Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1100: Dragon Tribe

Chapter 1100: Dragon Tribe


Chapter 1100: Dragon Tribe

The northern area of the Demon Region.

This was an endlessly vast wildlands. Numerous mountains stretched across the land like giant dragons while areas of towering ancient forests also covered it. Old hundred thousand feet tall trees stood like many small scale mountains. Their spreading leaves and branches enveloped the area within a ten thousand feet radius. A rich wilderness like aura surged across the land.

Various beast roars would resound across the land from time to time. These roars were filled with a wild, untamable and ferocious aura.

This great wilderness was known as the Dragon Region. It was one of the few areas within the Demon Region that had remained mostly unchanged since ancient times and was a land filled with all sorts of natural treasures. However, few dared to come here to seek treasures, because, it was the territory of the Dragon tribe…

As one of the four overlord tribes in the current Demonic Beast World, the Dragon tribe was at the top of pyramid. There were not many in the entire Demon Region who dared to create trouble in their territory.


The sky above the wilderness suddenly distorted as a spatial vortex was formed. Three figures walked out from within. If one was to zoom in on them, one would see that they were Lin Dong and the Duan Tao duo, who were heading from the Beast War Region to the Dragon tribe.

The distance between these two places was extremely great. Fortunately, after one’s strength reached the level of Duan Tao, one would be capable of building a spatial tunnel, allowing a tremendous amount of time and effort to be saved.

“What rich natural Yuan Power…”

Lin Dong walked out from the spatial vortex. His eyes swept over the land as astonishment flashed within them. The Yuan Power in this region was clearly many times denser than the Beast War Region. One would be able to train much more effectively here.

“Ha ha, only the Dragon tribe and friends of the Dragon tribe can enter this place. No other tribes are allowed to be within a hundred thousand mile radius.” Duan Tao laughed.

Lin Dong’s mouth was slightly agape. This Dragon tribe also appeared to be quite overbearing, and had directly drawn a boundary and declared themselves the ruler. However, it was only natural for the Dragon tribe to be a little domineering given its strength. After all, power was king in this world. If one was powerful enough, even rules would no longer be binding.

“Let’s go young brother Lin Dong, the Dragon tribe is located at the middle of the Dragon Region. We should reach it soon.” Duan Tao laughed. Only after seeing Lin Dong nod his head did he fly forward to lead the way.

The subsequent journey did not take much time. After an hour, the group had reached the depths of the Dragon Region. The natural Yuan Power grew increasingly dense the deeper they ventured. Later on, even the air itself had become a little moist. This was a phenomenon that would occur when Yuan Power had reached a certain density.

Lin Dong sighed in admiration as he looked at this scene. Soon after, his expression changed as he looked in front of him where some signs of distortions had appeared. It was as if an invisible barrier was isolating the inside from the outside.

The barrier might be invisible but Lin Dong was able to clearly detect a formation in front of him, a formation so powerful that it even made the current him feel some fear. If he was not wrong, this was the Dragon tribe’s great tribe protection array and it would not be an exaggeration to call this formation armageddon like.

“Please wait for a moment young brother Lin Dong. Allow me to open the formation.”

Duan Tao smiled towards Lin Dong. Following which, he clenched his hand. Light gathered over his palm, turning into a life-like dragon totem. The totem was like a mini coiling dragon. It gave off the feeling of life and a mighty presence.


The dragon totem roared, turning into a ray of light which shot forward into the invisible barrier before them. The space slowly distorted as a crack was quietly torn open.


As the crack was torn open, almost solid like Yuan Power spluttered out like a ferocious tiger that had been released from its cage. An invisible like roar spread from within the Yuan Power, causing Lin Dong’s heart to shake a little. Just how dense must Yuan Power be to display such a phenomenon?

“Let’s go.” Duan Tao took the lead and stepped forward, entering the crack. Lin Dong hesitated for a moment before quickly following.

Upon crossing the spatial crack, light flashed before Lin Dong’s eyes. After which, the scene in front of him suddenly changed. However, before he could observe his surroundings, he suddenly felt his body become heavy as he was pushed a hundred feet downwards.


Yuan Power circulated in his body as he hurriedly tried to stabilize himself. After which, surprise flashed over his face. The natural Yuan Power within the Dragon tribe was actually dense enough to influence one’s speed.

Lin Dong lamented a little as he lifted his head. His eyes contained some curiosity as he looked towards this headquarters of the Dragon tribe. At a glance, it appeared to be an endless lush green sea. There were many huge trees that were several hundred thousand feet tall and ancient tree veins covered their branches. Moreover, the thing that surprised Lin Dong the most was that the huge trees akin to sky supporting pillars were taking in and releasing natural Yuan Power like living creatures…

“These are Yuan trees. They are divine trees that existed in ancient times and possess the ability to create Yuan Power. As long as it takes in a little Yuan Power, it will be able to create a substantial amount of rather pure Yuan Power. This cycle continues on endlessly, allowing Yuan Power to grow and multiple without end.” Duan Tao gave an introduction after seeing the shock in Lin Dong’s eyes.

“Yuan tree…”

Lin Dong wet his lips while a look of incredulity filled his face. This was truly good stuff. Back when he was in Dao Sect, Ying Xuanzi and the rest had been so excited over the seed of an Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree. However, looking at it now, that single Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree was far inferior to this so called Yuan tree. Moreover… the number of Yuan trees present had reached a frightening level. No wonder the density of the Yuan Power in this Dragon Region had reached such a terrifying degree.

It was possible to see many pill rivers that stretched on endlessly in the sky above this vast land. As the rivers surged past, dragon roars could be heard from even further away and it was vaguely possible to see some enormous shadows playing within the pill rivers.

An incomparably immense light barrier reached downwards from further up in the sky.

It was dotted with profound symbols which seemed to gather together. From a distance, it was akin to a million feet large giant illusory dragon figure.

“What a terrifying formation…”

Lin Dong could feel his heartbeat quicken after a single look at the formation. He knew that this should be the tribe guardian formation of the Dragon tribe. It definitely possessed the power to kill a Samsara stage expert and even a Reincarnation stage expert would not dare to underestimate it.

“This is the tribe guardian formation of our Dragon tribe, the Great Void Divine Formation… during the ancient world war, three Yimo kings once led an army to attack it. However, all of them were killed by the formation.” Duan Tao looked at the incomparably huge formation in the distant sky. There was a respectful expression in his eyes as he softly explained.

Lin Dong felt his heart skip a beat. Although it was possible to guess the strength of this formation, he never imagined that it would be so terrifying.

“There is nothing to be surprised about. This Great Void Divine Formation was not created by the Dragon tribe…” Yan’s voice suddenly sounded in Lin Dong’s mind while he was feeling shocked.

“Not created by the Dragon tribe?” Lin Dong was taken aback.

“It belonged to my master. However, he gave it to the Dragon tribe later on.” Yan spoke in a faint voice.

“Oh, so that’s how it came to be.” A flash of understanding hit Lin Dong. It was actually a creation of that supreme person, no wonder it was so frightening.

“If the Ancient Universe Formation in your hand is fully activated, it will not be weaker than the Great Void Divine Formation. However, you only have the formation. If you have the formation plate too, it will be formidable indeed.” Yan said in a somewhat regretful manner.

“Formation plate?”

“The Ancient Universe Formation was created by my master after many years of research. Other than the formation method you possess, there exists a formation plate. The latter is the most crucial item. Unfortunately, the formation plate has been missing since master’s death…”

Lin Dong smacked his lips. It seemed that the Symbol Ancestor was really overwhelming and without limits. No wonder he had even been able to stop the Yimo tribe attack.

“Young brother Lin Dong, kindly follow me into the interior of the tribe.” Duan Tao by the side laughed. Following which, his body quickly rushed forward. Lin Dong’s eyes swept around once more before following.

The three of them flew across the sky. They could see numerous mountain ranges below. An ancient aura emanated from them, giving off the feeling that they had existed since the start of time.

At this time, one was occasionally able to see some large dragons flying past in the sky. The dragon wings were accompanied by wind and rumbling as they flapped, an extremely magnificent sight.

Led by Duan Tao, Lin Dong’s journey was smooth and without any hindrances. Soon, he saw many towering grand halls and stone pagodas standing in the distance as a majestic and grand aura hit him in the face.


Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly hardened as he approached. He looked at the ground below where he could vaguely sense faint traces of lingering black Qi. That evil fluctuation was the Yimo Qi which he was quite familiar with.


At this moment, the two great Ancestral Symbols in Lin Dong’s body emitted a buzzing sound, causing Lin Dong to be startled. The Ancestral Symbol would only have this reaction when meeting other Ancestral Symbols or something deeply related to the Ancestral Symbols. Were there other Ancestral Symbols in the Dragon tribe?


A rushing wind sound was transmitted over while Lin Dong was startled. After which, over a dozen figures shot towards them. Finally, they stopped in front of Duan Tao.

“Uncle Duan, you are back.”

A slim young lady stood at the head of the dozen figures. She wore black figure fitting clothes which outlined her alluring curves while her pony-tail hung downwards and extended along her narrow waist towards her pert bottom. She had a small face that was relatively beautiful. However, there was a wild and untamable look within her large eyes.

“Ha ha, it’s little Xin.”

Duan Tao looked at the young lady and laughed. After which, he pointed towards Lin Dong behind him and smilingly said, “This is Lin Dong whom elder Qing Zhi has mentioned. We have invited him to resolve the trouble of our Dragon tribe.”

The dozen figures curiously looked towards Lin Dong after hearing these words. It was clear that they had frequently heard of his name during this period of time.

“You are that Lin Dong?”

The young lady, who had been called little Xin by Duan Tao, turned her large eyes towards Lin Dong. She observed him for a moment before her small mouth frowned slightly, “It seems that you are not as powerful as teacher Qing Zhi has described.”

Lin Dong rubbed his nose and smiled faintly. He seemed to have heard some unfriendliness in the words of the young lady and also a relatively strange jealousy and rivalry under this unfriendliness. By connecting this to the way she addressed Qing Zhi, Lin Dong appeared to have an inkling of what was going on.