Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1113: Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1113: Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor


Chapter 1113: Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor

“Unified the Demonic Beast World…”

Lin Dong was dazed as he blankly stared at the jade like skeleton before him. A storm involuntarily brewed within his heart. This was because he clearly understood just how terrifying an achievement these few simple words represented.

The Demonic Beast World was obviously even more chaotic during ancient times. Various warlords reigned over their territories, while many great overlord tribes occupied the land. The accumulated resources and foundations of these tribes were clearly not inferior to the Dragon tribe. It was not a problem for the Dragon tribe to fight them as equals. However, it would definitely be wishful thinking to unify the Demonic Beast World and make these proud tribes submit.

Yet, Yan had said that when this jade skeleton was alive, he had actually managed to unify the Demonic Beast World…

Just how terrifying was such power?

“He was indeed extremely powerful. In those ancient times, amongst the eight masters, only the Ice Master and Devouring Master had no problems beating this Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor. The other six could only be considered equal to him.” Yan sighed.

Lin Dong’s mouth was slightly agape. The eight masters of ancient times represented the pinnacle during that ancient era. Yet, this Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor was actually comparable to them. It seemed that his strength was also out of this world.

“There were many powerful individuals in that ancient era. Although the eight ancient masters were extremely strong, there were still a few peak experts who could match them.” Yan chuckled.

Lin Dong nodded. The eight ancient masters were from the line of the Symbol Ancestor. There was perhaps no one in the world who could reach the level of the Symbol Ancestor, but by relying on other kinds of capabilities, it was still possible to compete with the eight ancient masters.

“However, the Demonic Beast World ultimately honors strength. Although the Demonic Beast World was eventually unified under the imposing might of the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor and the external pressure of the world war, after the death of the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor, the Dragon tribe no longer had the power to make the other overlord tribes submit. In the end, the Demonic Beast World was split again.”

Lin Dong nodded again. He was well aware of the desire to fight and the wild nature that flowed within the Demonic Beasts’ bones. Other than being bounded by their tribe, it was extremely difficult to make them submit.

“It is unexpected that this skeleton was actually so powerful when it was still alive. No wonder it possess such a mighty aura…”

Lin Dong fondled his chin and looked at the jade skeleton before his eyes. Excitement continued to gather within his black eyes as he laughed, “It seems that this Dragon Bone is even stronger than those Ancient Dragon Bone below. Why don’t… I choose it?”

“Choose it?”

Yan’s voice seemed to have become strange at this moment, “Do you really think that those lucky members of the Dragon tribe who had come to this place during the past tens of thousands of years did not discover this jade Dragon Bone? However, none of them succeeded in the end. What does this mean? Clearly, this jade Dragon Bone is not something that an ordinary person can accept. Moreover, you should be able to feel just how terrifying the energy contained within this jade stone skeleton is, right?”

Lin Dong pursed his lips and nodded. He had sensed the terrifying power within the jade skeleton the moment he set his eyes on it. Merely sensing this power caused his body to tremble. It was likely that even all eight of the Ancient Dragon Bones below combined could not compare to this jade skeleton…

Therefore, he clearly understood that he would very likely be exploded apart by the tremendous energy if he was to absorb this jade skeleton. Moreover, there was definitely a will left behind by the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor inside the skeleton. Even after so many eons, the will of such a powerful expert was definitely not something he could easily withstand.

Therefore, the level of danger could be considered suicidal.

“I am aware that this is extremely dangerous… and there might even be a need to pay an extremely terrible price… however, I need it.” Lin Dong slightly lowered his eyes. The young lady, who had appeared in the darkness earlier, surfaced in his mind once again. Although he did not come into direct contact with her, he was still able to detect some changes in the young lady. Such changes might become even greater in future.

Lin Dong faintly felt that when Ying Huanhuan’s strength truly reached the apex, she would perhaps… really transform into that unfamiliar Ice Master.

The difference in their strength seemed to be gradually widening. This was something that Lin Dong was extremely opposed to.

Therefore, he needed to do all he could to raise his strength.

“Aih, truly a crazy fellow.” Yan sighed helplessly. He did not expect that Ying Huanhuan’s identity as the Ice Master’s reincarnation would end up stirring such intense determination to grow stronger within Lin Dong. Nevertheless, this was not a bad thing from a certain point of view.

“You can try if you really wish to. I will do all I can to protect you. If it is really not possible, you will just have to give up.” Yan pondered for a moment before speaking.

“Many thanks.”

Lin Dong nodded with gratitude. Soon after, he deeply inhaled a breath of air and walked forward. Finally, he stopped in front of the lotus stone base. His arm reached out in a slow but steady manner and lightly touched the crystal clear jade skeleton.


An indescribably terrifying pressure suddenly swept out from within the skeleton the moment Lin Dong’s finger touched it. Lin Dong’s body instantly sunk as cracks spread from his feet..

Lin Dong tightly gritted his teeth. He could feel the frightening pressure around him and even the bones within his body gave off cracking noises. If it was not because his bones had already transformed into top grade Dragon Bones earlier, it was likely that just this pressure alone would be enough to shatter the bones within his body.

The pressure spread. In the end, it enveloped the entire bone burial hall. The tens of thousands of already somewhat bent bodies of the skeletons seemed to lower even further.


Light suddenly gathered deep within the eyes of the jade skeleton while Lin Dong was tenaciously resisting the frightening pressure around him. In the end, the light shot into Lin Dong’s black eyes. In that moment, his mind seemed to collapse as a giddiness swept over him. It was as though he was being sucked into a certain realm.

This giddiness quickly faded. However, Lin Dong discovered that the scenery around him had changed drastically by the time he once again steadied his heart. It seemed to be an endlessly spacious wilderness and an ancient aura reverberated over it.

“How interesting. It is unexpected that even a human is able to enter my Dragon tribe’s secret place…”

A faint voice suddenly resounded in the sky while Lin Dong was feeling lost in this foreign land. The voice contained an indescribably powerful aura, and even the world seemed to become much dimmer under this mighty aura.

Lin Dong was shaken as he lifted his head. After which, he looked at the distant sky and saw a lotus stone base. There was a purple clothed man quietly sitting below this lotus stone base.

This man was rather handsome. The imposing and dignified aura between his brows made one’s heart tremble. Slender hands extended from his sleeves and there were six perfect fingers on each of them.

“Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor.”

Lin Dong felt his scalp become numb. Evidently, this person in front of him was an ultimate ferocious individual who had once united the Demonic Beast World. Although this was only a remnant will of his, it was still extremely frightening…

“The current Dragon tribe seems to be a lot more lax with regards to this secret place.” The purple clothed man looked towards Lin Dong. His faint voice cause a chill to rise in Lin Dong’s body.

“Elder, only members of the Dragon tribe are currently able to enter this Dragon Transformation Pool. The reason I am able to enter is because I helped the Dragon tribe and they decided to make an exception and allow me to enter the Dragon Transformation Pool.” Lin Dong hurriedly explained.

“The current Dragon tribe actually requires your help?” The purple clothed man frowned slightly.

Lin Dong smiled bitterly. He was aware that his exterior strength could not enter the eyes of this ultimate expert and quickly explained the matter of the Devil Suppressing Prison…

“Those fellows actually placed the Devil Suppressing Prison under the Dragon Region…” The purple clothed man was startled upon hearing Lin Dong’s explanation. However, his eyes were a little warmer when he looked at Lin Dong again.

“There are many familiar scents on you…”

Lin Dong laughed dryly. This Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor was indeed terrifying. He had managed to see the many secrets within Lin Dong’s body with a single glance.

“Little one, the fact that you can come to this place shows that you do possess some ability. Although you have been a great help to the Dragon tribe, it might be a little naive of you to think that you can obtain the ‘Primal Dragon Bone’ of my Dragon tribe with just this.” The purple clothed man smiled.

“I only wish to give it my all.” Lin Dong said. He was naturally not naive enough to believe that this ultimate expert in front of him would hand it over so easily.

“There have been eighteen people who came to this place before you. All of them were top experts of the Dragon tribe. However, none of them succeeded in the end.” The purple clothed man smiled slightly. He looked down upon Lin Dong and asked, “Do you think that you can succeed?”

“Although it is extremely difficult, it is likely that elder will simply send me flying with a slap if I do not even possess the courage to challenge it.” Lin Dong laughingly said.

The purple clothed man was startled. Soon after, he could not help but chuckle, “What an interesting little one… since that is the case, I will let you have a try.”

“What do I need to do?” Lin Dong was eager.

The purple clothed man grinned as his slender six finger hand slowly extended. At the same time, an extremely terrifying aura swept apart in a manner that blotted out the sun. There seemed to be an endless giant purplish gold dragon coiling behind him. Soon after, a laughter which caused Lin Dong’s expression to stiffen slowly spread.

“Defeat me.”



The land suddenly trembled amidst this silence as waves rose in the black Dragon Transformation Pool below. The black pool seemed to flicker with purplish gold light as an indescribably ancient dragon roar emanated from deep within, shaking the land.


The eyes of Yuan Qian’s group abruptly opened. They gazed upon the disturbance within the Dragon Transformation Pool as unconcealable shock finally surged upon their usually calm faces.

“This is… someone has challenged ancestor?!”