Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1109: Opening of the Dragon Transformation Pool

Chapter 1109: Opening of the Dragon Transformation Pool


Chapter 1109: Opening of the Dragon Transformation Pool

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

The entire Dragon tribe became much livelier when the third day arrived. That was because the opening of the Dragon Transformation Pool was a relatively major event. After all, if a rare Dragon Bone appeared, it meant that there would be another Dragon tribe member with terrifying potential and this was considered as a fairly major event for the entire Dragon tribe.

As the day finally arrived, Lin Dong felt quite excited in his heart as well. His Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill was currently at a bottleneck. Hence, if he wanted to obtain a breakthrough and attain complete mastery, he must enter the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool and complete the Dragon Bone Transformation.

With Duan Tao leading the way, the both of them directly rushed towards the deepest part of the Dragon region. The area was filled with a dense, desolate aura and it was considered as a rare ancient place, which had been completely preserved since the ancient times.

Lin Dong’s body flew across the sky. His eyes appeared a little obscure as they swept across the boundless mountain depths. After which, he was able to detect a couple of extremely faint, but unbelievably powerful auras. However, this sensation vanished instantly and Lin Dong could not obtain any more information regardless of how he probed.

Lin Dong quietly pursed his lips together in the face of this. If his guess was correct, those auras should belong to those old demons from the Dragon tribe, whom the Darkness Master mentioned previously. The foundation that allowed the Dragon tribe to stand at the peak of the Demonic Beast World, could only be described as terrifying.

At this moment, there were some rays of light occasionally flashing in the surrounding sky, before waves of dragon roars sounded. Huge dragon shadows, which were rarely seen in the outside world, were all over the place.

All of them were headed to the deepest part of the Dragon region. Clearly, they were after the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool. Although only three individuals could enter the pool, being able to witness the pool with one’s own eyes was also a fruitful event.

“Young brother Lin Dong, we are almost there.”

Duan Tao suddenly said after travelling for another dozen over minutes. At this moment, his expression became quite solemn. That was because the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool was akin to a holy site in the eyes of a Dragon tribe member.

Lin Dong’s expression became a little grave upon hearing this. He lifted his head and looked towards the distance, before he focused his pupils. That was because he was able to see some signs of distortion in the air some distance away.


Lin Dong observed the air above the distorted space. Suddenly, he felt his body becoming a little heavier. The surrounding air seemed to have became a lot more viscous, causing his speed to be greatly reduced.

“Young brother Lin Dong, it is impossible to fly in the area around the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool. We can only walk over.” Duan Tao warned him. Subsequently, he landed on the ground. His toes pressed against the ground, before his body shot a thousand feet forward. After which, he stepped on a support and shot forward again. Upon seeing this, Lin Dong hurriedly followed suit.

After jumping like fleas for a couple of minutes, the Lin Dong duo finally landed on the top of a mountain. Their eyes looked forward and they saw a basin surrounded by mountains. A huge black coloured pool surrounded by towering mountains appeared in Lin Dong’s sight.

Th pool was around ten thousand feet in size. No ripples were present on the pool, which was viscous black in colour. Meanwhile, black large trees covered the surrounding of the pool. These large trees were relatively strange, black scales covered their trunks, reflecting a golden like luster under the sunlight.

Grass covered the surrounding land,looking like numerous scales. As they swayed with the wind, a sharp and cold glint flickered as well.

Everything around this pool seemed to have became extremely sharp because of the energy within.

“That is my Dragon tribe’s Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool.” Duan Tao pointed at the huge black pool with a respectful expression on his face. That was because deep within the pool were countless dead ancestors.

Lin Dong’s pupils hardened. There was a brilliant light formation above the black pool. Many rays of light shot downwards and sealed off the pool. Nonetheless, there were still waves of frightening energy seeping out from it, causing the Yuan Power within a five hundred kilometre radius to churn in a viscous manner. That was what prevented anyone from flying.

Just how terrifying was that energy?

Lin Dong was speechless. It’s no wonder the Dragon tribe viewed it so seriously.

“Haha, our Dragon tribe has placed a formation to seal the Dragon Transformation Pool, in order to prevent it from seeping out. We will need the tribe leader and six elders to act in unison each time we wish to open it.” Standing beside him, Duan Tao explained.

Lin Dong nodded. He lifted his eyes and saw that the many surrounding mountains were all packed with people. Meanwhile, Yuan Qian and a couple of people were already standing at the main mountain.

Yuan Qian also looked at Lin Dong when the latter looked at him. He smiled before his gaze once again circled the area as he spoke in a deep voice, “The Dragon Transformation Pool is about to be opened. Those who enter should take note that the energy within the Dragon Transformation Pool is extremely potent. Although it possess the ability to transform one’s bones, one will have to endure terrible pain. If one ends up losing consciousness during this process, the energy will end up ripping one’s body apart and one’s body will end up becoming a part of the Dragon Transformation Pool.”

“Therefore, you must leave the instant you are unable to hold on any longer!”

Lin Dong’s expression became solemn upon hearing Yuan Qian’s words. There was indeed no free lunch in this world. In order to obtain strength, one must pay a price that most ordinary individuals could not afford.

Evidently, the Dragon Bone Transformation carried quite a huge risk.

“Are all of you aware?” Yuan Qian looked at Lin Dong, Yuan Xin and Yan Feng.

“Aye.” The three of them nodded upon seeing this.

Yuan Qian turned his head upon hearing this. He looked towards the six elders of the Dragon tribe standing behind him, before waving his hand and said, “Open the Dragon Transformation Pool.”


Six elders responded in a deep voice. They waved their sleeves before six energy light pillars erupted from their hands and shot into the formation, which enveloped the Dragon Transformation Pool.

Buzz buzz!

With their urging, the formation immediately began to rotate slowly. Those rays of light, which hid the energy ripples of the Dragon Transformation Pool, also began to disappear a little at a time.

Yuan Qian pointed his finger forward at this moment before a ray of golden light shot into the formation. After which, the formation emitted a roar. A light formation rose and finally disappeared, while it was still ten thousand feet away from the Dragon Transformation Pool.


With the disappearance of the formation, everyone could immediately see a black pillar of light shooting out from the Dragon Transformation Pool. After which, it shot into the clouds and space itself was directly shattered by it.

Wild gales raged over the land. It seemed as if there were ancient dragon roars being continuously emitted from the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool, before they reverberated across the sky.

All the members of the Dragon tribe lowered their heads upon hearing these elderly dragon roars. Meanwhile, their faces were filled with respect.

“Such terrifying energy.”

Lin Dong lowered his head as well. His eyes contained a tinge of shock, as he stared at the black pillar of light, which had shot out from the Dragon Transformation Pool. Although there were terrifying energy ripples being emitted from it, which had stirred wild gales, there was still nothing going on with the Dragon Transforming Pool. In fact, not a single ripple was stirred. This strange silence caused one to feel a little wary.

“Lin Dong, Yuan Xin, Yan Feng, the three of you should get going. What you manage to obtain will depend on your own fate.” Yuan Qian said in a deep voice. At the same time, the many dragon roars spread, while being accompanied by a prestige that could not be hidden.

Lin Dong looked at the Yuan Xin duo, who were standing on a mountain a short distance away. They were also staring at the Dragon Transformation Pool with excited and heated eyes. Promptly, they clenched their teeth before they turned into two rays of light and flew directly into the Dragon Transformation Pool, in front of countless pairs of eyes.

Both of them charged in without making the slightest noise. After which, the water rippled slightly. Finally, it once again regained its silence. That scene was as though nothing had occured.


However, this silence was quickly broken. One could see two huge dragon figures floating within the Dragon Transformation Pool. In fact, they seemed to be struggling immensely. Two extremely pained dragon roars were emitted from the Dragon Transformation Pool in an extremely hoarse fashion.

The pain from the Dragon Bone Transformation was actually this intense.

“Young brother Lin Dong, you should join them. Just hurry and come out if you are unable to hold on any longer. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Not everyone is able to endure that kind of pain.” Duan Tao looked at Lin Dong. From the looks of it, it seems like he had experienced the pain of this Dragon Transformation Pool as well.

Lin Dong nodded his head. Promptly, he took a deep breath before a determined look rose within his dark black eyes. He had finally managed to obtain the opportunity to enter the Dragon Transformation Pool after much difficulties. Hence, he would not retreat no matter how intense the pain was!

“I will get going, big brother Duan Tao.”

Lin Dong let out a low cry. His body shot forward before he charged into the Dragon Transformation Pool, in front of the many pairs of eyes all over the mountain range.

Standing on a mountaintop, Yuan Qian looked at the churning Dragon Transformation Pool. Clenching both of his fists, he said, “This is the first time that we have ever allowed a human, with no bloodline relations with the Dragon tribe, to enter the Dragon Transformation Pool. I wonder if Lin Dong will be able to handle it.”

“The Dragon Transformation Pool is something that was created by countless Dragon tribe’s ancestors. Therefore, the energy within should actively resist a human. Nevertheless, Lin Dong has practiced the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill and they should not create an overly major resistance. However, it will still pose an obstruction. Moreover, the pain that he experience from the Dragon Bone Transformation, will be even more intense compared to that of the Yuan Xin duo. After all, the two of them possess Dragon Bones to begin with. Now, all they need to do is to strengthen their Dragon Bones upon entering the pool. On the other hand, Lin Dong, … must truly replace his bones!” An elder softly said.

“That pain is truly terrifying.” Another elder smacked his lips and said with a pitiful expression.

Yuan Qian nodded. His eyes suddenly held a tinge of anticipation as he stared at the Dragon Transformation Pool.

“However, Lin Dong is no ordinary individual. Haha, I really wish to find out what type of Dragon Bone, can a human like him obtain from our Dragon Transformation Pool…”

“Things will get interesting if another Ancient Dragon Bone, similar to that of Qing Zhi’s, appears…”