Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1101: Problem of the Dragon Tribe

Chapter 1101: Problem of the Dragon Tribe


Chapter 1101: Problem of the Dragon Tribe

Duan Tao could not help but feel a little embarrassed after hearing the words of that black clothed young lady in front of him. His face quickly turned stern as he said, “How can you say that.”

“Isn’t this the case? He is merely at the initial Profound Death stage. How can he possibly solve our problem?” The black clothed young lady turned her head away and said somewhat recalcitrantly.

“The Yimo problem is not something that can be solved with strength alone. Do you think that the Dragon tribe lacks strength?” Lin Dong spoke in a casual manner. Given his character, he naturally did not get upset just because a young lady was questioning him. However, his calm words caused the black clothed young lady to pause for a moment.

“Hmph, hopefully you really possess the ability to do so.”

The black clothed young lady bit her lips. Deep within her heart, she naturally hoped that Lin Dong really had the ability to resolve the problem their Dragon tribe was currently facing. However, due to certain reasons, the words that came out from her mouth remained extremely stubborn. After leaving these words, she could not be bothered to stay any longer. Hence, she turned and left.

“Haha, young brother Lin Dong, please do not fault her. This little girl really worships Lord Qing Zhi. Moreover, Lord Qing Zhi has also taught her before. However, you should be aware that Lord Qing Zhi has extremely high standards. Although this little girl is exceptionally talented, she has yet to receive a single word of praise from him. Nonetheless, it must be said that this girl is quite obstinate. For the sake of obtaining Lord Qing Zhi’s acknowledgement, she would grit her teeth and endure regardless of how tough the training is…”

“Lord Qing Zhi sent a message some time earlier and he was full of praises for you in his message. It is likely that she got a little jealous and that is the reason behind her actions.” Duan Tao looked at the young lady, who had left and involuntarily explained to Lin Dong in a helpless fashion.

Lin Dong nodded. He did not take this matter to heart. He could feel that this young lady was exceptionally powerful and it was likely that she had already reached the perfect Profound Death stage. In fact, her strength did not lose out to Little Flame’s. As such, her talent was rather astonishing. The only reason why Qing Zhi was stingy with his praises was perhaps because this young lady had an extremely advantageous starting point.

“Let’s go, young brother Lin Dong. I have already sent news about your arrival to the tribe leader and he wants to meet you immediately.” Duan Tao said smilingly.


Lin Dong nodded. He was a little surprised at how anxious the Dragon tribe was. It seems like the problem they were dealing with was really quite a major one.

Duan Tao once again led the way in front upon seeing this, while Lin Dong followed him from behind. After entering the region where the Dragon tribe was located, he vaguely detected some obscure and powerful auras through his sharp senses. This caused the pores all over his body to tighten. He was aware that this was definitely because some experts from the Dragon tribe were spying on him.

“Indeed worthy of the Dragon tribe. There are actually so many hidden powerful individuals.”

Lin Dong sighed quietly in his heart. Just the auras which he had detected, were sufficient to shock him. Moreover, he also understood that these large tribes, which had existed since the ancient times, definitely had some hidden strength.

Its reputation as one of the four overlord tribes was not in vain.

Lin Dong’s group flew over many strange and ancient stone towers. Ten minutes later, an ancient stone hall appeared in their sights. Duan Tao’s expression grew solemn upon seeing this. Subsequently, he landed on the ground. Following which, Lin Dong saw a group of people standing outside of the stone hall. An aura that was obscure as the clouds quietly spread from within their bodies.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes while his expression became much more solemn. After all, he was aware that they were the top echelon of the Dragon tribe.

The two of them landed in front of the stone hall. Following which, Lin Dong lifted his head and cast his gaze over. A couple of elderly figures were present and all of them looked fairly ancient. The wrinkles on their faces appeared like gullys. However, a frightening strength was hidden under these elderly bodies.

There was a muscular middle-aged man standing right in front. He wore ordinary linen robe and did not really stand out. In fact, it was extremely easy for one to miss him at first glance. However, Lin Dong was aware that he was the most terrifying person in this group. This was because the danger that he sensed from this person’s body was not inferior to that of Qing Zhi!

Clearly, other than the legendary Dragon tribe leader, no one else in the Dragon tribe possessed such strength and status…

“Duan Tao greets tribe leader.” Duan Tao landed and respectfully bowed towards the man and greeted.

“Haha, this journey has been tough on you.” The middle-aged man smiled. There was no trace of the pressure expected from a Dragon tribe member from his body. However, if one was to look carefully at his entire body, one would notice his unique golden eyes. In fact, one would discover that it appeared like the endless void, completely unfathomable.

An invisible aura which could shake the world. This was the frightening aspect of the Dragon tribe leader.

“It is likely that this is young friend Lin Dong, whom Qing Zhi had mentioned before, am I right?”

The middle-aged man turned his golden eyes towards Lin Dong. Under his gaze, Lin Dong felt the circulation of the Yuan Power within his body slow down. In fact, his two Ancestral Symbols shook. This was something that would only occur when he encountered an extremely powerful pressure from the outside world.

“Lin Dong greets elder.”

Lin Dong suppressed the shock in his heart. He had experienced far too much over the years. In fact, he had even met Reincarnation stage experts and legendary Yimo kings. Hence, he was able to maintain his composure. Cupping his fists together, his voice was soft, neither overbearing nor submissive.

“Haha, this young friend really has an extraordinary demeanor. It’s no wonder even Qing Zhi is full of praises for you.” That man smiled. There was an admiration on his lips. It was likely that he was extremely satisfied with Lin Dong’s attitude and demeanor.


An unusual sound was transmitted from the side. Lin Dong glanced at that spot and saw the black clothed young lady, whom he had met previously, standing beside the Dragon tribe’s leader. At the moment, she was frowning. It was obvious that she disagreed with the latter’s assessment.

Since she was able to show up in a place like this, it indicated that she possessed quite a high status in the Dragon tribe.

“I am the leader of the Dragon tribe, Yuan Qian. These are the elders of my Dragon tribe.” The middle-aged man ignored the young lady beside him. Instead, he grinned at Lin Dong and said.

“This junior greets tribe leader Yuan Qian and all the elders.” Lin Dong nodded. After which, he cupped his hands together towards these extremely old figures, who seemed to have half a foot in their coffins already.

“Haha, young friend, there is no need to be so polite. We invited you to the Dragon tribe because there is something that we need your help with.”

A white haired old man standing on Yuan Qian’s left, slowly used his seemingly turbid but sharp eyes to scan Lin Dong’s body before lowering them. No one knew what he was thinking.

“Young friend Lin Dong still does not know the reason why we invited you to the Dragon tribe, am I right?” Yuan Qian smilingly asked.

“It should be due to the Yimo. I can sense that there seems to be some Yimo Qi seeping out from beneath the ground.” Lin Dong softly replied.

Yuan Qian’s eyes narrowed after Lin Dong uttered those words. Meanwhile, a tinge of shock flashed across the elderly faces of those Dragon tribe elders by the side who had yet to speak. Finally, they began to truly look at this young man in front of them, whose strength did not appear to be outstanding.

“You are actually able to detect the Yimo Qi here? There are various arrays hiding and suppressing it.” Yuan Qian asked in shock.

“It is likely that a gap has appeared in the Dragon tribe’s suppression… The Yimo Qi is extremely corrosive. From the looks of it, it will likely be able to completely break this suppression within a couple of years’ time. At that time, this area… will also be eroded and all life will cease to exist.” Lin Dong said. He had came into contact with the Yimo Qi many times over the years. Additionally, he had two Ancestral Symbols in his body. Hence, this made him extremely sensitive to Yimo Qi and allowed him to see through many things related to the Yimo.

“It’s no wonder Qing Zhi recommended you.”

Yuan Qian sighed softly. He finally understood why Qing Zhi would recommend this seemingly ordinary young man to resolve the huge problem facing their Dragon tribe.

That black clothed young lady beside him glanced at Lin Dong. However, she did not say anything this time around. Clearly, she was able to sense that Lin Dong was a little extraordinary.

After all, she was unable to detect any of the changes that Lin Dong had mentioned. Yet, she was also keenly aware that what Lin Dong said was indeed true.

“The area under the Dragon Region is indeed facing quite a major problem. Young friend Lin Dong will understand the exact situation by following us to take a closer look.” Yuan Qian’s voice sounded. He waved his sleeve and light rose from the ground below before the space around him distorted. A ‘swoosh’ sound appeared and it wrapped around everyone before disappearing.

The giddiness from the teleportation merely lasted for a second in Lin Dong’s mind before it disappeared. Following which, he quickly opened his eyes. However, a shocked expression emerged on his usually calm face because of the scene before him.

A black fog like sea stretched on endlessly. The black fog was completely formed from Yimo Qi. Various sharp screeches were emitted as the sea churned. Following which, waves of Yimo Qi gathered and actually transformed into tens of thousands of large black pythons, which crazily charged up. However, golden light appeared above whenever the Yimo Qi charged upwards. Following which, an incomparably huge golden formation surfaced. Then, majestic force will flow within the formation before it once again suppressed those Yimo Qi. However, after each collision, the golden formation dimmed a little…

“What a massive amount of Yimo Qi…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. In fact, his scalp had became a little numb. This was the first time he had ever seen such a frightening amount of Yimo Qi. In fact, it even far surpassed that of an Yimo King…

“Just what kind of Yimo is suppressed under this Dragon Region? Why is there such terrifying amount of Yimo Qi?” Lin Dong was a little startled as he looked at Yuan Qian and asked.

Yuan Qian was silent for a moment. Finally, he laughed bitterly and softly said, “The humans managed to scrape a miserable victory during the ancient world war because of the Symbol Ancestor. As a result, a great number of Yimo were sealed. There were three places which sealed the largest amount of Yimo and we call them the Devil Suppressing Prisons. Putting it simply, they are three prisons specially used to seal and kill them…”

“Under our Dragon Region is one of the three prisons!”

“Countless Yimo are sealed here. In fact, there are over ten Yimo kings alone amongst them.”

“Ten Yimo kings…”

Lin Dong’s heart pounded violently and he felt a chill on his back. This place actually sealed over ten Yimo kings. It should be known that even the Great Desolate Tablet only managed to suppress a single Yimo king. Just this alone had already caused the Great Desolate Tablet to face the danger of being eroded. Yet, there were over ten of them here…

“Originally, my Dragon tribe relied on our dragon lineage to form a grand array that perfectly suppressed this Devil Suppressing Prison. However, a hundred years ago, I absorbed the strength of the dragon lineage in an attempt to break through to the Reincarnation stage. Hence, it left an opening in the array and the Yimo Qi took the opportunity to escape. Fortunately, we did our best to suppress it. Nevertheless, it is far too difficult to deal with the Yimo Qi and our suppression is gradually losing its potency…”

Yuan Qian laughed bitterly. He quickly looked at Lin Dong and said, “The reason why we invited young friend Lin Dong over, is to ask you to help us to suppress this Devil Suppressing Prison.”

Lin Dong curled his lips. His eyes looked at the Yimo Qi, which permeated the ground below. A long while later, he sighed and slowly shook his head.

“I’m sorry, the amount of Yimo Qi here has already surpassed the limit which I am able to deal with. Hence… I’m afraid that there is nothing I can do.”

Lin Dong really wanted to help the Dragon tribe to resolve their problem and use the opportunity to make a request to enter the “Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool”. Unfortunately, he was truly unable to handle this matter. Even though he possessed the Ancestral Stone and two Ancestral Symbols, this was one of the three Devil Suppressing Prisons, which sealed the most number of Yimo!

Did these people really think that he was omnipotent?