Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1104: Darkness Master

Chapter 1104: Darkness Master


Chapter 1104: Darkness Master

Within the dark and silent depths of Devil Suppressing Prison, Lin Dong watched as the slim figure slowly opened her ice-cold eyes while his expression became exceptionally grave. At this very moment, he could clearly feel an indescribably frightening aura slowly spreading from the body on the black throne.

The aura quickly covered the entire Devil Suppressing Prison and those countless darkness towers released buzzing sounds. The roars that originally emitted from within them were now trembling and accompanied by fear.

The Darkness Master.

Her imposing aura was still present after tens of thousands of years, and even the powerful and terrifying Yimo would shudder before her. From this, one could tell just how shockingly powerful the eight great masters from back then were.

“Is this the aura of the eight ancient masters…” Lin Dong muttered to himself. His eyes contained complicated emotions. Just the Darkness Master alone was already this terrifying. It was really difficult to imagine just what it would be like when the strongest of the eight ancient masters, the Ice Master, awakened.

“Who are you?”

While these complicated feelings swirled in Lin Dong’s heart, the slim figure on the throne slowly lowered her head, her ice-cold black eyes pausing on his body. Under her gaze, Lin Dong felt the circulation of Yuan Power within his body come to a halt.


Lin Dong cupped his hands together. However, before he could speak, the Darkness Master once again spoke in an icy voice, “Regardless of who you are, those who try to break into the prison will die!”

When ‘die’ emerged from the Darkness Master’s lips, several huge black chains suddenly pierced out from the void. They were accompanied by overflowing murderous intent as they shot towards Lin Dong with lightning speed.

Lin Dong was greatly alarmed when he saw how ruthless the Darkness Master’s attack was. His hands curled and two ancient symbols appeared. A flash of black light and a lightning glow came spluttering out, transforming into two light beams that turned into a black lightning light shield in front of him.


The black chains mercilessly slammed into the black lightning light shield formed by two Ancestral Symbols and light surged on the latter’s body. It only lasted for a couple of breaths before it suddenly exploded. In the next instant, the black chains had appeared in front of Lin Dong’s forehead under his horrified gaze.

However, an ancient stone talisman suddenly flashed and appeared just as the black chains were about to penetrate Lin Dong’s forehead and Yan’s hurried voice sounded. “Wait!”


The chains were a mere finger away from the stone talisman when they came to an abrupt halt. Soon after, they swiftly retracted at a shocking speed. The figure on the throne also suddenly stood up. Her voice now had an additional trace of bewilderment, “Yan?”

“You still have such a temper.” Yan’s body shot out from the Ancestral Stone. He looked at the Darkness Master on the throne and spoke in a somewhat helpness manner.

Lin Dong also recovered at this moment and immediately felt an icy feeling sweep over his back. He had truly felt the threat of death earlier. This Darkness Master had really intended to kill a trespasser like himself.

“I did not think that you were still alive.” The Darkness Master stared at Yan’s figure. After which, she slowly sat back down on the throne. Her cold voice finally contained a little bit of life.

Yan smiled. He glanced at Lin Dong before heading towards the throne. Lin Dong hesitated for a moment before following.

As they approached the throne, Lin Dong finally managed to have a good look of that human figure. It was a lady wearing black fitting armour. Her long hair poured down from her head and her face was quite exquisite. Pure darkness colored her eyes. It was a darkness that was not evil but felt unusually deep.

It was difficult to imagine that the frightening aura, which could cause the entire Devil Suppressing Prison to tremble, actually emanated from the body of this seemingly weak looking woman.

“Why are you here? Who is he?” The Darkness Master looked at Yan as she frowned and said.

“He is the current owner of the Ancestral Stone.” Yan replied.

“Owner? Not a possessor? What are you doing?” The Darkness Master asked in a deep voice. The Ancestral Symbol was the greatest creation of her teacher, Lord Symbol Ancestor. Hence, only the Symbol Ancestor was qualified to be its owner. As for everyone else, even if they managed to obtain it, they could only be a possessor. These two terms might appear similar, but there was a significant difference between them.

“It’s been so many years, rarely have I come across someone who possess an affinity with the Ancestral Symbols like master did. It is not a problem to call him my owner.” Yan said.


The all along frosty face of the Darkness Master finally revealed a peculiar ripple after hearing these words. Those black eyes truly turned towards Lin Dong for the first time.

“Oh? Devouring Ancestral Symbol and Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol?”

The Darkness Master thoroughly observed Lin Dong before nodding as she said, “This is indeed difficult. The Devouring Master back then had also tried to rely on the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to see if it was possible to devour my Darkness Ancestral Symbol. However, he failed in the end.”

The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth twitched. It was surprising that even the Devouring Master was unable to devour other Ancestral Symbols. Looks like the rumours he had heard back then regarding the Devouring Ancestral Symbol possessors having the ability to obtain many Ancestral Symbols was indeed unreliable. Fortunately, he possessed an affinity with the Ancestral Symbols that even he did not understand too well. Otherwise, it was likely that he would have also ended up failing.

“I hope you don’t believe that he can reach teacher’s level just because he has an affinity with the Ancestral Symbols, do you?” The Darkness Master shifted her gaze back to Yan and said in a faint voice. Evidently, she had managed to guess some of Yan’s thoughts.

“After so many years, many superbly talented individuals have come to possess me. However, through my secret observations, I found that only he has an affinity similar to master’s.” Yan said.

“Whatever affinity this is, it is far too insubstantial. Master did not merely rely on such a thing to reach that level.”

“How will we know if we do not try?”

“We do not have many opportunities to try. Moreover, before master ignited his reincarnation, he gave us a final choice.” The Darkness Master slightly lowered her eyes. Her voice was calmed and firm.

“We will do our best to assist junior sister. This is because master has said that she is the one who is most likely to reach that level!”

Yan was quiet for a moment before he replied, “It is after all good to have another choice.”

The Darkness Master did not reply to this. She sat on the throne while her body slightly leaned to the side, her hand cupping her cheek as she said, “Do whatever you want. However, I hope that you will help us when the most critical moment comes. I have only just awakened, therefore, I cannot expose myself. Otherwise, I might end up attracting the attention of the Yimo.”

“Elder, the reason we are here today is not to debate about who can reach the level of the Symbol Ancestor. Presently, the demonic aura of the Devil Suppressing Prison is seeping into the outside world and endangering the Dragon tribe above it. If it is not contained, the position of the Devil Suppressing Prison will be revealed.” Lin Dong’s mind gradually calmed down as he listened to the argument between the two. Finally, he slowly said in a soft voice.

“Yes, I have already detected it when I awakened.”

The Darkness Master lazily spoke, “Those fellows are still so useless. They cannot even resolve leaking Yimo Qi. Are those old monsters in their tribe unwilling to act?”

She paused and suddenly lowered her head to look at Lin Dong as her the corners of her lips lifted slightly. “You are not angered even though I overruled you in such a manner earlier?”

Lin Dong’s face was serene as he replied. “You are not wrong. Affinity is far too unsubstantial. Even though the Ancestral Symbols are powerful, they are still external objects. If one is able to reach the level of the Symbol Ancestor by relying on external factors, it will not be the case where only one person has achieved the level of Symbol Ancestor after so many years.

The expression on the Darkness Master’s face seemed to become focused for a moment. Soon after, she stared at Lin Dong with great interest. A moment later, she turned towards Yan and said, “His words are much more convincing than yours. However, compared to him, I still have more faith in junior sister.”

Yan chuckled. Soon after, he spoke in a manner that hinted at a deeper meaning, “He has met the Ice Master.”


An extremely terrifying aura suddenly swept out from within the body of the Darkness Master. A wild joy that could not be concealed surged onto the face that had all along practically been devoid of all emotion. Fire seemed to burn in her eyes as she stared at Lin Dong and asked in a quivering voice, “Junior sister’s reincarnation is a success?”

Lin Dong could not help but bitterly smile when he saw the delighted Darkness Master. Just what the hell was this. He would have a headache each time he recalled that Ying Huanhuan was the reincarnation of the Ice Master, yet these people seemed to be about to die from happiness after hearing this news.

“Heh, not only has her reincarnation succeeded, but the current ‘Ice Master’ is his little girlfriend.” Yan laughed in a strange manner.

The Darkness Master was taken aback. Surprise surfaced on her face as she involuntarily laughed. Her eyes contained some unknown emotion as she stared at Lin Dong and asked, “The junior sister, who was formerly as cold as a ten thousand year old ice mountain, actually has someone she fancies?”

“Correction. She is called Ying Huanhuan, not Ice Master.” Lin Dong spoke in a somewhat powerless manner. Who on earth would have feelings towards that Ice Master.

“Ying Huanhuan huh… not a bad name. However…” The Darkness Master paused before continuing, “She will sooner or later become the Ice Master.”

The expression in Lin Dong’s eyes seemed to turn sharp for a split second. However, it quickly disappeared and he became silent.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about this. Our purpose in coming here is to resolve the problem of the Devil Suppressing Prison.” Yan smiled as he changed the topic.

“You are now able to control the Devil Suppressing Prison, right?”

The Darkness Master nodded. Those black eyes contained an icy fierceness as she stared at the huge Devil Suppressing Prison before her and said, “Although I have only recently awakened, a majority of the million Yimo sealed here have already been purified and only some of the more powerful ones remain. However, they will soon be completely eliminated.”

“A million Yimo.”

Lin Dong felt his scalp become a little numb upon hearing this number. As expected of the place where the largest number of Yimo were sealed.

“I will repair the leak in the Devil Suppressing Prison. However, both of you will have to resolve the Yimo Qi that has already seeped out above as I cannot leave the Devil Suppressing Prison at this time.” The Darkness Master said.

“The Yimo Qi above is relatively frightening.” Yan helplessly said. Currently, Lin Dong was merely at the initial Profound Death stage and Yan had yet to completely recover either. The latter’s ability was still greatly restricted.

“Where has your courage from back then gone to?” The Darkness Master ridiculed.

“All of you have been laying in slumber under the protection of the Devouring Master until now. Naturally, you have not lost any strength…”

Yan frowned. Soon after, he paused because he saw the expression of the Darkness Master dim. Finally, he sighed and became quiet.

Lin Dong did not speak when he saw this. He was already aware that the Devouring Master back then had also ignited his reincarnation to obtain the remaining power to protect the other six slumbering masters.

The silence continued for a while before the Darkness Master was the first to recover. She glanced and Lin Dong and with a clench of her hand, five fist sized crystal beads that seemed to contain darkness appeared.

“This is the Darkness Devil Suppressing Bead. It is something I left behind back then. With it, you should be able to resolve the demonic aura that had seeped out.”

Lin Dong looked at the five black crystal balls that were flying towards him and carefully caught them. His eyes narrowed when he did so. It was possible for him to detect a relatively terrifying energy ripple from the five black crystal beads. Even a Samsara stage expert would suffer if he was struck by it.

“As expected of the Darkness Master.” Lin Dong sighed in his heart. This was really generous.

“You should leave first. I am about to seal the Devil Suppressing Prison. I should be completely awakened when we next meet.” The Darkness Master waved her hand, directly chasing them away.

Lin Dong glanced at Yan and saw the latter nod. Without any delay, he cupped his hands together towards the Darkness Master, kept the ‘Darkness Devil Suppressing Beads’, turned around and left.

Yan followed upon seeing this. However a voice that only he could hear was transmitted into his ears when he turned around.

“Yan, I hope that you will help us in future. You should know that the world war is not over.”

Yan’s body paused but he did not reply. His body moved again and caught up with Lin Dong in front. After which, he entered the latter’s body.

The Darkness Master sat on the throne and quietly watched Lin Dong disappear into the distance. Traces of zealousness surged in her eyes as she gently tightened her fists and muttered.

“Junior sister, you can be rest assured… we will allow you to catch up to master’s level. This is because only you can do it…”