Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1105: Resolving the Devil Sea Problem

Chapter 1105: Resolving the Devil Sea Problem


Chapter 1105: Resolving the Devil Sea Problem

Standing at the edge of the churning Devil Sea, Yuan Qian and the rest stared at it with tensed expressions. With the flow of time, the stress on their faces also grew increasingly intense. Moreover, there was also a little anxiety surfacing on their faces.

“Father, why is there still no news from him…” The black clothed young lady was eventually unable to resist as she involuntarily asked. There was a hint of anxiety in her eyes. After all, this matter affected their entire Dragon tribe.

“He should have passed through the Devil Sea and entered the Devil Suppressing Prison below.” Yuan Qian slowly said.

“Entered the Devil Suppressing Prison? Even tribe leader cannot enter that place.” A Dragon tribe elder exclaimed in shock. Clearly, he had decent knowledge about the Devil Suppressing Prison.

Yuan Qian nodded in agreement. Back then, he once tried to enter that Devil Suppressing Prison. However, he ended up in a relatively miserable state. Moreover, the faint auras present within the Devil Suppressing Prison terrified even his present self. Additionally, he had also once went to look for those old monsters in the tribe, who were usually in a cultivation seclusion. However, the existence within the Devil Suppressing Prison was a big taboo and they refused to talk about it.

“The important person that he mentioned should be located within the Devil Suppressing Prison. One will have to enter the Devil Suppressing Prison in order to look for him. It is likely because of this that Qing Zhi chose to recommend him.”

A couple of elders nodded and said, “Now, all we can do is see if he can return safely.”

“Have faith in Qing Zhi’s recommendation.” Yuan Qian smiled. Both his hands were placed behind his back. After which, he shut his eyes and waited peacefully. Upon seeing this, the others could only hold back the uneasiness within their hearts and wait quietly as well.

This wait lasted for half an hour. Yuan Qian suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes while the uneasiness within everyone’s heart grew increasingly intense. His eyes contained some joy as he looked at the Devil Sea.


The Devil Sea suddenly churned before a light figure shot out from it. Black lightning flashed and the demonic aura entwining around him was completely purified.

“He has come out!” Everyone rejoiced upon seeing the person who had shot out.

The figure shot over and landed in front of everyone. The light barrier over his body disappeared, revealing Lin Dong, who had entered the Devil Suppressing Prison previously.

“Young friend Lin Dong, how did it go?” Yuan Qian hurriedly asked upon seeing Lin Dong.

“I am pleased to report that I have not let you down.”

Lin Dong grinned and said, “Some cracks appeared on the Devil Suppressing Prison and that allowed the demonic aura to seep out. Now that elder has already repaired the Devil Suppressing Prison, everything will be resolved once the Yimo Qi here is purified.”

Those extremely ancient looking elders from the Dragon tribe revealed a joy on their elderly faces upon hearing this. Yuan Qian also heaved a sigh of relief. After all, if Lin Dong was unable to resolve this problem, it was likely that he could only take a risk and summon those old fellows, who were in a cultivation seclusion.

“Does the person below intend to not come out?” Yuan Qian glanced at the Devil Sea below and smilingly said. He was also quite curious about that great person, who was in the Devil Suppressing Prison.

“She needs to suppress the Devil Suppressing Prison and is temporarily unable to leave. However… I believe that she will come out in the future.” Lin Dong turned his head to stare at the churning Devil Sea. He was aware that the day the Darkness Master left the Devil Suppressing Prison, the world would have likely wound up in quite a terrible state.

Yuan Qian nodded, but he did not say anything more. He pointed towards the Devil Sea. “This being is quite troublesome. How should we handle it?”

Although the source of the Devil Sea has been cut, the Devil Sea had been accumulated over so many years. Unless one possessed a unique method, it would be extremely troublesome to remove it. Nonetheless, he believed that since Lin Dong was able to enter the Devil Suppressing Prison, it was likely that he would have some special techniques to deal with the Devil Sea in front of them.

“Leave it to me.”

Lin Dong softly said. This sea of demonic aura was many times denser compared to the Devil Sea within the Ancestral Soul Hall of the Nine-tail tribe. If he was to rely on his own strength, he would need at least a couple of years to purify it. However, it was clear that he did not have the luxury of time to help the Dragon tribe by slowly purifying it.

“In that case, we will have to trouble young friend Lin Dong.” Yuan Qian smilingly said. The black clothed young lady and the couple of dragon elders by the side, also sighed quietly in relief. Their eyes no longer contained any doubt when they looked at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong nodded. He moved and rushed towards the sky above the Devil Sea. With his appearance, the Devil Sea beneath him began to churn. A tremendous amount of demonic aura gathered together, transforming into a ferocious devil python that screamed as it charged towards him.

“At this juncture, you still dare to act so arrogantly?”

Lin Dong involuntarily let out a cold laughter as he looked at the devil python rushing over. However, he did not do anything. Instead, a warm sunlight like white glow swept out from within his body.

Sizzle sizzle.

Under that warm sunlight, that devil python, which was charging over, let out a sharp screech. Meanwhile, the demonic aura undulated on its large body disappeared at a shocking pace. Within a short ten seconds, it completely vanished and scattered.

“It seems like young friend Lin Dong possess many things that can hurt the Yimo.” Yuan Qian looked at the warm light and grinned. Given his eyesight, he was naturally able to tell that the strength of this white light was different from that of his Ancestral Symbols. However, this white warmth, which could accommodate everything, had a shocking purification ability on those evil Yimo Qi.

“However, by doing so, he would have triggered the entire Devil Sea and sparked its retaliation.” An elder from the Dragon tribe said. They were naturally aware of the might of this Devil Sea. Back then, they had attempted to purify it. However, they ended up in a rather miserable state because of the Devil Sea’s retaliation. Moreover, if not for the fact that they were well prepared, it would have been extremely difficult for them to withdraw unscathered.


His voice had just sounded when they heard countless sharp deafening howls from within the Devil Sea. In fact, it seemed as if the entire Devil Sea had erupted as an endless amount of demonic aura shot out. It appeared as though tens of thousands of huge devil like waves were crazily sweeping over towards Lin Dong in the sky in a frightening manner.

Lin Dong remained calm as he stared at that churning Devil Sea. He clenched his hand before a black crystal appeared. With a flick of his finger, the crystal body turned into a black light, which shot forward. After which, it clashed head on with the tens of thousands of Devil waves.


A loud sound rose from the Devil Sea. Soon after, everyone saw a black light screen spreading in all directions. Those Yimo Qi, which made contact with it, turned into white fog and disappeared instantly.

Sizzle sizzle!

Black light scattered downwards and the Devil Sea, which was filled with a terrifying demonic aura, was purified, leaving behind a huge empty space. The surrounding demonic aura had also became a lot thinner. Instantly, one third of the demonic aura within the Devil Sea was purified.

Yuan Qian and the rest were startled upon seeing this scene. Clearly, they did not expect Lin Dong to be so terrifyingly efficient…

“That black light contains a relatively frightening strength…”

Yuan Qian muttered to himself, before both his eyes quickly narrowed. He looked at the deepest part of the Devil Sea and softly said, “It should be something given to young friend Lin Dong by the person in the Devil Suppressing Prison.”

“It seems like it is possible to resolve my Dragon tribe’s problem by today.”

Yuan Qian heaved a major sigh of relief. Hovering in the sky, Lin Dong clenched his hand. Promptly, another two “Darkness Devil Suppressing Beads” appeared. He flicked his finger before two rays of black light shot downwards into the Devil Sea below.

Boom! Boom!

Two low and deep sound reverberated across the entire place. Soon after, the Devil Sea churned intensely. Sharp roars were emitted while the two dark black lights spread within the Devil Sea. Those demonic auras, which even a Samsara stage expert did not dare touch, disintegrated at a frightening speed wherever they passed.

The evilness started to disappear and the dark chilliness underground also began to vanish a little at a time.

When Lin Dong lowered his head and saw how quickly the Devil Sea was disappearing, he involuntarily let out a praise. She was indeed one of the eight great masters. In fact, her techniques far exceeded those of an ordinary Reincarnation stage expert.

The Devil Sea below was now completely purified by the three Darkness Devil Suppressing Beads and Lin Dong still had two of them remaining. However, he did not intend to hand them over to the Dragon tribe. Given their potency, it was likely that he would be able to use them to force a Reincarnation stage foe to pay a relatively hefty price if he managed to find an opening.

As the Devil Sea slowly disappeared, an incomparably huge dark pit appeared in everyone’s vision. The huge pit was incomparably spacious and there was an extremely deep darkness inside. At a first glance, it appeared just like a bottomless large hole, causing one to feel a chill deep within one’s heart.

Under this huge pit, hid one of the three massive Devil Suppressing Prison in the world!

Lin Dong moved and shot towards Yuan Qian’s group. “Tribe leader Yuan Qian, I have already purified the Devil Sea. However, it is best for you to avoid approaching the Devil Suppressing Prison in the future. The Dragon tribe will likely suffer quite a serious loss if anything untoward happens.”

From what the Darkness Master said, it seems like the Devil Suppressing Prison’s purification has reached a critical juncture. If any mistakes occur and the Yimo are able to escape, the Dragon tribe will end up being the first ones implicated.

“Understood.” Yuan Qian nodded and said. “Young friend Lin Dong, you can be rest assured that I will seal this place. No one, not even the members of my tribe, will be allowed to enter.”

“Additionally, we have really inconvenienced young friend Lin Dong this time around.”

Lin Dong waved his hand. His tone sounded extremely righteous. “What is tribe leader Yuan Qian saying? As an owner of Ancestral Symbols, destroying the Yimo is my duty.”


Yuan Qian smiled. His smile appeared a little deep and one did not know if he managed to sense the insincerity in Lin Dong’s words. Soon after, he said, “If there is anything that young friend Lin Dong wants, please tell us. My Dragon tribe will not hesitate to oblige if we can fulfill your request.”

“I was just waiting for those words.”

Lin Dong involuntarily uttered these words within his heart. He was really worried that Yuan Qian would calmly accept his courteous words at face value. At that time, he would probably end up crying. After all, he had worked hard and risked his life. In fact, he was nearly killed by the Darkness Master in a single strike. It was truly unjustified if he did not obtain some rewards in return.

“Cough… Since tribe leader has said so, Lin Dong will not stand on ceremony.”

Lin Dong looked at Yuan Qian, while the smile on his face grew increasingly brilliant.

“There is nothing much that I really want. All I hope for is that tribe leader will agree to let me soak in the ‘Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool’…”