Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1107: Yan Shan

Chapter 1107: Yan Shan


Chapter 1107: Yan Shan

Light penetrated through the lush green tree branches and poured down on the square. It seemed to have gradually become silent because of a single sentence from that skinny young man. Those indolent youths from the Dragon tribe, standing on the tree branches around the square, turned their heads to look at that young man. There was an additional tinge of shock in their eyes.

Since Yan Shan could obtain a spot in the Dragon Transformation Pool, this demonstrated his standing amongst the Dragon tribe younger generation members. Now, this human, who was merely at the initial Profound Death stage, was actually standing in front of him as a challenger.

Regardless of the final outcome, his courage alone had already won him praises from many individuals.

Standing in the square, Yan Shan had a startled expression because of Lin Dong’s reply. He stared at Lin Dong and laughed, “It’s no wonder Lord Qing Zhi views you with such high regards.”

“I am very sorry to have snatched your spot. Nonetheless, I think that it might be best to have an enjoyable fight with you.” Lin Dong laughed. He was well aware how prideful the youths from the Dragon tribe were. However, he did not dislike them because of this. This was because they indeed possess the qualifications that allowed them to act in this manner.

“I will not hold back.” Yan Shan nodded. There was a fiery hot fighting intent surging in his eyes.

“That is for the best.”

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He also wanted to find out just how powerful the Dragon tribe, one of the four overlord tribes, was.

Yan Shan parted his lips into a smile as he slowly stepped backwards. The surrounding people swiftly stepped backwards and the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

“He is truly a bold individual. To think that he would actually accept it.”

Yan Feng smilingly looked at the two people, who were currently in a face off. After which, he glanced at Yuan Xin, who was standing beside him, and said, “How long do you think that Lin Dong can last for?”

“Isn’t it too early for you to be celebrating?” Yuan Xin glared at him and said, “Although Lin Dong is only at the initial Profound Death stage, he has many powerful techniques. I heard from uncle Duan that even the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was unable to obtain much of an advantage when he fought against him.”


A tinge of shock flashed over Yan Feng’s face upon hearing this. The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander is at the Samsara stage and it was impossible for them to obtain the upper hand in a fight against him. However, Lin Dong could actually match up to him?

“That’s impossible, right? He did a great favour for our Dragon tribe. Hence, uncle Duan and the rest are most likely trying to give him some face.”

Yuan Xin hesitated for a moment when facing Yan Feng’s doubts. She similarly had doubts about Duan Tao’s words as well. Regardless, Lin Dong was merely at the initial Profound Death stage and there was simply too much of a gap between him and a Samsara stage expert.

“Whether it is true or not, we will find out soon. ”

The both of them exchanged glances with each other. After which, they turned to look at the square. It was possible to tell if Lin Dong was truly skilled, by dragging him out to spar. When up against a powerful opponent like Yan Shan, if Lin Dong had a weak foundation, they would be able to tell immediately.

The conversations within the square gradually disappeared as the atmosphere became increasingly tense. Meanwhile, majestic Yuan Power also began to slowly swirl around those two figures in the middle, causing many gusts of wind to emerge in the square.

Yan Shan’s eyes were focused intently on Lin Dong. Subsequently, he bent both his legs. In the next moment, the majestic Yuan Power around him suddenly exploded.


After the Yuan Power exploded, everyone saw a light covered figure flash past. Yan Shan was already above Lin Dong’s head the next time he appeared. Partially rotating his body, a kick was swung ruthlessly downwards like the tail of a huge dragon. Meanwhile, his leg also swelled rapidly before densely packed dragon scales appeared. There was a metallic like luster, which was filled with strength.

A kick swung forward and the ground below cracked, forming many crack lines. Clearly, Yan Shan did not hold back at all when he attacked.

Lin Dong lifted his head. A swinging dragon leg, which was filled with destructive force, was reflected in his pitch-black eyes. Inhaling a deep breath of air, bright green light suddenly erupted from within his body. He clenched his right fist tightly and threw a punch forward.


One hundred green dragon light symbols suddenly rose from around Lin Dong’s body. After which, they entwined around his arms. Green dragon scales surfaced and a great force reverberated, stirring up ripples in the surrounding space.

“Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill?”

Many members of the Dragon tribe looked at the green dragon light symbols, which had erupted from within Lin Dong’s body, before a tinge of shock flashed across their eyes. Clearly, they recognized this martial arts, which could be ranked amongst the top martial arts in their Dragon tribe.

Moreover, the most surprising fact was that Lin Dong, who did not possess the bloodline of the Dragon tribe, was able to unleash such powerful strength when using this martial arts, which belonged to their Dragon tribe.


A fist and leg clashed violently amidst many surprised pair of eyes. The air itself seemed to have stiffened momentarily at that instant. After which, all of them fled far into the distance.

An assault wave, which was visible to the naked eye, spread. Promptly, every sturdy rock near Lin Dong was turned into dust. In fact, everything within a thousand feet radius collapsed, while cracks spread in all directions.

Lin Dong remained calm while the green scales on his hand flickered rapidly. Meanwhile, there was a black ray of light tunneling within the darkened parts of his scales, as it quietly devoured the overbearing force that had invaded his body.


Yan Shan laughed out loud. His eyes were filled with a wild and excited expression. He moved and his body approached Lin Dong in a phantom like fashion. At this moment, he seemed to have turned into a violent combat dragon. Fist, elbow, shoulder, leg. Every part of his body was filled with a terrifying and lethal force.

Bang bang bang!

A resplendent green light wrapped around Lin Dong’s body. Against Yan Shan’s torrent of attacks, he chose not to pull back. Instead, his fist and leg whizzed through the air and he actually managed to intercept Yan Shan’s attacks.

By relying on the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to guard his body, it was difficult for the wild and violent force, which had seeped into his body, to have much of an impact.

Although Lin Dong was inferior in terms of strength, he was not afraid of this head on clash!

Two light figures crossed each other amidst the deafening rushing wind sound. The land collapsed wherever those two figures crossed each other. A green dragon and fire dragon let out a deep roar. Their auras were both terrifying.

Many pairs of eyes stared intently at the two figures, who were engaged in a fearsome fight. Following which, the shock in their eyes deepened. It seems like they have indeed underestimated Lin Dong, who was only at the initial Profound Death stage.


The two figures once again clashed violently in the square. Green and red crossed each other as two incomparably violent fists clashed together.

Lin Dong lifted his head after the clash. He parted his lips and smiled towards Yan Shan, who was standing in front of him. Majestic Mental Energy suddenly swept forward at this moment. It was just like a sharp drill as it ruthlessly whistled towards Yan Shan.

“Mental Energy?”

Yan Shan was startled. Clearly, he did not expect that Lin Dong was actually in possession of such powerful Mental Energy. Although the physical body of their Dragon tribe was strong, Mental Energy was not one of their strong suits. Hence, his Mental Energy was clearly inferior to that of Lin Dong.

Therefore, Yan Shan pressed his toes on the ground when up against the sudden Mental Energy attack from Lin Dong. His body withdrew explosively while he simultaneously threw a fist forward. Wild and violent energy intercepted the Mental Energy attack.

“This is getting interesting. I didn’t expect you to cultivate Mental Energy as well!”

Yan Shan stabilized his body. Stretching his body, cracking sounds promptly erupted from all over his body. Meanwhile, his eyes were shocked as he stared at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong smiled without replying.

“You are quite powerful indeed. In fact, you are the first person at the initial Profound Death stage that is able to fight with me till such an extent.” Yan Shan licked his lips. His eyes became increasingly stern. Clearly, Lin Dong’s extraordinary fighting strength had truly sparked his interest.

“However, even though you own the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, I also possess the Brilliant Flame Dragon Body! Let find out whether your Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill or my Brilliant Flame Dragon Body is stronger!”

Dark red light that looked like flames, spread across the sky. Red flames gathered behind Yan Shan and seemed to have turned into a fiery red large crouching dragon. This was the true pressure of a Dragon tribe member!

Lin Dong’s expression slowly turned grave. He could sense that the Brilliant Flame Dragon Body that Yan Shan practiced was also an extremely powerful body tempering martial arts. In fact, it was likely not inferior to his Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill.

“Brilliant Flame Dragon Armour!”

Hovering in the sky, Yan Shan suddenly emitted a cold cry. Immediately, the fiery red large dragon enveloped him. After which, the flames gathered and transformed into a fiery and glittering battle armour. On his battle armour, was a huge crouching dragon and it gave off a frightening aura.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at Yan Shan, whose body was covered by a fiery red battle armour. Promptly, he clenched both of his hands. After which, he violently threw them forward. A hundred green dragon light symbols directly transformed into a roaring green dragon, which charged towards Yan Shan.


However, Yan Shan merely split his lips and smiled when up against Lin Dong’s attack. His body did not move as he allowed the green dragon, which contained a wild and violent force, to smash onto his body. The sound of metal clashing spread, but he only took a couple of steps back. Meanwhile, the fiery red armour on his body emerged completely unschathed.

“You are unable to break my Brilliant Flame Dragon Armour!” Yan Shan laughed.

Lin Dong frowned slightly. Yan Shan was indeed worthy of being a Dragon tribe member. Lin Dong had fought with many Perfect Profound Death stage experts before. However, none of them were as troublesome to deal with as Yan Shan. It seems like the Dragon tribe’s physical body is indeed abnormally powerful.

At this moment, a din once again spread across the square. This situation in front of them had changed drastically after Yan Shan unleashed his Brilliant Flame Dragon Body. Since Lin Dong was unable to break his defenses, it was a waste of time for him to continue the fight.

Of course, no one dared to mock him. All the youths from the Dragon tribe knew just how powerful Yan Shan was. In fact, they had suffered terribly in his hands. Yet, Lin Dong was able to force Yan Shan to use his Brilliant Flame Dragon Armour. This was already quite a great achievement.

“He is powerful indeed. However, there is still a gap compared to what uncle Duan said.”

When Yuan Xin saw this scene, she frowned slightly. She felt a little disappointed and doubtful. “Why is it that Lord Qing Zhi thinks so highly of him…”

Standing beside her, Yan Feng shrugged his shoulder to indicate that he did not know. After which, he lazily stretched his waist and said, “Forget about it. It is almost over… huh?”

Yan Feng’s expression changed as his voice sounded. One could see Lin Dong suddenly lifting his long hands. Meanwhile, there was a smile surfacing on his youthful face.

“Since you are so confident, … I will break it for you to see.”