Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1116: Primal Dragon Bone

Chapter 1116: Primal Dragon Bone


Chapter 1116: Primal Dragon Bone

The strange phenomenon within the Dragon Transformation Pool continued for a full five days. Five days later, the pool gradually became peaceful again, while the faint purple-gold light reflected off the water’s surface also quietly disappeared.

Although the Dragon Transformation Pool had regained its calm, Lin Dong still did not appear. This caused Yuan Qian’s group to look forward to the outcome with impatience and expectation. They anxiously wished to know just what had occurred in the Dragon Transformation Pool.

Even though they were anxious, Lin Dong did not appear and they were also unable to charge inside to retrieve him. Therefore, all they could do was helplessly look at each other and obediently wait.

An entire month passed as they waited.

After a month, the Dragon Transformation Pool was now so calm that it was void of any ripples. The strange phenomenon from before was like the momentary blooming of an cereus flower. Meanwhile, no one surfaced from the pool.

If one counted the time, one would find that two months had passed since Lin Dong entered the Dragon Transformation Pool.


Yuan Qian stood with his hands behind his back on a mountain in the vicinity of the Dragon Transformation Pool. He did not leave this spot during the past two months. His eyes were firmly fixed onto the Dragon Transformation Pool below. From this, it was possible to see how seriously he viewed this matter.

Many elders stood behind him with differing expressions. However, they gradually began to frown as time passed.

“Tribe leader, Lin Dong should be fine right?” An elder finally could not help but ask. It had already been such a long time. Yet, why was there no activity at all? Could it be that Lin Dong was killed when challenging ancestor?

Yuan Qian hesitated for a moment before releasing a bitter laugh. Even he could not sense the interior of the bone burial hall.

“This little fellow is after all someone recommended by Qing Zhi. It will be difficult to explain things to Qing Zhi if anything happens to him here.”An elder frowned and said. Qing Zhi had a rather unique status within the Dragon tribe. In terms of seniority, even Yuan Qian was a little younger. The only ones who were comparable to him in the entire Dragon tribe were likely those few ancient existences who were in a deep seclusion.

“Matters of men will be decided by fate.”

Yuan Qian shook his head. It was obviously pointless to be unnecessarily worried at this point in time. Entering the Dragon Transformation Pool was extremely dangerous to begin with. This was something that Lin Dong knew and Qing Zhi was even more clear about.

The elders ceased speaking after hearing this and once again turned their eyes towards the calm Dragon Transformation Pool as they waited for something to happen.

A large group of younger generation Dragon tribe members gathered together a short distance from Yuan Qian’s group. The three individuals at the front were Yuan Xin, Yan Shan and Yan Feng. Presently, they were also watching the Dragon Transformation Pool with uncertainty. It was likely that they had managed to hear some overwhelming information from their elders during this period of time.

“It is unexpected that he has actually entered the bone burial hall. It is rumoured that only those who enter can obtain the Ancient Dragon Bone…” Yan Shan smacked his lips together. His eyes were filled with emotion. He never imagined that Lin Dong would succeed where many outstanding members of the Dragon tribe had failed.

“This Lin Dong is really impressive.” Yan Feng sighed. Even with his pride, he had no choice but to admit that he was unable to do what Lin Dong had done.

The surrounding youths from the Dragon tribe silently nodded and sighed. All of them were usually extremely arrogant. Their status as members of the Dragon tribe allowed them to proudly look down on most of those in the same generation. However, this arrogance of theirs had suffered such a heavy blow that they had begun to feel a little depressed.

As members of the Dragon tribe, they were well aware of just how difficult it was to enter the bone burial hall.

At the very front, Yuan Xin did not utter a single word. She gently bit her red lips while she hugged her chest. Those eyes of hers contained some stubborness as she stared at the calm Dragon Transformation Pool. Soon after however, this stubbornness turned into dejectedness.

As the daughter of the tribe leader, she naturally knew more than the others. Therefore, she was aware that Lin Dong had not only entered the bone burial hall, but had even barged into the realm of the willpower domain of the Dragon tribe’s greatest ancestor. Moreover, he had even challenged the latter…

That fellow’s ambition was not limited to merely the Ancient Dragon Bone. He… wished to obtain the strongest Primal Dragon Bone of the Dragon tribe!

That was something that even Qing Zhi and her father were unable to touch.

“You are really ambitious. Aren’t you afraid of choking to death on that ambition…”

Yuan Xin mumbled to herself as she gently clenched her hand. Although Lin Dong’s performance in the Dragon Transformation Pool had greatly shocked her, she did not think that he would really succeed. Regardless of how one put it, there was only a single person who had managed to obtain the Primal Dragon Bone during the endlessly long history of the Dragon tribe. That person was a powerful existence who had once managed to unite and rule over the Demonic Beast World, the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor!

She did not think that Lin Dong was actually comparable to that god like existence in the hearts of all the Dragon tribe members!

The subsequent wait continued for a long time while the Dragon Transformation Pool remained calm and rippleless. Time quietly passed day by day, and in the blink of an eye, another half a month had passed.

With the passing of each day, worry gradually began to surface on Yuan Qian’s face. The originally still somewhat shocked Dragon tribe elders looked to each other and sighed softly. There were feelings of pity in their sighs.

From the looks of it, there was a very high chance that Lin Dong had failed. Otherwise, it was impossible that there was not even the slightest activity at all. After all, this would not happen even when someone obtained the Ancient Dragon Bone in the past. Additionally, Lin Dong had been in the Dragon Transformation Pool for far too long.

The abundant energy of the Dragon Transformation Pool was also exceptionally berserk in nature. Hence, it was not the case where it would become more beneficial the longer one stayed in the pool. If one was careless, one’s body would explode due to the Dragon Transformation Pool energy, turning into the energy of the pool.

While the elders of the Dragon tribe sighed in pity, the expressions of the younger generation members were grave. Originally, they had believed that a miracle would appear. Never would they have imagined that the source of this miracle had ultimately died prematurely.

The setting sun hung in the horizon as dark red sunlight scattered down and enveloped the land.

“Tribe leader, we should perhaps seal the Dragon Transforming Pool again.” An elder looked at the sky and suddenly sighed.

Yuan Qian’s body seemed to tremble slightly upon hearing this. Soon after, he replied in a somewhat hoarse voice, “Let’s wait a little longer.”

That elder let out a bitter laugh, “If the energy of the Dragon Transformation Pool spreads, it will end up affecting the surrounding mountains. We have already opened it for far too long this time around. The surrounding…”

At this point, he glanced at the the mountains around the Dragon Transformation Pool. Dragon scales had actually grown on the surface of these mountains. They reflected an ice-cold light when sunlight shone down upon them.

Yuan Qian was silent. In the end, he let out a deep sigh and slowly nodded.

The elders waved their sleeves upon seeing this and many energy light pillars whistled forth. Finally, they interweaved above the Dragon Transformation Pool, transforming into a light formation. Soon after, the light formation began to descend and enveloped the Dragon Transformation Pool.

However, thick dark clouds began to gather in the sky just as the light formation was about to descend. Lightning flashed and thunder roared within the dark clouds as a rumbling sound spread across the land.

“Wait.” Yuan Qian immediately discovered the unusual activity in the sky. His expression quickly altered as he spoke in a deep voice.

The Dragon tribe elders immediately stopped the descending light formation. They lifted their heads and looked at the activity in the sky with shock in their eyes. A moment later, they seemed to recall something and all of their eyes suddenly shot towards the Dragon Transformation Pool as overwhelming amazement surged within their eyes.

“It cannot be…” No one knew who had involuntarily let out this shocked mutter.

The dark clouds in the sky accumulated, becoming increasingly thick while frightening thunderbolts gathered within them. The entire world seemed to shake and tremble due to the rumbling thunder.


The Dragon Transformation Pool below, which had been peaceful for a long time, once again churned with numerous huge waves. Countless pairs of eyes shifted towards it. Subsequently, they saw a huge whirlpool slowly being formed in the pool.


A ray of light suddenly shot out just as the whirlpool was formed, reaching into the sky. Following its appearance, a strange pressure slowly began to spread.

It was vaguely possible to see a human figure appearing within the ray of light that had risen from the Dragon Transformation Pool


The dark clouds in the sky suddenly pulled back. Countless hundreds of thousands of feet large thunderbolts suddenly whizzed downwards like ten thousand dragons and charged towards the human figure inside the ray of light from all directions.

However, the figure inside the ray of light did not move in the face of the ten thousand thunderbolts. He allowed the wild and violent thunderbolts to ruthlessly smash into his body. Many lightning arcs danced in the sky. In the end, they were all absorbed by the figure.

The wild and violent thunderbolts in the sky continued for half an hour before gradually disappearing. As the dark clouds scattered, an unusually powerful Mental Energy ripple also began to reverberate across the land.

Sunlight sprinkled down as the dark clouds disappeared, illuminating the mountain range. Those many pairs of eyes were firmly locked onto the ray of light. The figure within seemed to lazily stretch his waist, before stepping forward and slowly walking out from within the ray of light.

All eyes gathered on that very spot as the skinny figure finally appeared. This figure still had the same familiar young face. However, his body presently gave off a jade like luster. His seemingly skinny body gave off a mighty pressure that seemed to cover the sky and land as it spread.

In the face of this pressure, the expressions of the many Dragon tribe members present changed drastically. They could feel a shudder surging out from within their bodies at this moment.

It was a kind of pressure which originated from within their bloodline.

The entire mountain range was completely quiet.

Yuan Qian gazed at the skinny figure in the air as his hands slowly clenched tightly. A mumbling voice which contained an unclear emotion and a trace of well hidden shock slowly spread.

“It… really is … the Primal Dragon Bone.”