Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1112: Ancient Dragon Bone

Chapter 1112: Ancient Dragon Bone


Chapter 1112: Ancient Dragon Bone

It was completely silent in this large ancient hall, which was covered by dust that had accumulated over the years. Lin Dong was startled as he stared at the many black skeletons. For a moment, he was at a loss for words. After all, he never expected that there would actually be such a mysterious place located within the Dragon Transformation Pool.

“It seems like this place is the key to obtaining an Ancient Dragon Bone…” Yan’s startled voice sounded at this moment.

Lin Dong nodded. This bone burial site was hidden within the Dragon Transformation Pool and one would have to use one’s Mental Energy in order to locate it. However, it was clearly foolish and dangerous to release one’s Mental Energy in a place like that. In fact, despite Lin Dong’s tough and tenacious character, he had nearly sunk into the darkness and completely became part of the energy within the Dragon Transformation Pool.

Only those who possess massive guts and were able to block the erosion from the sinking darkness, would finally be able to arrive at this place and obtain the opportunity to gain an Ancient Dragon Bone.

“Previously…” Lin Dong’s eyes flashed.

“Aye. That little girlfriend of yours, Ying Huanhuan, helped you.” Yan said.

“How did she do it…” Lin Dong was at a loss for words. How could Ying Huanhuan detect his current state from the extremely distant Eastern Xuan Region? Moreover, she had even showed up to lend him a hand.

“She is naturally able to sense it since her heart is there.”

Yan’s voice had an additional tinge of mystery at this moment. “However, I will have to remind you that since she is able to perform such a feat, it is likely that the Reincarnated Soul within her body has already awakened and begun to merge with her body. Otherwise, she will not possess that ability…”

Lin Dong suddenly clenched his hand. When he was sinking into the darkness, he was still able to see the young lady’s icy blue long hair. It was the same sight as when he first saw Ying Huanhuan made contact with the Reincarnated Soul.

Her pretty and pampered self from back then no longer existed. Only a foreign, icy mountain like chillness was present.

“I should settle the problem in front of me first.”

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air and suppressed the surging emotions in his heart. Soon after, he lifted his head and looked at the bone burial hall in front of him. A glint of perseverance flashed across his eyes. He had to become very powerful. Therefore, he must obtain an Ancient Dragon Bone!

Lin Dong lifted his feet and slowly advanced. The soft sound of footsteps reverberated across this large quiet hall.

Many black skeletons were seated quietly within the large hall and there were no signs of life from them. However, it was still possible to detect a frightening strength surging from them. Even after a long time, one must not underestimate these skeletons.

“These bones are all top grade Dragon Bones…”

Lin Dong could tell that the Dragon Bones here were all of the same color as those within his body. Clearly, these Dragon Bones were all top grade bones.

Moreover, as Lin Dong advanced further, the color on those skeletons also grew increasingly darker. This discovery caused Lin Dong’s heart to pound, while excitement rose from deep within his eyes. He quickly increased his pace and walked across the hall. Then, he suddenly stopped. Meanwhile, his breathing also became a little more ragged.

Lin Dong’s footsteps came to a halt. His face was accompanied by shock as he looked in front of him. At that spot, were eight bronze platforms. At the moment, there was a skeleton seated on each bronze platform.

These eight skeletons were not black. Instead, they were of a … dark golden color.

Dark golden light flowed over the eight skeletons. This was a golden light that could not be removed even with the passage of time. An indescribable pressure quietly radiated from the skeletons and enveloped the entire bone burial hall.

“These are…” Lin Dong’s lips were a little dry as he looked at the eight dark golden skeletons. The strength of these Dragon Bones clearly far surpassed that of those top grade Dragon Bones from before.

Clearly, these eight dragon skeletons were the legendary Ancient Dragon Bones!

Moreover, there were four other bronze platforms beside these eight bronze platforms. However, there were somewhat darker skeletons seated on those four platforms. The strength that they contained was far inferior to that of the eight Ancient Dragon Bones. Nevertheless, the most surprising thing was that they were still able to hold their positions…

“The strength within these four Ancient Dragon Bones have already been absorbed by others…” Yan’s eyes were sharp and he managed to uncover some clues at the first glance.

Lin Dong was startled. Promptly, he quickly fell into deep thought, “Could it be that in order to obtain the Ancient Dragon Bone, one must absorb the strength within the Ancient Dragon Bone in order to further strengthen the Dragon Bones in one’s body?”

“That should be the case. Moreover, even if the energy within these Ancient Dragon Bones were absorbed, the skeletons would not turn into dust. Instead, they will continue to quietly absorb the energy from the Dragon Transformation Pool. Perhaps, they will once again turn back into Ancient Dragon Bones in the future.” Yan explained.

“I see…”

Lin Dong came to a sudden comprehension. In that case, wouldn’t it imply that the number of Ancient Dragon Bones here would grow with time? Lin Dong quietly mocked himself when he thought of this. Judging from the looks of the four skeletons by the side, it seems like it take an extremely long time before they become Ancient Dragon Bones again…

“There are actually twelve Ancient Dragon Bones here. It seems like the Dragon tribe has produced some powerful individuals over the years.” Lin Dong smacked his lips together and spoke in surprise.

Typically speaking, most Dragon tribe experts that possess Ancient Dragon Bones have reached the Reincarnation stage. In other words, the eight Ancient Dragon Bones in front of him implied eight Reincarnation stage experts. This lineup was truly terrifying.

“After all, the Dragon tribe is a tribe that has existed since the ancient times. There is nothing shocking about the fact that they possess such a solid foundation.”

Yan was not surprised at all. He paused for a moment before returning to the main topic. “Although we have found the Ancient Dragon Bones, it does not mean that you have succeeded. Not only do these Ancient Dragon Bones contain extremely vast and mighty energy, but their will from when they were alive, are also hidden in these skeletons. If you are careless, not only would you fail to absorb the energy, but your consciousness might end up being destroyed by their powerful will.”

Lin Dong was not surprised when he heard this. After all, if it was an easy feat to obtain these Ancient Dragon Bones, such bones wouldn’t be this rare.

“I am already here. Even if it is fraught with danger, I will still give it a try.”

Lin Dong parted his lips into a smile. He immediately took a step forward and stood in front of a dark golden skeleton. His eyes were searing hot as he stared at that dark golden skeleton. This skeleton was seated, with a golden light flowing over its surface. Its metallic like indestructible body was not straight. Instead, it was bent slightly and even its head was lowered slightly. It looked as though it was worshiping something…


Lin Dong suddenly narrowed his eyes. Tilting his head, he looked at the tens of thousands of black skeletons buried in this place. All of these skeletons were seated quietly. However, if one was to look carefully, one would realize that their demeanor were exactly the same as that of the dark golden skeletons. However, the direction in which they were worshipping was the eight dark golden skeletons seated on bronze platforms…

However, why was it that these dark golden skeletons were also adopting a worshiping stance?

Lin Dong turned his eyes towards the remaining seven dark golden skeletons and discovered that they also seemed to have the same stance. This discovery caused his eyes to flicker. A moment later, he suddenly took a step back and turned around. His eyes looked in the direction where the eight dark golden skeletons were facing. There was a huge pillar at that spot and that pillar was made of a unique material. It was neither gold nor wood. Moreover, there were also various huge flying dragon drawings all over it…

Such a pillar was quite common in this large hall and Lin Dong had seen many of them along the way. However, only this pillar alone, caused Lin Dong’s heart to palpitate.

“Lin Dong, look at the top of the pillar!” Yan’s startled voice suddenly sounded.


Lin Dong lifted his head before his sharp eyes turned towards the top of the ten thousand feet tall pillar. There, one could vaguely see a figure present at the peak.

“Is that…”

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk. His toes pressed on the ground before his body shot upwards. Within a short couple of breaths’ time, he had already reached the top of the pillar.

Lin Dong suddenly felt his body sinking just as he was about to reach the top of the pillar and even his knees bent slightly. If he had not hurriedly stabilized his body, it was likely that he would have knelt down immediately.

Nonetheless, it still caused Lin Dong’s heart to be in shock. There was a familiar Dragon tribe’s pressure in this place. However, the pressure this time around, was so frightening that it exceeded that of everyone whom he had met before. Even… Elder Qing Zhi.

Lin Dong slowly lifted his head while feeling shocked in his heart. Then, he saw a lotus stone platform a short distance in front of him. There was a figure seated on the stone platform at the moment.

The figure appeared fairly skinny. The dark golden luster, which appeared strangely powerful, was absent on his body. At a first glance, this skeleton appeared just like the most precious jade in the world. It was crystal clear and if one was to observe carefully, it was even possible to see traces of jade meridians within the bones.

This jade skeleton could only be described by the word perfect. Lin Dong’s mind involuntarily became absent-minded upon seeing it. However, he quickly recovered his senses. His heart was in shock as he asked, “Whose skeleton is this? Why does it possess such frightening pressure?”

A storm brewed within Lin Dong’s heart at this moment. From what Yuan Qian had mentioned, the strongest Dragon Bone in the Dragon tribe should be the Ancient Dragon Bone. Yet, this perfect jade skeleton in front of him had clearly far surpassed the other eight dark golden Ancient Dragon Bones!

With shock in his heart, Lin Dong shifted his attention downwards. Subsequently, he discovered that there were six crystal clear fingers on both hands of that jade skeleton…

Yan’s surprised voice suddenly sounded. “Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor?”

“Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor?” Lin Dong was startled. He felt that this name was extremely domineering. Then, he carefully asked, “Who is he?”

“Someone who once unified the entire Demonic Beast World…”

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk immediately.