Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1103: Devil Suppressing Prison

Chapter 1103: Devil Suppressing Prison


Chapter 1103: Devil Suppressing Prison


A figure with criss-crossing black lightning flew over the endless Demonic Qi Sea. Those surrounding Demonic Qi were eroded wherever he passed. However, each time these Demonic Qi made contact with the light barrier, it would form a sizzling sound. Two ancient Ancestral Symbols rotated slowly before they directly vaporized those Demonic Qi.

Within that light barrier, Lin Dong gently shut his eyes. As his Mental Energy spread, he tried to sense the location of the legendary Darkness Master within this Demonic Qi sea.

However, this probing did not lead to an immediate result. This Demonic Qi sea was vast. Moreover, the Demonic Qi permeating within it had also created a relatively big obstruction for Lin Dong. Hence, it was no easy matter to swiftly locate the Darkness Master hidden within.

“You have yet to reach the Devil Suppressing Prison. This Demonic Qi sea is merely something that seeped out from within the Devil Suppressing Prison. You need to penetrate through the Devil Sea in order to reach the Devil Suppressing Prison.” Yan slowly reminded Lin Dong after he made some some futile actions.

Lin Dong was speechless. He clenched his teeth together in the face of this fellow’s nonchalant manner. However, all he could do was to grit his teeth together as he rapidly headed deeper into the Demonic Qi sea.

As Lin Dong rapidly shuttled through the Devil Sea, he also realized that the Demonic Qi emitted from below, was growing increasingly denser the deeper he ventured. Meanwhile, a dark chilliness lingered around him. This caused Lin Dong to be a little fearful. Fortunately, he had the protection of the two great Ancestral Symbols. Otherwise, it was likely that the Demonic Qi would have already corroded his mind…

“It seems like we are about to penetrate through the Demonic Qi sea…”

This journey continued for approximately half an hour before Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly became focused. He could sense that the Demonic Qi sea below had showed some signs of discontinuation. However, the density of the Demonic Qi being emitted from within was becoming increasingly terrifying.

“Aye, be careful. The Devil Suppressing Prison is not an ordinary place.” Yan immediately reminded him this time around. Meanwhile, his tone became quite grave. This caused Lin Dong’s heart to tense up. It turns out he was also extremely wary of the legendary Devil Suppressing Prison.

“We are out.”

Lin Dong stared intently at the churning Devil Sea in front of him. He let out a soft cry and the light wrapped around his body. Finally, he exited the extremely dense and viscous Demonic Qi sea.

After his body left the sea, his originally blurry sight suddenly became clear. The surrounding Devil Sea also disappeared at this moment. However, Lin Dong did not care about this at this moment. His eyes looked below before shock slowly emerged on his face.

An endless light barrier of darkness appeared in front of Lin Dong and there were dark symbols on it. If one was to look carefully, one would realized that these symbols were similar to that of the Darkness Ancestral Symbol. In fact, this light barrier seemed to be an enormous formation. Unfortunately, this light barrier currently had some dark cracks on it. As a result, waves of Yimo Qi continuously seeped out from within and flowed into the Devil Sea above.

If one’s sight penetrated through the black coloured light barrier, one would be able to see densely packed black towers floating within. Many incomparably huge black chains were entwined around each black tower. These chains extended and connected those black towers together. The surface of these black chains were all plastered with ancient symbols and an extremely powerful ripple were being emitted from them.

Endless evil Demonic Qi crazily seeped out from within the towers. However, they would be absorbed by the black chains each time they tried to escape. After which, the ancient symbols flashed before the Demonic Qi was completely purified.

“Is this the Devil Suppressing Prison…”

Lin Dong was startled as he stared at the dark tower clusters within the dark light barrier, which stretched on endlessly. Each black tower was ten thousand feet in size and he appeared exceptionally tiny as he stood in this place. Moreover, the most frightening thing was the number of towers present. In fact, it was impossible to count all of them…

Evidently, there were Yimo being sealed in these black towers. With such a large number of black towers, just how many Yimo were being sealed in this place?

“Can you imagine just how frightening the ancient world war back then was?” Yan spoke in a faint voice.

Lin Dong nodded. It’s no wonder all the living creatures in this plane had joined forces back then. After all, not a single race could escape when facing such a terrifying invasion.

It was fight or die.

Just what would happen to this world if a big world war like what had occurred during the ancient times, was to happen again? Will they still be able to block that frightening Yimo tribe invasion?”

“It is possible as long as a second Symbol Ancestor appears.” As if he seemed to have read his mind, Yan softly replied.

Lin Dong smiled bitterly. A second Symbol Ancestor… That was no trivial matter.

“We should look for the Darkness Master first.”

Lin Dong sighed softly. After which, his body moved as he carefully approached the dark light barrier. He could detect a relatively frightening energy ripple on it.

“How do I enter?” Lin Dong did not dare to randomly charge in at this moment. If he ended up facing the backlash from the formation, it was likely that he would die for nothing.

“You possess the strength of an Ancestral Symbol and can simply enter it. Others, including Yuan Qian, would have difficulties doing so.” Yan replied.

Lin Dong nodded after hearing this. However, he still cautiously extended his hand and gently touched the dark light barrier. The light barrier formed a ripple and his hand penetrated through it in one shot.

Lin Dong sighed in relief after seeing this scene. He moved and entered the dark light barrier. Only after entering the light barrier, did Lin Dong discover that the Devil Suppressing Prison was not a quiet place. There were various sharp howls being occasionally emitted from the many black towers. These howls possessed some eroding properties against one’s consciousness. Fortunately, Lin Dong had two great Ancestral Symbols and the Ancestor Stone. Hence, there was no need for him to be overly fearful.

“Some of the chains seems to have been corroded…”

Lin Dong shot forward as he carefully shuttled through the Devil Suppressing Prison. Finally, he saw some signs of erosion appearing on the huge chains entwined around some black towers. Ancient symbols covered these towers, dimmed due to the constant erosion, allowing some Yimo Qi to escape from them and slip through the cracks on the dark cover above.

“The Devil Suppressing Prison has existed for many years. Additionally, Yuan Qian had broken the energy equilibrium of this place when he was attempting to break into the Reincarnation stage. Hence, it allowed the demonic aura to seep out from it.” Yan said.

Lin Dong nodded before his speed increased. Only after entering this Devil Suppressing Prison, did he realize just how large this place was. In fact, he was unable to see an end to the clusters of black tower after flying for nearly half an hour.


Lin Dong frowned as he searched bitterly. Suddenly, he braced his mind. An unusual sound was transmitted into his ear. He immediately turned his head before his pupils shrunk. That was because he saw some black chains entwined around an exceptionally huge black tower suddenly breaking apart. The crashing sound from the chains landing on the ground resounded within the Devil Suppressing Prison in a deafening manner.

“The sealing chains broke?”

Lin Dong looked at the broken chains, before his scalp turned numb instantly. After which, his body hurriedly rushed forward.


A wild beast like roar was suddenly emitted from within the black tower as he rushed forward. Immediately, monstrous black fog came sweeping over. It turned into a ten thousand feet large Demonic Qi python that pounced towards him in a ferocious manner.

When Lin Dong felt the evil ripple behind him, his expression changed drastically. It was possible for him to detect a huge, chaotic and fearsome aura within that large Demonic Qi python. Clearly, it was not formed from a single entity. Instead, it was formed by many powerful Yimo. They had broken through the darkness seal, but their consciousness were still blurry. Nevertheless, this did not prevent them from detecting that hateful ripple from Lin Dong’s body.


Lin Dong quickly fled while the large Demonic Qi python followed closely behind. However, it seemed to be quite afraid of the black chains within the Devil Suppressing Prison. In fact, they would make a detour each time they were about to come into contact with it. This allowed Lin Dong to keep a safe distance away from the python. However, Lin Dong did not rejoice because of this. This was because he could feel that the many chaotic consciousness within the large Demonic Qi python were gradually disappearing. Instead, an exceptionally evil consciousness took its place. Clearly, they were devouring each other in order to grow.

“Damn human. Damn Ancestral Symbols!”

This devourment finally came to an end. The eyes of the large Demonic Qi python turned blood red instantly. It stares menacingly at Lin Dong before it suddenly lifted its head to let out a roar. Its speed suddenly soared and it managed to close the distance between the two of them in an instant.

Lin Dong was greatly startled upon seeing this.

“Head left. I have sensed where the Darkness Master is.” Yan’s voice was transmitted over in the nick of time. Lin Dong quickly rejoiced upon hearing this. His body turned and he rushed towards his left.

“Faster.” Yan urged.

Lin Dong shut his mouth tightly before he directly unleashed his speed to the limit. Nonetheless, he could still feel that the evil aura was growing closer. His eyes became ruthless as he flipped his hand and threw a punch. A hundred green dragon light symbols rose before turning into a green light dragon that ruthlessly smashed against the large Demonic Qi python.


A loud sound resounded over the place. However, the large Demonic Qi python took no damage. Instead, the evil glow within its blood red eyes became even denser.


Lin Dong cursed furiously upon seeing this. Meanwhile, he had also given up on fighting head on. Instead, his body rushed forward. A couple of minutes later, his pupils hardened. He suddenly lifted his head and saw that in the deepest spot, there were countless black chains being extended towards it, before they finally gathered in the middle.

Those ancient and huge black chains were all gathered together and they directly formed a black throne. Meanwhile, there was a delicate figure sitting on it. She did not move and it was as though this was the case since the ancient times. Despite this, there was still a frightening ripple that caused the heavens to shake, rippling around her body.

Clearly, other than the Darkness Master, one of the eight ancient masters, who else in this Devil Suppressing Prison would possess such terrifying strength ?

“I have finally found her!”

Lin Dong looked at the figure seated on the throne and rejoiced.

“Be careful!”

However, Yan quickly issued a reminder just as Lin Dong was about to charge over.


Lin Dong’s body came to a sudden halt. Soon after, he saw an ancient black chain suddenly shooting out from the throne. The chain seemed to penetrate through the empty air. In a flash, it appeared in front of Lin Dong and whistled past his ear. Finally, it was accompanied by an indescribable frightening strength as it directly penetrated the large Demonic Qi python,which was chasing him from behind!


The large Demonic Qi python let out a miserable screech.

“Who are you? How dare you interrupt my slumber!”

The moment that large Demonic Qi python was pierced, the human figure on the throne also slowly opened her eyes, which had been shut for tens of thousands of years. Her eyes were completely black. Amidst that pitch black coldness, was a terrifying earthshaking pressure.