Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1106: A Spot

Chapter 1106: A Spot


Chapter 1106: A Spot

“Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool…”

Yuan Qian and the rest stared at the brilliant smile on Lin Dong’s youthful face. Promptly, all of them were slightly startled before their expressions involuntarily turned strange. Wasn’t this a pretty substantial request?

The Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool was an important treasure of their Dragon tribe. Every time an older generation expert in the tribe was about to die, they would enter the Dragon Transformation Pool and release all their energy, turning into a skeleton in the process. Their strength would subsequently fuse into the Dragon Transformation Pool. After many years of accumulation, the energy gathered within the Dragon Transformation Pool had already reached a relatively terrifying extent.

Moreover, not everyone in the Dragon tribe could enter the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool. According to the rules, the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool was opened biannually. Moreover, only three person could enter it each time.

In order to obtain these three spots, intense fights would break out in the Dragon tribe. The three who emerged victorious would be qualified to enter the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool. Moreover, the biggest problem is that the three people designated to enter the pool this time around, have already been decided after an intense competition.

Therefore, Lin Dong’s request came a little too late.

Hence, Yuan Qian and the rest frowned slightly after hearing Lin Dong’s request.

“What is it, tribe leader Yuan Qian?” When Lin Dong saw the expressions on their faces, his heart sank immediately. His Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill was currently at its most critical juncture, and obtaining entry to the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool was the most crucial step in order for him to attain complete mastery!

Yuan Qian looked at Lin Dong and smiled. He waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing. It’s no wonder Qing Zhi recommended you. He is actually after the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool. That fellow…”

“According to the rules, only a member of the Dragon tribe can enter the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool. However, you have solved a great problem facing our Dragon tribe and it would hurt our reputation if we rejected your request.”

“How about this. Go and take a rest first and I will give you an answer tomorrow. What do you say?”

“In that case, I will have to trouble tribe leader Yuan Qian.” Lin Dong nodded. He was naturally able to sense that his request had put Yuan Qian in a tough spot. However, he felt helpless too. After all, he had no choice as well.

“Aye. Duan Tao, you should take young friend Lin Dong to a room to rest.” Yuan Qian said to Duan Tao. The latter nodded before he led Lin Dong and left the underground.

“Tribe leader, the three people designated to enter the Dragon Transformation Pool has already been decided. This…” An elder of the Dragon tribe looked towards Lin Dong, who had left. He hesitated before speaking.

Yuan Qian nodded. Promptly, he turned to glance at the black clothed young lady standing beside him. The latter’s eyes widened upon seeing this. “Father, you aren’t thinking of asking me to give up my spot, are you? I had to defeat so many opponents in order to obtain that spot!”

“Cough, tribe leader, it is better not to ask little Xin to give up her spot. If there is no other choice, I will go and speak with those two little fellows and see if they will give in. After all, Lin Dong has done us all such a huge favour…” Another elder of the Dragon tribe coughed softly and laughed.

“Those two little fellows…”

Yuan Qian laughed bitterly and said, “It will not be so easy to convince them. Nonetheless, let’s talk to them first. After which, they can draw lots together with little Xin to decide which one of them will give up their spot. Otherwise, I can only forcefully use my authority as the tribe leader.”

The other few people laughed bitterly upon hearing this. They recalled how prideful and stubborn those other two individuals were. In their hearts, they felt that this matter would not be resolved peacefully.


“Young brother Lin Dong.” Next morning, Duan Tao had already arrived at the place where Lin Dong had spent the night. A laughter was transmitted into his tightly shut room.


The door was opened. Lin Dong stepped out and smilingly cupped his hands together towards Duan Tao. After a night’s rest, his body had already made a complete recovery.

“Young brother Lin Dong, let’s go. You will get your reply today.”

Duan Tao looked at Lin Dong and smiled. He hesitated for a moment and said, “However, I’m afraid that it will not be a smooth process. Of course, there is nothing to worry about. Since the tribe leader has promised you, we will let you enter the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool no matter what happens.”

“Big brother Duan Tao, is this a very difficult request? ” Lin Dong asked. He could vaguely deduce some hints from the expression of Yuan Qian’s group yesterday. However, he did not expect that there were still some hiccups even after Yuan Qian had spoken.

Duan Tao mused for a moment before saying, “You should be aware that our Dragon tribe only opens the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool biannually. Moreover, only three spots are available each time it opens. This time around, the three spots have already been taken.”

“I see…” Lin Dong came to a sudden comprehension. He quickly laughed bitterly. It was really the case of one having to work hard for something worthy. It was unexpected that he would have such terrible luck.

“Currently, the tribe leader has called the three of them over for a discussion to see who was willing to surrender their spot to you. It is likely that they would not dare to do anything since the tribe leader has issued the order. However, they are prideful, arrogant and untamable individuals. It is inevitable for them to feel outraged at having to give up their spot.” Duan Tao said.

“I was a little reckless.” Lin Dong sighed softly. If he was in their position, it was inevitable that he would feel angry as well. After all, no one was willing to give up something that they had obtained through hard work.

“What is young brother Lin Dong saying? If not for your help this time around, our Dragon tribe will end up in great danger. Although that spot is valuable, it is hardly worth mentioning compared to this.” Duan Tao said seriously.

Lin Dong could only smile sadly and nod upon seeing this.

The two of them were in a single file as they flew across the sky. Over ten minutes later, an ancient square appeared in Lin Dong’s sight. Many trees, that were hundreds of thousands of feet tall, stood around the square. Meanwhile, lush green branches and leaves were extended in all directions.

At this moment, there were many people standing on the square. Meanwhile, there were also many people standing on top of those thick tree branches. Most of them were young individuals and they had indolent expressions. A haughtiness that emerged from deep within their bones was present between their brows. Presently, they were gathered in small groups and they were occasionally chatting with each other.

Clearly, they were the younger generation members of the Dragon tribe. Although they could not be considered to be domineering, it was inevitable for them to possess an innate pride, as members of one of the four overlord tribes.

At this moment, Yuan Qian was standing in the middle of the square, with his hands behind his back. Two tall and handsome figures with indolent expressions stood in front of him. They carried a casual and indifferent attitude. However, a haughty and untamable expression was on the corner of their mouths.

“Yan Shan, Yan Feng, the tribe leader has spoken. The both of you had better behave yourselves!” An elder from the Dragon tribe by the side reprimanded after witnessing their nonchalant attitude.

“Tsk, uncle Mo, we know. Isn’t it just to surrender one of the Dragon Transformation Pool spots?”

That handsome man called Yan Shan stared at the black clothed young lady called Yuan Xin, who was standing behind Yuan Qian, and smiled towards her. However, the latter merely rolled her eyes and turned her head away. Feeling slightly bored, he could only stretch his waist before he lazily said, “I know that Lin Dong has helped our Dragon tribe to resolve an extremely major problem. I am not an unreasonable person. Since he is interested in the Dragon Transformation Pool, I can give up my spot.”

Those expressions of the few Dragon tribe elders turned slightly better upon hearing Yan Shan’s words.

“However, it isn’t too much for me to ask that I meet this young friend first, am I right?”

Yuan Qian glanced at Yan Shan before lifting his head and said, “He is here.”


Many pairs of eyes in this place turned towards midair after Yuan Qian’s words sounded. They saw a figure rushing through the sky. After which, two figures appeared on the square. Many pairs of eyes stilled on the young figure beside Duan Tao while their eyes contained some curiosity.

“Is he the person who has helped to resolve the problem facing our Dragon tribe? He is actually this young?”

“It seems like he is merely at the initial Profound Death stage. That is barely acceptable…”

“Is this for real? I heard that he has some connection with Lord Qing Zhi. If not for this, would the tribe leader ask Yan Shan’s group to surrender a spot to enter the Dragon Transformation Pool?”


Many private conversations broke out and spread across the place. Clearly, many people had doubts owing to Lin Dong’s youth and the strength that he possessed.

“Lin Dong greets tribe leader, Yuan Qian.” Lin Dong ignored this. All he did was to turn his head towards Yuan Qian, cupped his hands together and said.

“You are here.” Yuan Qian smiled. After which he said, “The matter of you entering the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool has been resolved. I will open the Dragon Transformation Pool with the other elders in a few days’ time.”


The eyes of some of the Dragon tribe elders sunk as they prepared to reprimand Yan Shan for interrupting. However, they were stopped by Yuan Qian. He was aware that Yan Shan was feeling a little displeased. After all, it was only reasonable for a young person to be a little hot tempered.

Yan Shan moved and appeared in front of Lin Dong. After which, he smiled towards the latter and said, “Friend, the spot you obtained was taken from me.”

Lin Dong stared at Yan Shan. He was aware that those were not the only words that he wanted to say.

“You have done a great favor for our Dragon tribe. I, Yan Shan, am not a person who is selfish and self-centred. A spot in the Dragon Transformation Pool might be precious, but it will not devastate me if I lose it. However, the Dragon tribe ultimately has its own rules. I defeated all the other competitors in the tribe in order to obtain it. You may take it, but you must fight with me. That spot is yours regardless of whether you win or lose!” Yan Shan looked at Lin Dong. The indifferent attitude on the latter’s face was slowly withdrawn. Instead, a stern fighting intent took its place.

He did not mind giving up his spot. However, he was unwilling to hand that precious spot over to a completely useless person!

The entire square became much quieter. Those Dragon tribe elders frowned upon seeing this scene. They knitted their brows, but they did not speak up. Regardless, one’s strength always spoke the loudest. Since Lin Dong has done a great favour for their Dragon tribe, it was only natural for him to obtain a spot. However, he would have to rely on himself to obtain the respect of the Dragon tribe younger generation members.

Yuan Xin’s eyes stared intently at Lin Dong. Since the very beginning, she had never seen Lin Dong’s true strength. Hence, she still felt some unhappiness in her heart over Qing Zhi’s evaluation. If Yan Shan was to fight with him, she should be able to gain some clues about Lin Dong’s strength. After all, the present Yan Shan was at the perfect Profound Death stage and he was not weaker than her.

Lin Dong stared at a stern looking Yan Shan as the entire place became quiet. A smile rose on his youthful face as he cupped his hands together.

“Please advise me!”