Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1099: Heading to the Dragon Tribe

Chapter 1099: Heading to the Dragon Tribe


Chapter 1099: Heading to the Dragon Tribe

Deep Lightning Mountain erupted in celebrations after Lin Dong’s group returned victorious. The various events that took place in the Divine Item Mountain Range caused even some of the senior experts in Deep Lightning Mountain to feel their blood boil. Who could have imagined that their Deep Lightning Mountain, which could not be considered to be at the peak of the Beast War Region, actually emerged on top? Moreover, in the end, even the three great Demon Commander did not dare to display a shred of displeasure to them.

This achievement made many from Deep Lightning Mountain feel an unconcealable pride. Clearly, it was impossible for Xu Zhong to bring them such glory while the latter was in charge. At that time, Deep Lightning Mountain still had to bow down to the Blood Dragon Hall. Although it was nothing humiliating to submit to someone stronger, no one in this world liked to be looked down upon…

Every single person in Deep Lightning Mountain knew that Deep Lightning Mountain would definitely surpass the three strongest factions in the Beast War Region, including the Blood Dragon Hall, and become the most dazzling existence in the Beast War Region.

No one in the Beast War Region would ever have the guts to challenge Deep Lightning Mountain again!

In the past, some Deep Lightning Mountain experts were secretly upset and did not acknowledge their faction’s new leader. However, all of them finally began to accept and even feared the new Demon Commander now.

They believed that under the rule of their new Demon Commander and this young man, whom no one could fathom, the mighty name of their Deep Lightning Mountain would definitely spread across the entire Demon Region!


From the top of a mountain, Lin Dong overlooked Deep Lightning Mountain below, which had descended into an exceptionally lively and joyous state, before he sighed softly. Originally, he thought that he would have to abandon Deep Lightning Mountain when up against the three great Demon Commanders. However, it was beyond his expectations that the final situation would turn into this state.

“It seems like your life over the past year must have been quite an interesting one. The Chaotic Demon Sea is a pretty decent place. I spent some time there back then too…”

A laughter was suddenly transmitted from behind. Lin Dong turned around and saw Little Marten sitting lazily on a stone. He was holding a jar of wine in his hand, while a tall and strong metal tower like Little Flame sat beside him.

“That place is indeed interesting.”

Lin Dong felt somewhat emotional. He had experienced many events ever since he woke up on the Mysterious Spirit Island. Eventually, he slowly created a name for himself in the Chaotic Demon Sea. However, only he was clearly aware just how many times he had came close to death during that period of time.

“Grandpa Marten got really unlucky. I was seriously wounded when I returned to the Demon Region. Fortunately, I had a way to make contact with my tribe. Finally, I summoned members of my tribe to rescue me. Subsequently, I was in a cultivation seclusion up until ten days ago.”

Little Marten smacked his lips together before he poured wine into his mouth. After some musing, he laughed, “At that time, I thought that I would never see the both of you again…”

“We are all extremely blessed and will not die so easily.” Little Flame rubbed his head and laughed. At this moment, he clearly no longer possessed that sternness, which he had in front of the many warriors from Deep Lightning Mountain.

Little Marten smiled. His long hand gently flicked the wine jar and muttered, “Those three old dogs… They are really ruthless…”

The air flowing on the mountain seemed to have stilled at this moment. Those three originally smiling faces revealed a heart chilling sternness. The incident which took place at the Unique Devil City was a thorn that pierced ruthlessly into their hearts.

From a certain point of view, these three brothers each possessed their own pride. However, they were hunted down and forced to flee the Eastern Xuan Region like homeless strays back at the Unique Devil City. In fact, Lin Dong was even forced to withdraw from the Dao Sect as a result…

“If Grandpa Marten is currently the tribe leader of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, I will directly summon the Celestial Demon Marten tribe and charge back to the Eastern Xuan Region to kill those three old dogs…” Little Marten curled his lips. There was a bone piercing murderous desire flowing in his eyes.

“There is no need to rush.”

Lin Dong smiled. He sat down on a rock by the side and said, “I endured for so many years in order to kill Lin Langtian back then. In comparison, one year seems hardly significant.”

The Celestial Demon Marten tribe was indeed powerful. However, it was located too far away from the Eastern Xuan Region. Moreover, if the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was to launch a big invasion campaign, it might easily invite retaliation from the other native Eastern Xuan Region super sects.

“Do you remember the words I told those three old dogs before we left?”

Lin Dong turned his head towards Little Marten and Little Flame. The smile on his lips was icy cold. “Like I said… the day that we return to the Eastern Xuan Region, will be the day that their Yuan Gate is annihilated.”

“I have a premonition… that day would arrive soon…”

Lin Dong took the wine jar from Little Marten’s hands. After which, he gently poured a mouthful of wine. A stubbornness was emitted from within his body. He lifted his head and looked at the distant east. His eyes appeared lost and there was a well hidden yearning deep within his eyes.

Back in the Great Yan Empire, there was his parents, who had watched him grow up, and also his fellow clansmen.

There were also his martial brothers back at the sect called Dao Sect. At that place, there was also that wilful, but heart-warming young lady, who had played the zither for him and was willing to use her life to force Ying Xuanzi to show himself in order to protect him.

In that vast region, there was also an ice queen whom he could not forget. Regardless of whether Lin Dong wanted to admit it verbally, a major reason which propelled him to leave the Great Yan Empire was because he wanted to chase and catch that elegant figure, who had bloomed momentarily in his life before disappearing from it…

Even further away was a girl, who had always followed him in the past. However, Lin Dong did not know how she was doing at the Darkness Hall at the moment. Originally, he had said that he would stand in front of her and help her to block all the storms, in order to allow her to live as happily as she always did…



Lin Dong released a deep breath of white vapor. An arc was slowly curled on the corner of his mouth. It was confident yet gentle.

Wait for me… I will return soon…

Three days passed by in the blink of an eye. However, Deep Lightning Mountain was exceptionally lively during these three days as the leaders of various factions came over. In fact, even those factions which previously wanted to break free from Deep Lightning Mountain, came over. Subsequently, they used various methods to display their loyalty to Deep Lightning Mountain. After the incident at Divine Item Mountain Range, the reputation of Deep Lightning Mountain in the Beast War Region had clearly reached a relatively shocking level.

Lin Dong passed all these matters over to Little Flame and asked him to settle them. With the help of Chen Tong and the rest, Little Flame would likely be able to take complete control of Deep Lightning Mountain. Moreover, there was a ferocious heart within Little Flame’s body. This was something that the leader of a faction in the Demon Region must possess. Suppression and absolute control was the only way to rule in a place like this, where the strong devoured the weak.

With the Mysterious Divine Palace in his possession, the number of divine objects in Lin Dong’s hands had also reached a relatively frightening level. An ordinary divine object might not catch his eye, but it was something that many experts could only dream of. Therefore, after returning to Deep Lightning Mountain, Lin Dong kept his promise and all the warriors of Deep Lightning Mountain received a relatively powerful divine object. This caused Chen Tong and the rest to be extremely grateful.

Besides, after carefully selecting a handful of divine objects, Lin Dong handed the rest to Little Flame. These divine objects would be used to arm his Tiger Devouring Army. Once they were fully equiped, the fighting strength of this army would definitely reach a relatively frightening level. At that time, Little Flame would be able to fight against a Samsara stage expert if he cooperated with his army.

Deep Lightning Mountain would be a place managed by all three brothers. Moreover, it would definitely be of great use when they returned to the Eastern Xuan Region. However, the current Deep Lightning Mountain had clearly yet to possess such strength. Nonetheless, Deep Lightning Mountain could take advantage of its current reputation to expand rapidly. In fact, it was likely that many prideful experts would be unable to resist joining Deep Lightning Mountain due to the allure of the divine objects. Moreover, as long as they joined Deep Lightning Mountain, Little Flame would have means to ensure their loyalty.

With this expansion, it was likely that the strength of Deep Lightning Mountain would soar in the future. At that time, it would become one of their most powerful tools when they charged back to the Eastern Xuan Region!

“Do you really plan to go to the Dragon tribe alone?” In front of a large hall in Deep Lightning Mountain, Little Marten frowned and looked at Lin Dong. Today was the third day and Lin Dong was about to head to the Dragon tribe.

“There is no need to worry. If the Dragon tribe really holds any ill intent towards me, there is no need for them to use such a method.” Lin Dong smiled and said. “However, you will have to look after Little Flame after I leave.”

“Aye, I will help him for a period of time.”

Little Marten nodded. “After that, I will need to return to the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. I was once the person most likely to become the next tribe leader of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. However, some individuals, whom I originally suppressed, seem to be ready to cause trouble after I was away for so many years. Hehe, it won’t be an easy task for anyone to snatch something that belongs to me!”

A stern expression flashed clearly across Little Marten’s handsome face as he spoke until the end. It seems like he was relatively furious with those eyeing him with ill intent.

“After I return from the Dragon tribe, I will head to the Celestial Demon Marten tribe to assist you.” Lin Dong frowned slightly. It seems like Little Marten had also ran into some troublesome problems in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe.

“You can be rest assured that I will not hesitate to ask if there is anything that I need help with.” Little Marten nodded. Currently, they were no longer as weak as they were back then. Although Lin Dong was merely at the initial Profound Death stage, Little Marten, who knew him well, clearly understood that one’s fate would likely be quite miserable if one underestimated him.

Lin Dong gently smiled. He was just about to speak when his expression suddenly changed. He lifted his head and heard some hurried rushing wind sound in the distance. Two light figures tore through the sky and appeared in the air above within a couple of flashes. They were the Duan Tao duo.

“Young brother Lin Dong, are you ready?” Duan Tao looked at Lin Dong and smilingly asked.

“Let’s go, big brother Duan Tao.”

Lin Dong nodded his head. There was some anticipation surging from within his black eyes. He was extremely curious about this Dragon tribe, which was also one of the four overlord tribes in the Demon Region.