Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1110: Dragon Bone Transformation

Chapter 1110: Dragon Bone Transformation


Chapter 1110: Dragon Bone Transformation

Lin Dong suddenly realized that all the noise in his surroundings completely disappeared the moment he plunged into the Dragon Transformation Pool. In fact, his vision became completely dark. With a grab of his hand, all he could feel was the viscous black water brushing past his hand.

Lin Dong’s heart also tensed up at this moment. As his senses quietened down, he realized that there were waves of indescribably wild and violent energy wildly sweeping towards him.


A soft sound appeared and Lin Dong’s shirt was instantly turned into dust. Black viscous water were just like muddy layers of soil, as they wrapped around his body.

Sizzle sizzle!

As if he could hear a deafening sound, waves of exceptionally dark energy began to surge forth before they tunneled into his body through every pore.

An intense pain immediately followed!

Lin Dong’s body tensed up. His green veins bulged and wiggled like dragons on the surface of his skin. Meanwhile, his throat emitted a painful low roar as the black energy swarmed into his body like blades. In fact, it left a mess wherever it passed and even his meridians were severed, leaving his entire body covered with injuries.

However, the target of this energy was not his meridians or organs. Instead, it was his bones. The black energy climbed over his bones. Subsequently, Lin Dong felt as if his bones were tightly gripped by countless large hands. In fact, he was even able to hear clear cracking noises being emitted from his bones…

The intense pain resulting from his bones being shattered spread across Lin Dong’s body while waves of throbbing pain attacked his heart. His body twitched intensely at the moment, while his throat let out a low roar, and he appeared just like a roaring wild beast. In fact, traces of blood began to surge from within his jet black eyes.

Only at this moment, did Lin Dong understand why Duan Tao had a lingering fear towards this Dragon Transformation Pool. This pain was indeed sufficient to cause one to lose one’s mind.

“Lin Dong, since you do not possess a genuine set of Dragon Bones, the energy present in this Dragon Transformation Pool will shatter the bones in your body an inch at a time, before they remould them. It is an extremely dangerous process. If you are unable to endure it, you will likely end up becoming part of the energy here.” Yan’s solemn voice sounded. Clearly, he knew that Lin Dong was currently in a dangerous situation.


At this moment, Lin Dong was bitterly enduring the assault from that terrifying and intense pain. Hence, he was in no mood to reply Yan. All he could do was to hoarsely reply in his heart.


Another deafening sound was emitted from within Lin Dong’s body. He could sense that the bones within his body were being wildly shattered by the black energy lingering over it an inch at a time.

Being able to clearly experience one’s bones shattering; this sensation truly pushed one to the edge.

However, Lin Dong bitterly clenched his teeth with blood red eyes. In fact, there was even a trace of blood seeping out from the corner of his mouth. Nonetheless, it was clear that he did not intend to give up.

Over all these years, Lin Dong clearly understood that one must pay a price in order to obtain strength. This was an exchange because there was no free lunch in this world.

Waves of intense pain assaulted Lin Dong’s consciousness. Meanwhile, the bones in his body became increasingly fragile with the flow of time. Tiny cracks covered his dense white bones and broke down its tough exterior.


The shattering of his bones lasted for a whole hour. After which, Lin Dong’s body convulsed intensely while a muffled sound was being emitted from within his body. After which, his body softened and collapsed. It turns out that the bones within his body were completely broken down.


A vast and mighty black energy surged over, while the bones within Lin Dong’s body were about to collapse and formed a huge vortex around him. Following which, black energy continuously tunneled into Lin Dong’s body.

Something mysterious occurred the moment the black energy tunneled into Lin Dong’s limp body. In fact, one could see the liquid like black energy slowly distorting, before they finally formed an extremely complicated sequence and flowed across Lin Dong’s body. As it flowed, the black energy also slowly solidified and vaguely seemed to take the form of a human skeleton, which was exactly the same as before. However, it was substantially different.

Waves after waves of majestic black energy continuously tunneled into Lin Dong’s body. Finally, they merged with his gradually solidifying black bones…

The process of rebuilding his bones was a rather time consuming task. Five days passed before it finally came to an end. After which, the black bones within Lin Dong’s body were completely solidified.

His newly formed black bones flickered with a metallic luster. Light flowed over his bones, giving them a relatively mysterious appearance.

“Are these Dragon Bones…” Lin Dong gently clenched his fist as he felt the frightening strength hidden within his body. Immediately, joy raced through his heart. His suffering had been worthwhile.

“Your bones are merely ordinary Dragon Bones. How much it will be strengthened will depend on what happens next. However, the energy present in this place is a little resistant towards you. Therefore, perhaps, it would not be an easy task for you to absorb them. In that case, your Dragon Bones will not be strengthened by a major extent.” Yan said.


Lin Dong laughed in his heart upon hearing this. “In that case, I will have to do it by force.”

“You plan to use the Devouring Ancestral Symbol?” Yan asked in shock. To begin with, the energy in this place was extremely intense. Just absorbing it normally would bring one’s body tremendous pain. Just how intense would the pain be, if Lin Dong was to use his Devouring Ancestral Symbol to forcefully devour them?

“This is my only opportunity to enter the Dragon Transformation Pool. Since I have finally made it here, I will naturally not be satisfied with an ordinary set of Dragon Bones.” Lin Dong chuckled.

“You… are truly crazy.” Yan sighed and replied.

“Otherwise… how can I possibly compete with the Ice Master? All of you have always held my potential with high regards. However, I am well aware of my own capabilities. Therefore, if I do not risk my life, wouldn’t I simply end up as a joke?” Lin Dong paused for a moment. His voice was somewhat hoarse as he replied.

Yan was stunned. A short while later, he finally replied, “You can be rest assured that I will help you.”

Lin Dong smiled, but he did not speak further. Slowly opening both his eyes, he realized that everything around him was dark. In fact, his Mental Energy perception was completely useless in this Dragon Transformation Pool. After all, each time his Mental Energy reached out to probe his surroundings, those wild and violet energies would surge over and dissipate his Mental Energy.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol, time to come out.”

Lin Dong softly muttered. Promptly, a deep black light slowly began to spread from within his body, before they transformed into a huge circular black hole behind him. Meanwhile, Lin Dong was seated within this black hole.

Although it was also black in color, the black light from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was far deeper and purer, when compared to the darkness within the Dragon Transformation Pool.


A soft voice was emitted from Lin Dong’s lips. In the next moment, the black hole began to slowly rotate. Waves of incomparably domineering Devouring Power were released.


Following the release of the Devouring Power, an unusual commotion immediately erupted in the lake. The strange silence from before was broken instantly. The pool water vortexed, transforming into many black streams that flowed into that black vortex. Finally, they poured into Lin Dong’s body.


When those icy cold blade like black water currents flowed into Lin Dong’s body, his body began to tremble intensely. At this moment, it seemed as though his flesh was being sliced off a piece at a time. Meanwhile, a muffled sound was being emitted from his throat.

Black energy surged onto Lin Dong’s body. Finally, it barbarically broke through the hinderance from his veins and gathered above his black bones, causing the color of his metallic bones to deepen.

An indescribable intense pain attacked Lin Dong’s mind at this moment. Even with Lin Dong’s determination, he still felt a giddiness surging within his mind at this moment. However, soon after, he pressed his mouth shut and forced himself to stay awake. After all, he knew that if he was to lose consciousness, the energy would rip his body apart and turn him into pure energy in the Dragon Transformation Pool.


Resplendent green light rose on Lin Dong’s body at this moment. The green light gathered and transformed into an enormous green dragon light figure that crouched behind him. As the colour of Lin Dong’s bones became increasingly darker, the green dragon behind him also seemed to have became increasingly lifelike. Green dragon scales flickered and appeared as though they were alive. An actual pressure quietly spread at this moment.

Time slowly passed in an extremely dull fashion in this dark Dragon Transformation Pool. Ten days passed by unknowingly…

During these ten days, Lin Dong’s body was constantly in a state of convulsion. In fact, that intense pain caused his body to turn numb. Veins bulged on his skin as if they were about to break free from it.

The green dragon crouching behind him was also becoming increasingly clear. In fact, it was even possible to sense its hot dragon’s breath and it looked as though this green dragon was alive.

If one was to probe deep into Lin Dong’s body at this moment, one would discover that the bones within his body were already jet black. However, there was an indestructible toughness under this blackness.

At this moment, Lin Dong’s bones were already extremely powerful. In fact, they were several times more powerful as compared to before he entered the Dragon Transformation Pool…

There were generally two things that the Dragon tribe took pride in, their bloodline and physical body. Disregarding their bloodline, their physical body was supported by their bones. Hence, Lin Dong currently possessed an actual physical body that was comparable to the Dragon tribe!

This was his ultimate dream from a long time ago, when he first obtained his Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill! At this moment, he had finally managed to accomplish it.

“Your Dragon Bones should have reached the strength of a top grade Dragon Bone. Not bad…” Yan said.

“Top grade Dragon Bone huh… That is still not good enough.”

Lin Dong opened his eyes. There was a wild heated ambition surging within his black eyes.

“You… want the Ancient Dragon Bone?” Yan was slightly startled as he exclaimed in shock.

“Since I have came down to the Dragon Transformation Pool, I naturally want the very best!”

Lin Dong smiled. Promptly, a thought passed through his mind. Immediately, the black hole vortex above him began to rotate rapidly before a frightening Devouring Power swept forth, creating huge waves in this quiet Dragon Transformation Pool.