Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1115: Fight Between Top Experts

Chapter 1115: Fight Between Top Experts


Chapter 1115: Fight Between Top Experts

The space behind Lin Dong distorted and a black vortex slowly took shape. Soon after, a tall figure slowly stepped out from within.

The light in this place seemed to have suddenly dimmed when this figure appeared. Even the air itself begun to gather towards the figure at a shocking speed.

This figure was just like a black hole as he devoured everything around him in an overbearing fashion. The brilliant light radiating from him was also extremely glaring.

After the black hole stilled, the figure finally stood up. He was wearing long black robes and was quite handsome. Meanwhile, there was also a smile present at the corner of his mouth. His smile seemed to possess a demonic aura, that caused one to involuntarily become absent-minded. This man was just like a deep black hole as he involuntarily attracted others to him.

This man stood quietly in front of the black hole. However, his quiet demeanor caused the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor seated on the lotus stone base, to slowly reveal a grave expression in his eyes. The endlessly imposing aura that enveloped this world, was being devoured an inch at a time, by that smiling black clothed man.

The entire world was silent as those two figures faced each other from afar. It seemed as though even the flowing air had suddenly stilled at this moment…

After tens of thousands of years, these two great beings, who had once towered over the world, ended up meeting in such a strange fashion.

“How unexpected…”

This silence continued for a long time, before the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor finally broke the silence. He stared at the familiar figure before slowly continuing, “I didn’t expect to meet you. ”

“Ugh, this little fellow is nonetheless the new owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Moreover, he is able to find my lingering will within the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Therefore, I will naturally have to lend him a hand.” The black clothed man was likely the Devouring Master. He looked at the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor with his dark black eyes and laughed.

“You have found quite a good helper.” The Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor turned his head, looked at Lin Dong below and said.

Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders. In this mental realm, it was obvious that he could not defeat the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor. After all, they were on completely different levels. Therefore, he did not find it shameful to ask for help, when up against the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor, who was considered a top ranked expert even during the ancient era.

After all, being able to summon a helper also took some ability.

He had searched the interior of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol for a total of three days, before he finally discovered the lingering will of the Devouring Master and invited this great being out.

It was likely that only the Devouring Master, who had once defeated the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor, would be able to defeat the latter’s will.

“However… I really like this helper of yours.”

The Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor parted his lips into a smile. There was a fierce heat surging in his eyes. After which, he slowly stood up from the lotus stone base.

“Devouring Master, it is really unexpected that we would meet in this fashion. It seems like even someone as powerful as you eventually died…” The Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor stared at the Devouring Master. His smile was filled with excitement.

“Have a final fight with me.”

“Just like before, you still love to fight.”

The Devouring Master stared at the excited smile on the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor’s face, before he grinned and nodded gently. “Even though this is our final fight, I will not go easy on you.”

After he spoke, the Devouring Master slowly shut his eyes. After which, An endless darkness seemed to sweep out from the space behind him like floodwater, the moment his eyes were shut.


The Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor laughed heartily towards the sky. His body moved and he directly transformed into a seemingly endlessly large purple-golden dragon that crouched in the sky. His frightening dragon pressure caused the space itself to tremble.

“Eight Sage Dragons, Demon Suppressing Stage!”

A monstrous purple-golden light spread. Soon after, a dragon roar resounded. After which, one could see eight incredibly huge Sage Dragons gathering in the sky. They meandered and crouched down. Meanwhile, there was a hundred thousand feet large stone platform in the middle, which was emitting a brilliant glow. The surrounding space trembled and cracked under these frightening ripples.

Lin Dong’s expression was grave as he stared at these attacks, which could destroy the world. Clearly, the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor had no intention of warming up as he had unleashed his signature move for his first attack.

If Lin Dong was on the receiving end of this attack, it was likely that he would have been sent flying out of this realm.

The Sage Dragons took flight and they entwined themselves around the hundred thousand feet large stone platform. Subsequently, they penetrated through space and smashed towards the Devouring Master.


Due to the pressure from the stone platform, everything within a five thousand kilometre radius collapsed. Looking from a distance away, it appeared just like an endless deep pit.

However, up against this shocking attack, the handsome Devouring Master continued to remain calm. The black light behind him grew and filled the horizons. In the next moment, a calm voice, which contained an endless demonic strength, was softly emitted from his mouth.

“Devouring World.”

The Devouring Master’s eyes suddenly opened at this moment. It turns out that they had actually transformed into two rotating black holes. Instantly, the entire world turned completely dark. Following which, an overbearing devouring light spread at a speed, which was undetectable by the naked eye. As that light spread, even the Yuan Power and air were devoured by it.

The entire place was turned into a Devouring World by the Devouring Master!

The devouring light shot upwards. Subsequently, it forcefully collided head on with the hundred thousand feet large stone platform surrounded by Sage Dragons, in a domineering manner.

Sizzle sizzle!

Shockingly, there was no loud sound being emitted. In fact, neither was there any earthshaking energy assault waves. Just like a rock sinking into the ocean, these two large attacks, which possessed strength that could destroy the world, did not even create the slightest ripple upon contact.

The devouring light continued to spread. In fact, it was possible to vaguely spot the Sage Dragons roaring within the devourment. Following which, a holy light spread and collided with the light, which was filled with devouring power. However, it was obvious that the overbearing devouring power was stronger. Hence, the vast and mighty holy light was gradually extinguished like a candlelight, before it disappeared…

The devouring light suddenly ceased spreading the moment the holy light vanished. After which, it shrunk at a frightening speed. Within a dozen breaths’ time, it had completely withdrawn into the body of the Devouring Master.

The darkness in the surroundings quietly withdrew before sunlight shone down. Everything remained silent. However, Lin Dong was aware that the outcome of their fight had already been decided.

A fight at that level did not have the same brilliant aesthetics as that of a close range fight. However, the dangers involved were much greater…

The Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor still maintained the same stance in the sky, whereby his hand was extended. It was a long moment later before he slowly lowered his head and shook his head gently, “The Devouring World is even capable of devouring a Reincarnation stage expert, should one fall into it. To think that I am still unable to break it…”

Lin Dong was quietly in shock upon hearing this. The Devouring World from the Devouring Master was actually so powerful that even a Reincarnation stage expert would fail to escape if he was caught in it?

“Is that the strength of the eight ancient masters…”

Lin Dong clenched his fist tightly. The Devouring Master was ranked second amongst the eight ancient masters. Yet, his techniques were already this terrifying. Hence, he truly did not know just how overwhelmingly powerful, the first ranked Ice Master, must have been at her prime.

The eight ancient masters really did live up to their names.

“The Devouring World cannot trap you.” The Devouring Master spoke with his hands behind his back. As his black clothes fluttered with the wind, his long hair also drifted with the wind, giving him an elegant and domineering demeanor. His demeanor left one impressed and it was no surprise that even the extremely beautiful Nine-tail Fox was mesmerised by him.

“However, I am no match for you once I fall into it.”

The Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor sighed. His eyes turned towards Lin Dong as he said, “Little fellow, you win. The Primal Dragon Bone is yours. However, I hope that after you manage to accomplish great deeds in the future, you will help my Dragon tribe to form another Primal Dragon Bone.”

After all, Lin Dong was not a member of the Dragon tribe and the entire Dragon tribe had only one set of Primal Dragon Bone. However, if Lin Dong managed to make stunning progress in the future, it would be possible for him to help the Dragon tribe to create another set of bones.

“If I am able to do so, I will definitely do my best.” Lin Dong cupped his hands together and spoke in a deep voice. He also knew that he had obtained major benefits from the Dragon tribe.

“Haha, in the future, the world will ultimately belong to the young…”

The Devouring Master lowered his head and stared at Lin Dong. A smile surfaced on the corner of his mouth before he said, “You possess two great Ancestral Symbols. Perhaps, we will have to rely on you when the great world war breaks out once again.”

Lin Dong nodded gently. When that time comes, the entire world would descend into great danger and no one would be able to escape. Everyone would have to face the calamity together.

“My will has waited for a very long time and has already reached its limits… Hopefully, my tribe will become increasingly prosperous in the future.” The Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor smiled. His smile showed that he was finally able to relieve a great burden that he had been carrying. After all, he had waited for far too long in this place. Although there were many powerful individuals in the Dragon tribe, no one was able to defeat him and obtain the Primal Dragon Bone…

Now, his mission has finally came to an end.

The body of the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor slowly began to turn illusory after his voice sounded.

“Lin Dong, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol only contains a part of my remnant will. If you wish to obtain my true inheritance, you should come to the Devouring Divine Hall to look for me. I know that you possess the ability to do so…” The Devouring Master smiled towards Lin Dong while his body also began to disappear.

“Goodbye elders!”

Lin Dong looked at the two figures, which were gradually disappearing, with a solemn expression. Then, he respectfully bowed towards them, just like a member of the younger generation ought to.

The two figures in the sky let out a soft laughter. After which, their bodies completely vanished.

Lin Dong released a breath of white vapour after the two of them disappeared. Meanwhile, he gradually began to clench his hand, before a heated expression surged in his black eyes. Finally, he spread his arms while his tired face also began to relax.

“Primal Dragon Bone… I have finally gotten my hands on you…”