Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1102: Troublesome

Chapter 1102: Troublesome


Chapter 1102: Troublesome

The faces of Yuan Qian and the rest dimmed upon hearing Lin Dong’s words. The former laughed bitterly, “Can young friend Lin Dong try to think of something? There must be a reason why Qing Zhi recommended you.”

Lin Dong also smiled bitterly before he sighed. He pointed at the vast and mighty endless Demonic Qi sea in front of him and said, “The Yimo Qi present has already reached an extremely terrifying level. Although I possess some methods, I am only at the initial Profound Death stage. The formation set up by your Dragon tribe is already extremely powerful. Yet, if such a powerful formation is unable to suppress the Yimo Qi, what can I possibly do?”

Lin Dong was indeed speaking the truth. The situation in front of him had already exceeded the limit in which he could deal with. The formation above that suppressed the Yimo Qi, was something that the Dragon tribe had created with all their might and it was extremely powerful. What could he possibly do if such a powerful formation failed to suppress them?

Yuan Qian’s group looked at Lin Dong’s expression and knew that he was telling the truth. Immediately, all of them descended into silence. In fact, there was some anxiety flashing over the faces of a few elders. If they failed to take control of this situation, their Dragon tribe would end up suffering a heavy blow. At that time, they might even have to abandon this prosperous land.

“Hey, teacher Qing Zhi holds you in such high regard. You can’t be completely helpless, can you?”

The black clothed young lady bit her lips. She paused for a moment before continuing, “You aren’t doing this because of the nasty words that I said to you previously, are you? If so, allow me to apologise to you.”

Although the young lady was stubborn, she was able to discern the gravity of this matter. This incident affected her entire Dragon tribe. Hence, she naturally did not dare to act wilfully and act as she please with regards to this matter.

“I am not that petty…” Lin Dong smiled. He curled his lips and shook his head. “There is really nothing that I can do.”

Yuan Qian and the rest were quiet. It was likely that they were feeling extremely terrible in their hearts. Lin Dong sighed helplessly upon seeing this. All he could do was to turn his body around and look at the churning, terrifying Demonic Qi sea.

“These Yimo Qi which you see now are only a small fraction of the total amount that seeped out from the Devil Suppressing Prison…” Yan’s voice suddenly sounded within Lin Dong’s heart.

“Only a fraction?” Lin Dong was startled. He laughed bitterly in his heart. It seems like there was really nothing that he could do. After all, he was simply unable to imagine just how terrifying it would be if the Demonic aura within this Devil Suppressing Prison was fully unleashed. These creatures really gave one a headache.

“It is indeed impossible to resolve this problem by relying on your strength alone.” Yan said. However, he paused for a moment before changing his tone. “Therefore, you will need help from others.”

“Help from others? You mean the Dragon tribe?” Lin Dong was startled.

“No, the Dragon tribe might be powerful, but they are ineffective against this Devil Suppressing Prison… The help that you need lies within this Devil Suppressing Prison…” Yan said.

“What do you mean?” Lin Dong frowned.

“After arriving here, did you detect a familiar fluctuation?”

“ A familiar fluctuation?” Lin Dong was startled before he nodded slightly. He had indeed detected an extremely obscure ripple ever since he arrived and this fluctuation was similar to that of an Ancestral Symbol. Moreover, this fluctuation was also a little surprisingly familiar.

“What is that?” Lin Dong asked in surprise.

“The thing below is indeed related to an Ancestral Symbol. To be more precise, it should be related to the Darkness Ancestral Symbol.”

“Darkness Ancestral Symbol?”

Lin Dong was slightly startled. Following which, he became a little lost. He recalled that the Darkness Ancestral Symbol was in the hands of the Darkness Hall’s chief. Back then, Qingtan even had a fake Darkness Ancestral Symbol in her possession. Hence, how is it possible that the Darkness Ancestral Symbol would appear in a place like this?

“I only said that it is related to the Darkness Ancestral Symbol, but I did not say that the thing below is the Darkness Ancestral Symbol. The reason why this Devil Suppressing Prison is able to suppress the Yimo for so many years is entirely because of her existence.” Yan spoke in a faint voice.


Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk abruptly. Promptly, he secretly took in a deep breath of air. “Could it be… the Darkness Master?”

He was really unable to imagine who else beside the ancient Darkness Master, would be related to the Darkness Ancestral Symbol and possess the ability to suppress the Devil Suppressing Prison.

“Aye. However, I wonder if she is still in a slumber. Nevertheless, we will need her help in order to resolve the problem facing the Dragon tribe.” Yan said.

Lin Dong’s eyes glanced at the monstrous Demonic aura over the Devil Sea. He laughed dryly, “You aren’t asking me to head down to look for her, are you?”

Yan became quiet after Lin Dong’s voice sounded. Promptly, the corner of the latter’s mouth twitched involuntarily. Is this fellow for real?

“Are you trying to kill me?” Lin Dong was speechless. Even a Samsara stage expert would not dare to charge into this Devil Sea. Even less needed to be said for him.

“Why don’t we ask Yuan Qian to go? He is at the Reincarnation stage. It is likely that he isn’t afraid of the erosion from these Yimo Qi.”

“Yuan Qian does not possess an Ancestral Symbol. Hence, it is impossible for him to detect the location of the Darkness Master. Moreover, he has to manage the situation on the surface and prevent the Demonic aura from seeping out.” Yan smiled. It was possible to detect a gloating tone within his laughter. Lin Dong immediately had the impulse to turn around and flee. This was far too dangerous, no?

“There are many Yimo sealed in the Devil Suppressing Prison. As time passes, they will be gradually slaughtered. If some flaws appears now, everything will come to naught. At that time, the Dragon tribe will not be the only ones affected. Those who control an Ancestral Symbol will also be in trouble.” Yan spoke in a faint voice.

“In other words, I have no choice but to head down?” Lin Dong clenched his teeth. He did not expect that he would wound up being implicated in this matter.

“That’s right. You can think about it. This Devil Suppressing Prison might be terrifying, but you have two Ancestral Symbols and me guarding you. Hence, there is no need for you to worry about those Yimo Qi.” Yan became quiet after his words sounded. It was as though he was waiting for Lin Dong to decide.

“Damnit…” Lin Dong was speechless. He suddenly had the desire to curse.

“Young friend Lin Dong, what is it?” Yuan Qian, who was a feeling a little upset, was startled upon seeing the rapid change in Lin Dong’s expression. Finally he asked.

Lin Dong gently exhaled. He stared at the Devil Sea in front of him and laughed bitterly, “Tribe leader Yuan Qian, it is not impossible to resolve this problem…”

“Oh? Young friend Lin Dong has a way?” Yuan Qian and the other Dragon tribe elders braced their attention upon hearing this. All of them hurriedly asked.

“Tribe leader Yuan Qian, there should be an important person down in the Devil Suppressing Prison below, am I right?” Lin Dong pointed at the Devil Sea and softly asked.

Yuan Qian hesitated for a moment upon hearing this. Finally, he nodded and said, “There is indeed an important person. However, I do not know who he is. All I can do is sense his presence.”

Yuan Qian was secretly stunned when he learnt that Lin Dong was aware of this. After all, he only managed to learn of the location when he became the tribe leader of the Dragon tribe. That slight feeling he experienced came only after he advanced into the Reincarnation stage.

“I will need to head down to look for that elder in order to resolve the problem facing the Dragon tribe.” Lin Dong said helplessly.

“Head down?” Yuan Qian and the rest were startled upon hearing these words. They were well aware just how terrifying the Demonic Qi of this Devil Suppression Prison was. Even with Yuan Qian’s strength, he had to be extremely wary. Wouldn’t Lin Dong end up dead if he headed down in this manner?

“Relax, I have my own means to protect myself. If I cannot find that elder, there will be no way to resolve the problem facing your Dragon tribe…” Lin Dong nodded and said.

Yuan Qian mused for a moment after seeing this situation. He clenched his hand and a dragon scale appeared in it. Subsequently, he handed it to Lin Dong. “Shatter it if you encounter any danger below. I will come to your aid immediately.”

Lin Dong did not stand on ceremony. After all, he was aware that he was about to do something quite dangerous and it was good to have another layer of protection.

“Young friend Lin Dong, you will be a benefactor of our Dragon tribe if you are able to resolve this problem.” Yuan Qian said in a deep voice, while a couple of elders by the side nodded. That black clothed young lady’s small mouth also twitched. However, she did not say anything. The original unfriendliness in her eyes was greatly diminished.

Lin Dong nodded, while his heart felt a lot calmer. After all, he was taking a big risk this time around in order to do them a huge favour. It was likely that the Dragon tribe should allow him to have a dip in the “Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool”, regardless of how precious it was.

“I will go now.”

Since he had made up his mind, Lin Dong did not wait any longer. He cupped his hands towards Yuan Qian’s group. After which, he inhaled a deep breath of air. A thought passed through his mind before black light and lightning glow surged out from within his body. Subsequently, they formed a spherical light barrier around him. Two ancient symbols slowly flowed over the light barrier while a frightening ripple was quietly emitted.

“Is that the… Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol?”

Yuan Qian’s group were greatly startled upon seeing this. Their eyes were filled with curiosity as they stared at Lin Dong. Only at this moment, did they comprehend why Qing Zhi had recommended Lin Dong to resolve the problem facing their Dragon tribe. This fellow actually owned two great Ancestral Symbols!

“Young friend is indeed extraordinary.” Yuan Qian gasped in surprise. He was well aware of the strength of the Ancestral Symbols. Moreover, it was the first time that he saw two great Ancestral Symbols coexisting in one body.

“I will get going.”

Lin Dong smiled, but he did not explain this matter. Instead, he merely cupped his hands together. After which, he looked at the Devil Sea and ruthlessly clenched his fist. His body moved as he turned into a ray of light and shot into the Devil Sea. After which, the Demonic Qi rose and his body disappeared instantly.

“It’s no wonder Lord Qing Zhi holds him in such high regard. It is no mean feat for an ordinary person to obtain one Ancestral Symbol. Yet, he is actually able to obtain two Ancestral Symbols. This is not something that can be accomplished by an ordinary individual.” An elder looked at the churning Devil Sea and slowly said.

The others nodded. Yuan Qian placed both his hands behind his back. His eyes stared intently at the Devil Sea as he muttered, “Hopefully, he is truly able to resolve the problem facing our Dragon tribe. Otherwise, our Dragon tribe will face a huge calamity…”

“Tribe leader, is there really someone down below in this Devil Suppressing Prison?” An elder frowned and said. This matter was something that even they were not aware of.


Yuan Qian nodded. He softly said, “It seems to be an important person who has lived since the ancient times. However, I do not know who he is. Hopefully, Lin Dong will be able to find him…”