headquarters had also expanded tremendously. Countless powerful auras surged within the many mountains, while troops occasionally patrolled the skies, their sharp eyes scanning every part of Deep Lightning Mountain Range.

Thanks to the fight that took place at Divine Item Mountain Range, Deep Lightning Mountain had completely established themselves in the Beast War Region. In fact, their reputation was no longer inferior to that of the three great Demon Commanders’ factions. Moreover, thanks to the ‘Mysterious Divine Palace’ that Lin Dong had obtained, they had a large number of divine objects in their hands, a fact that was sufficient to make many factions jealous. Hence, soon after the recruitment order was given, various powerful individuals came swarming over in hopes of taking advantage of this opportunity to enter Deep Lightning Mountain to obtain a divine object.

However, Deep Lightning Mountain was clearly wary of these individuals. Therefore, not only was the recruitment criteria incomparably harsh, but those recruited must provide a certain amount of contributions before they were given a divine object. This so called contribution required these people to lead their men to fight for territory on behalf of Deep Lightning Mountain, or to collect various resources. In summary, it was not an easy task to fulfill this criteria.

These powerful individuals were likewise well aware of this. However, a divine object was indeed rare to come by, and obtaining one would boost one’s strength significantly. Moreover, Deep Lightning Mountain was no longer the same as before, and even the other three great Demon Commanders’ factions did not dare to offend them. Therefore, joining Deep Lightning Mountain would be akin to gaining an additional layer of protection. As such, despite the harsh recruitment criteria, there was still a long queue to join.

Thanks to the extremely energetic recruiting of Deep Lightning Mountain, it slowly became the focal point of the entire Beast War Region. Everyone began to feel that this faction, which was once as stiff as a pool of still water, was now brimming with life and vitality. It was likely that Deep Lightning Mountain would become the most dazzling existence in the Beast War Region in the future.

On the peak of the main mountain of Deep Lightning Mountain, were a series of towering halls. A hundred thousand feet large square lay in front of the most majestic looking hall. At this moment, a black torrent like mass of figures were silently seated on the square like statues. Shocking and ferocious auras radiated from their bodies.

These figures wore dark black armor which were covered in mysterious patterns. These patterns appeared to move as they breathed while mysterious and powerful ripples vaguely spread from them.

If one was to carefully observe this black torrent, one would discover that each and every individual of this over thousand army was breathing in unison. Tiny bits of aura rose from their bodies, before they gathered in midair, seemingly forming a giant hundred thousand feet large darkness tiger. The giant tiger lay in the sky as if in a slumber. However, everyone could clearly sense how brutal it would be once it opened its eyes.

Various other departments in Deep Lightning Mountain would occasionally walk past the square. However, their eyes were frightened and envious when they looked at the black torrent on the square. Everyone knew that the Tiger Devouring Army was the most powerful faction in Deep Lightning Mountain, and every person in this faction was equipped with a divine object. The scale of this army would make any faction jealous.

Of course, the only group in the entire Deep Lightning Mountain who could enjoy such luxurious treatment was the Tiger Devouring Army. As a result, many people desperately tried to join. However, it was obvious that this was no simple task. In fact, their bloody and cruel selection method caused many experts, who thought highly of themselves, to feel their scalps turn numb…

This square faced a majestic great hall. A few pairs of eyes within the great hall were currently staring at this Tiger Devouring Army with burning desire.

“Haha, Deep Lightning Mountain is really generous. It is likely that this Tiger Devouring Army alone will be able to match a Samsara stage expert…”

A couple of familiar looking groups from various factions were seated in the large hall. If one was to take a closer look, one would realize that they were actually the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, Ghost Condor Demon Commander and the gold armored Golden Ape Demon Commander.

Little Flame’s metal tower like body was seated in the leader’s spot. A baleful aura lingered around his rough looking face, and not even the slightest bit of fear was present when faced with the three strongest leaders in the Beast War Region. His lips cracked open as he said, “The three of you did not come to my Deep Lightning Mountain merely to utter such nonsense, am I right?”

Little Flame clearly did not have a good impression of these three who tried to stop them back at Divine Item Mountain Range. Additionally, the current Deep Lightning Mountain was not afraid of them. Hence, Little Flame was not overly courteous when he spoke to them.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s veins bulged upon seeing Little Flame’s attitude. However, he also knew that the current Deep Lightning Mountain was different from before. Forget about that abnormally powerful young man from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, even this increasingly vicious Little Flame caused him to feel a little fear. After all, he understood that if Little Flame was to join forces with his Tiger Devouring Army, even he would have no choice but to retreat.

Moreover, that fellow called Lin Dong was the person whom he was most wary and even frightened of.

None of these three brothers were pushovers.

“Haha, Commander Yan should know the reason why we came. That incident has created a huge uproar recently.” The Golden Ape Demon Commander laughed bitterly and sighed.

Little Flame had an indifferent expression as he replied, “The grudge between Mang Mountain Region and you three great Demon Commanders has nothing to do with my Deep Lightning Mountain.”

Little Flame was naturally aware of the matter that the Golden Ape Demon Commander was referring to. This was because this matter had recently stirred a huge commotion in the entire Beast War Region. In fact, the commotion stirred by this incident was not inferior to that of the incident back then at Divine Item Mountain Range.

The source of this incident stemmed from the Mang Mountain Region, which was located right next to the Beast War Region.

Like the Beast War Region, the Mang Mountain Region was also an extremely vast region and its size was definitely not inferior to that of the Beast War Region. Moreover, both these territories typically did not interfere in each other’s matters. However, ever since news of the incident at Divine Item Mountain Range spread, it clearly caused some repercussions. One of them was Mang Mountain Region invading the Beast War Region. The three great Demon Commanders, who held the highest positions in the Beast War Region, were naturally the first to be affected by the invasion.

The three great Demon Commanders were naturally rather furious over this matter. Mang Mountain Region’s action was undoubtedly a declaration of war against them. Nonetheless, despite their anger, their expressions became a little ugly when they recalled the strength of the Mang Mountain Region.

This Mang Mountain Region was relatively famous in the Demonic Beast World. This was because the Mang Mountain Region was one of the few regions that was completely unified. It was not as chaotic as the Beast War Region, which had different factions competing against each other. Instead, only one faction existed in the entire Mang Mountain Region. That faction was known as ‘Mang Mountain’.

There were five great chiefs in ‘Mang Mountain’, and all of them were at the Samsara stage. Moreover, there were also many powerful individuals under them. Although the three great Demon Commanders’ factions were strong, they were still significantly weaker than ‘Mang Mountain’. This was also why the three great Commanders were having a headache.

They could not defeat the other party nor could they choose to retreat. Hence, all they could do was to look for their previous enemy, Deep Lightning Mountain. After all, everyone had clearly witnessed the strength of Deep Lightning Mountain. If they joined forces, it was likely that ‘Mang Mountain’ would become a little more wary.

“Commander Yan, owing to our reputation, us three great Demon Commanders will be the first to be hit when ‘Mang Mountain’ invades the Beast War Region. However, if we are defeated, the other factions in the Beast War Region can only choose between submitting or fleeing. At that time, even Deep Lightning Mountain will not be able to escape unscathed.”

The Ghost Condor Demon Commander stared at Little Flame. He paused for a moment before continuing, “Additionally, Mang Mountain’s actions are likely related to the Divine Item Treasury. Since it is now in your Deep Lightning Mountain’s possession, do you think that they will easily let you off after defeating us?”

“I am aware that you have that Celestial Demon Marten brother. However, ‘Mang Mountain’ also has a complicated background. Moreover, in order to obtain the Divine Item Treasury, it is likely they will not fear such things.”

Little Flame knitted his brows. He was naturally aware of this fact. However, it was a little foolish if he allowed the three great Demon Commanders to drag him onto the same boat.

“When trouble comes knocking, my Deep Lightning Mountain will handle it. There is no need for all of you to fret on our behalf.”


The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander involuntarily felt furious after witnessing Little Flame’s indifferent attitude. He slammed his hands onto the stone table in front of him, instantly splitting it apart.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

However, rushing wind sounds immediately sounded in the large hall when the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander vented his anger. Promptly, many figures rushed out and stared sharply at the former. Even the Tiger Devouring Army in front of the hall suddenly let loose a low and deep tiger roar at the sky.

“Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, this is my Deep Lightning Mountain. I’m afraid you cannot act as you please here!” Little Flame stared at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander with balefulness as he coldly shouted.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s face turned steely green. Despite the fury he felt in his heart, he could only let out a cold snort. After all, this was the headquarters of Deep Lightning Mountain and the Tiger Devouring Army was waiting right outside. Therefore, even someone as hot tempered as himself had no choice but to back down.

“Commander Yan, you should be well aware of how serious this issue is. Please give us a reply. ‘Mang Mountain’ has set up a Sky Battle Arena and sent out the five great chiefs. However, we only have three individuals on our side.” The Golden Ape Demon Commander helplessly said.

Little Flame became quiet. A moment later, he finally said, “This is an extremely important matter. I will make my decision after big brother returns.”

“He has already been gone for two months. I’m afraid that we do not have the luxury of time.” The Golden Ape Demon Commander bitterly laughed.

However, Little Flame’s expression changed right after the Golden Ape Demon Commander spoke. He suddenly lifted his head to look at the entrance of the hall where a figure was slowly walking in. After which, a familiar laughter echoed in the hall.

“Haha, it is so lively the moment I return. Three great Demon Commanders, how have you guys been?”

“Big brother!” Little Flame rose in surprise. The figure at the entrance to the hall moved and appeared at the empty leader position. He smilingly stared at the three great Demon Commanders. It was Lin Dong, who had just hurried back from the Dragon tribe.

Lin Dong looked at the three great Demon Commanders and smiled. “I am already aware of this matter. It is indeed difficult to deal with ‘Mang Mountain’, but it is not impossible.”


The Golden Ape Demon Commander trio were startled. Their eyes stared at Lin Dong in surprise.

“The reason why Mang Mountain is so powerful is because they are united. Therefore, there is a simple way to deal with them. All we need to do, is to unite the entire Beast War Region.”

Lin Dong smiled slightly. However, there was an indescribable feeling behind his smile.

This was a good opportunity to expand Deep Lightning Mountain.